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  1. I am also going to be dropping out, haven't has much time lately. So I'll let someone else join that will hopefully be more active. Cheers ✌️
  2. I'm not that skilled lol Edit: I should wait a few hours until i say sober edit, cause I'm still liquored
  3. I'm drunk af rn. And have like 5 points, so lookout pureprotienman, gold league will be mine RIP Harambe Sober Edit: any recommendations for #50 Plat?
  4. Thanks pal, I'll try to break out some short and easy games to get some points for us
  5. Add me to the bench please, sounds like a pretty cool league
  6. Sorry, didn't realize you were still an admin :/ In that case, thank you for efforts sir
  7. Congrats on the title Ale. And thanks to Clawz, Stalker, and shogun for running the league. It was another great season looking forward to the next one
  8. Thank you so much for doing this
  9. I've always wanted to try Sly 4. Awesome thing you are doing with the giveaway
  10. 9.9/10 141 plats, lots of ultra rare. Really nice list, pal
  11. That's awesome buddy. Congrats What were you taking, if you don't mind me asking?
  12. Trophy progess has been slow due to not much time. But I'm almost done school, so hopefully I will be better for next season. How have you been?
  13. What does everyone think about the playoffs? Detroit fan here, what Abdelkader did at the end of game 2 was dirty and cheap as hell. He should've let off, thankfully in game 3 he took no penalties and played a smarter game. The Boyle chicken dance was pretty funny, but Abby could've got suspended if he fought him with the tape on his hand so he did the smart thing.