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  1. I don't think I'm going to get the Genshin plat. I finally got a 5*, and it was even the one I wanted, Tartaglia. My team is hilariously powerful now, so I went to do more Abyss, and you have to have 2 full teams. I thought it was just recommended to have 2 teams with different types, but to start you have to have 2. I barely have one, and they're far from being maxed out. Not just getting another 4 good characters, but getting 8 characters total maxed and geared is just too much and is going to take months with all the time gating in this game. I'll slowly work on the rest of the list, but if I don't have the plat by the time I get everything else, I'll just call it done.

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    2. KingGuy420


      The time gating is what really drove me away from the game. It soooo annoying.

    3. ExHaseo


      I wouldn't recommend it if you care about the plat, unless you're looking to spend at least a few months playing the game. Things are time gated super hard.

      For context, to get the materials needed to unlock max level with a single character, just one of the materials requires you fight a boss around 23 times. I say around because it can drop between 1-3 of the drop you need, so an average of 2. Anyway, each time you fight a boss, it costs 40 resin, an in-game energy that replenishes 1 every 8 minutes. So, for a single run you need to wait a little over 5 hours. So to get just one of the drops you need, it takes almost 5 full days. And you have to do it 8 times, which would be about 40 days. That's for a single item just to unlock max level for your characters, not actually get them to max level. You also need to grind out certain types of equipment as well as materials for enhancing other types of equipment, which also costs resin, and are also subject to RNG. They give you a specific number of items that recharge resin for free, but that's only going to take you so far. You can always pay real money for resin to speed things up, but that's up to you.

      I just wanted to give fair warning. I didn't realize how much stuff was time gated before I started, or I wouldn't have given it another try. I thought I could just push through and bum rush the plat in a week or two if I had no intention of playing forever, but that's not the case.

    4. Darling Baphomet

      Darling Baphomet

      Yiiikes. Okay, thanks for the warning. I was thinking I wouldn't mind a game to log onto while I watch Netflix but that sounds way too excessive.

  2. Congrats! I'm glad you enjoyed it. 3 playthroughs of anything tends to be a bit too much, but it seems like they were short at least. That gets you 1 point for beating the game and 2 points for the uncommon plat! For a total of 3 points! Your next game is... Final Fantasy VII Remake! Thanks for double checking! I'll definitely check it periodically.
  3. If you've really filled every empty node and activated every node, then it's probably specific to you. I've never heard of anyone else having a problem like this. My best guess is that there's one you're missing somewhere. If you post a screenshot of the whole thing, it may help to make sure there aren't any missing.
  4. Genshin hates me so much. I'm already through chapter 1, have uncovered the entire starting area, done almost everything in Monstadt, and have yet to get a single 5*. It's getting to the point where I'm not sure I'll be able to plat it, because I just don't have any good equipment or characters.

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    2. KingGuy420


      I will add to this, the 90 pull pity has to be on one pull type. The blue pull thingy and the rainbow pull thingy count separately (I can't remember what they're called lol)


      Outside of spiral abyss, everything can be done with 4 stars. My first account (that I haven't touched since v1) used Lisa as a main dps and she got me through everything except Abyss. And my second account has a great 5 star for my main dps but is backed up by a team of 4 stars, despite having tons of 5 stars.


      And personally, I can't really comment on Spiral Abyss since I've never really cared about getting it done. But there are videos on YouTube of it being beaten by 4 stars, post changes.


    3. Mesopithecus


      Just wanted to add a few things onto what's already been said, but I recommend not using primogems on the standard banner and saving them for the character event wishes.  You get plenty of standard wishes throughout the game, and you'll likely pick up a lot of the standard characters if you lose 50/50 on the event wishes.  


      There are some craftable weapons in the game that are actually pretty great - there is a polearm you can get for Xiangling from fishing called The Catch, which is one of the best weapons in the game for her as an off field DPS.  I also noticed that you've activated Dendro traveler, which paired with Fischl you'll get some great reactions.  I'm not sure how much you've wished on the current character banners, but out of the featured 4 star characters, Heizou is a great anemo option and can be built as a DPS.


      At this point though, I wouldn't even worry about being able to platinum the game.  As you've just finished Monstadt, I'm safely guessing that you're still under Adventure Rank 45.  This is when the artifact domains really open up and you can get 5 star artifacts for your characters and really unlock their potential.  Also, there is a streamer called Enviosity who completes each Abyss with just the free 4 star characters you get in the game, so it's definitely possible to beat all the content without worrying about pulling a 5 star.



    4. ExHaseo


      Thanks for all the information everyone! It's all a lot of help.


      I've been pulling on both standard and premium banners, since they have separate tokens for standard and premium. So I must be pretty close to a pity, at least on the premium one. Luckily, I've just been using the free tokens on the standard one already.


      I've pulled 6 times on the current banner, and gotten all of the 4* twice. I've just been using Layla to trigger burst with Fischl, along with Xiangling, and then my 4th just being whatever I need at the time for exploration, but I'll look into Heizou. I'll definitely look into the craftable spear too!


      I'm just adventure rank 32 so far. I've been hoping to get some good stuff early on to more quickly build them, but oh well. I still have a ways to go it looks like anyway, especially to get the reputation trophies. I'll try not to worry about it so much for now. Thanks again everyone!

  5. There's too much stuff from the sale that I want, so I'm not going to get anything. I've got enough stuff to play anyway. 

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    2. ExHaseo


      Oh yeah, Crisis Core coming is one of the reasons I didnt too. Hard to justify buying more games when I'll be buying a full price one in just a few weeks. Plus FFXIV, Genshin, and Arkham Asylum are already keeping me pretty busy.

    3. Darling Baphomet

      Darling Baphomet

      Yeah, there's a fair amount of stuff I'd buy if I had a lot of disposable income... but I don't. So I try to remind myself that I have a huge ass backlog and ask myself if these are games I really want or if they'll just be yet more backlog stuffing.

    4. mecharobot


      Was thinking about Fire Emblem 3H Season Pass, but overall it seems like a waste when I haven't even beat any of the actual routes yet.

  6. Depends on what you mean. If you mean real world time, the longest gap I have is 8 years 1 month to get the Persona 4 Golden plat. If you mean amount of time spent actually playing, Dragon Ball Xenoverse. It took me more than 250 hours to get, with more than 200 of that being just straight grinding because of the horrible RNG.
  7. Because Twitter is a completely reliable source of information, especially now that it's on fire. I doubt they'd be okay giving up money for no reason, but we'll see what happens.
  8. Welcome back! Your new game is... inFamous: First Light! Thanks for the recommendation! Unfortunately, since there's delisted DLC, the existing DLC isn't included, it's an UR, and you're not participating, I don't think it's right to add it to the list. I'm sure it would just get vetoed by basically anyone to gets it too. If anyone does want to check it out though, feel free! It does look like a pretty unique game. On that note, I've also removed Indivisible and replaced it with Kingdom Hearts, now that the entire series has been added. Sony has also stopped giving notice for games leaving, so if you see something in the list that's no longer on Extra, please let me know so I can remove it!
  9. Finished the prologue in Genshin. It's a very... strange game. It has too many flaws to be called a good game, and at no point would I say that I was having "fun", but it is entertaining. Things are drip fed at a constant rate to prevent from becoming bored. It's kind of like having some random reality TV show on in the background. It's fine. It's entertaining enough until something better comes along.

  10. Just picked up the Arkham collection. It's hilariously cheap, and with Kevin Conroy's passing, I wanted to replay the games anyway. I haven't played Arkham Asylum or City since they first came out, it'll be great to revisit them.

  11. Trying out Genshin again, now that it has a plat and has a lot of time to add content and adjust things. It's okay so far. It's not the worst game I've played, but the stamina bar is still unbelievably annoying.

    1. viech54


      Keep in mind this game gets updates every few weeks that you should play if you care about the story. There's also the gacha aspect that you can kind of lessen by playing once a day. You can do everything as F2P or you can spend a lot of money on the game. It'll most likely keep going for at least some more years. You don't have any trophies yet, so be sure you know what you're getting into before you earn a trophy.

    2. Arctic Cress

      Arctic Cress

      There are ways to lengthen the stamina bar if you do decide to keep playing.

    3. mecharobot


      Game has a habit of selling solutions, such as Sayu or Yelan for covering lots of ground. There's also going to be a new vertical specialist next patch iirc

  12. Congrats! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I liked it a lot more than Lacrimosa of Dana too. I just really liked all the movement options, it made the game feel so much quicker. That gets you 1 point for beating the game and 2 points for the uncommon plat. For a total of 3 points! Your next game is... Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night! Welcome! They've been added to the list! Yeah I don't see a problem with that, as long as it's a somewhat direct sequel like that. Just let me know if something like that pops up if you'd like to do that. Switching from FFX to FFVII would be different though, since they're completely different characters, story, world, etc. Your first game is... Trials of Mana! And the OP has been updated!
  13. Congrats! I'm glad you enjoyed it! That gets you 2 points for beating the game and 2 points for the uncommon plat. For a total of 4 points! And your next game is... Ghost Runner! Congrats! The collectibles are the reason I still haven't started it, everyone that's had it has talked about it dragging it down so far. That gets you 2 points for beating the game and 2 points for the uncommon plat. For a total of 4 points! Your next game is... Days Gone! No worries, I completely understand. I'm doing the same with my current game. Your next game is... Knack! After like 2 months of just staring at it and dreading the collectibles, I've decided to veto my game. And got... Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age! I've been debating whether or not to play this again or not (I originally got it on PS2 and then Switch), and it looks like I am. I'll be updating the thread soon, hopefully tomorrow, but this weekend at the latest.
  14. It's kind of a joke how easy it is. You don't even have to play all of the levels.
  15. #203 - Sonic Frontiers - Great game, disappointing plat. You don't even have to play all of the levels. It's kind of ridiculous.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Oh wow. Congrats though

    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. Zassy


      @ExHaseo Aw, sheesh, the Ape Escape treatment? Rats. =[ Was hoping for fuller platformer Platinums, not sparser.


      Congratulations to you anyway~