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  1. They will never get rid of a way for them to make money. That makes zero sense. Especially since they make so much more money from digital sales. They may discontinue the actual cards, and instead you'll just get a code, but they aren't going to be getting rid of prepaid.
  2. That makes zero sense. The point of PSNow is that you're streaming footage of a game, because it likely doesn't run on the hardware you're actually using. Like PS3 games on PS4. This is definitely fake, unless the PS4 is suddenly going to be backwards compatible.
  3. I had both for a while, but ended up selling my Xbox a couple years ago. There's just nothing to play on it. Even now there isn't a single game I would want one for. So, I had that problem before, and just sold my Xbox, because it did feel a bit pointless playing games on it. Since everything I was playing was multiplatform or just a re-release.
  4. Star Ocean 5 feels like it is trying to be a Tales of game, but not doing a very good job. It also bugs me that you not only have to stand around and listen to people talk, but you can't even skip any of the dialogue. Unless the game really turns around soon, it will easily be the worst in the series. 

    1. Dr_Mayus


      Is anybody yelling about Fresh Mutton? 

  5. Miki's face in Star Ocean 5 is still absolutely horrifying 3 hours in. 

    1. Edunstar84


      I agree. I call her chipmunk face.

  6. It is bizarre going from Star Ocean 3 straight into 5.

  7. I work freelance, and it's been incredibly slow, and bills are expensive. :/ I've still got plenty of other stuff to play though. Like my PS3, PC, Wii U, and Vita. Maybe I'll actually make a dent in my PS3 backlog without a PS4 to distract me, haha.
  8. Finally finished up Star Ocean 3. They did a truly terrible job with the PS4 port. There were all kinds of screen tearing and frame rate issues, and the game crashed constantly. It was really frustrating. I kept having to redo 30min-1hr worth of play time, because the save points are so far away. It made trying to grind levels an absolute nightmare. Anyway, on to Star Ocean 5, the only game in the series I haven't beaten. Then unfortunately, I have to sell my PS4. :/

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    2. ExHaseo


      Oh yeah, Bethesda is the worst when it comes to bugs. I've never been able to play Skyrim or Fallout 3 for more than 30min without a crash or game breaking glitch. New Vegas had a ton of issues for me too. x.x

    3. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      sell ps4, selling it because you need money or to take a break from a gaming.

    4. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      just say the comment above, sorry to hear the funds aren't rolling in :/


      hope things get better exhaseo

  9. Finally finished Star Ocean 3. Going to play through Star Ocean 5, and then unfortunately, I'm going to have to sell my PS4. :/
  10. Haven't had the internet at home for a couple of weeks (except on my phone), and it's actually made games a lot more fun. Not being able to just look up what to do when getting stuck has made it a lot more rewarding. It's making gaming feel a lot more like it did when I was a kid.

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    2. ExHaseo


      That's the beauty of it. I'm not trophy hunting, so I don't have to worry about doing anything wrong or having to play again either. Just simply playing games. It's pretty nice.

    3. PermaFox


      It is actually a nice change.  I didn't add it as a game for any of the "we play" competitions because I just don't want to rush through it.

    4. AlchemyAwesome


      I definitely agree with this, it's why I struggle to play games on PC because I always tab out and get distracted -_- my PC can still run newer games but I can't sit still when there's the Internet to distract. 

  11. I finally broke down and started playing the JP version of Star Ocean Anamnesis a couple weeks ago. It's been out for over a year there, so I assumed that we just were never going to get it. And now they just announced it's getting a western release. After I put in so much time and work onto the JP version. T_T. On the bright side, it is a fantastic game. The Star Ocean battle system has never been more fun. It's like it was made for phones. 

  12. I play all of the FF mobile games actually, haha. Record Keeper and Mobius are okay. You have to play very casually to get enjoyment out of them as a F2P player. Because they limit summons a lot for free players. They throw a lot at you when you first start, but after that it's pretty slow. So, it's really hard to get anything really good after you first start, unless you're just incredibly lucky. They're both fun, but you do need to spend money to keep up. Overall, I think Mobius is a bit better at giving out stuff for F2P, if you wanted to try just one. It's also kind of cool that you can play it on Steam and your phone.
  13. Honestly, it entirely depends on the game. There are some truly terrible F2P games that rely completely on constantly throwing money at the game, like Ragnarok Online 2, which are absolutely not okay. But then there are others that are done really well, that give you a decent amount of in-game currency. Where you're absolutely fine playing the game without spending a dime (as long as you're smart with the money they give you). Some games that come to mind are Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Tera, Magikarp, and Duel Links. I've played these games for months, have never had to pay for anything, and can play all of the content. Of course in any F2P game, you'll have an advantage if you DO spend money, but as long as you can play everything, and there's no necessary or competitive PvP, then there's never really an issue to me. Up until this morning, I would have stated Kingdom Hearts Union Cross as the perfect example of a perfectly implemented F2P game. But they seriously fucked everything up with the new features they added today. They implemented a PvP aspect, which you're forced to do in order to upgrade your medals (the game's attacks). That alone is annoying. But then throw in that you can only do 5 battles a day, and that the only way to get the upgrade materials needed for the best medals, is to be ranked in the top 5000. That just adds to the annoyance, but what really makes it not okay, is that anyone who spends $15 on their weekly package, get an extra 5 battles a day. Which means, in order to get into those top rankings, you HAVE to spend $15 every week. Which is $60 a month. And if you don't, now you're going to be behind. You're not going to be able to evolve your medals to be the best, and will always be behind. Point being that, any game that forces you to pay money to be relevant is not okay. TL;DR - I'm perfectly fine with F2P games that make it easier if you pay. My only issue is when you're forced to pay. If I'm going to be forced to pay for something, I want a full game.
  14. Mine aren't in any order. I like each one for different things, and couldn't really rank them. It was hard enough putting only 5 here, haha. Xenogears This was the first gaming soundtrack I really fell in love with. It's just very well done and emotionally powerful. I couldn't find a single video with the entire OST, so here's a playlist instead. Kingdom Hearts II Honestly, I could have put pretty much any Kingdom Hearts soundtrack on here. I just chose 2 because it's my favorite game in the series, and has my favorite song. Mega Man X5 I love this soundtrack. They did an incredible job with it, and every track is perfect for what they were using them for. The X vs. Zero track is especially good, and one of my favorite songs from a video game ever. Ragnarok Online There has never been a more perfect soundtrack. I absolutely love the music in this game, and it's a big reason I played it so much, and for so long. Even after I stopped playing it, I kept listening to the music. From the tracks in the beginner areas that inspire wonder and adventure, to the specific dungeon theme tracks that fit perfectly with the environment. Even the menu music was amazing. Just hearing some of the music makes me want to go play this again. Street Fighter III 3rd Strike The jazzy music Capcom made for their fighting games in the late 90s and early 2000s are some of my favorite. From the that time, the 3rd Strike soundtrack is probably my favorite though. It seriously just doesn't sound like a fighting game OST, but it works really well anyway. I never get sick of it.
  15. I just logged in and got it too. No idea what it's for though. I couldn't find any kind of announcement anywhere, and it's definitely not from the Z Union thing. I'm part of Android 18's and I got the 500k gift, and then the weekly 20k right after.