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  1. Congratulations on being first achiever of the Permadeath trophy in No Man's Sky! Well done!

  2. This change with every patch they do. Watching old youtube videos and listening to people only quoting old information without first hand knowledge will only send you on a goose chase. In vanilla: You could get all reactors from homing beacons at crashed ship sites and from colonial outposts (operation centre and manufactory) In Foundation:The only place in the game you could learn the reactor blueprints was from Polo. Only Polo. His last quest for theta was bugged making it impossible to learn. In Pathfinder: I have not played it enough to be 100% sure of every way you can get it. I got Sigma from a Gek nanite vendor. That I can confirm. Maybe the others too? Polo is 100% here as well. Polo's last quest is supposed to be fixed now. Confirmed by many players. Finish his milestone questline, and you are guaranteed a Theta Reactor.