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  1. That was it, just had to remove the blacksmith and put them back and now I can craft flawless items. Thanks!
  2. I'm on console and just tried it. I bought all the feats to unlock flawless and the flawless or exceptional craftable item never shows up in the blacksmith.
  3. The Gilt, The Craft and the Lie Craft an Exceptional or Flawless item They removed exceptional and flawless from the game yet people are still getting this trophy. Is there a work around nobody is talking about?
  4. Congrats on fastest time lol 


    Have you tried using Spider-Man/Miles Morales/Cold War/Bugsnax/Sackboy crossave? 

    1. XpAcErX


      what did I get fastest time on?

    2. ArmoredSnowman


      No Man's Sky

  5. I've been through several guides and stood on the precise locations underwater. I've created 5 different new seeds and used chunckbase biomefinder to visit all ocean biomes. I have even had a friend join and follow along with me and they ended up getting the trophy and I didnt. Is my account bugged? Is this happening to anyone else? UPDATE: I just loaded the old edition version of Minecraft and the second I stepped in water the trophy popped.
  6. @iamthedotcom I'm ready when ever you get up and running. I was hoping to build a base out there in perma and survival to help out, I'm not sure why nobody else is doing that.
  7. I'm in need of a Taxi as well if anyone can help me out. I am ready to go on both perma and survival saves.
  8. Its basically a superman simulator and fun to just fly around and shoot things but its rather basic. I think playing it in vr is the way to go.
  9. Thanks I got it. I had to push my head all the way into it and blow... damn this sounds so perverted with out the context.
  10. "Blow on the little green helicopter and keep it airborne for 10 seconds in Mini Bots (playing as the VR player)." it doesn't work I tried this several times. I know the mic works since I used it in the saloon game to blow the smoke from the gun. In the diorama the helicopter just sits there and doesn't move. All puns aside I blow the crap out of this thing and it wont budge. I tried resetting the game even resetting the ps4 still not working. Does anyone know the trick to doing this trophy?