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  1. Are you referring to My First Win (Win blackout) Because Not a Fluke is the trophy for winning blackout 10 times.
  2. Alien: Isolation. Had much fun with together with a friend and the hard playtrough and no death run were intense at some points.
  3. I assume it's only on sale for 10 dollars in NA? Because in Europe it's 20 euros.
  4. I Actually hope it will work like TTP but then like one massive map where you can transport trough the next area. then you don't have a small maps with ten waves but unlimited but still the feeling you're progressing trough the maps/EE. They should do it like revelations from BO3 but not like you can enter the areas that easily. you gotta work for it to progress to the next map. Revelations map was gorgeous imo. I definitely hope it won't exactly works like TTP because I'm not feeling the progression if you 'won' the map after ten waves and do that three times. Give me some complex/hard to get ee steps!
  5. As stated in the title. The new DLC has been revealed/leaked. Was wondering when it was going to happen because of Black ops 4 coming soon. But here you go: https://www.newsweek.com/call-duty-ww2-dlc-4-reveal-shadow-war-frozen-dawn-zombies-1078687 Also the trophy list is now avalaible in the trophy list on the ps4. Als ways I'm excited what it going to be now. I'm mostly wondering what kind of game it will be. Is it going to be Like the Final Reich, Darkest Shore or Shadowed throne. Or is it going to be like the tortured path. Anyway I can't WAIT!
  6. I will stop playing on the PS3 when there are no more obtainable platinums or 100% left. Saying this I'm quite sure I will keep playing till I'm no longer capable to game anymore.
  7. Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Overall great game and has a beautiful story with a little twist leading to a sad end. Liked this game because of the art. The art looks like Zelda The Wind Waker and I adore the style of these games. First playtrough was just fun for and second for the collectibles (which was kinda boring). PS: How do you embed the trophy pictures. It works for me with the game picture itself but not with the trophy pictures.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ayYeLLT8 Lovely soundtrack from cyberpunk. Can't embed it atm because of youtube rules. Seriously guys I you have anything in common like this song please don't hesistate to message me!
  9. But you already platted Bloodborne right? Stardew Valley because of the amount of time needed. But will get this one someday.
  10. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. Becasue I've haerd It takes a while to get everything in multiplayer. Otherwise Everyone's Gone To The Rapture. I have it and I've played it. Never gonna know when I will finish this one becasue in my opinion it's way too slow and utterly boring.
  11. One of the last concert Linkin Park did of the One More Light tour (In The Netherlands) before something tragically happened..... I knew chester has a powerful voice but hearing him live... wow just wow. Glad I've experienced something like that. Don't go often to concert because I'm wearing hearing aids and tickets are pretty goddamn expensive here imo.
  12. Well at first I wanted to play the game for fun and later on for the easy trophies because I've seen people recommending it and wanted to give it a try. Graphical it's absolutely good but the more I played the more I got a kind of feeling of when is something interesting going to happen? (unfortenately never imo). The game would be much better if you could just go a tiny bit faster. Care to explain why the bold saying that it is your favorite game of this generation (and what do you exactly mean with generation? human lifetime or console lifetime? Really curious.
  13. Imo it was everyone's gone to the rapture. It's really not my type of game and WAY to slow. Didn't even collect all of the trophies yet because it's so unbelievable boring. I know there's a story in it but still the pace of the game is way to low for me. don't even know if I'm still going for the going. luckily I already got the backtracker trophy since I've heard it glitches sometimes. Not saying it's a bad game but it's just not for me. I just can't understand the hype of this game earlier on. This is a typical game you're gonna love or hate and for me it's unfortenately a hate one. But I'm confident I will get the plat someday.
  14. That could be it. I'm from Europe. But I actually can't find octodad has been on ps plus so I'm thinking it hasn't been on ps plus yet. Maybe I've got it as a gift from a friend. So there's definitely a chance. The ps plus games will be revealed on wednesday 28 february.
  15. Devastation! Have 10 times more kills than deaths in a single game of Annihilation. Trophy: Bronze (Rarity: 4,29%) It just popped by played a good round . Funny thing I got it at the second game when I started with the multiplayer. I didn't even know yet it had this trophy in the list. Probably got it because a guy in the opponents team went the same route EVERY DAMN TIME! so pretty easy and maybe a little lucky.