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  1. GREAT! Love so much this game!
  2. that's bullshit, period. Can't believe they did this.
  3. This is GREAT. I've loved the original on PS3!
  4. Chill out, bro. Not everyone comes here every day and read every post.
  5. Now i'm expecting that Syphon Filter 3 (the legendary one) has trophies too. For the rest, i don't give a shit that is an easy plat.
  6. you only need to complete each node. It's not mandatory to complete everything. But again, as i said last year, follow the Breach Mode Walkthrough on PS Trophies, cuz is AMAZING.
  7. Nope, Babylon is made by PlatinumGames. There was such a hype for the game, when it was announced... and then the disaster.
  8. Good thing that i bought Project Cars 2 for 5 euros at the beginning of this month, when it was on sale for the millionth time xD.
  9. ahahahah, really?
  10. For me it wouldn't be a problem doing them legit (i devoured OlliOlli 2 in short time), but for me Time is everything, so if i can save it... WON-DER-FUL! (Matt Hardy docet)
  11. uhhhhhhhhhhh, that's useful. Thanks!
  12. The game is delisted, apparently.
  13. effectively, i wouldn't mind replay that little gem of Foul Play.
  14. Yes i was removed, but i was reinstated every time. I defeated each of those pathetic flags.