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  1. i think god of war chains of olympus and ghosts of sparata are digital only since even in the retail disc its a download code irc



    counter strike ps3 digital only

    life is strange ps3 digital only

    call of duty classic 

    far cry classic digital only


    also maybe metal gear collection and silent hill collection have downloads as well


  2. Ok guys make sure u have the infamous perk and in pestilence ensure no ones dies there 5 people and just do the quest fast.

    U need 80 or more in the towns inhabited.


    Haggle with several vendors get their rep to 75 or more then leave town wait like 8 hrs and check


  3. Stuff not fixed failed like 3  quests due to bugs and i hit infinite loop a few times.


    The platinum is possible but hard due to the above.


    Its an amazing game im so happy i got it. To me it reminds me of a skyrim witcher hybrid. Intially i wasnt sold on the game but if u watch a few videos i knew i had to get it!


  4. 1 hour ago, ShianKiri said:

    Unfortunately, I don't have the exact details on the quest, but I have both Gold for Small and Large and the best I can say from my experience is it came from an Investigation. 
    ROUGHLY these stats:
    Ancient Forest

    4 Hunters

    30 Minutes

    Silver Silver Gold






    Giant Gold Crown

    Wildspire Waste

    2 Hunters

    30 Minutes


    Silver Silver Gold




    I've gotten crowns for the elder dragons and maybe this is a good generalist method for them: The less favorable the investigation and/or alternative locations have the best yields. The reward yields at the end didn't seem to matter.


    Basically this:
    Faints 1

    15 Minutes

    30 Minutes

    2 Hunters

    Kushala in Ancient Forest

    Teostra in Wildspire Waste

    HR only


    A combination of those things seem to have the best results. 

    I've gotten both small and gold on Vaal with Investigations that had 1 faint and 30 minutes

    As posted above, Teostra gold giant for Wildspire, 2 Hunters in 30 minutes

    Kushala in Ancient Forest in 30 minutes

    Nerg small gold in Elder's Recess in 15 minutes




    The only other thing I can add is, I've done Great Jagras with less favorable conditions as I had mentioned above in LR. Over 80 kills and have gotten no crown or even an indication that the size was smaller than usual (was going for Tiny). 


    Unless someone has gotten a gold crown in LR, I'd argue to not bother with LR at all. Added with what tiny crowns people have gotten with monsters that appear in both LR and HR, forgoing LR altogether may be a good approach.

    thanks ill try again


    ive killed like 70 kushala i just need the large one now