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  1. Final Fantasy XIII-2 currently doing a second playthrough to capture every monster also getting all weapons and accesseries. { Already got the platinum so i'm playing for a perfect playthrough.


    Ratchet Gladiator trying for the platinum


    Oddworld:Stranger's Wrath also trying for the platinum


  2. Hi there, I have completed Munch's Oddysee on the good playthrough and have 91% trophy completion. My few remaining trophies contain the I regrow nothing trophy and yes there is glitches concerning this trophy, I think one is when you acccidently regrow a sprooce and reload a manually saved game so that it doesnt save, I did this and reloaded instantly and I know i didn't regrow anywhere else and did not get the trophy at the end of my good playthrough. I suggest that if you don't get it at the end of either bad/good playthrough and you are sure you did not regrow a sprooce then complete the other trophies such as possessing certain amount of enemies etc, delete ALL saved games and start again, thats all I can say, thats what Im gonna do with my bad playthrough as these are my only ones left to obatin.  


    Hope I helped, if you have any other questions just reply to this




    I have figured out 1 way for trophy i noticed the time played on my save is still 0.00 so i made several saves without reloading and it's 0.07 i think it's the saves glitched in a way i think it's best to just press continue game instead of reloading a save and just save after every level on a separate save hopefully it'll work