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  1. thst would be why I asked, if I knew, I wouldn’t have asked. as stated above, probably AS or JP which are very different
  2. Wouldn’t it have to be Japan? what other region could it be?
  3. did we ever figure out the region?
  4. Very much this
  5. Yeah...... sure thing there sparky
  6. this play-Asia hasn’t let me down yet
  7. I have the disk version of this, I was just going to ask if it was a free upgrade
  8. As much junk as everyone talked about this, the main story wasn’t bad. id like to play the main story again, and then auto pop the grinding trophies
  9. used to play all the madens and collge footballs..... got a lot of platinums from them... in fact i actually liked the college football better, going all the way back to PS1 games as soon as madden made online required for a platinum, and the MUT crap, i don't think i've bought or played an EA sports game. so in summary...... don't really care i guess
  10. Yeah...... Asia PS4 thats what you get from the HK (Hong Kong) store....... or am I wrong?
  11. Is this the Hong Kong store version?
  12. Finally got this seems like it took forever
  13. I got fight night 4 platinum, blitz the league demons souls x3 (on the ps3)
  14. They are all currently abiht $3 each in the US store. some a bit more some a bit less.
  15. Just as an FYI, all 8 DLC’s are currently on sale for around $3 each in the US store. some are a bit more some a bit less but about $3 each