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  1. It's for both EU and NA - the only regions the game is available in.
  2. Also guys - if you have any feedback on the game - feel free to tell us, we'll be ver happy to get your opinions.
  3. Yeah, well, I'm afraid we can't afford that.
  4. Can't say to be honest, haven't played Vanquish (I assume you mean the one from Platinum Games). But our game is puzzle platformer, so it's a bit different kind of "hard".
  5. Yep, that's exactly what we did. Really appreciate your support, the more successful it is, the biggest chance there will be more I hope other developers will follow us, because that is a very cool way of promoting the game and interacting with players. We'll make sure hackers won't be able to win, we know the game, we know the time that is needed to complete it. It's 9,99$, not that bad I'm pretty sure some people have legit A-Men 100%, I've checked a few profiles and they seem ok. I mean some of you guys here have really (and I mean REALLY) impressive trophy collections. A-Men 2 is even harder than the previous one. Kinda hardcore-only game.