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  1. Where are the best spot for each missile?
  2. got first on space hulk vita 3 achievers
  3. no more vendor ? when i finished pestilence i was at 81
  4. If u did all above leave the town and wait a day and check
  5. Locking was tricky at first Just do very easy if u wana do easy use a padfoot potion Get durable locks asap and ur good. Lockpick was hard initially then got easier as it should he dont give up.
  6. Ok guys make sure u have the infamous perk and in pestilence ensure no ones dies there 5 people and just do the quest fast. U need 80 or more in the towns inhabited. Haggle with several vendors get their rep to 75 or more then leave town wait like 8 hrs and check
  7. Stuff not fixed failed like 3 quests due to bugs and i hit infinite loop a few times. The platinum is possible but hard due to the above. Its an amazing game im so happy i got it. To me it reminds me of a skyrim witcher hybrid. Intially i wasnt sold on the game but if u watch a few videos i knew i had to get it!
  8. thanks ill try again ive killed like 70 kushala i just need the large one now
  9. yep 2 ppl anyone caught a large kushala doara yet what are the conditions
  10. anyone have an info on a large kushala doara