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  1. I am missing: Frost Giant Chief Utgarda Loki (sitting) Utgarda Loki (Floating)
  2. Gah

    Oh I will. I'm not worried about it but would love it if they would put more trophies in that come from just playing that game. I also have a low tolerance for children, or adults that act like one.
  3. Gah

    Hi Grimy. Thanks for the very informative reply to my post. I appreciate your sentiments as well as the extremely mature manner in which you responded to my opinion. Wonderful to meet you. As for the trophies, I stand by my 'opinion' that they don't look fun to me. This is the first Madden I've bought in years for 2 reasons. This year features significant upgrades for the first time in a while, and the 49ers are finally a good team. And that is what I'd like to do. Play the 49ers. No, I'm not interested in playing the Jets over and over until I can finally throw a touchdown with Tebow on the first play in overtime. I will play and enjoy the game and enjoy being a Scrub.
  4. Change introduced in 1.8. Bummer. They are really tying down the Vita. Getting that JP demo was the only thing that really bugged me tho since I don't gameshare.
  5. Piggie, you are a STALLION!
  6. Gah

    Another year, another stupid Trophy List. The Vita ones are cool. These... not so much.
  7. I sure hope we are, I've got one pre-ordered.
  8. allo!
  9. This is an extremely difficult question and one I've considered before. I absolutely refuse to give you an outright answer but will do my best... Infamous - I originally bought my first PS3 in the summer of 09. I bought it to play PS3 exclusives such as Disgaea 3 but was a pretty hardcore 360 user. I checked out the Store and downloaded some demos. One of them was Infamous. I loved it. The next morning I went and bought the game. I couldn't stop playing. The open world combined with the powers and story, good vs evil. I loved every second of it. While it's not my favorite PS3 game of all time, it was a catalyst for me eventually switching to the PS3 as my Primary Console and eventually selling my 360, switching to the PS3 exclusively. Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time - This is the most fun and interesting game I've played. It was my first exposure to Ratchet & Clank and I loved every second of it on my way to Platinum. I can't recommend this game enough to anyone who owns a PS3 and sits firmly in my list of 'Must Haves' for a PS3 owner. Demon's Souls - This could quite possibly be the true 'Favorite PS3 Game' for me, if I were to take the time to agonize over who actually gets the Top Spot. The exploration combined with the tenseness of what awaits around the corner combined with the PVP from Invasions, which scratched and itch I've had since the Ultima Online days, made this a truly unique and amazing experience. Add to that the depth of both Character and World Tendencies (how do they think up this stuff?) and you have yourself a gem. Uncharted 2 - Do I even need to go into details here? A friend had urged me to get this and in prep for it I bought Drake's Fortune and got the Plat. I immediately pre-ordered 2 and the rest is history. It was an amazing and engrossing ride all the way through the game with plenty of laughs and thrills and that train ride.. wow! I could go on with many other titles but will leave it with the 4 listed and depart with the comment of "The PS3 has so many awesome games, especially in the Exclusives Department, that I am extremely glad I decided to try the console out. It has become the center of my Home Entertainment."
  10. IMO, not only is Disk Space not ready for an All Digital future, connection speeds aren't either. When the majority of users are running on Fiber we can talk. That said, I also enjoy having a collection. While I rotate games out that I don't feel like keeping and trade them in, I run between 40-50 games constantly.
  11. Nier was a fantastic game.
  12. With the Niners making it to the NFC Championship I got a little homesick and put up the San Francisco Dynamic Theme. GGB FTW.
  13. I prefer Trophies but I will play good games that have no Trophy support. Here are a few: Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty Valyria Chronicles
  14. I try to perform a balancing act with this. I enjoy having a collection and usually have between 50-60 games, but I also love getting new games on release. I'll take advantage of 50% trade in bonus offerings (60 with my GS card) with games I know I won't play anymore to build up credit to get the must haves that are becoming more numerous as time goes on. This does come with the risk of what I've coined "Trader's Remorse" and I have certainly re-bought several titles over the years.
  15. Ouch.. Anything immersive for me, though it's not a Genre. Typically RPGs but the Uncharted Stories really drew me in as well. I also enjoy Strategy 1. RPG 2. SRPG 3. Action/Adventure/Platform (Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank)