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  1. spin-off that one too
  2. cough cough SPIN OFF DAMMIT cough cough
  3. Use the Power of Love Sword cheat (this cheat will give you this sword from world 7-2 at the beginning of each level) and you will destroy everything :). Here it is (it's the code from PS3, but it will probably work on PS4 too): Square, Square, Square, X, Circle, Triangle Before everyone ask: I've used it always and I have 100% of the trophies.
  4. @TheCrazyLost ehi. Look for my problem, i've fixed it by simply changing the content of secret (onto Dead folder of Mara). I changed my secret txt with the secret one of ProfBambam. Here it is: 4íñ=fñŒ`Ãàùql¯+ב Ï"¹3šoÀ^V–º¡F ×Æ’$ñ\–áÀCN_8~°vhãÏèžÇˆEs+
  5. It's out now (or, at least in Italian Store): https://store.playstation.com/it-it/product/EP0826-CUSA13685_00-0000000000000001
  6. yes, everytime i finish the mission, i got 20.000 points to spend for the parts. For the second question, I've played alone.
  7. it's very strange, Champ. If i recall correctly, everytime i replayed that mission, I destroyed every enemy before finishing the mission and everytime, thanks to MAC V, i got 20k points.
  8. I'm struggling with this. The game says to use the Rear and the Front Touchpad to move the platform, but no matter how many times i try, the platform doesn't want to move and so i cannot play and even beat this minigame. It's a problem of my console or this minigame is just shitty all together? EDIT: ok i finally beat it. You have to move in opposite directions both fingers. All the times, i held firm the right finger on the rear touchpad and use only the left finger on the front touchpad to move the platform. The game doesn't explain very well this game.
  9. Whoa, never thought that Habroxia would get a sequel. Looking forward for this.
  10. Here we go again with this nonsense about "ruining everything".
  11. nope. You will get all characters, but you will need to level up them to unlock the talents and the trophy (when you will unlock 60 talents in total).
  12. One of my friends, who is playing the game, has told me that the Framerate unless you have a PS4 Pro, goes around 55, with a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 60. The graphics seem to be the same as the PC Version (not the crappy ones of PS3). For him, this collection is worth the price.
  13. I'm hoping that Serious Sam 3 will not be a mess as for the PS3 version (with the shitty graphics, framerate and the rest). Croteam, don't disappoint me again.
  14. Just to be sure, the glitch will be always available because you can buy the retail and play it offline without the patch (IF they will release it, but they will never do it). It's funny because i have to repeat it everytime, when on the FIRST PAGE it is written pretty CLEAR.
  15. no you cannot use it right away, you must first acquire the proper "tools". But again, this glitch is useful only for the Pantheons. The rest of the game is easy (maybe the White Castle is hard, but nothing compared to the Pantheons) so play the game legit following the Platinum Walkthrough here on the site (that will minimize the tracking and will render you very strong with the specific build) and then, once you got to the Pantheons, do the glitch and grab the plat.