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  1. Another nice zombie game (as djhelix said, this is very similar to Zombie Apocalypse 2, that i've enjoyed), another game that i will buy and play. Never tired of zombies!
  2. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! This will be a Day 1 for me and i already have 3 partners to smash every asshole in the way!
  3. i will do the "old" version. This one... hell no!
  4. As the title says (credits to Fishly for discovering it), there is a glitch that allows you to become completely invincible and his quite easy to activate it, but there are a few things to keep in mind: - everytime you step out of a dream, the glitch will be gone, and you must re-activate it (although in single player, this glitch is useless because the only thing that are hard in this game are the 4th and the 5th pantheon. Everything else is very simple). - if you fail to activate the glitch, you must return to the title screen and then reload the save, because you can activate the glitch only once for reload (listen Fishly in the video, to know why you must do this). Now, how to activate this glitch? It's simple: - first of all, put the Super Dash to X in the control mapping (it will be easier this way) - now, you must press quickly L1 for 2 times AND, in between the 2 times, you must also hold down X to charge the Super Dash - if done correctly, you will not open the quick map (L1) but instead you will have the Super Dash ready, but you will notice that you can freely walk out of the crystal and move around - now, to complete the glitch, while holding X, you must activate the Dream Gate (Hold Triangle + Up) - in the EXACT moment the Knight vanishes and begins the teleportation animation, you must RELEASE X to do the Super Dash - doing this, will cancel the teleportation but you will be also invincible (because you are intangible thanks to the Dream Gate) As i said, you are completely invincible with this glitch, nothing can harm you (neither the hazards). So once you are in this state, go to the bench and equip an Overcharged Build (like Unbreakable Strength, Grubberfly's Elegy, Mark Of Pride, Quick Slash) and then go to the 4th and 5th Pantheon (once you have the Void Heart for this one) and beat them to reclaim the plat. I've used it yesterday night, so i can confirm that this glitch still works (but even if they will patch it out, you can simply cancel the patch, use the Patch Deletion Method or buy the physical edition and play it offline). Cheers :). PS: after the glitch is completed, you can reput the Super Dash to L2 and the Jump to X.
  5. I will never understand what's the problem about play "their" games (they are the publishers, not the developers). There are some that are very nice like Mochi Mochi Boy, FullBlast or the Midnights and some others that are very good like Daggerhood, the Devious Dungeons, One More Dungeon, Stay and there are even fantastic ones, like I Am The Hero and Super Weekend Mode (obviously if you play it only for the plat, it's a shitty game. Try to play it at hard difficult with the extreme costume :). You will see that the game have a lot to offer in terms of challenge). We defend those games because we will never admit that we play them only for the plat? How about you attack those games because you will never admit that you like those games (because they are nice, they have a simple but entertaining gameplay etc) but you're afraid to say it? Personally, i play the games that i like and i unlock everything because i'm a completionist in nature. If a game have an easy plat, don't give a fuck. If a game have an hard plat (like Hollow Knight, that i'm playing right now), ok challenge accepted. Every time we must say the same things all over again. Geez.
  6. video proof of 99Suvres.
  7. Yes, this DLC have new trophies. Here they are (from PC and Xbox): - Under Pressure: Complete "Steam" - Walk the Plank: Reach the big wheel in "Steam" without using the crane controls - Get Dizzy: Ride 3 complete revolutions of the big wheel in "Steam" - Whoops!: Break the ladder in "Steam"
  8. from the game itself: Heroic Mode - Must be unlocked by beating the game on Normal - Monsters and Traps, deal 2x dmg - Gold and Materials drops are rare
  9. Finally!!!
  10. This is one, is MUCH more better that this SHIT.
  11. as always, no mail for me. And this is funny because i have spent more then 3000 euros in sales (i have 2671 elements at the moment). And yet, no mail for me. The only mails that i receive are the wallet refunding ones and the purchasing thanksgiving ones.
  12. when the gameplay will come out, i will see if this is a game that i want to play or not.
  13. they are already available and yes, digital only.
  14. This is FUCKING AMAZING. The first 2 on PS4 with a Platinum Trophy! AWESOME!!! And the price is also amazing: 5 euro each (in my country).
  15. can you put here the link of this topic?