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  1. can you put here the link of this topic?
  2. nobody have tested the ID Change Exploit yet?
  3. No no i unlocked the trophy at the end. Yuri was right about the fact to play with actually someone rather than playing alone with 1 pad (because playing alone with 1 pad, doesn't count you as Host).
  4. i've tried to do it with 2 pads, but nothing. I've beated the London map on easy with 2 pads (so split-screen on custom) and i've tried to do the trick, but nothing. Done 2 times (disconnect the cable as soon as the black screen appears) but still no trophy. What i'm doing wrong?
  5. Amazing discovery. Thank you very much.
  6. It's Ratalaika. It will be easy.
  7. Fantastic.
  8. and now there are 6 people who have the platinum. And the last ones, doesn't seem to be hackers, by looking at the completion time of their games.
  9. it's a shame that this DLC will not come on PS3.
  10. i had to reload too to unlock the chambers trophy and obtain the plat. Thanks, Lightspeed.
  11. Jurassic Park The Game is still available in EU
  12. That i will buy it, because is awesome. PS: It's made by an Italian YouTuber, Scottecs.
  13. Ok, for anyone who is interested, the fastest way to gain develop points it to replay Mission 22 on Easy with Multi Arms Control V. It takes 5 minutes to complete and you gain 20.000 points everytime. With the Multi Arms equipped, you increase the item spawn of 30% and every material that you pick up, means extra Develop points. (equip the Magnetic Tow System V too to grab everything automatically). So replay over and over this mission until you reach 2.000.000 points to buy and max out every body and leg part. A big thanks to TAKU-316 for the tip!
  14. There is a way to quickly obtain develop points, instead of repeating dozen and dozen of times all missions on normal/hard/very hard difficulty?
  15. I don't give a shit about the fact that it doesn't have a plat. I will play it anyway. Fucking amazing