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  1. english, chinese, korean, japanese and our language (italian) too.
  2. New patch arrived today for the Thermal Level. I haven't downloaded it yet, but there are 4 new achievements tied to it (so for us, there will be probably 3 more trophies).
  3. glitch is still working and i doubt that they will patch it. You can even buy the retail version and play offline and do the glitch if they will release a patch.
  4. and i just bought the champion pack moments ago to get the gold back and use it to level up my last characters to platinum the game. I just threw my money away. Great.
  5. thanks
  6. do what you can, Shadow. Even know what are the Activision titles is a good start.
  7. it's always fun the way some of us think that the DLCs are mandatory to play.
  8. don't follow the gold trail. it's absolute shit that thing. The Golem is located indeed in the castle where there Dad's Armor. It's almost at the beginning in a dead-end room, if i remember correctly.
  9. for anyone who has some problems about the new map, use this: https://gameplay.tips/guides/6885-killing-floor-2.html it shows you the location of the collectibles in every possible section (excluding the metro one)
  10. it's 8gb actually
  11. i stopped deleting it at the 6th update.
  12. i unlocked too the trophy after beating the tutorial level with winter theme that loads after the ice level (as Dangi said above).
  13. i confirm too that reloading and redoing the thing will unlock the trophy.
  14. If you, like me, followed the trophy guide of PSTHC to platinum the game, you will have arrived at this particular level, wherein their video is not explained how to get the coin and beat the level altogether. Yesterday afternoon, after some trial and error, i finally managed to get the coin and beat the level, and so i decided to record the solution to fill the gap. And here it is. Enjoy:
  15. the point of this useless topics?