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I am Gray_Locked and i am a veteran player, a perfectionist and a trophy hunter. I start to play in the far away 1999, at the age of 5 with the immortal Pac-Man on Super Nintendo. In 2009, i buy an Xbox and i start to unlock achievements. After 2 years, in 2011 i sold the Xbox360 and i bought a PlayStation 3 and reboot the "Hunting" job with a shiny new gamertag and the mission to obtain the Perfect Profile (all trophies achieved) but after 4 years (in 2015), i fail in "platinuming" a game, because the servers of Ridge Racer: Unbounded were shut down. But, i wasn't disappointed. Instead, i was relieved. Trying to achieve the Perfect Profile, it meant to worry about of too many useless things. Aftet the Perfect Profile Mission was gone, i set up a new mission: in the games where the platinum or 100% is impossibile because of bugs/glitches/servers closed, i want to obtain a good percentage, such as 85%.

I don't play for trophies. I play for the game itself and the story (if is present). I hate the multiple platinums and the multiple versions of the games. I prefer to stay in a low position rather than being to the top of the leaderboard with multiple games.

I play alone on my account. I don't allow anyone to play on my account and unlock trophies in my place because it wouldn't make sense for me that another guy do the trophies in my place, even if the trophies are really hard or online. I am very proud of every single trophy i unlocked over the years.

If you don't believe what i says above, ask to italian players who know me, especially to big1406 and DanteDevil12, my friends.

I like to consider myself a sort of polyhedric because i play nigh every genre of game in general: Action, Puzzles, Racing, Retrogames (if this can be considered a genre xD), Platforms etc... my rule, anyway, is simple: if a like a game, i do it, whatever it is (hard, time consuming, bad game for many players etc).

And that's all, for now... ;)