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  1. Since you have so much mobility in Rise i'll go with the Heavy Weapons. Hammer on Ps5 and if you can't get enough i'll do some great sword action on the ps4 version
  2. The other day i wanted to play some ea stuff but had to change my password but i don't have access to my old email anymore. Contacted ea via Chat and after some verification they unlinked my old email / linked my new email to the account. If you have your data you should just be able to go to the settings, connections and unlink the account
  3. But tbh could post nearly the whole NieR Automata OST. Also some Persona and Undertale Songs.
  4. I really don't wanna call that time legit but with the bug that trophies are not popping if you entered the homescreen once wouldn't it technically be possible to prep for the plat without getting a single trophy and earn that time "legit" with a lot of preparation?
  5. Diablo 2 + the binding of Isaac. Can't tell the exact hours cause i play them on other consoles as well. But isaac should be around 1000h counting all platforms and Diablo 2 around 500. Also Monster Hunter World with 300h +
  6. Haven't tested any of the ps2 games on ps5 myself but from what i heard a lot / all of them got problems with the ps5. Thats probably also the reason why we don't see any new on premium.
  7. As the title say i'm looking for games like vampire survivors / brotato but had no luck finding something similar on console. Is there anything out there?
  8. Either i can do the trophy or just let it be. No point for letting someone else do the work. Also that's why i hate boosting since it doesn't feel like "achieving" the trophy. Still hate the fact that i got hacked or something and somehow a trophy got unlocked even tough i wasn't online at all. So there always will be that one trophy that i haven't earned myself (even though it was something pretty simple). So really can't understand people letting somebody else earn the trophys for them.
  9. After playing a lot of fire emblem i also tought this plat would take way longer. It's definitly a pretty good entry in the tactical rpg genre and for me it's the past tactical rpg we have on Playstation. So don't regret paying full price even tho it's pretty short.
  10. I started on normal but changed to easy since i wanna finish it before valkyrie elysium launches. But will definitely plat the ps4 version on at least normal someday and i can tell you the playtime on the harder difficulties will definitly raise by a lot. I did like 7-8 missions on easy and it did take the same time as 1-2 missions on normal. So on hard i can definitely see this plst taking 50h+
  11. Started Toem on the Switch but never finished it since i really wanted that plat. Glad i didn't buy it instantly so that's a win for me
  12. The areas are seperated pretty clearly so once you see the map you'll definitly know. I'm not sure if the first area had a boss / dungeon if so that should definitly be done coop but the rest in that area is not really worth it.
  13. You can set a password so at least no random can join. You have to be at the same story progress and stand at the same spot to find each other. Also you lose connection to the other player when going back to town which makes the start pretty annoying. It can take some minutes to find your partner and it's really not the best solution but eventually you will find your partner after some time. Kinda would suggest doing the first area solo since it's a lot going back to town and finding each other again and again would probably take longer as doing the quests solo
  14. With a solid coop partner it's very doable. After doing the normal run you should know the game well enough to not struggle that much. Also Javelins are your best friend. My partner and me only kinda struggled at the last boss but you can join your mate with your normal Charakter and tank the Boss for him. Also you could do 2 full playtroughs were 1 person plays at normal and the other at the cos mode. You can still join each other. But i dont think thats really necessary
  15. If i'm not mistaken the lobbys will also be gone so the Challenge another Player 10 times should probably also be unobtainable. But that should be it