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  1. Dissidia NT is weird. I wouldn't call it a good game. But at the same time, I can't stop playing it.

  2. Picked up Shinobi Strikers yesterday, and it's pretty fun. But holy shit, 1000 PvP battles to get the plat? That's just obscene.

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    2. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Bought it too and its suppose to be here this week. Definitely not looking forward to the grind though dood lol

    3. ExHaseo


      lol, I don't know if I'm even going to attempt it. That's way too intense for me, haha. We'll see though. If I can get everything else, I may just go for it.



      At least its not win 1000 pvp fights....

      Not sure how those pvp fights are too, isnt it 3v3? or can it be done 1v1. Not sure how popular the server is still...

  3. I can't say anything for sure about your specific model, but a lot of TVs have a lot of input delay. So they'll make a "game mode" that decreases picture quality in order to decrease the input delay. That seems to be what's happening here. The "game mode" is likely decreasing picture quality so that there's faster response time for gaming. If you don't like the default settings for these modes, then you should go into the advanced settings and adjust everything yourself until you like the picture.
  4. Picked up DMC5 from the flash sale. Nero's face still bugs me, and I still really don't like Nico, but it's pretty fun. Kind of ridiculous that there's still no dodge button though. It makes the game feel pretty dated, even though it's a new game.

    1. Redgrave


      But Dante literally has a Style dedicated to dodging. Nero and V also have abilities you can buy that let you dodge enemies. In fact with Nero if you use a specific arm then you can dodge with it by just pressing circle and moving the stick in a direction.

  5. Because it didn't get a price drop, it's just on sale. Those are two different things.
  6. The new FFVIIR trailer looks incredible. I wasn't too hype for it after the initial reveal, but the new trailer really sold me on it.

  7. I've decided to make play 150 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm. It was the game that I bought my PS3 for way back when, and it was one of my favorites for a long time. Kind of disappointing the plat is so easy, but it'll be a fitting game for a milestone.

  8. If the option to delete trophies ever happens, trophies will be essentially useless. Especially when it comes to trophy tracking sites like this. Since most everyone will just have every plat, completely killing rarity. Otherwise, they'll just delete the list and it wont count against them. I wouldn't delete mine, but I also would never pay attention to them either. I'd just turn off notifications and never bother going for them.
  9. I really hope they do an HD FFXIII collection. Just because I want to play Lightning Returns again. I don't really care about the other two, but I'm sure they'd only release either the first one or all three.



      Omg yes!! Id give them my money again.

      Need all 13.

    2. kidson2004


      That collection would be nice to have. I’m all for it. Still need to finish XIII and play the other 2 in the series.

    3. LucianaRosethorn


      I would love it if that happens, platinumed all three in almost a month and love them to pieces. =D

  10. Forgot how much fun Dragon Ball FighterZ is. I'm really glad I picked up Android 17 too. He is perfect for my playstyle.

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      I think if they said 6 already they wont add to it. But who knows...Maybe there will be a Season 3 pass.

      Looks like Kid Goku is coming 5/9, that leaves 1 more not sure who, nice.

    3. ExHaseo


      They haven't said for sure how many are coming, only that it will be "at least" 6.

      There's still at least 3 more after kid Goku though. Only Jiren and Videl have been released for S2 so far. And S1 was Broly, Bardock, Base Goku, Base Vegeta, Vegito, Fused Zamasu, Cooler, and Android 17.



      Just found who is coming besides Kid Goku.


      Dragon Ball Super Broly

      Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Gogeta



      Can I believe what is said though..? Really want someone completely new than another version of them.

  11. Neat. I've been wanting to get Heavensward, but they stopped selling it. The only way to get it is to buy Stormblood. I haven't wanted to shell out the money for it though. I would rather do one expansion at a time, since idk how long I'll be playing.
  12. Stupid Golden Week sale. Making me want to buy things. I already picked up Naruto UNS HD and the Road to Boruto DLC for UNS 4. I'm trying to keep it that way, but I really want that Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC x_x

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    2. Dragon-Archon


      It's the opportunity to stock up on games and pray those last until the New Year's sale :awesome: .

    3. DamagingRob


      FighterZ DLC wouldn't really add to the backlog, either. It's just extra characters to fight with. Lol. I bought the Naruto trilogy, too. Started the first game last night.

    4. ExHaseo


      I had to sell my copy of Dragon Ball FighterZ last year when I had to sell my PS4. I decided to just go for it. I rebought the game, but instead of getting all of the DLC I'm just getting Android 17. He's the only character I'm really interested in playing anyway.

  13. I'm having a lot of fun with Fatal Bullet. It's the kind of game I've been wanting for a while. The creep factor is way lower than other SAO games, so I think I may actually go for the plat.

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    2. ExHaseo


      Stuff like minigames where you cuddle, and everyone always chasing that Kirito D.

    3. ResoluteRock


      Oh, never played the games before but I see what you mean 😂

    4. Avatar_Of_Battle


      For the late game if you struggle on the hardest difficulty, the common rank 11 weapons will outperform anything you get that can be modded. They obviously require higher stats but damn they are nice to mow everything down with. :D 

  14. Console style gaming is still a fairly unique experience. You can't really get the experience of playing a game like Monster Hunter World, Horizon Zero Dawn, or Spider-Man anywhere else. When it comes to F2P games, they are very grindy and rely heavily on waiting and/or paying money. Some can be enjoyable, but they aren't the same experience as a console game. And they never will be. They're designed to entice you into spending money, and a good console game wont have that kind of nonsense in it. It'll just be boot up the game and play it. When it comes to emulators on phones, I just don't understand how people even do that. Touch controls aren't precise at all, and you tend to cover up at least part of the game with your fingers on the screen. I've never understood how anyone can play an emulator on a phone because of those two things alone. I tried it, and it was just an awful experience. I was playing a NES game too. So there was only the D-Pad and two buttons. I can't imagine the kind of hell that is a PS1 or DS game on a phone. More importantly than all of that, it's illegal to play roms of games you don't own. So, if you already own the game, it's better to just play it on the console it was meant to be played on, or an enhanced version on a newer console. Subscription streaming services don't work for a lot of people. Because most people don't have good enough internet for it to actually replicate a game playing on a console. Myself included in that. It just doesn't work for me. There's a lot of input lag, a jumpy connection, and it doesn't look very good. As for the backlog point, mine is gone. I spent about three years working though it. It got out of hand because of the rise of sales. Back in the day, they were very rare, so it was common practice for me to just go nuts on them, and then be good for a few months. Even before Flash Sales, I would buy most of the games I would play each year on Black Friday. I'd stock up, and then not buy anything for most of the year. But then they started doing constant sales, and before I knew it, I had bought too much. Because I was still in the mentality of, "I don't know when there will be another sale." Now though, they happen every week. So I don't care as much about sales as I used to.I might buy a couple games at once, but then I'll just play through them all before buying something else. I know there will be another sale fairly soon, so there's not much reason to really go nuts on a sale anymore. tl;dr Nothing can replicate the console style game experience.
  15. I already stopped. I stopped really "trophy hunting" about a year ago, because I just realized it was a waste of time and money for me. At the time, I had hundreds of unplayed games, and was spending 50+ hours on a single game, just to grind out trophies. I had more limited time, because I have a family to take care of now, and I was really just throwing money away by not playing the games I had bought. The only reason I even started trophy hunting was because I was broke and wanted a reason to go back to games I had already beaten. So once my backlog was out of control, there was really just no reason for it. I still go for the trophies in some games, but really only if I want a reason to keep playing them, because I'm really enjoying them. Even then though, I'll generally just go for 100%, and if the trophies happen then the trophies happen, if not, then oh well. It's honestly been very freeing not having to worry about trophies.