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  1. Yeah...... Asia PS4 thats what you get from the HK (Hong Kong) store....... or am I wrong?
  2. Is this the Hong Kong store version?
  3. Finally got this seems like it took forever
  4. I got fight night 4 platinum, blitz the league demons souls x3 (on the ps3)
  5. They are all currently abiht $3 each in the US store. some a bit more some a bit less.
  6. Just as an FYI, all 8 DLC’s are currently on sale for around $3 each in the US store. some are a bit more some a bit less but about $3 each
  7. Yes....... I did thst on the ps4 US version going to do it for the stack this week
  8. the twitter post says you get all 4
  9. what the price? ive Been hoping for another dart game ever since I imported thst old PS3 one
  10. That was my thought I liked the game and want to play it again, but the new game + and beating it on hard...... sure i'll auto pop those and i don't have to mess with the screwball stuff? awesome..... where do i sign up ?
  11. good....... bye ————- overall this has to be one of the most pointless and dumbest threads I’ve read in a long time
  12. get in Amazon.co.jp you’ll probably do better, and get it quicker when they say 2 day delivery...... they ain’t kidding. order today and you will probably have it by Tuesday
  13. And? seeing as how it’s the same game....... it’s going to be the same game if you don’t want to buy it don’t......... but every year people come here and bitch about the same stuff over and over yes....... it’s a football game...... football is the same game it’s been for a very long time,...... we know what it is....... if you buy it, you forfeit your right to bitch about it..... you know what you’re getting
  14. the game of football is the same as it’s been for years.
  15. I absolutely detest games thst make you play online for a platinum what is the cost op here? And is it required?