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  1. that's very good to hear.
  2. it was predictable. Fast & Furious: Crossroads will get the same ending.
  3. actually this is a stack. The other one doesn't have any glitched trophies.
  4. Loved so much the first one and i was waiting for a console release of the sequel. I hope that the soundtrack will be gorgeous like the previous one.
  5. i don't give a fuck if this is just a porting. I will replay it anyway. This game (a Fable-like) deserves to be played and supported.
  6. @BloodyRutz "I do not consider the trophy system to be something more meaningful. Also, I'm fully aware most of the people do not care about trophies. But putting it like the system doesn't matter at all? Why bother with it then? You said trophies will make you explore every part of the game. How will popping the trophy from Cuphead by somebody else makes me explore the game more? Why not save another hour by not arranging the boosting session with that friend and move on to another game immediately? As i said (in the Hollow Knight topic, i think) i'm a completionist for nature, so i do the trophies just because they're a part of the game that i must "complete". For the trophy itself, obviously, it will not be the case, although you can play entirely the game in coop and unlock the trophies properly if you want. Or, as of my case, you can do everything and save for last the Pacifist trophy, so that by the time you need only that trophy, you will have explored everything the game as to offer. No to mention, I think there is no point in arguing about so-called normal gamers and their view of trophies. Judging by the trophy rarity, most of these normal gamers do not even finish the story before moving on to play another game. They're just casual gamers or the sunday gamers (as we call them in Italy). We're talking about the trophy hunters that play and hunt the trophies and the normal gamers, that play, finish the game (or complete it at 100%) and challenge themselves with speedruns, no damage runs, one weapon only, etc, etc. Regarding the difference between normal gaming and hunting trophies, that is kinda my point. I'm playing games I like. Trophies are just a bonus. I won't be going out of my way to get some trophy. For example, let my friend pop the trophies for Cuphead, just for the sake of having 100%. I really see no point in it. For you, there's no point in it. For a trophy hunter, the point is to unlock that particular trophy more quickly. But if every other argument in this thread is that the trophy is just a "fucking notification" or that mature people do not care about it and only "elitists" care about the rules, then there is really no point in not only discussing but having some kind of a trophy system at all. And again, this is my view on the trophy system, not saying how others should play games. The intended way of the developers doesn't matter. The only thing that matters are the rules of PSN Profiles. If the rules don't judge this exploit as "illegal", you can use it. If the rules judge this exploit, as "illegal", you can't use it. It's very simple. I bet that if we had (like someone says pages before) more specific leaderboards like PSNTL (standard leaderboard, adjusted one, rare one, completion one, and custom ones), all of those complaints would vanish instantly.
  7. No, it doesn't rule out, because even with this exploit, you must still play the game to obtain all the coins and at least, beat one level in pacifist run, beat a boss, and perfect parry an attack. For Hollow Knight, even with the glitch, you must still go through all the bosses in the final Pantheon. Hacking is just that: hack the trophy directly. And for the "meta-game" part, i cannot respond you, because there are hackers that hack everything, hackers that hack a single trophy, hackers that hack the stacks, etc, etc. For the second part, you shouldn't say those words to me. I'm not the problem here. @Stardroid "I'm always amused by some of you clowns proclaiming the people who get this legitimately call them elitist and too obsessed with trophies. Seems to me that the people who resort to cheap tricks like this hold the true obsession. You are only interested in popping trophies, you are not interested in obtaining them through effort. You are a serf to trophies, addicted. It's nothing to be proud of." And i'm always amused how you elitists call us in different ways to fill up your ego. For the rest, that's your opinion and not the truth, luckily. "And who says I care about how others do their trophies? I am making the observation. If we let players play the way they want, we'd just allow cheating. You are on a website that has a dedicated leaderboard. It has a cheater removal team and a whole bunch of mechanisms in place for a cleaner trophy hunting environment. There are rarity hunters, there are completionists, there are people who love events. This website has a wide variety if players wanting different things out of trophies and I'm tired of people like you being so simplistic about it. Want to participate in an event? Better let people play how they want with no rules. Want to have a leaderboard rank? Better let people play how they want with no rules. That's not how the real world works, and that's also not how this website works." Too bad that there are some things called RULES, that establish what is "permitted" and what is not and as far i'm concern, this exploit has yet to be judged as "illegal". Also, if you're tired of us (the people so simplistic) you can always leave the site and go somewhere else. Nobody obliges you to stay here. If you want to stay here, you must accept that there are some people who are, as you said, "so simplistic". "The trophy in itself is meaningless, the challenge behind it isn't. Which is why that people who just obtain trophies, for the sake of having said trophies are far more insane than anything else with regard to trophy hunting." Ah ok. So if you don't do the trophy for the challenge, but just for the trophy itself, you're insane. This is the perfect example of a normal gamer that is incapable of split the trophy hunting from the normal gaming, as i already said before. Because a normal gamer goes for the challenge. A trophy hunter goes for the trophy. The words themselves say it XD.
  8. @Tr1svZ "This seems like a really arbitrary line to draw. If your argument is that trophy hunting shouldn't be skill dependent (or at least can require skills outside of those in the game) then why shouldn't people that hack or use pre-made saves be considered proper trophy hunters?" Because even if you use a glitch, a walkthrough, or an exploit, you're still playing the game and do the trophies on your own. Hacking directly the trophy or use a pre-made save to instantly unlock a majority of them or the platinum itself... that's the line that shouldn't be crossed. @BloodyRutz "There needs to be money on the table for something to be considered a competition? There are many different prizes, virtual trophies being one of them. When we were kids we used to compete in many things like table tennis, running, even video games and we were broke. Anyway, I probably used bad wording here. I'm not saying I'm competing with people on this site, going for leaderboards or stuff like that. What I meant is that the trophy is supposed to be awarded for actually achieving something, it's even called Achievement on Xbox/Steam (if the word trophy is not clear enough). Because if not it really is just a digital image with a sound and I don't believe that was on Sony's mind when they decided to implement it. There is even Comparing option on PlayStation, no need to blame some "elitists". Competition can be healthy. The purpose of the trophy system is pretty clear." First of all, yes, there must be something valuable on the table for something to be considered a competition. You talking about the prizes, but those prizes have no effective value, only personal (but we are discussing objectively here). As for the kid part, never done that, so i can't respond you on that topic. For Sony, no they implemented them because the people wanted them, not because Sony itself wanted. Microsoft introduced this feature on Xbox360 and it was so popular that people wanted Sony to porting them and only in 2009 we finally received them, along with the Platinum Trophy. It's for this that the titles pre-2009 are trophyless (like Call of Duty 3, for example). And finally... competition is not healthy. It's for this that i never "raced" to reach the top of the leaderboard in my country. Competition puts on yourself only the pressure to win. On the other hand, challenge yourself to improve your skills for yourself... that is healthy. " I haven't played Hollow Knight and I'm not aware that you have a gaming channel. There's no reason to write real life using CAPS LOCK other than being passively aggressive. My relationship and my work (which is also my number one hobby) are my priorities. If I'm gonna spend one hour more on Cuphead, I will take that hour from another game, not my personal life. I don't feel the need to play hundreds of games. The point is if I would have a feeling that I need to save time by NOT playing something, I wouldn't be playing it at all. Hence, I would not feel the need to have a trophy on my profile for something I did not achieve because what's the point." That's my defect, sorry (using the caps lock to give more importance to the words). For the rest, you don't feel the need, but i feel the need, because i'm interested in them all, and not because of the trophies, but because of the games themselves, their gameplay, their story, and their soundtrack. So, spending less time on one game to spend it on another one or spend it in real life to do some important stuff.. i do it. "Probably the most important point and the reason why we disagree. You consider trophies useless then? If that's the case why going for (hundreds of) them? As I said, I don't mind how others play games. You're right no one will ever devalue the trophy - and this is important - FOR ME. But on the other hand, the trophy itself is devalued and I'm able to understand how people who want to have the same level playing field can feel about it." You misunderstood me. I consider useless those complaints about the "devaluing of the trophies", not the trophies themselves. I love the trophies. If you go for them, you will explore every part of the game so it's amazing. "You're saying you platted Hard Reset: Redux (again, I haven't played it) the legit way. Calling it calvary and that you would be happy for others to get the Platinum easier. Seems to me you did not enjoy that very much. Since you said you value your time, why not spend it on something else? Because if I was to recommend Cuphead to somebody I would tell them to go through that "calvary" (it was not that hard) because that's what makes it so great and the trophy feels like a nice award for it. To me it seems like you just wanted to pop the trophy for Hard Reset: Redux and that's about it. That is not the reason I'm going for trophies and I consider it being a massive waste of time." I didn't like it so much that i put 10 as my personal vote to it, because it was an amazing cyberpunk game. "Also, just to be clear. The thing I called "bullshit" is making the trophy system something which is not. So, I do not really understand the "maturity" reference. As I already mentioned, I don't mind how others play games. It doesn't mean I cannot write my view on this topic though." And that's the point. All of you consider the trophy system something that in reality, doesn't mean anything. There's a reason why the normal gamers, don't give a shit about the trophies and are more interested in the no damage runs or speedruns. For the maturity reference, only a mature person can split the trophy hunting from normal gaming. Only a mature person can give a damn if is efforts are rendered vain by the arrival of a glitch/exploit of the last minute. And finally, only a mature person can be happy if someone uses a glitch to renders his life much easier than theirs.
  9. @BloodyRutz "Don't take it personally, but this is a load of bullshit. You can interpret it how you like but the concept of trophies is pretty simple. It's an award for achieving something. And the award is obtained for achieving something the intended legit way. Like in every other competition - sports, etc." Funny, because what we do is not a competition. There's no money on the plate. It's a hobby that has become insane due to the "elitists", who have to lay down the law. "Also, what is even the point in playing Cuphead when somebody else basically plays it for you then? You said you will use the exploit only for Pacifist run, let's say I do believe you. I did the Pacifist runs in about 3 hours and I don't consider myself skilled. You on the other hand said you are skilled, so you're basically "saving" what - one hour?" Also, saving the time by NOT actually playing the game to get some trophies is what's wrong with many people on this site in my opinion. If I would ever get to this point, I would personally reconsider how am I spending my time. This is not aimed at you or anybody else, just my thought." As i said many times before here and in the Hollow Knight topic, as for me, it's a matter of trust (or watch my videos on my channel, that i provide as an EVIDENCE to incinerate any kind of suspect about me [in addition to bringing some contents, obviously]. For Cuphead itself, you don't have to believe me. You can simply watch my trophy list, and you will see that all trophies will be obtained in "normal" time. I will go for the Pacifist Trophy at last. For the time, yes, even "one hour" saved for me it's good because with that hour, i can do other things, you know, in REAL LIFE (like spend some extra time with my girlfriend, for example). "I don't mind how others play games or how many trophies they have, but is the concept of a devaluation of the reward when somebody else will get the exact same reward by cheating really that hard to grasp? I don't understand why it needs to be constantly discussed." Maybe because it's useless? Devaluation of what? You spend blood, sweat, and tears to obtain that reward and nothing and no one will ever devalue that. I platted Hard Reset: Redux but, if tomorrow, somebody would find a "God Mode Glitch" that would render the plat much simpler to gain, i would be happy, because other people shouldn't go through the same calvary that i and other players before them did. You say it's "bullshit". I say it's MATURITY.
  10. for the share-play thing, i'm waiting the response of @Lucantoo and @MiNd_CrUsHeR. As soon as they will respond me, i will update the main post.
  11. @Arcesius "I answered to your statement also in the Hollow Knight thread, and once again... It is not your place to define what trophy hunting is. You have your way of trophy hunting, but that's not the only way. The way you describe it, anyone that doesn't use all loopholes, exploits, glitches, etc.. available isn't a trophy hunter. Anyone and I quote from the Hollow Knight thread, that isn't "playing to reach the top 5, the big leagues", isn't a real trophy hunter. That's bullshit." Actually, it is my place to define what trophy hunting is. You know, i'm a Hunter too and i hunt from 15 years (counting the Xbox period too). I'm not a newbie that doesn't know how works "our world". And i didn't say that if you don't use the exploits, you aren't a Hunter. I only said that we use every means necessary to unlock a trophy or the platinum (including blood, sweat, and tears if you want to do it legit). "There are trophy hunters that go for leaderboards and will stack all possible games. There are trophy hunters that will play whatever games they want and get all or as many trophies as they can. There are trophy hunters that will go for URs. And in all categories, there are those that will use all exploits, some exploits, or NO exploits. Doesn't mean they aren't trophy hunters, and you don't get to define what this hobby is or isn't." Those are "subcategories" of Hunters, mainly a mixture of normal gaming with the trophy hunting business. "You can write that all you want, but matter of fact is that nobody, including yourself, knows whether you are skilled enough to get this plat legit if you don't actually get it legit. Same for Hollow Knight, same for any other game you don't do legit." Ehm, i know exactly how much i'm worth. I know myself, you know. And that's the only thing that i care about. For the rest, it's a matter of trust, like i already said in the HK Topic or, if you want to provide them, a matter of evidence (mainly videos).
  12. Trophy Hunting is just that: hunting the trophies and collect as many as possible of them. Doesn't matter how you do them (hacking and using premade saves excluded, of course) and this should be the "law". Instead, every time, a bunch of players begins the complaining train because "eh, but this game is so awesome. Why you must use this exploit, or this glitch, or this bug, or this walkthrough?" or "eh, but this game is so funny online. Why you want to boost it?" or other complaints of some sort such as "where is the satisfaction of doing that thing on your own?". Geez, i will be free of deciding how to pursue the platinum, without being pissed off by the other gamers? I've already tackled this on Hollow Knight Topic, but i will repeat myself again: video gaming and trophy hunting are two different things. It's right to complain about using those methods if we are just playing the game. But we are trophy hunters and we want that trophy unlocked, so, we will use every means necessary to grab it. The trophy hunters that obtain the plat only in some games, or just in their favorite games... they aren't trophy hunters. They're just normal gamers. In "our world" there are three types of trophy hunters: the ones that go for the completion (100% of the ID, or platinum + DLCs), the ones that go only for the base platinum (ignoring the DLCs, even if they're free) and the ones that simply try to unlock many trophies as possible. And again, all of those complaints are useless, because is always a win/win situation. You've unlocked the platinum or that particular hard trophy legit? Congrats. You've unlocked the platinum or that particular hard trophy by using a "shortcut"? Good. Both of you have reached your purpose. The only difference is that the "legit" one had a hard time doing it (while being satisfied by the challenge and rising up his gaming skills), while the "shortcut" one doesn't. But the "legit" one doesn't have the right to say "pathetic" or "no life", because the "legit" one doesn't know WHY the "shortcut" one used an exploit/glitch/walkthrough etc. In my case, i use every means necessary (again, hacking and premade saves excluded) to save some precious time, because i've a giant backlog of games to PLAY (yes, PLAY, then "PLATTING") and i can't stay for months on a single game. It's not a matter of be low skilled (i'm skilled and i have no problems in doing hard things), it's just a matter of saving time. But this is my case.
  13. You're welcome. And yes, the game isn't that hard, but still, if you're going for the plat and want to obtain it fast to save some time, this will be very helpful. I'm planning of using this exploit just for the Pacifist trophy and do everything else on my own, to save some time but we'll see. I'm hoping that this works in share play too. I know Lucantoo and i could go in his house, but i would prefer to do this online.
  14. @GiveMeWin "Umm, I posted these findings here a month ago 24 hours after the game came out. And suistar7 confirmed. I guess I should've used a better topic title than 'multiplayer'. Thanks" Really? Didn't saw that. Sorry bud :(. I saw their post (of Lucantoo and Mind_Crusher) on our italian trophy group and, with their permission, i shared it with the rest of the community.
  15. ehm nope. It's a bulletin information this.