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  1. Can't respond you properly, because i haven't played the game yet, but it probably will. Try and see for yourself. As i said, Lucantoo and Mind_Crusher discovered the "auto-unlocking" method. I've only reported it.
  2. I reput here my video and the splendid walkthrough of @Fuwafuwa-no-Neko to unlock this trophy, so that you will come here and not go everytime in the dispute's section xD. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Video: Fuwafuwa-no-Neko's Video: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Necrosphere OCD trophy supplemental video proof (+walkthrough) A good friend of mine showed me this dispute thread which managed to pique my interest, and amongst reasons I decided to try to replicate the trophy that OP claimed to have glitched on him on two occasions now. I will now detail the similarities and differences between my run and that of OP. Original video (APCGrayLocked) will have timestamps in blue, second video (Fuwafuwa-no-Neko) in orange. You can click those timestamps to view said times in the video. Noticeable Similarities - Messages: exactly the same amount across both videos. Including parts where messages were touched twice as outlined below; Yellow zone (1): 7:29 | 8:01 Yellow zone (2): 8:32 | 8:52 Blue zone (1): 9:04 | 9:18 Green zone (1): 12:19 | 11:26 - Torches: Matched patters in the zones. And touched torches twice when at same spots. There is one instance where I messed up, which I will detail in the differences. Torch pattern above the elevator (right, left, right) (1): 2:38 | 2:34 Torch touched twice after the three bubble ladder (yellow zone) (2): 5:08 | 4:35 Torch touched twice, one time after being lit, other time after returning from the dead end and going down (red zone) (3): 9:36 | 9:45 Torch touched twice in transition red/purple zone (red zone) (4): 11:06 | 11:15 Note, I only mentioned the torches where he went back and forth in order to touch them twice. You will touch other torches twice by naturally playing the game. Noticeable Differences - There was an instance where I messed up and touched a torch twice (+1) by accident due to death: 3:57 - There was an instance where I skipped touching one of the torches twice (-1) due to dashing over it: 11:58 I believe I got lucky and due to the +1 and -1 touching twice, that my total count was still the same at the end. Additional proof of this method by a third person I asked a retired and respected trophy hunter to verify these results. After carefully following APCGreyLocked's video, he managed to come to the same conclusion. Which I will show you in this screenshot below: That's right, after following the exact same steps, he managed to get the glitch and with that the trophy. There are a few differences worth mentioning as well in how me and @midgetstrawdog (the third party) went about it that I will outline below: Things worth mentioning - Wifi does not has to be disabled. I had it off, midget left it on by accident. - Language does not affect trophy. - Vita model does not affect trophy. - Deaths do not affect trophy. - Midget followed different patterns during the green zone in which the green lizard men attack you. They do not seem to affect the trophy. - Midget took the elevator shortcut during the second visit of the red zone. - And lastly at the end, midget went straight for the final torch and did not went left for a few seconds. This seem to confirm our conclusion that only messages and torches are involved in the glitch.
  3. @Fuwafuwa-no-Neko DUDE! I owe you a beer, at least. Wonderful work. Thanks (and thanks for the kind words too, i appreciate)!!! Sergen (don't know why i can't quote you directly), but... easy fella, this for me is nothing compared to what i must endure in Italy, with my haters. Yes this dispute drained me, but mainly because i wanted to know too how the hell i've unlocked that trophy and wanted to help NekoRave. And now, thanks to Fuwa, we know that INDEED the trophy unlocks in that particular spot in green zone. For possible future disputes... no, i will always handle them in public, because i've nothing to hide and maybe, my disputes can turn (like this one) into a "mystery" that, when solved, will help everyone.
  4. Geez, i've tested the game FOR YOU and NekoRave in the last days (including this morning, when i've formatted AGAIN the PSVITA) and i'm always here ready to respond to any answers and willing to help, and you still insuning that i'm a Cheater. My video on youtube is foolproof, because i've recorded everything in one go with no cuts at all, start to finish and you still insinuing that i'm a Cheater. But you're right about a thing: CRT must take a call, but please note that everyone here believes me (NekoRave included, if you ask him). You are the only one to do the "voice out of the chorus", and you're doing that because i've unlocked the trophy with pure luck or by meeting conditions that i'm not aware of it and for this, you're stamping your feet like a brat. @MMDE @B1rvine your thoughs, all considered?
  5. yeah, every time on PS4 i have deleted my saves (but never reinstalled the game each time). On PSVITA obviously, when you delete the game (as i did, before reinstalling it this morning) the save is deleted as well.
  6. Don't know what to say, guys. I've formatted the PSVITA, reputted the account back in, downloaded the game, installed the patch, played it offline, run through it by doing the exact route... but this time the trophy didn't unlock to me either. I'm starting to think that it was PURE LUCK that i've unlocked the trophy twice and in the same spot (because yes, even the first time, the trophy unlocked there). I've done testing the game for now. I've done every theory offered by Nighcisama and FeelTheCosmos and even re-run the game on PSVITA. I'm out of options. If this was really pure luck, certainly the fault is not mine. @MMDE what's your thoughts about this? Ah obviously, i didn't manipulate the video that i've uploaded on youtube. There are no cuts, it's a straight one-go start to finish.
  7. I've run through the game again and i've even collected every single torch and message and DVD that i've encountered, stay still on every message for 3 seconds and read the golden ones (3 of them)... but the trophy didn't unlock on PS4. Tomorrow morning (if i will not have anything more important to do) as i said, i will record with the webcam on my shoulder again, everything i will do on PSVITA (formatting, reputting, downloading, etc). It will be a boring process.
  8. Eh, i've tested every theory you proposed this morning on one of my alternate accounts on PS4 (Falling_Loop) but nothing happened. I still have to try to hit EXACTLY 40 torches (with repeated ones) and EXACTLY 20 messages (with repeated ones) once i'm in green zone (so try to don't pass over many torches and messages while reaching the green zone). I will do another test now, obviously recording it, but maybe it's best if i run through the game again on PSVITA, while formatting again the account, to see if the trophy unlocks again (and this time, recording everything, including the formatting, the welcome messages and so on, although it will be a boring thing to watch.
  9. i'm downloading the game again and i will try this "torch theory" on ps4, alternate account (the same that i've used the first time to test by simply playing, as you can read in the previous pages).
  10. don't know, i'm just sticking with one theory over the other. maybe with "older versions" this trophy works while with "newest" version don't work? Every "theory" must be considered to solve this mystery.
  11. As i said, my model of PSVITA is PCH-1004. I cannot give you other infos, because the two stickers (the one besides the headphones jack and the one down the rear touchpad) fell off due to usury and heat and they were pretty ruined, so I threw them away. For the Torch Theory yeah, it could be possible. But i'm more inclined to give my 2 cents to the Model Theory. Which PSVITA models you have?
  12. The version of the game i have is the cross-play one and i bought it on the italian store (paid 3,99, it was on discount)
  13. uhm, i reached the final torch in 13-14 minutes (excluding the first minutes of booting up the console, installing the patch and launching the game), but you can actually reach that point in less time if you don't die.
  14. @Nighcisama so, let me get this right: you said that i got the trophy randomly 1st time. That's correct. Then, you said "that i quickly got it again and show it on video, which is hard to believe". Stop. I got the trophy 1st time (as you can see on my trophy log) on 24 June at 05:32am. After 2 full weeks, i re-got the trophy again (10 July at 12:21am, as the screenshot and the video demonstrate) to my surprise (as you can see by my reaction on the video). Because yes, i didn't think it would work (and again, a huge shoutout to @Lucantoo for giving me the idea of formatting the PSVITA to "try again"). But it worked and even the Dev itself on the comments, thank me for the video ("that made is day", as he said). So, what "replicate easily" if i, in first place, had no idea that this would actually work? I don't have premonition powers. if you want me to be honest, I thought I was condemned and I was already thinking about the laughs of my haters in Italy, because yes, they're just waiting for this, for my fall. But again, i win. Even NekoRave has tried to unlock the trophy by following my video, but nothing happened to him too. I don't know how the trophy has decided to unlock, i've just played normally both times (as you saw in the video, i didn't do anything special or "particular" [aside sit for 1-2 seconds to actually read the messages]). Maybe as @Dark_Overlord says, is a "Language thing" (and it wouldn't be the first time this happens, as you already read). As i said, i formatted the PSVITA and reputted my account in, then downloaded the game and then i recorded the video. That's all. After, you said "some shady behaviour". If you are referring to Batman: Arkham Knight, my youtube playlist has pretty much DESTROYED everything, because you know, i've played the game LIVE (all challenges and new game+) and while LIVE, how can you hack the trophies without being notice? It's impossible ;). And i repeat: i don't even know the NAME of the program or how it works, because again, i'm 100% LEGIT. For me hacking is a no go. And think about it: if i wanted to hack the game, i wouldn't hacked all trophies, instead of one single trophy? There are other instances where there is one trophy left for me before the plat or 100% and everytime, i recorded everything to be sure to not be considered a hacker (because generally, if someone unlocks one singular trophy after months/years, generally, it's automatically considered "cheater" and i don't want to defend myself 24/7). @Kevao97 thanks buddy, appreciate the compliment. @Dark_Overlord the model of my PSVITA is PCH-1004 (my parents bought it in 2013, as a reward for graduating at school).
  15. Ok so, here's the video (as i said, recorded while having the webcam on my shoulder xD). Towards the end of the video you can see the trophy unlocking (alongside my reaction). And here is the screenshot of the firmware of the PSVITA: https://ibb.co/Q6qP3Dg And here is a better screenshot of the trophy itself (although i've showed it in the video, but the focus was not very collaborative): https://ibb.co/pw9Lqt1