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  1. I thought a lot of the lists looked sketchy. I didn't want to report them because they weren't technically impossible, but this makes sense. It even shows they visited the site just now too. Almost like they clicked on the link here right after you posted it.
  2. You should retake those to include the full screen. So we can at least see your profile name. That could be anyone's profile, or the PS3 could be hacked. We don't know. It's also not possible to get Seeker before defeating Lingering Will. And the Conqueror trophy should have popped after minigame maniac and all of the coliseum trophies. Since you not only have to do all of the minigames and coliseum cups, but get a specific score in them.
  3. Seems easy enough. Nothing too crazy, just play the game. Which is really nice to see, especially from an MMO. I was horrified it would be ridiculous.
  4. All the contact info is on this page. https://www.playstation.com/en-us/corporate/contactus/
  5. You should contact Sony. If you've been IP banned for some reason, or if there's a weird issue with your account, they'll be able to tell you/fix it. If it's not on their end, then you'll have to call your ISP.
  6. I really hope the additional monsters, like Deviljho, make it easier to get enough crowns for the plat. I'm gonna be real annoyed if you have to get every additional monster too.

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    2. ExHaseo


      I'm working on testing it now with the investigations. I'm intentionally ignoring one of them to see if it gives me trophy or not. I'm hoping it's either a set number of monster, or at least specifically the base game monsters.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Any insight is helpful, of course. :) I'm starting the game this weekend.

    4. ExHaseo


      Oh wow, have fun it! If you've never played a monster hunter game before, be sure to experiment with the different weapons until you find one you really like. Using the right weapon makes the game way more fun.

  7. For the charity thing, if you want to run a charity event, go for it. For the site though, I'm not sure it's all that feasible for them to. I'm not 100% on this, but from what I understand, for there to be a large charity drive, there would need to be some kind of regulation. Either the site establishing a corporation, or a charity organization. It could very easily turn into a legal mess if someone thinks the funds aren't being put towards charity, or demands some kind of proof of where the money is going. Because of that, there would need to be some kind of public paper trail. Otherwise, the site/Sly/the person running the event/all of the above could get sued. For smaller stuff, like if you're the only one donating, and it's only maybe 100-200, then it wouldn't be an issue. So, if you personally want to do a charity event, then go for it, but you would have to take legal responsibility for it if something happened. Since having some kind of donation pool or something like that, where multiple members are putting up money, is where the trouble could start. Especially if it ends up being a large amount of money. I know it sounds far fetched for someone to sue over a charity event, but some people are truly terrible. As for the titles thing, that would be neat. As long as it replaced the Premium Member/Member text, and as long as you kept the gold text for premium, and blue text for member. Just so there's a distinguishing factor. Since if it replaced the current titles, there wouldn't be much point. Since premium members can change their title freely, people could just change their title to whatever they want, without having to do the requirements.
  8. Once you unlock the quest, you can fight it as many times as you want. It can be hard, but it's not any worse than any of the other harder monsters. It's not an elder dragon, so you can capture it, making the fight a little easier. He's weak to lightning, so if you have a lightning weapon, that will make the fight a bit easier too.
  9. He randomly appears in any area in 6 or 7 star quests, and high rank expeditions. Once you run into him, you go back and there's a cutscene. You fill up the investigation bar, and you'll get his quest under Special Investigations.
  10. Deviljho is live in Monster Hunter World! The new patch is pretty crazy too. Great sword does even more damage. It's insane.

  11. Just 1 more plat until I get that free $10 PSN card. Thinking about getting a DCUO sub and letting that pop. I've only got 1 more character left, but I was planning on getting a sub and buying a boosted character with the coins you get. Mainly to make the rest of the list easier and quicker.

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    2. ExHaseo
    3. Hemiak


      I set up Sony rewards last month, activated the challenges, and checked back today. It still showed inactive and I had 0 progress. :shakefist:

    4. ExHaseo


      It does that. Sometimes it take a while for it to update.

  12. I still need lots of PS3 trophies. It gets kind of annoying switching back and forth between systems, so I generally stick with PS4 for a while, then PS3 for a while, and kind of rotate them.
  13. Decided to just play some Monster Hunter for now, until I decide what game to play next. Still a loooong way away from that plat.

  14. Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Best game ever.
  15. All these look pretty "meh" to me. Last year was one of the best years in gaming history, and 2018 definitely isn't going to beat it.