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  1. I think I'm finally getting close to the Jump Force Plat. Once I finish getting all 10 s ranks on very hard and expert I should just have to grind out materials for more upgrades. I'm hoping it's just another 5 hours or so of grinding. Just depends on how much of a dick the CPU wants to be. 

  2. I'm still upset about Dead Like Me. And both Stargate Universe and Stargate as a franchise.
  3. The newer controllers are technically compatible with PS3, but there are some games they don't work with properly. I know one example is Okami HD. The only real way to find out is to test it. I think OP is probably on their own with this one.
  4. It looks like my Vita has gone missing in the move. Hopefully I just packed it in the wrong box and it's sitting in storage. I'll find out at the end of the summer I guess. X.x

    1. DaisyVilla102


      I hope you find your Vita safe and sound!  My coworker just recently caved and bought a used Vita because he lost his in a move. :(

    2. ExHaseo


      Thanks! I feel for your friend. I hope that doesn't happen to me. I had a white one, and tracking another one down will probably be expensive x.x

    3. StygianWolf4


      As a Vita owner myself, I would feel like crap losing either of mine. Hope you can find it soon bud, especially as it's a white one.

  5. You really don't have to worry about it. It's not that hard even without the DLC. Just play each character once, and you've already got 40. You need 100 matches, and you'll only need 10 more titles after just 34 matches. So just use one team another until you get their titles for 10 matches. Then switch teams every 10 matches until the trophy pops. You'll be done long before you hit 100 matches. And that's all assuming you're just immediately forfeiting the match, if you actually play the matches you'll get even more titles for various things like using an awakening. If you get at least 3 of the DLC characters it would be slightly faster, but either way you'll be done long before you get to the trophy for 100 matches, so I wouldn't waste my money if that's the only reason you want the DLC.
  6. Jump Force is one of the most mind numbing grinds I've ever done. Everytime I start to grind, I have to grind out something else to make the grind faster. It's so dumb.

  7. All moved into the dorm. There's an ethernet port, so I'll still be able to play online, which is cool. Still waiting on my roommate to show up though. I hope they show soon, I'll be pretty annoyed if they come in super late and wake me up. 

    1. DaivRules


      First night in the dorm! Stay up late and party with all your neighbors!


    2. AJ_Radio


      I was living this life in my late teens. Now that I'm in my mid 30s, I can't go back.


      Was fun while it lasted.

  8. Moving into a dorm for the summer tomorrow. It's going to be real weird sharing a room with someone, especially since they'll probably be at least a decade younger than me I'm hoping the internet isn't total trash too, so I can keep working on online trophies and playing FFXIV. I get my own apartment I'm the fall, so if it's miserable, at least it's just temporary. 

    1. MidnightDragon


      Hopefully it works out.

    2. kevao97


      Best of luck, maybe not so bad. life is unpredictable

    3. nestamar5


      Just try not to go crazy from being around a bunch of kids!

  9. Finally done with the online in Jump Force. I'm so glad I found out about forfeiting, it would have taken even longer otherwise. It's nice to know I'm not locked out of the plat when the servers go down now.

  10. If anyone else needs the 10 challenges trophy in Jump Force, I'll be on today and tomorrow. Just send me a request or find me in the lobby (my character name is Claire and I'm wearing a piccolo cape.)

  11. Just found out that forfeiting in Jump Force counts towards the titles and play count. That should speed this up considerably. 

  12. Apparently Jump Force is still online. So I'm working on some of those online trophies while I still can. 

    1. StygianWolf4


      The servers are up til the end of August I believe? Regardless, good luck! :) 

    2. ExHaseo


      Thanks! Hardest part is getting the two wins. I have one so far, but I am garbage at this game lol.

      It's weird. They said that the servers would be down at the end of February, with limited online functionality being phased out until August, but everything is online still. So idk lol.

  13. #176 - Witchycrafty - After first playing this game, I thought it was just a quickly made game that got released unfinished, but it turns out the vita version is essentially just the demo version of a game that's still in development. It's not a bad start and once the bugs are ironed out and the game is finished, it'll probably be pretty decent. I'm pretty annoyed I got tricked into paying for a demo though, and definitely wont be picking up anything from this dev again. I'll probably stay away from the cheap games on vita too. Which sucks, because I love those super basic games sometimes. They remind me of old flash games from the 00s.

    1. kingofbattle8174


      I still have that game on my backlog, I will wait until I am finished with some other things I guess to clear it away. 

    2. ExHaseo


      On the bright side, it's really short. If you look at the trophy list before playing, it can very easily be done in around an hour. I played through naturally then went back for the two trophies I missed, and it still took me less than 2 hours.

    3. ihadalifeb4this



  14. Starting off my return to trophy hunting by doing some cleanup on Shadow of the Tomb Raider and playing some weirdly addictive Vita games. 

    1. Raveniteh


      Which Vita games are you playing?

    2. ExHaseo


      Kawaii Deathu Desu, Musynx, and I just finished Witchycraft. 

  15. Not going to be taking as many summer classes as I had hoped, and I'm broke, so it looks like I'm back to trophy hunting for the summer lol. Mainly going to focus on completion percentage rather than plats.

    1. Dreggit


      Best of luck in both your gaming and education :)

    2. AJ_Radio


      You have to pick yourself up again and strive to accomplish your goals. Something I have to remind myself with time and time again.