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  1. didn't expect to see the Dark DLC coming on PS4 too. Good. Time to go back on the game and play it.
  2. it probably will. Just wait.
  3. Can't wait to play. PS: if you say that Ratalaika publish crappy games, you are blind, because you have no idea of what a shitty game looks like (GulCry).
  4. just go on trueachievements and follow the text platinum/1000G walkthrough there :).
  5. can't wait to play it! Gold medal in every challenge... it will be hard or it will be a cakewalk? We will see.
  6. it is yours this one too? @RatalaikaGames
  7. MetaGal, Also Know As MegaMan Clone.
  8. 1. One More Dungeon already platted. I give it a 3/10. The trophy for finish the game with no margin for error or curse mutator... i've tried to use margin for error but everytime i've died because of a single enemy. Once i switched to curse mutator, i've finished the run at the first try. 2. Stay is a cakewalking one, because is only a matter of choose and stay. 3. Plantera... don't like that game. 4. DustOff Rescue II... yes, i will do it. It's in my list of games to do.
  9. Ehm bro, i know that Ratalaika is only the publisher, but when you see a game published by Ratalaika, that will be an easy and quick platinum. Ratalaika has made this reputation by now, so what's the problem? Ratalaika knows that an easy, cheap and fast platinum, will be buyed a lot more of a hard, expensive and long platinum, so, what's the catch?
  10. they will be added. Just wait
  11. Amazing. Can't wait to finish the story of Rufus.
  12. very simple. The only hard trophy was "very fast", but thanks to this glitch, now even it is simple
  13. yeah, i know. I will pick it up tomorrow if everything goes well.
  14. with a solver, is always easy.
  15. it's a new version of the same game. Or i'm wrong @RatalaikaGames?