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  1. Dunno what the badges are, but judging from that other trophy list, it's not as simple as it sounds.
  2. Done with one very easy playthrough in Ys Origin. I really hope I just need one more, but I'm prepared to have to do two. 

  3. On to my very easy mode playthrough of Ys Origin. I really hope this works. I'm going to be so pissed if it glitches... again. 

  4. I don't u understand why the schoolgirl outfit still hasn't appeared in the bonus shop in ys origin. The only thing I can think of at this point, is that maybe i have to beat it on the same difficulty with all three ex characters for it to count. Which means I get to do another playthrough. -_-

  5. Outside of a couple of games, this list changes basically every time I post it. I've beaten thousands of games and have enjoyed the vast majority of them. So it makes it difficult to choose, especially in order. For this time though, if we're going to stick with one game per series, then it's - If we're doing multiple games per series it's -
  6. With so many people on the wait list, I'll go ahead and bow out. I won't be doing much trophy hunting soon, and I'll be focusing on UR plats for a while when I do. So, I don't want to waste a spot and give people free wins.
  7. Yeah, I'll keep being admin for my PP.
  8. I'm kind of surprised the Ys Origin plat is at 2.45% rarity. This game is a glitchy mess. I should've gotten the schoolgirl outfit two playthroughs ago, and it has yet to pop. I even beat the final bosses again with all of the EX characters, and still nothing. It's getting really frustrating.

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    2. ExHaseo


      It's a fun game, but the port wasn't done so well. Just yesterday I was fighting the last boss with the claw, and somehow ended up way above the arena on an invisible wall. So I had to restart the game. The game has suddenly crashed a few times. And my trophy for beating it with all three characters didn't pop until way later. And now this. For the most part, it's not that bad if you just want to play it. But the extra stuff is pretty messed up. 

    3. GoldenShaka


      And any patch for the game has been released yet or announced?

    4. ExHaseo


      A couple have been released, but it still has a lot of issues.

  9. Schoolgirl outfit still isn't appearing in Ys Origin. Going to try beating the last boss with all of the EX characters again, and hope that does the trick. Going to do Hugo last, because he's on Nightmare and that's a pretty rough fight -_-

    1. ExHaseo


      It didn't work. Still no schoolgirl outfit. Maybe it only works if you beat it on the same difficulty with all three characters, or something. Guess I'll have to do another playthrough with Hugo -_- 

  10. Easy mode done with the claw. Just 3 more playthrough. Hopefully.

  11. Beat Ys Origin with all three EX characters, but Yunica's schoolgirl outfit didn't unlock. I can't tell if the game is just glitching again, or if they changed the requirements.

  12. About halfway through my Hard mode playthrough with Yunica. After this one, I should unlock the Schoolgirl outfit. Gonna finish up the playthrough tomorrow though.

    1. ExHaseo


      This is a fucking joke btw. It's only one step below nightmare, but I don't even have to try all that hard. It takes longer to level, but otherwise feels like normal mode.

  13. Finished up the claw's Hard mode playthrough. Next up is Yunica's hard mode, then it's just easy mode.

  14. It took a few months? I had my account hacked around that same time, and I had my account back and all the charges reversed within a couple of hours.
  15. Already at the claw's last boss on hard mode. Need to level up at least once more to beat it, but still. Only 3 hours on the hardest mode I have to do, instead of the inevitable 10+ I would've had to do for Nightmare.