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  1. Started playing atelier ryza on the Switch and like it so far. Might have to start trophy hunting the atelier games someday but damn... That will be a lot of games. Good luck on your journey
  2. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth • EU 65 of 73 Trophies 15th April 2021 • Platinum in 6 years, 5 months Okay I really don't know where to start with this one. The Binding of Isaac is definitely my most played game of all time. Won't lie but the play time should be around 1000 hours (counting Pc, Switch and Ps4 versions together) and damn there's still something new every time. And damn do I love this game. The reason I did the Plat so late (and the 100%) is the face that I hate playing the lost (and keeper). Getting the 100% should take me like 100 hours more. And when the last dlc finally arrives at the Ps4 it will easily double the content. So yeah. Isaac will be a game i probably won't 100% this year (or maybe 100% it for like a month. Before the dlc releases) but damn am I glad that at least the platinum is done. So I guess I'll be working on the 100% + Hollow Knight for the rest of the month but might get burned out and finish some faster games to post here And since the NieR Remaster releases later this month next month might be an only "one game finished" month as well.
  3. Just wanna post a quick update. Since monster hunter rise released on the Switch most of the time I'm not trophy hunting so I guess this month might be a only 1 Plat month again. Don't have the time to start bloodborne right now but guess I'll start it next month. So right now I'm working on the binding of isaac (only need to unlock and get godhead for the Plat. 100% will be a pain). Really want the 100% before the new dlc arrives at the Ps4 because it looks good as hell. Also working on Hollow Knight and Monster Hunter World. If I don't get any of these games done this month I guess Evoland will be my backup plan since I'm almost done with it. Keep up the great work everyone and happy hunting!
  4. Planed to work on the from soft games this year. Might as well start with bloodborne since it's the one I played the least (screw that loading times at release). So you could count me in
  5. Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas All 37 Trophies 10th March 2021 • Platinum in 4 years, 4 month Not the best but had fun. Only the fishing trophy really ruined the experience for me. It took way too long to catch a single fish. So my March game is done and I will go back to some grindy long games for the most time of this month.
  6. You could definitely sign me up for the streak challenge since 1 game / month is definitely my goal and should be doable.
  7. Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures All 26 Trophies 25th February 2021 • Platinum in 4 years, 5 months So that's my game for February. Not what I had planed but I was pretty busy this month + worked on some longer games. Not much to say about this game. It feels like your typical average 3d platformer. Nothing really special about it.
  8. Ys: Memories of Celceta All 52 Trophies 28th January 2021 • Platinum in 6 years, 1 month My third entry this month and I really fell in love with Ys. Don't know why it took so many years to finally like it but now I really wanna play the other titles. Got Lacrimosa of Dana on my backlog so I guess I'll work on that in the near future. Since I finished 2 PS3 and 1 PS Vita title I guess I'll fit a Ps4 game in while working on "Remember Me".
  9. Trying to get rid of all my PS3 backlog expect for games that are unobtainable. Darksiders is definitly one of the next few titles. Definitely have to play the prince of percia games. Really liked them from what I've seen. For now I guess I'll work a little on the 80hours+ plats so I might as well finish some of them someday
  10. The Darkness II All 51 Trophies 17th January 2021 • Platinum in 6 years, 10 months Another one done. Guess I'll work on something longer next. Finishing at least 1 PS3 game per month is my goal and I guess I should keep some of the fast games for later this year.
  11. Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel (14,99%) Platinum 6 years, 10 months, 4 weeks 10th Jan 2021 5:55:44 PM So my First for this Event and i"m already kind of proud to finally work on my backlog. Had more fun with the game than I expected and I kinda wonder why they gave up the franchise. There are not that many third person shooter out there and I could imagine there would be enough people being happy about another Army of Two game. Well let's go to the next game. Guess I'll finish up Saints row 4 since I already did the ps4 version years ago and had a lot of fun with it.
  12. Since i'm trying to work on my Backlog this year i would like to join. Main focus would be PS3 games i guess. For those who are interessted my first games would be: Final Fantasy 13-2 (2%) first trophy 7th Nov 2013 Bleach: Soul Resurreccion (22%) first trophy 21st Jun 2014 Tomb Raider: Underworld (1%) first trophy 22nd Feb 2015 Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel (59%) first trophy 14th Feb 2014 NieR (47%) first trophy 27th Aug 2015 Diablo 3 (40%) first trophy 30th Nov 2013 The Darkness 2 (44%) first trophy 14th Mar 2014 Guess i'll finish army of two this month first.
  13. Killzone HD old 1/59 - 1% new 5/59 - 7% Dynasty warriors 7 old 1/50 - 1% new 3/50 - 4% Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order old 8/40 - 12% new 12/10 - 18% God of War 10/37 - 14% Ni No Kuni Remastered 2/34 2% Finished Games: Monster Sanctuary 35/35 - 100% Immortals Fenyx Rising old 32/51 - 47% new 51/51 - 100% Happy new year to everyone. So my first Plat this year was Fenyx and I Really liked it expect the potion upgrade grind and kinda dislike the last dungeon / boss. Still would recommend this game if you like open world games. Really had a good time with it. As you can see I don't really know which game I should work on next so I might work on everyone at the same time.
  14. Killzone HD 1/59 - 1% Dynasty Warriors 7 1/50 - 1% Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 8/40 - 12% God of War 10/37 - 14% Immortals Fenyx Rising 32/51 47% Ni No Kuni Remastered 2/34 2% Finished Games: Monster Sanctuary 35/35 - 100% Swaps used: 5/5 Decided to swap out some games to work on some way older backlog games.
  15. Serious Sam Collection 5/52 - 9% God of War 10/37 - 14% Yakuza: Like a Dragon 4/63 - 5% Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory 2/45 - 2% Immortals Fenyx Rising old 25/51 -35% now 32/51 47% Ni No Kuni Remastered 2/34 2% Finished Games: Monster Sanctuary old 22/35 - 40% now 35/35 - 100% Swaps 2/5 Swapped Cyberpunk for Ni No Kuni since I'm not sure if I wanna start Cyberpunk before getting a PS5. So I finally finished Monster Sanctuary and I totally loved it. Still playing it on my switch using other Monsters. If you like Pokémon / Metroidvania definitely give it a look. Guess Fenyx will be next but also started ni no kuni again and still lovin it. Already did the Ps3 Version so I know I might not be able to put that game away till I'm done. Guess it'll also be last add/swap for the event so that's my final list. Guess I should be able to do that and might finish off 1-2 more games during my holidays.