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  1. Trying to plat trackmania turbo. The ultimate trail & error racing games for me so far. I'm really enjoying it but always stop after at a max of two-three hours playing because of the frustation sometimes. I've still got a long way to go. Got all gold till halfway red because it's getting hard now. But with enough determination I know I will succeed!
  2. I'm not sure what you mean with playing as aloy. I found an article that states you can get Aloys bow and armour. You can unlock those things by completing a special event quest during the beta and gathering the required resources if I'm correct. (http://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/873474/PlayStation-Plus-November-2017-PS4-games-PS-Plus-Monster-Hunter-World-beta-December) Btw I'm very excited for the beta so I'm definitely going to try it out!
  3. Well here's my list: in chronological order (All PS3): 1: Motorstorm: Apocalypse (urgh the multiplayer grind but overall fun game) 2: Call of duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Really liked the special ops) 3: Borderlands (great game and can't enough of it) 4: Infamous 2 (just a normal game. Little bitt bothered by having to play it a second time only for the good/bad karma) 5: Sleeping Dogs (This game is totally awesome, really like the yakuza style mixed with a little bit of saints row) 6: Just Cause 2 (finding all 104 vehicles took me a while and doing it on hardcore) 7: Farcry 3 (liked the jungle setting, the 'bad' ending and that crazy mohawk guy) 8: Spec ops: The Line (Wow, just Wow. A true hidden gem that first looks like a normal shooter but later in the game you'll understand why it's so good. God the choices I had to make) 9: Battlefield 4 (Liked the multiplayer and was in the mood to plat it) 10: Dark souls II: (I was 100% determined to plat this one because everyone said these games are monsterly hard but If you know how to play it, you can get a long way. Trying to play demon souls but I really hate the RNG of the stones you have to collect for upgrading the weapons) Well this was my list
  4. Going to pre order Monster Hunter World! So much nostalgia from monster hunter freedom (1+2+unite) on my psp. I remember literally playing for hours in class with our psp beneath the table trying to stay quiet not to being caught by the teacher. And also the first time I had to fight tigrex and akantor. I think I was around twelve years old so I was scared shitless 😱. Pumping that adrenaline trough my body with each damned egg run (Stay away from me bugs!!). Really hoping it to become a great game to introduce new people to MH. It has been way too long that a MH came out on playstation (Damn you Nintendo). The only thing i'm not sure of is which edition to pre order. I really would like a steelcase...
  5. Also got one last week. I'm actually wondering what their goals are by making contact with us. To get some personal information from you like scamming? I always ignore them just like the rest of us here but it just made me curious what their reasons are behind this stuff.
  6. Already working on it. Same as the telltale game of thrones.
  7. Since you've already completed most of your games I would say x-com 2 because i'm a big fan of this sci-fi like strategy game. It's long and hard with multiple playtroughs but manageable.
  8. I would say Dark souls II because I enjoyed all souls games so far. And if you want a easy plat then just go for far cry. Haven't completed it myself yet but I know it won't take long.
  9. Likes to play games where you need time and dedication to get platinum for (in my opinion). Nice job and keep getting those well earned plats!
  10. That really depends on which accolades/challenges you're trying to accomplish. Some can be restarted from a checkpoint but, at least in my case, for a lot of those moments a checkpoint appears completing or failing it. At those moment you need to restart the mission :/. So yeah those is going to require more effort but it's also more fun than getting all camo's.
  11. Mine's probably Vanquish. The last one I need is the completion of all 6 challenges... I only need to complete challenge 6 but it's soooooo hard!! Still I won't give up!!