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  1. No worries man i'm glad the toilet worked for you. Stormverse is correct for the location of the other two and hopefully the patch they announced is in Beta deals with a lot of these glitches. I noticed the Charfrost gems quest is mentioned specifically.
  2. Darn yeah I didn't have the fire gem/ice gem problem personally but was hoping I just missed something. I hope they patch all this stuff soon so that we can both get our plats in this game. Fun game but far more buggy than the first one I think.
  3. Hi All! I am stuck trying to recruit the curator. I have given her two of the three items and the only one left is the avant-garde item which I know is the toilet. I somehow have two toilets in my inventory and she won't recognize that I have either one so I can't complete the quest. When i go back to the Junkyard to where the toilet was there is an invisible object that I cannot collect and I can't seem to figure out how to give her the toilet that she wants to join my team. Has anyone else experienced this? Please help! Thanks, Taylor
  4. Anyone know if the Mimir Z600 in the ghoul camp that you can reprogram counts towards an allied death if they blow it up? I need to redo that fight as I missed the lux lights and there's no way to grab the 4 piece artifact in the ghoul camp without winning the fight i'm pretty sure? Thanks!
  5. Hi Guys! So i'm just wondering about missable story trophies. Specifically the two around lux and the one about reprogramming the Z600 ghoul robot. I gave lux the key which locks the fitness room as well as making his henchmen allied with you so I'm pretty sure I screwed that up, unless you get another chance to open that door and fight him later? I'm passed rescuing Hammon now for reference. I also fought the ghoul leader in The lair of the horned devil and didn't even notice the giant MIMIRZ600 in the back so I fought that too, but i'm guessing you can reprogram that one somehow to fight with you, mean makes me think i'm locked out of that one too now. Just thought I'd ask for some clarification from those of you who have those trophies or have gotten that far and have more knowledge than me :). The trophies in question are: Lights out! Fitness Club Demo Thing Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the replies guys! I was worried it would be something like that and wow never getting knocked down by a tank? that seems pretty difficult so well done!
  7. Do you know if anyone has asked for clarification on that QA trophy? Would be nice to know before I start my playthrough as that's what I was wondering as well and your post just clarifies that something is either wrong with it or it's not clear enough.
  8. What's weirder is that the trophy on PSNprofiles says beat the game on hard with no one dying, and on the actual trophy list on my ps4 it says Very Hard. So i'm gonna go very hard just to be safe.
  9. I just noticed the trophy actually says you only have to beat it on hard which makes it a bit easier than if you had to beat it on Very Hard i guess haha.
  10. Hi everyone! I have two questions I was hoping someone could shed at least some light on that might be further than me in the game. For the QA have suffered trophy beating the game on very hard with iron mutant losing no members, can a person get downed still? Like can a character get downed to where they have a turn counter to bleed out meaning you can actually be a bit more risky or heal them before they die? Or does it mean that no characters can get downed or killed? Second question is around Selma's entangle ability and tanks. I've noticed in my playthrough a few times that tanks only seem to get rooted for 1 turn even though her ability says it roots for 2 i think? Anyone else notice this? Thanks for the advice! Going to livestream my iron mutant playthrough once I get a bit more practice.
  11. Hi all! I'm loving this game so far but I haven't unlocked any trophies yet and one of them for sure I figure should have popped by now. I got my 10th perfect rainbow and I did not get the silver trophy for getting 10 rainbows. Has anyone else had this problem or is there something I need to be doing to unlock trophies? I got 6 rainbows in Pakoluku forest for the fun and tricky versions, 3 rainbows for the fun versions of the highlands levels, and 1 rainbow for the first level of twinkling forest. Maybe i'm missing something but I figured the trophy would pop as soon as I got 10? Any advice anyone could give me would be great!
  12. I emailed the developer and he responded saying he's got a patch ready it's just going through QA before it can be downloaded in the ps store. Hopefully really soon it will be ready.
  13. Hi everyone, I am just staring my challenge mode run and I have 100 health and my xp is not increasing at all. I do not have any cheats on and I am playing on easy mode. I read somewhere that it unlocks at 200 health but how do I increase my health now that my xp isn't moving? Thanks in advance!
  14. Awesome thank you for the quick answer!
  15. Hi everyone, I noticed two of the trophies mention capturing a dungeon using a specific item? What does that mean? I have the hammelin pipe and I am in chapter 4. Is it a point in the game that I have not yet reached where you can capture dungeons? Can someone who has these trophies please help! Thanks!