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  1. They look nice but isn't this illegal? I mean, two of biggest franchises sold together without no rights. You know what? I'm ordering something from it.
  2. I hope the next batman installment is like a handheld version of "Batman: Arkham Asylum" and not "BlackGate".
  3. I would say "European Plus" has had a better stream of games but "American Plus" destroys in sales and discounts. They probably should try and mix it up this year for both regions.
  4. People just love a quick platinum, you can't hate on that.
  5. I think it's because they know they would probably mess it up.
  6. I don't think it's a scam. To be honest, only multi-plat games will continue like this but exclusives will be the test of these consoles.
  7. Apparently they don't have a date but it's funny because wiki listed SS4 for a 2014 release.
  8. While that is true, D Version is for PS4 and Xbox One while Basic Tomb Raider is on Xbox 360 PS3 and PC.
  9. Basic Tomb Raider not D version Tomb Raider.
  10. Flappy Flappy Flappy Bird!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I think Gearbox will be kind and allow it.
  12. May the eburk be with you.
  13. Glitch City it was and it's done by the people who ported "MGS Collection". I think WB are getting bored with Batman to be honest, if they wasn't they would have probably sorted it out by now.