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  1. I still like the story better in Xenoverse 1, but I forgot how much they improved for Xenoverse 2 in terms of everything else. It's also insane that this is the post patch version that makes it easier than the version I platted on PS3. It's still an absolute RNG nightmare. And for some reason I'm still enjoying myself.

  2. Good to see Xenoverse hasn't changed. Took me 10 tries to get the Super Saiyan skill.

  3. Soul Calibur 6 is a lot better than I expected. I really like the custom character story.

  4. Picked up Dragon Ball Xenoverse on PS4. For some reason, I wanted to put myself through the fresh hell that is the Xenoverse plat again. 

    1. IO2MGTP


      I found the first xenoverse a bit dry, the second one was a lot better. It was juicy. But i still need to get the plat for both lol. I played the first on steam when it first came out and haven't played it since... takes me years to replay a game.

  5. Way to ignore everything else I said. If they only wanted to milk this game, they would've done so years ago. They also wouldn't have put so much work into it. They're making this game because they want to, as a sort of send off.
  6. Considering max level is 50, there's probably just 1 more game. Doing 50 levels a game with 3 parts would make max level 150, which isn't really seen much. Also considering the ending, they can do whatever they want at this point, and I'm sure they're going to. They wouldn't make such a huge deal out of changing things if they were going to continue to closely follow the original. One of the reasons this game even exists is because the staff of the original is getting older, and they wanted to do it before it was too late. It's probably going to be the final project for a lot of them, and I don't think they'd prolong it more than they have to. If they put the same level of detail and care into the next one, I'm sure it'll be another 5+ years until we get it, and I don't think these people are going to want to stick around another 10+ years to keep working on it. Nomura is the youngest person on the project from the original staff, and he's already 49. The other original staff are in their 50s.
  7. I don't think I'm going to get the FFVIIR plat. As a first time experience, FFVIIR was absolutely incredible. As a game though, it's just not very fun. Having to do that slow walk through areas again is especially annoying.

  8. The PS3 version is by far the worst version of this game. It's plagued with framerate issues (not low frame rate, inconsistencies like dropping frames) and looks overall pretty bad. The only reason to play it is if you have no other choice, or are a big fan of the series and really want the plat. It has ruined the series for a lot of people to this day. Definitely go for the PS4 version.
  9. I think I've played too much Kingdom Hearts. It seems like I'm the only person on the internet that saw the ending to FFVIIR coming. Granted, I expected it to happen in the second or third game, but it was still pretty obvious.

  10. The farther I get into FFVIIR, the more I'm convinced it's not actually a remake, it's a sequel. Cloud knows WAY too much throughout the game.

  11. 300 FATEs to go for the FFXIV plat. I already want to shoot myself out of boredom.

  12. This is disappointing. If I wanted to use an Xbox controller, I'd get an Xbox. The PS4 controller is my favorite controller of all time, and this looks like it's a generic Xbox controller, which I really don't like and is one of the biggest reasons the Playstations have been my main consoles for so long. Also the light facing towards the player just sounds like a bad time. I tend to have my arms up and controller near my face when I'm playing. Especially when I get "serious". It was easy to point the PS4's light away from my face since it was on the back, but that's going to be impossible to ignore. I imagine even in my lap the light could reflect off of my glasses and be super annoying. Combined with the disappointment of their limited backwards compatibility, I may just stick to Switch and PC next gen. At least on PC I can keep using a PS4 controller, and of course the Switch has portability and GC controllers (which is my second favorite controller).
  13. I don't keep it a secret that I sometimes trophy hunt, but I don't really go out of my way to tell anyone either. It usually only comes up if someone happens to see my profile. Most of my friends play on PC, so they don't see it too often. Usually just when there's some kind of exclusive that comes out and they hop on the console train for a minute to play it. I'm sure at this point most people know, since I've been trophy hunting for over 6 years now though.
  14. For those that want to continue playing the game, and not just get the plat, I thought it might be helpful to know how the FATE system gets changed in Shadowbringers. Once you get to Shadowbringers, you get a currency called Bicolor Gemstones for every FATE you complete, which can be traded for various things. There's a gemstone vendor in each area, and in order to unlock their entire stock (by raising them to level 3), you have to do 60 FATEs in that area. There are some vendors that only sell to you once you've gotten all areas to level 3. There are 5 areas, so in order to unlock all of the vendors you need to do at least 300 FATEs. Then of course if you want items you'll likely have to do more. This may change in the future, but as of posting, that's how it works. So if you aren't just going for the plat, you're best off waiting until Shadowbringers to grind out FATEs for the trophy. That way you can get something beyond the trophy for all that grinding.
  15. I've finished Shadowbringers, got the 2B glamour, and a full set of crafted armor that's better than what drops in the raids I can do. Feels weird man. I dont even know what to do with my life.