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  1. Just Plat Gravity Rush #33 (2nd play on vita) good game

  2. Plat #32 UC Golden Abyss (First plat vita style)

    1. zadorvp


      Congratulations ^^

  3. Platinum #31 -Ride to Hell: Retribution- what a game!! Best game of 2013...

  4. 26th platinum inFamous2 was a fun game to play, on to the nxt

    1. bmj14772


      If you haven't already checked it out, you should play Festival of Blood; it's a great game! Cole with vampire powers :o

    2. Lady Lilith

      Lady Lilith

      I second Festival of Blood. I was already a fan of Infamous, but I'm a fan of vampires as well, so this was the perfect game for me!

    3. Mr_MovieMan29


      InFAMOUS 2 had amazing endings....I tear up at the evil ending and I tear up at the good ending...

  5. I just got this version off the ps3 i like the model. The white one is cool but I prefer the black one, fits better with my entertainment system. white one wouldnt look right I also like how sony went back to the old ways inserting cd disks, just like the 1st playstation open the top.
  6. Startin Trine 2

    1. DOC_BIZZY


      Extremely easy platinum, and the gameplay is somewhat enjoyable. Have fun.

    2. bmj14772


      Yep, what he said ^ I would recommend finishing the game but, as far as trophies are concerned... you don't have to; you can get the platinum before you even complete the game, haha.

  7. Just reached Lvl. 19 3100 trophies!! lots more to come. :)

  8. Favourite player be Tom Brady!
  9. First of 2013 was CSI: Fatal Conspiracy#21, followed by Playstaion All-Stars#22 on the same day
  10. 23rd Platinum CS:GO -- 3 plats in a day n a half not to bad, what to play next?

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. k2thecash


      Awesome!! gald it helped and congrats on your 60th Platinum, i`ll be there one day :)

    3. k2thecash


      @MrCostari. I found when playin online I had got a little lag here and there, but nothing to major, and like DanielVT stated all trophies can be earned offline

    4. DanielVT


      I'm sure you will! :) I'm trying as fast as I realistically can to get to 100 plats before the PS4 comes out (whenever it does).

  11. Need one more trophy to plat PSAS, c`mon gimme

    1. k2thecash


      Got the platinum for PSAS!! 2 in one day, now going back to CS:GO for another quick plat.!

    2. MrCostari
  12. Happy New Year!!

  13. 500 GB system with 1 year PS Plus $#!* Yeahh.

    1. homer_snake


      Great,Mine is 40gig so I have to store the games on my laptop hdd :(

    2. k2thecash


      i hear ya there, just upgraded from the 80 gig

  14. Startin Captain America

  15. Psn store under maintenance - TWD ep 3? c`mon