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  1. thank you
  2. This hasn’t gotten a label yet, is this the JP version?
  3. Does your disc (region) match your DLC? when I finished dimensions, some of the DLC wouldn’t show up in the US store, I had to get an EU disc, and download the levels on my EU acccount, and then play them on my main it was a huge pain and probably my fault for waiting so long
  4. if i remember properly there's one of each the EU version is diigtal only, and tha'ts the one with the glitch the US version is disk and you actually have to play
  5. 3D dot gsme hero’s has three stacks, not 2 legemds of war has 3 or 4 ps3 stacks no more hero’s have three stacks (red zone) skylanders giants and trap team (I believe…. Swap force has one online trophy and so does super chargers) but I think imaginations is off line too Lego dimensions
  6. theres another way too. use those weapons by all means, but then get up to probably level 20….. then pause the game and leave it for about 6-8 hours, come back then go to level 24 or 25 and pause it over night. ypu should be able to finish. During the pause the corpses / body parts go away or at least most of them, and you should be able to finish. if you do thst and it crashes again , then start at like 15, do the pauses and it should work the last one took me 2 days to do with thst method but it worked
  7. AFL live oh god, AFL live.
  8. this definitely worked on the PS4
  9. which version is the physical release (vita)? is it this version or the AS version ?
  10. So I have the play Asia physical release (vita). Two copies actually, if I want to play one of them, if I’m reading right, this is the version it will be correct? Not the AS trophy list (which is the same as NA / EU) am I understanding / reading it right?
  11. so if I’m understanding the point let me summarize “but I want this to be what I want!!!!” yep
  12. yep play what you want and stop whining about it Sony can / will do what the want, it’s their system. if you don’t like it, there are other options to find what ever you want….. go there and oaky it and just quit the whining
  13. just wait….. the unnecessary / stupid over reaction is coming
  14. so even though it’s listed as Asian version (usually the HK) store, you think it’s actually going to be in the main land China store, like mr. Pumpkin 2?