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  1. thsts what I thought. I have an AU account from the Australian version of saints row I stacked…… but this then wouldn’t be Australian
  2. so the Australian version is a stack too?
  3. Whoever thought of / designed these needs a good punch in the throat I can’t be the only one that absolutely hates the cauldrons. Who ever came up with the idea mist have played Zelda, but thought instead of good and fun dungeons, let’s 1) make every look the same 2) make it dark so you can’t tell what going in 3) make it confusing as hell so you have to follow a YouTube video 4) make sure you can’t leave yeah..,,., sounds like a winner. after the PS4 version is done… f#ck this gsme I will not play the ps5 version
  4. this totally worked for me as well i transferred my ps4 save to the ps5 and those settings made it work (and made sure it was in the internal drive)
  5. Any idea on a release date ?
  6. Ok, I got the NA and EU ones, and then this pops up, but k csnt find it on the JP or HK store, or even a coming soon listing. any idea where this coming from?
  7. theres a ps4 disc.
  8. “Must” good luck with that
  9. Checked Amazon.JP but they don’t have them listed yet
  10. I just finished, it wasn’t too bad. id almost classify this as a resource management game more than fishing. the fishing was it hard at all. Every cast you’d catch something, well get a bite.
  11. In case anyone is wondering I got these on disk. amazon.co.jp
  12. i didn’t think about that
  13. thank you
  14. This hasn’t gotten a label yet, is this the JP version?
  15. Does your disc (region) match your DLC? when I finished dimensions, some of the DLC wouldn’t show up in the US store, I had to get an EU disc, and download the levels on my EU acccount, and then play them on my main it was a huge pain and probably my fault for waiting so long