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  1. uhm, i've already seen this title. Maybe the previous trophy list was deleted? Because i've checked my note of games that i don't like or doesn't convince me yet and Razed is already there.
  2. with the account swapping trick, this is not a problem anymore.
  3. still works as of november 2018. Great discover!
  4. That's fucking amazing, dude. Great discover. EDIT: here's some games that will be very useful to test with the "patch deleter": - Paladins (if this method works and the game can be played at 1.0, the 100 cards trophy will be MUCH MORE easy and FAST to unlock) - Micro Machines
  5. again with the thing that boosting is cheating? Boosting is not cheating. Cheating is what the hackers do (infinite ammo, immortality, shots through the walls etc). Boosting is just give us a hand each other. And if those hackers don't want that we gives us a hand, well, fuck them, they are nobody. The main problem is that a very good number of people says that boosting is cheating (because the TOS says that you can't do that, although no ones reads and follows it, because if everyone will follow the TOS, the trophy hunting couldn't exist [create an account on a different country IS a break of TOS, for example, but we don't give A SHIT about that]) but, they boost anyway. For me, this is hypocritical. If i consider something cheating, i don't do it. End of the story. On Call of Duty: World at War, i was offered the chance to unlock way more easily the trophies about the special weapons (the monkey, etc) by entering an hacked lobby. I refused, because is cheating entering in an hacked lobby. On GTA V, there is a RP generator (watch on youtube, there are plenty of videos about that) that can give you all RP that you want, but THAT is CHEATING and i will not do it. And there are other examples, but what's the catch? The catch is that if one wants to boost, it's ok. Don't annoy him because boosting is this, boosting is that etc, because not all are PROs in multiplayer (my self, for example) and not all wants to lose 100+ hours to get all online trophies (my self again, for example). Peace
  6. i will play it, it's a good clone of The Sims.
  7. That Julio lives in the clouds, as i can see. "This problem is very rare and unlikely to happen". Yeah sure, but in the meantime, there are dozens of other games (COD series first, RDR, GTA and others then) where the hackers can do what they want. So please.
  8. What a shame. Those hackers are a cancer (excuse me the strong word, but is appropriate for me) to every community, not only our community. We boost the game, and don't give any nuisance to nobody. They, indeed, are so annoying to everyone with their "easy win" hacks like immortality, infinite ammo, one shot one kill, shots through the walls. But yes, we trophy hunters are wrong. They are right. Throw yourself in a furnace, pesky hackers, please :). PS: i've already platted the game, so if you hack my stats, i don't give a SHIT.
  9. i will buy it, no matter if the plat will be a cakewalking or hard as nails one. I love the shoot'em ups and this, reminds of Geometry Wars 3, another great title that i love (and platted). As the trailer says, this game also comes to PSVITA and that's just perfect.
  10. Black Mage has posted the email gotted by Sony. It seems that WarHawk (2007), PlayStation Royale, Twisted Metal (2012) and Sound Shapes will close now on 31 January 2019.
  11. I don't know if i will buy this. I'm not interested in replaying the levels from the reboot again (i must still play the reboot, but it doesn't make sense to play the reboot and then play the sequel, which have the same levels of the previous one).
  12. Thanks Pal, got the trophy and the platinum. And also, first speedster (completion time).
  13. a thread on Reddit, where another guy said the same thing that guy on YouTube have said to me (servers extended).
  14. You're right, but it's better then nothing.
  15. someone on youtube, has told me that the server shutdown has been postponed within 2 months. I can't confirm the source although.