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  1. next PS Plus/Game Pass title. And if even this doesn't save the game, well, server closure (maybe in December) incoming.
  2. Nope, the devs are wrong and in fact, on Twitter, they already said that they will address the problem.
  3. As we (I, Crypto and HuntingFever) said in the previous page, we play the first run alone to follow the STORY and get a proper feeling of the levels. "it's meant as a full team-based experience, it's how they wanted and intend to be played" and so? Who cares? Personally i played every Borderlands alone, played the Left 4 Dead alone and even played other coop based games always ALONE in the first run.
  4. too bad that the game is fruible in single player, so PS+ is not required. Try again ;).
  5. interesting. He (ObsceneSociopath) said in response to Dani that not everyone has another console (and so launching a private game alone with bots), and you responded that we are crying because we must play the game and there are no shortcuts, adding that we care about the trophies only. are you stupid or what? Everyone here agrees that the impossibility of making progress in Single Player (which is on the game) is BULLSHIT, and yet, you're saying that we are crying because we can't play alone because this game is multiplayer (false) and we care about the trophies only (double false). Don't know man, maybe a re-reading of the entire thread will clarify all for you.
  6. It would be better for them to fix this problem, because i always do the first run of a game ALONE and THEN in coop. I don't like to play in coop from the very beginning, because in coop you cannot pay attention to much to the story, the details, etc and for me, not paying attention is unacceptable.
  7. I'm Italian, so indeed i'm playing the European version of the game. By the way, i reinstalled the game and after 2 more matches, no trophy... BUT WHEN I'VE CHANGED THE LANGUAGE TO ENGLISH (USA), like @Jack-Of-Blade_34 said in the other topic (Glitch on trophies post patch) and restarted the PS4 to apply the change and then i went back to the game, after 1 KILL, the trophy IMMEDIATELY unlocked. The same for the Recon Skill Streak and the Dead From Above Skill Streak trophies (that i've used for well more than 10 times and no trophies, before this). So indeed, if anyone has some problems in unlocking some trophies, changing the language will fix the problem!
  8. ok i've tested the Knife kills on one of my alternate accounts (Falling_Loop). I've completed 2 matches with Knife only. 155 kills in total. No trophy. I will try to re-install the game to see if something changes, but i suspect that the "patch" resolved the problems of the USA version of the game, not the EU version.
  9. I've started the game 2h ago and i've used the Knife on the bots for 90% of time. In 2h, the 100 kills trophy still hasn't unlocked and in the last game i've done 80+ kills with it only. I'm playing on full version obviously and with patch 1.03 (EU). What can i do? Deleting everything or go on and see if it unlocks at some point?
  10. Can't wait to play and plat it! I loved ABC Murders, so much that i did two full runs (one in Poirot-style [almost obtaining every point] and one with all the wrong decisions for the Large Donkey trophy]) of it.
  11. AMAZING! Can't wait to play those again!
  12. @themindisacity ehi today i was in a good mood of replaying the game and so i did it, and i've finally unlocked the trophy. Yes, the trophy says 3h non stop and that's it: you can't stay still, and if you put the game in pause, the timer resets. Last time, when i played the game for the first time (following your walkthrough), i've putted the game in pause many times to take some breaks. This time, i've played non stop and never put the game in pause. I've streammed everything to demonstrate the thing. Anyway, update your guide with this infos.
  13. Using the "Cheaters" argument (argument that only the Trophy Hunters care about, because the Normal Gamers don't give a fuck about the cheaters who cheat the saves for the trophies) to "approve" this bullshit made by Sony... that's DISGUSTING.
  14. I've just finished to see the gameplay and man... BEAUTIFUL. I will buy it!
  15. the Cheats (that can be applied to the weapons) are obtained randomly in the packs that you can buy or by completing the levels and obtaining the medals. You can find all the cheats in your inventory.