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  1. Thanks so much, got it.
  2. Sleds of Sunshine - Travel over 500 metres in a single slide across the Plains of Eidolon. Everything I can find recent or old on how to do this doesnt work. I've been trying for hours at a number of locations regular sliding with a Nezha slide build, droping from the air, and even the exit teleport cheese. Nothing is working. Does anyone one have any updated information/location on where/how to achieve this 500m slide?
  3. Just a heads up the PC Steam flat screen version of the game is still working fine. They havent shut it down yet. I'm currently still able to launch private matches with it and continue using the PC boosting method. EDIT: Finally went offline last night 9/8. It says its under maintence but I think its gone. 1 extra week was cool I guess.
  4. I had to change my wifi and mess with some router settings but I finally got it to work. What a pain in the ass but now I finally got 100%. Thank you @EdinhoN
  5. This is a big old fail for me. The node script just doesn't work. I have it listening correctly (Proxy listening on http://localhost:8081) I put in the correct ipv4 address and port on the ps4 a it just doesn't connect to the internet at all. They said to reboot if no internet but I rebooted my pc and ps4 5 times so far and nothing.
  6. Yes
  7. Can trophies be earned in a private match?
  8. Thanks. Found this for my region. https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/space-junkies-steam-pc Is there any special instructions for setting up a PC match or is it pretty much straight forward?
  9. What service did you play the PC version on Steam? EDIT: nevermind Steam is no longer selling the game.
  10. You can't rely on the far cry 2 servers anymore there is a method that appears to work to sharing maps between accounts on the same ps3 via save utility and also sharing through a dedicated server match. So far I haven't been able to make either method work but others have.
  11. All I have found is a basic steps and and several people claiming it works but I haven't got it to work yet. I was going to post once I had more accurate steps which is what I was trying to do here.
  12. You don't have to get offended I didn't say what you posed was wrong but there is an easier method now which doesn't rely on someone having the old maps. From what I'm reading this new method has been working for people for the last year or so and thats why I thought you hadnt updated the guide.
  13. unfortunately the guide looks like it wasn't updated since 2019, the info they give on the Adventurer trophy is accurate but there is new info about esier ways people got it by sharing their own custom maps through matches.
  14. A lot of people say otherwise. Several accounts I read of people using the mapper trophy map they made and sharing it via custom match. they used their same map the same 25 times and got the trophy. Some say it took 60 tries. The steps I found dont have enough details like match settings they used etc. I'm just trying to find out the exact trick people are using to do it that way. I'm on attempt 70 now and no trophy. My friend also has 4 maps from the old servers and we tried those several times as well.
  15. I see someone as recent as June 2022 got the trophy but I'm having a problem with it saying "Problem with Far Cry 2 server" but I'm still able to play the ranked matches online. Does anyone know the trick to how you get the Adventurer trophy? If anyone knows how please PM me or message me on PlayStation. Thanks. UPDATE JULY 2022: Ubisoft sort of fixed the map server and its showing maps again. Its still glitchy and I wasnt able to download the maps I saw but despite not being able to download from the server there a lot of people hosting maps from player matches and you can download from them. I am hearing some people are able to get it via their own un published mapper map as well. here are the steps I took: Quick join a match in Player Matches Download the map and finish the match, rate map then hit X to save the map on the next screen. (you may get kicked sometimes but keep trying) Create your own custom player match change the map to your downloaded map(mapper map may work here too, I didnt try it though) all default settings for the rest Force start match Once match starts hit > Cancel Match > to rate > submit Repeat from step 4 untill trophy pops.