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  1. Child of Light for being a cool game Ninja Senki DX for being quite hard Brothers also for being a great game
  2. For Honor Can't wait for the Horizon: Zero Dawn CE to arrive
  3. Magus...it looked kinda fun and was on sale...well it's fun for like 5 minutes...but an easy plat so i completed it
  4. Okami HD NIER Drag-on Dragoon 3 Demon Souls / Dark Souls / Dark Souls 2 Dishonored Doom 3 BFG Edition
  5. I somehow like them aswell, but hate that the cutscenes are so random like loosing a race and then the "you are the best we are so bad" cutscene pops and i just was like "wtf dudes?"
  6. Well Ride is a typical racer, but i would't count rivals as a typical racer, more like an "open world drive around with a car" thing Haven't played Ride myself, but didn't like Rivals that much, but in my opinion you can't really tell which one's better. Just go and look up some gameplay videos for rivals and check if you like the playstyle
  7. Zero - Drag-on Dragoon 3 Bayonetta - Bayonetta Dante - Devil may Cry Could add more but guess top 3 should be enough
  8. Life Is Strange What If? Unlock all other trophies from Life Is Strange™ Just loved the game, flashed from that last episode...altough it somehow felt like a mess.
  9. Gratz on that bayonetta plat. Should get on it once again myself i guess
  10. Legend of Korra was fun and the difficult was ok. Rocketleague is very easy to plat, but the grind is kinda boring.
  11. As far as i know it will be digital only
  12. Southpark : The stick of truth Finally getting some ps3 backlog done. Did like 4 playtroughs since i wanted to play with evry class. Next should be : Drag-on-Dragoon 3 just some money farming and 1 challange left
  13. 1. Vanquish: hate this challenge 6 and since my PS3 broke got to replay the story and all other challenges. 2. South Park: have to do like a 4th run since i missed 1 weapon on my last, will do it soon i guess 3. Rocket League: Just some more grinding 4. Dust : Complete the game on hard and get evry friend
  14. Plat #43 Teslagrad Finally decided to get this one done.