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  1. This is not accurate. My save absolutely did not do that. @MMDE I don't remember the exact date. But it was during this game. Regardless, I'm done with this conversation. I would like to be removed from all leaderboards. (Sly or whoever can take care of this for me.) I did however pay for my premium lifetime and will continue to use the profile. As its amazing. Thanks so much for that and the work all the developers have put in. And will not be returning to these forums. The attitude you receive from individuals here is insane. I was just stating my case. The leaderboards are a joke. I really like the fast time aspects and stuff though. Very cool feature. But I don't need to use them, And will continue on my account when I can. Thanks for your time. Thread Closed
  2. Ofcourse not. I didn't have any trophies synced. Every trophy I earned was on professional difficulty because I had previously completed the game and had no trophies from it. So, they all unlocked right where I unlocked each one originally.
  3. I had beaten the game. All I had left was A Heart of Steel and S Stand for Stylish. I was at the start of a new Playthrough (my 2nd) on Professional when my PS3 went.
  4. Thank you. All I wanted was to be heard out. Appreciate that.
  5. This is exactly right. I "deleted" my list. Not on purpose whoever. Sometime systems just go bad, especially when they are used so much.
  6. Heres exactly what happened. I had the game played. I DO NOT sync any trophies until I get 100% completion because I don't want a blemished account. Well something happened to my PS3 in the process. I don't played constantly. I rarely get time to play. So. I beat the game, came back to it a few days later (I believe) It has been 4 years. When I did my PS3 was destroyed I believe it needed a new power supply. Fortunately I back up my saves from the last time I played them. So, Just continued from scratch on professional where I left off. Not really even thinking about it. Which I should have but didn't I was just thinking about finishing it. That's basically what I remember. Again it was 4 years ago.
  7. No, I absolutely appreciate everything everyone says. I get it. I really do. But, in the end the mods or Sly make the final call. Am I wrong? And I'm not trying to get hostile at all. I'm calm. This is just conversation. Its is also Indistinguishable to tell weather someone has used there own save to get several different endings in a short period of time. There are tons of things to compare with but you want to stay on topic so we will.
  8. Not sure how using your own save is an "illegal" move but okay. Yes. I did miss that. But to me it makes no difference then the several hundred at the top that play the same games on different PS3s, PS4s, Vitas, at the same time. The time stamps alone prove they do this but yet that's "legal". Your also not a mod. So, thanks. If I have to I'll hide it. But it really messes up a profile. Weather you guys "believe" it or not is none of my concern because it did happen. I was just stating my case.
  9. Just a few things from the topic about this stuff for the two above me. Using "backup" save files - Backing up your save file and re-loading it in order to earn missable or "choice" trophies (e.g., to quickly get trophies for 2 different endings in a game) or to make games easier (e.g., to save yourself in games with permadeath). Or allowing you to regain access to a part of a game to perform an in-game glitch. Do not use one of your save files from another console or from a different save state in the past to unlock trophy timestamps in an impossible way! This is no different then what happened to me. Plus.... Replying to a Dispute (Community Members) This area of the forums requires that you discuss in a more strict way than any other section of the forums: Be professional: You'll want to try to emulate a staff member in this section of the forums, be professional at all times. No personal attacks: Never attack the person disputing their flag or other community members, even if they attack you first! Stay on topic: No memes or videos, try not to derail the main dispute (as fun as that may sound). Non-Disputed games: Try not to bring up a specific non-disputed game unless completely necessary - it's technically allowed but try to avoid it when you can. If other games on their profile need to be flagged, then just go ahead and report those games without bringing it up in the dispute thread, causing that topic to get derailed. Don't jump to report people who bring up non-disputed games unless seriously necessary. You guys aren't mods and definitely not professional. I appreciate you advice. But its not wanted. Thanks.
  10. NoPlatsAllowed Resident Evil 4 Wow. This was so long ago. But I remember vaguely what happened with this game. I don't sync anything until I get 100% completion. Just to be safe. In the time I was working on this my PS3 died on me. I had to get a new one. However I back up my saves periodically. I used my save without really thinking about it. Took like 2 hours total to beat it on professional.
  11. For anyone who missed the original release which easily goes for $100+ now.
  12. UK codes sounds good.
  13. Very nice of you. Thanks.
  14. Earn a trophy from any other game. Then update your profile on here. That should remove the games you've deleted.
  15. More than likely it will work just liking hiding/unhiding a game. You'd have to earn a trophy then update your profile on here to get it to update.