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  1. My greatest moment was probably when I borrowed Kingdom Hearts from a friend, and man, when I saw my favorite Final Fantasy characters speak and look so alive for the first time, I nearly had a nerdgasm! Not to mention it was the first time I've had the honor to experience an action RPG game, and it was epic beyond words! Back then I was a hardcore fan of Final Fantasy, not anymore AND for obvious reasons...Still love Kingdom Hearts though! Respect to that avatar bro! Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance is among my favorite in the franchise!
  2. This isn't limited to playstation 1,2,3 and 4 games right? In that case... Title speaks for itself...
  3. For me it's been the other way around, I had my ps3 for a year before I finally got a game of my taste! So yeah, I actually bought two at the time and they were Devil May Cry 4 and Valkyria Chronicles! Both very awesome games that I'm sure would have awesome trophies!
  4. Count me in! You'll have my vote on these competitions!
  5. Done! Is this a yearly thing? This is pretty kool!
  6. Agree 100% on that! But I still think it's worth a shot and it IS one of the most anticipating games for the PS4, we FF fans have waited almost 10 years for this game! Wether or not this game will turn out good or bad, I just want closure on this game so they can finally take their full attention to KH3! Now KH3, I can't really explain it, but I just know that it will be a marvellous game!!!
  7. Aside from the Berserk game that never made it outside of Japan, the closest game that relates to Berserk in some form is Dragon's Dogma. That was a marvellous game and Miura Kentaro actually worked with capcom on it, by giving advice and influencing it of course! But a Berserk game with PS4 graphics would definitely be the bomb!!! People still want more DBZ and OP? Not to sound like a hater but bandai/namco are going a little overboard with the DBZ, Naruto and OP games, just my opinion. An absolute must! Which leads us to another question, what company should make these anime games aside from the usual Namco/Bandai and SEGA?
  8. Pretty much yeah! I'm surprised at how good the Monokuma looks to the real deal, upupupu! Not off-topic at all! It just goes to show that some things are better and worse in different countries!
  9. Was googling on who the world's laziest person was and came across something more interesting: http://9gag.com/gag/a7KNdKb?ref=fsidebar What do guys think? Has China gone too far?
  10. FF7 during its prime was still a pretty darn good game, but I can relate to SE milking this game to death, they did remake the classics though, if I recall the DS got FF3 and FF4 remade, in 3d as well! Not sure how the sales went on those though! I'm pretty sure a lot of us thought of a remake as soon as we saw this thread so no, it was not naive of you!
  11. Tried the japanese demo on the psp years back and this game is pretty solid, though the good ol' FF charm is gone, it's still a better game than all three FF13 games combined! To answer your question, yes of course I'll buy it!
  12. This interview pretty much explains why it was a PC and PS4 exclusive: http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2014/dec/06/playstation-4-will-be-only-console-street-fighter-5-ever-appears-its-built-ground-ps4-notable-quotes-sony-presser/ "When we first began working on what's next for the vision of the Street Fighter franchise, we reached out to PlayStation," "we reached out to PlayStation," It wasn't the other way around, which would explain how they were able to afford to make a sequel in the first place! I'm still stoked, I doubt this'll be a half assed product like Ultra! In other news, our beloved Yoshinori Ono will reveal new details regarding SF5 next week during Capcom Cup! YAY!
  13. My thoughts exactly! Probably also the palest dude in Persona history!
  14. The psp was a great handheld! Plenty of great memories on there, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Final Fantasy Dissidia Duodecim, Kingom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles, Megaman Powered Up, etc. Birth by sleep is coming on the 2.5 HD collection so I'm glad I get to replay it! Wish more psp games made it to the ps3, or better yet, ps4!
  15. NERDGASM!!! Love the new graphic engine! And here I thought Capcom were gonna continue milking their cashcow known as SF4!