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  1. Sometimes in an area it lags super bad. Granted, it doesn't cause any disadvantage and my Playstation ain't the newest but it's a bit of a shame since a lot of the games atmosphere comes from landscapes, and lags ruin the fluidity of that. And this game shouldn't challenge my Playstation, considering new games run without a problem. So yeah, just wanted to know if it's just for me or if anyone has/had the same issues.
  2. I finally did it as well... Thank you everyone for the great tips and strategies, I got insanely crushed by the unfairness of the orbital laser the first couple of times I tried this and now, having followed some of your advices, nailed it first try (with lots of sweaty hands). Most important facts of my run: - three jobs per person on 99, other jobs on 30-50 - if you, like me, used the stone already that makes the carrier survive one fatal attack (sorry I don't know the English name) : there is a safe in kamurucho that contains it one more time. Combined with kasuga peerless resolve this makes sure that at least 2 ppl survive the laser. I personally didn't need it (bc genius me forgot to equip it before the fight) but might proof useful for others - kasuga as hero for buffs and healing, saeko as idol for healing is pretty much a must, they carried my team. Han Joongi was a killer in my run for damage, fourth I first had zhao as bodyguard but then switched for eri as matriarch (however I didn't feel like it made much of a difference) - throughout the tower, always peerless resolve and then attack weaknesses, electricity first since the elemental attack has the chance to stun other enemies (altho it took long, this felt like the easy stage for me) Amon: - Han joongi's poison-kick attack (whatever it is in English) did great damage even if it didn't poison him - Saeko has sexy pose debuff and healing - Kasuga has an attack buff for the whole group as hero, and healing - use masochist poundmate AS SOON as amon switches to beastmode. Im saying this bc in my case it went like this: [Amon] switches to beastmode, [kasuga] uses masochist poundmate, [Saeko] heals all, [Amon] calls the other three, [Amon] uses orbital laser. I didn't expect it to come so early bc he had little less than half life left but it saved my life to play safe here. One of my mates died, unfortunately amon casted the one that induces fear on everyone before I managed to heal back up, but with an unholy amount of luck I somehow managed. Once everyone was back up I spammed essence attacks (not all do a lot of damage tho!) and poundmates. Once amon was done, I worked on saejima (majima died in the process bc of the electric attacks) and last kiryu. I teared up. Then I deleted the game.
  3. And I was just starting to like him.... I guess his change does bother me a lot, but they all look too much like kids for me in the manga. Maybe I'll give it a another shot at some point. But for now I'll just wait for Thursdays haha YES. this fight I was not looking forward because it seems pretty predictive. But then again, I thought that a couple of times and then the anime surprised me. I think it's because I'm still thinking in the Naruto tropes.(e.g. Naruto would never cheat, while boruto does for selfish reasons, mitsuki deciding to give up on the fight rather than show how badass he is(plus actually having a will and not just being a puppet FUCK YEAH!!), smart-ass Sarada actually having a cheesy dream like becoming hokage...) Actually interesting if you think about it, because that's exactly what the kids are trying to do. Breaking free from their parent's reputation. Also, Shinki to me feels like a gaara 2.0 so far. I like him and his jutsu is awesome but something needs to happen... Also I am SO HAPPY with what happened regarding the cheating. And HOLY HELL the cliffhanger. Can't wait for next week yesyesyes
  4. wow thanks a lot, this sparked a lot of ideas. I don't have a time-period i wanna focus on, so anything from any time on any console or pc is welcome. I haven't found anything on Good & Evil, but i remember Black & White. The aspect of a god-mode is actually super interesting. how could i forget dante's inferno omg.. Happy to see you have such a strong opinion on this! Hope you don't mind that I cut down your post a bit for the sake of making clear what I'm answering to. I don't completely disagree but here are some points I noted I think this is one of the main purposes religious concepts have in video games: to give a frame, a context. It creates a univerese that we (usually) know and understand without having to indulge in big introductions. I'm not a religious person myself, but I do think that having a religious background makes it easier to judge a charakter, situation, etc. I'd call this the secondary function, again you are completely right. As you noted, these two serve the game mechanic and gamplay aspect of video games. This is where I'd say things get complicated. Rather than just noting down how religion is used in video games, we should ask the question 'why are they portrayed the way they are?' The simplest question for the lack of consequences would be: it's complicated to implement. However, I'd go as far as say that every decision developers make is an choice, be in conscious or subconscious. Why did developers deem in unnecessary to build in consequences? "Win the game" - that's usually what makes a video game a video game most of the time tho. However, there are god-mode games that leave you open to all choices and consequences and don't really have a goal. I don't remember the name anymore, but I remember playing a game on PC where you could choose stuff like demanding sacrificies and in consequence people would be scared of you, or do nothing and people would stop workshipping you etc. Maybe I can find the game name somewhere at some point.... YES. obviously the game industry has the mass as an audience. I'll look into some indie games regarding this but with commercial games, it's definitely a matter of not wanting to offend anyone. America even had a law well into the 90s that prohibited releasing a video game if it was deemed "offensive" - from a white, male, american perspective obviously! But then there are religions that are not at all treated well in video games. Just look how muslim (or eastern) religions are portrayed... On a sidenote i am playing mass effect andromeda rn and I think i offended some characters because i don't believe LOL this is a big topic, and one could argue it into oblivion LOL but tbh the fact that most of the commercial games are built from a western or east-asian perspective should be kept in mind when it comes to representation. Also, thank you for any other comments!!
  5. Totally understand that. Not worth the effort if it's just the two of us 😐 Boruto's animation is extremely beautiful. I don't know how often I've watched the Sasuke/Otsutsuki fight simply bc awyis I also love how they show that there is science and development - it's very interesting how nations evoled from the beginning of naruto on! I've heard that the manga is great, but I can't get behind the drawin style. I'm just watching the new episodes weekly when they get released on crunchyroll hehe
  6. Yes this is perfect, it obviously is a reference to shintoism, not even a subtle one! I also remember the Hermit confidant being a fox, who shows up at the shrine with messages(quests). This could very well mean that the shrine is a Inari shrine, where fox statues usually represent kitsune messengers. They're said to plead in front of Inari in behalf of the worshipper's requests. They also usually have a little neckerchief never thought about that before. Tbh I think there will be a lot in Persona. Just have to think about it a little haha
  7. Cheers! I've joined other communities before and this is the first place where I feel welcome without being a veteran or completely extrovert. So yes I think you've found a great place as durandal already requested, maybe you can show us some of your cosplay one day, I'd be very interested, too!
  8. Some of you might already know what this will be about. Background information In the course of my degree,I am going to write a paper this semester about the use of religion in video games with a priority on japanese mythology. It will probably be around 20-40 pages, depending on what my secondary tutor approves - but this area could very well go towards my master thesis and because the topic is actually very interesting I will just collect every research on here, regardless of if I can use it for my thesis or not. I am still at the very beginning of this all, basically I woke up and thought "this is cool" and that's it. I have no thesis, no structure, nothing. This might change. Hopefully. Before people start critizising on something unrelated: this post does not qualify as an academic research. I will not use this as a basis for my research. This is mainly to spark ideas, create interest, and be a point of info for anyone who wants to learn more. Status-log The Aim of this Post My goal is to make this post a collection of information for anyone who is interested, with your help because obviously as a community you have much more knowledge and range than I do as a single person and I can't play every game there is. So the idea is, you post what you can think of and I will summarize everything I/you/we find in this post. I'll keep this updated as long as anyone is interested. Your ideas can be literally anything. It can be related to plot, setting, characters, design/outfits/scenery, anything as long as it has a reference to religion. There will be seperate sections for non-fictional and fictional religions. (will probably end up in a lot of collapsibles) References For reading: For listening/watching: Religious references in Video Games Non-fictional references Fictional references Unsolved these are games I am not sure yet, mostly because I haven't found out what they refer to yet (because I haven't played the games myself?)
  9. i finally gave in to the sale and bought mass effect andromeda for 8€ ....
  10. Only had these issues on my old phone. Ever since I got a new phone it's been running perfectly smooth. Of course the group issue is there, but that is not really an issue for me as I don't use groups for this. Once I know people better I usually switch to other messaging apps...
  11. - 青い春 Blue Spring - Drive - Prisoners - The fall - Demolition - I saw the devil ( - Mad max fury road) ( - the drop) Favorite movies of all time, after years these are still the movies I could watch another 10 times. But there are a ton of good movies out there
  12. I love gintama but I can't binge it as much as other shows, because it is so fast paced and is a looooot of input. I finally watched haikyuu S3 and then immediately went to rewatch season 1-2. Still love this anime so much. Next is erased, probably...
  13. Sword of the stranger is an AMAZING movie. If you're a fan of HQ animation, action animes and sword fights gO WATCH IT NOW.


    Sure the ending/character development is somewhat predicatble but it doesn't make it less enjoyable. I wish there was more of this 😭

  14. sometimes i wanna go back to the good old days of heavy eyeliner and black fingernails... but I guess that wouldn't contribute to my reputation 🙄

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  15. I guess it's a matter of taste, I just dislike kiryu at this point 🤔