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  1. yeah, i know. I will pick it up tomorrow if everything goes well.
  2. with a solver, is always easy.
  3. it's a new version of the same game. Or i'm wrong @RatalaikaGames?
  4. 78 trophies in total. Time to reach 100 trophies!
  5. Yeah i know, but the fact that the 3 trophies at the end of the list cannot be unlocked on EU, is unacceptable for a completionist like me.
  6. yes the game was delisted, and the only way to obtain it now is get it from someone (sharing). I've the EU version, but in this version, you can't unlock 3 trophies, as everyone knows, so is useless. Sorry.
  7. Obviously is easy. Is Ratalaika :).
  8. read that topic or watch directly the video of Hakoom.
  9. you're right. Next time i will state properly.
  10. my response was general and related to the title of the topic, not the post of Blakk Vulture itself.
  11. the easy way for the gold trophies, still works or it has been patched?
  12. a guy have obtained 100% yesterday on VITA (EU Version). So yes, has weavsxx said, 100% is possible only on VITA.
  13. i don't give a shit if this will be a cakewalking plat or an hard plat. It's very good, and i will play it. That's it.
  14. the game is not yet out for everyone, but Hidden Levels have already done the platinum walkthrough. AWESOME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6hBQ8Su7XE