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  1. The US version is pretty disappointing. $100 and all we get is a case, an artbook, and some keychains? It would have been way better if they had done figures like they did with basically all of the other Tales of CE. Even just having the soundtrack like the EU version would have been way better. Guess I'll just pass this time.
  2. It's official. Since I played TWD Season 2 offline, I only got the trophies for the first episode. That's kind of a bummer.

    1. Spaz


      I fired up TellTale's Batman the other day and I got the feeling that I have to be connected online.


      Guess it's one of those deals where it's single player but you have to be connected online. Hate when people do that shit.

    2. ExHaseo


      I think it's just TWD Season 2, because of the weird way they did trophies. Instead of releasing the full list and having a plat like the other games, they released the 1st episode's trophies as a standalone list without a plat, then added trophies as DLC trophy packs with each episode. Since I didn't have internet the first time I booted it up, it couldn't download the trophy packs until after I had beaten the game.


      All the other Telltale games just really want you to connect to online, but shouldn't have the same problem. I guess so you can see every else's choices.

    3. Spaz


      That's bullshit. No better than Activision making the decision of having only the first Spyro game on the physical version (blu-ray disc), then making you download the other two games. Might as well make it all digital.

  3. Haven't had internet the past few weeks, and have been working 50+ hour work weeks, so I haven't been able to play through anything. I have decided to start being more picky though. The majority of my backlog at this point is just games I got through sales, or humble bundles, or just games that I played and just wasn't very into. So I just moved on from them and they've just sat there. Instead of forcing myself to play through them, I'm just going to start removing them if they don't keep my interest after a couple of hours. I'll just have to sacrifice the points. Because of this newfound pickiness, I've removed The Witch and the Hundred Knight, American McGee's Alice, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Prince of Persia The Warrior Within, Strike Suit Infinity, Assassin's Creed Liberation HD, and Enslaved Odyssey to the West. The Witch and the Hundred Knight was just a bummer to play. The weird stamina system coupled with the ridiculous stomach inventory system just made the game feel like a chore. Which sucks, because the core gameplay was pretty good. American McGee's Alice was just a pile of hot garbage. It just doesn't work on a controller. Not being able to use a mouse and pinpoint exactly where you're aiming/jumping makes the game incredibly frustrating. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon was kind of amusing at first. The 80's jokes were kind of funny, but they got real old, real fast. Coupled with janky gunplay and boring missions, just made for a pretty boring game. And while the art direction was a neat idea, I didn't like the way it actually looked in game. Everything just felt too dark, and it made it hard to navigate. The Warrior Within was just hilariously bad at first. The novelty wore off very quickly, and it just turned aggressively unfun. Strike Suit Infinity I feel like is a great space flight simulator. Probably the best out there. The mechanics really feel like that's what piloting a space ship would be like. Unfortunately, I found it to be kind of boring. If you could be in the gundam style mode forever, it would be pretty fun, but to have to go around in circles to make passes at enemy ships while in spaceship mode was just kind of boring. I know that's how it would actually work, but that isn't why I play games. I play games for the surreal and impossible. Assassin's Creed Liberation HD was... well, it was an Assassin's Creed game. The formula started to get tired after 3, but I wanted to try out Liberation HD. Mainly because I got the Liberation Vita bundle, and the game was completely unplayable. So I was honestly just curious what the game was supposed to be like. Turns out it's just like the other ones. Enslaved Odyssey to the West. I started playing this game as a trophy hunter, because at one point I was going for a plat with every letter of the alphabet, and Enslaved seemed like the easiest and most fun. But this game is just a shining example of why I hate Ninja Theory. I know I'm in the minority on this, so I wont really go into it, but this game was just another Ninja Theory game, and I wasn't into it. Anyway, this brings me down to 84 games, with just 16 on the PS3. Still hoping to be able to completely get rid of my PS3 backlog by the time I get another PS4 in January.
  4. Like I've said, whatever works for you. To me, trading a game for another game, is trading a game for another game. Whether it be trading with a friend or through a credit system. I'm not saying you have to agree with me, I'm just saying that I don't see a difference, so I don't do my list that way. For me, it's about getting rid of the backlog. Because to me, having unplayed games means wasted money. Anyway, finished up Resident Evil Revelations 2, The Walking Dead Season 2, and Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town this week. Don't have a whole lot to say about them though. RER2 was okay. It wasnt as good as the first one, but it wasnt especially bad. TWD was also okay. Some of the game felt weirdly forced, especially the last episode, but overall I enjoyed it. Apparently, since i don't have internet, I didn't get the trophies for anything except Episode 1, but oh well. Friends of Mineral Town is probably my second favorite in the series now. It took a lot of what made 64 so good, and improved a little bit on it. The translation was hilariously bad, and having to wait to get 1 appliance a week in order to get married was really annoying. Still slowly working on FFX-2... I'm hoping getting the last dressphere and getting all of the crimson spheres will finally get me to 100% so I can see the true ending and finally remove it. If not, I may just give up and remove it without getting any points. I'm already on my 3rd playthrough, and I'm getting kind of tired of it.
  5. Apparently, playing through The Walking Dead Season 2 without connecting to PSN means only getting the trophies for Episode 1. That's kind of annoying. 

  6. I don't really see a difference between going in to trade in games I've beaten with the purpose to get credit and buy games I haven't beaten, and trading a game you've beaten for one you haven't. Either way you're trading games you've beaten for games you haven't beaten. Either way, real money isn't involved, and either way you're adding new games to the backlog. Whatever works for you, but I couldn't do that. Seems like a loophole that defeats the purpose of having to beat 3 games to add a new one. My backlog would never get smaller.
  7. Whatever works for you, but I know I cant do that. If I did, my backlog would never go down. For example, recently I traded in 3 games and bought 5 with the money from them. So I have to count any bought game, trade in or otherwise, as a full 3 points. Because otherwise, my backlog would never get smaller. It's just too easily abuseable, and I don't see the point in participating if my backlog doesn't go down. My only exceptions are gifts, because I cant control what's given to me. Especially when it comes to stuff like birthdays and Christmas. And free games, like from PS+, because I cant control what is given out.
  8. It's kind of up to you I think. I know some people don't count them as any points, but I count gifts as -1 point instead of -3. Mainly because while you didn't pay for it, it is adding to the backlog, and the point of the event is to get rid of the backlog. So I think that there should be at least 1 game out for it. To sort of balance it out.
  9. Raging Blast is really testing my patience. I can play through and do all of the missions on hard mode. I can make sure I get the highest score in each mode. I can go through and unlock everything in the star shop. I can even do 100 matches online. But having to do literally everything against a computer in a single match? Having to play every single stage against a computer, and break every single object in a single match, without any kind of checklist? That's just insane and a total waste of time. 

  10. Kingdom Hearts, because KHIII is coming soon. After that, I don't have much of an opinion. I will say that the Tales games are mainly set in different universes, like the Final Fantasy games. The only exceptions are the direct sequels, like Xillia 2. So you don't really need to play them in any kind of order.
  11. If you're not playing on Critical mode you can every other trophy first. That's how other people got those trophies before getting the critical mode one. If you're trying to do the plat in a single playthrough on critical mode, you can't though.
  12. Finished up One Piece Pirate Warriors. It was a really weird game. I was mostly QTE platforming, instead of just running around killing doods like in other Warriors games. It was short, and wasn't all terrible though. That brings me back up to 0 points, which is pretty exciting.
  13. Once again, you're trying to correct something that doesn't need correcting, because you didn't read. I never said that was every game that's been released on PS systems. I only listed games that were developed specifically for PS consoles. The only one trying to be on a high horse is you. I stated an opinion and you tried to correct it, even though there was nothing to correct. If you want to feel superior to someone, then you should at least have your facts straight, and actually read what was said first.
  14. You lost me here. Because this says that for you nothing will change either way. If it's added, or it's not added, you wont care and your experience won't change. So you're not the type of person this will benefit. Nothing wrong with that, but there's plenty of people it will benefit. People like me who are constantly running into shitty people who leave sessions in the middle, don't show up entirely, or cause problems. I've had to make or join at least 2 sessions for every game I've made sessions for, except for one. People like me want to know, because if I decide to do a session, I don't want to waste my limited amount of gaming time. I want to know if the people I'm with are going to be able to get through the session quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, I want to know if the host is just okay, or if they know what they're doing. You don't care either way. To you, either having positive or neutral isn't going to sway you one way or another. This kind of system is for those of us that do.
  15. Started up the first Pirate Warriors today. It is the weirdest Warriors game I've ever played. It's like they were trying to make it a real game, but also a Warriors game. There's these really weird and long platforming and QTE segments, and very little actual Warriors style gameplay. It's not terrible, but it's not especially good either. I kind of just wanted to kill stuff.

    1. RedRodriguez87


      It is weird, isn't it? It doesn't help that overall the game has only a small selection of characters and stages to choose from in Free mode, so it does get old rather fast, especially if you are going for trophies.


      Ah well, if you do decide to get the plat, feel free to ask me for help with the online stuff.

    2. Avatar_Of_Battle


      I was very disappointed with this one when I started it up. Those QTE segments kill the game for me. Thankfully the next 2 games get better and better.

    3. madbuk


      I actually liked the variety, OPPW2 is all musou stages and it gets very repetitive.