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  1. For me it was the gold bricks in Lego Marvel Super Heroes. It just felt like work doing it. Little to no fun factor whatsoever.
  2. This worked great! Thanks! I’d read that sometimes it has to be the trophy in the same game (?) and was like oh crap, given the work involved to get any of the remaining ones I need.
  3. Got the distance Route 66 trophy - shows as earned if I turn off the network, but when I sync to PSN it doesn’t show. Have screenshots of earning it so definitely not mistaking it for something else. this seems to be a random PS software issue - does anybody know how to fix? Have gone back through the notification of earning it- didn’t work. Restarted console. Started game again. anybody know how to fix?
  4. Yep they’re separate lists - and yes you’re right about the saves! It didn’t happen for me for the first game, but it seems if you have played the Collection version and still have the saves installed, doing any singular task will pop the trophies associated with doing them multiple times, assuming you got the trophy the previous time. Kinda handy to not have to look for the audio dairies etc with such urgency!
  5. Weirdly getting beneficial trophy glitches playing this. first audio diary I picked up - got the 100 audio diary trophy. first hack I did with the distance tool, popped 3 hacking related trophies. anybody else has these? Admittedly I get there’s far fewer that have played this version compared to the Collection version.
  6. Thanks for the tip, this was pretty straightforward and easy to do. Despite not having played the game for what must be around 5 years 😂
  7. Pretty sure you have to do it all again from scratch.
  8. As per title - seems strange that the rarities are so incredibly low for what are, in some cases, quick and easy to achieve. Any reason as to why?
  9. Had no issues whatsoever and it’s a good time. Sad it’s not 60fps but is what it is.
  10. For other people in the same boat - you’ve gotta do 19 runs at cone crazy (previous guides say 16) which for me required a bit of cone manipulation. but once you get those runs done it’ll pop.
  11. I’ve just done this twice - once on my finished game, once from a fresh start. Neither time did I get close to 100,000. On the fresh start I got to 13,107. Am I missing a part of it? I have $13106900 from Cone Crazy, do I need to do some other aspect to get to that? edit: never mind have figured it out!
  12. Yeah definitely glitched. Unless the description is meant to say “listen to each station in its entirety”. All other trophies seem fine though.
  13. As per title - does this individual version of the game give you a different trophy list than the collection? Eg - as an owner of the collection - would this give me another trophy list or piggyback onto that one? Thanks!
  14. Ignore the front page of the multiplayer - go to server list and then enter whatever race you can with the track medals you’ve got.
  15. Wish they'd remade it as a trilogy. Will get regardless!