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  1. Wolfenstein master Collect all trophies Wolfenstein: The New Order. Yeah this is some good stuff! Well now i´m up to date for when New Colossus gets a good discount haha! The game is good duh, actually i might say New Order is better than Old Blood, so yeah i recommend it. It´s a fairly easy platinum, Old Blood with the challenges is harder in comparison and Uber difficulty isn´t that bad. Anyway i got a bunch of accumulated DLC from certain game... cough FF15 cough... so yeah gotta keep going!
  2. The Old Blood master Collect all trophies Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. Well i had to start somewhere so i started with this one, yeah this is my first Wolfenstein. The game is kinda short and the start it´s kinda slow, but the later chapters compensate for that. On the difficulty side it´s easy, uber should take a while but is not impossible, same with the challenges. The game is good and i recommend it. Anyway i´m going straight for the next one, so gotta keep going!
  3. Made Whole Obtain every trophy in the game Severed, more like disappointmented ... nailed it! Jokes aside i thought it will be as good as Guacamelee since it´s from the same company, well i was wrong. The combat is not that great, the best option generally is to spam long slashes as fast as you can and pray enemies die, thank goodness for the buff steal and paralyze skills (those sure really help! ). The game is hard to recommend. Anyway i´m gonna put my index finger on ice for a while, gotta keep going!
  4. King of Medici Earned all Just Cause 3 Trophies Just Cause 3. I´m glad to finally get this one, Just Cause 2 was my first platinum so it´s nice get back. Originally i was planning to make this one the 101th, but it took way longer than expected. The game is not flawless bikes are almost impossible to drive, the bomb challenges make no sense and the framerate wants nosedive sometimes. Also the tone is a little bit more serious than 2, so it´s not as jokey. Anyway it´s Just Cause, the mobility and the new tools make the game fun as hell, i can forget of everything else put some music and start destroying stuff and that´s what i like about the series... Being a madman destroying stuff while flying with my old trusty infinite parachute HAHA!!! Thanks to DrPuspe for the call out, it took a while to get one, so i really appreciate it! Anyway i got some stuff from October that i need to finish, so gotta keep going!
  5. Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, Starcraft and Starcraft 2.
  6. Ace of Aces Unlock all Trophies. Strike Vector EX. Love it, nice pick up and play game. It handles like the flying transformers in Transformers FOC, so i got used very fast. The grind for pappy 45 is fine, it takes a couple of hours to get to next prestige, so it´s not that time consuming. I recommend it, hope it gets a bigger and better sequel! Anyway October got me some spooky stuff, so gotta keep going!
  7. Platinum Obtain all other trophies, and be an all around Zed slaying machine Killing Floor 2. I´m glad this game came up free on plus, cuz i really like this game! I guess getting a year subscription was worth it haha. And yes the game can be classified as comfort food, but that´s one of its charms. Actually i play a match before playing Overwatch, it kind of fixes my aim for some unknown reason. Anyway i got a lot of stuff to do, gotta keep going!
  8. What If? Unlock all other trophies from Life Is Strange™ Life Is Strange. It´s being a while since i get one of these things. Anyhow i played this particular game as a friend recommendation (also my harddrive is full) and it´s... ok. I don´t know i had very high expectations and i guess that was the issue, still i recommend it. And it´s getting a sequel, so i may have my expectations in check for it. Also managed to keep the best character alive... The squirrel, best character 10/10! Anyway gotta keep going!
  9. Final Words Thank you for playing. NieR: Automata, well there goes the number 100 and it´s one of the best games i have played! I won´t go into details because of spoliers, but i gotta say this game is a very heavy contender for game of the year and even more lol. And yeah i experienced some some framerate drops, but who cares the game is awesome! That´s just a small issue in a great piece of work. Highly highly recommend it! Anyway this year has still a lot of great games and i still need to finish a lot of stuff, so gotta keep going!
  10. Enjoy Your Powers Collect all trophies inFamous Second Son. Well there ya go all the inFamous games finally done. I always liked the series and still do, so yeah i hope they make more lol. And yeah it's kinda short compared to the first two and those jumping enemies get old very fast on expert (stay in one place i'm gonna shoot you dammit!). But the game is fun overall and i enjoyed it, highly recommend it. Anyway the next plat is gonna be the number 100 and i better choose a good one, so gotta keep going!
  11. The World Wanderer Collected all trophies. Final Fantasy XV. Love it! It's a fun a game, to the point i broke my own rules and played till very late. And yeah the camera likes to get crazy and maxing Gladio's skill takes a while. But aside that there's nothing bad. I highly recommend it. I got the season pass so i'll be coming back once the DLC is released (hope is out soon). Anyway Overwatch season 4 is out and i have to work on my backlog too, so gotta keep going!
  12. RESIDENT EVIL 6 Platinum Trophy Congratulations! You've overcome all your fears in RESIDENT EVIL 6! Resident Evil 6, well it only took me around one year and a half hahaha! ...sigh. Anyway great game! I know the title got a lot flak at the begining, but in the long run after all the fixes it's a fun game. The coop works aside for some minor input lag. It's a horror game? Barely. It's a crazy action game? Yes, lol. So yeah i recommend it. I may play RE 7 some time in the future, tho i still got lots to do before going for it. Anyway gotta keep going!
  13. Platinum Collect all other 55 Trophies for this Trophy. Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Well there ya go my first Uncharted plat, also it's the first time i play an Uncharted game (better later than never). And it's a good start! I like it! I got the others, so i'm going to play them in story order. Gotta say the game has a lot collectables, like too much collectables haha, but is not that bad. Anyway gotta keep going!
  14. Noble Achievement Collect all Trophies inFamous First Light. I had this one sitting on my harddrive for months and finally played it. I'm glad i did, now i'm hype about playing Second Son. Yeah it's easy and short, so there's no excuse to not play it. Anyway it's the first plat of the year and time is short, so gotta keep going!
  15. Laundry list Complete all other missions The Deadly Tower of Monsters. It's an awesome game, highly recommend it, anyone who has plus should play it. Not gonna talk about details to avoid spoilers, but yeah it's very good and i really enjoyed it. So yeah that's a good start for the month. Anyway gotta keep going!