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  1. I really wish they'd stop doing these enhanced versions. It was neat the first time with FES, as it added an entirely new game on top of tweaks of the original. The ending was very bittersweet, so it made sense to add an epilogue. P3P was annoying, but understandable as it was a new platform. Golden was understandable as it was a new platform as well. But there's just no reason for this. The story wrapped up just fine and the game had plenty of content. They should have just moved on to another game. But instead, we're getting the same game with more stuff, that really didn't need it, when we could have gotten an entirely new game instead. It's been almost 3 years since Persona 5. That's enough time to make a new game, instead of just remaking one that really didn't need to be remade, for the same platform it was initially released on.
  2. KH 3 Critical mode is no joke. I'm getting one shot left and right, and I'm still in the first world. They apparently really took it to heart when people said the game was too easy. 

  3. KH3 patch is live.

  4. I'm not sure why I'm not feeling Yooka Laylee. It very much feels like a Banjo game, but it seems a little... off. It's not terrible, but it's not especially good either. A Hat in Time was way better.

    1. SlimSanta94


      That's the thing with games that are based heavily on nostalgia.. they capture the magic of the N64, but they also capture all of the bad things that haven't aged well too.

    2. ExHaseo


      Not really. Like I said, A Hat in Time was way better. That was a joy to play the whole way through, but not Yooka. I also didn't play Banjo until I was much older, so I don't have the same nostalgia for it that others do.

  5. If you aren't getting PS+ to play online or play the free games, then there's no point in even having PS+. Cloud saves are convenient, but are really only needed if your console dies. Even then, you can manually backup saves to an external hard drive or flash drive very easily. The discounts can be good, but not always. It's usually only another $1-$2 off anyway. You'd have to buy around 30-50 games to pay for the subscription with those discounts.
  6. You can say I've got rose tinted glasses, but it sounds like you're just being overly negative. Cut content DLC started there, and I was against it whenever it happened. I even warned people that things would get out of control, and no one believed me. But those games are few and far between on the PS3. Only ones I can think of are Mass Effect 3, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and then Asura's Wrath. You're not likely to just pop in a game that's like that on the PS3. Unlike the PS4 where it's everywhere. To the point that even cheap budget games are doing it now. As for online passes, I never saw anything wrong with that, because it's only something that affected you if you bought used. Paying the developer for their work isn't a big deal, and it only cut out multiplayer. If you didn't want to play online, then it didn't matter. Now, it really doesn't matter either. Almost no one is playing those games.
  7. It sometimes takes a while. One of my guides was under review for about a month before it was approved.
  8. You just listed three things that don't really go together. Most AAA games that are fun plats, are pretty common, because more people play them and are willing to get the plat because it's a fun game. Even if the plat is difficult or a little time consuming. This is why games like Bloodborne are Uncommon, despite taking a lot of work. And most AAA games that are horrible games or plats, are the ones that are UR. One thing to always keep in mind about UR games is that games are UR for a reason. And that reason is usually one of a few things. It's a bad game and no one wants to play it. The grind is obscene. It's incredibly difficult. Or some combination of the above. They will never be easy to get, and aren't always going to be fun all the way through. If they were, they wouldn't be UR. It honestly depends entirely on what kinds of games you like though. I'll list some AAA games with UR plats, but whether or not they're "fun" is going to be entirely up to if you like the game or not. Some examples that I would consider fun games with UR plats are, Street Fighter V Dragon Ball FighterZ Transformers Devastation Final Fantasy XIV The grind and difficulty are real in these games though. They're UR for a reason.
  9. Most exciting thing about the PS5 details released, was that it was not only running a PS4 game, but running it better. Pointing to not just backwards compatibility being a thing, but to PS4 games being able to take advantage of the PS5 hardware as well.

    1. MMX20


      Nice, man. Really nice.



      I heard it doesnt sound like a jet engine...

  10. Well, that's disappointing. Guess it's for the best. I've got a couple of other games I'm playing right now anyway.
  11. Just noticed that I still don't have the PS4 Birth by Sleep plat. The PS3 version was my 50th. Maybe I'll make 150 the PS4 version lol.

  12. This is an absolutely genius move. Not only can people return new games if they buy them at launch, Gamestop will be able to circulate the same copy of a game way more, and more quickly than ever before. I see it working like this. Person buys game at launch, doesn't like it, and good guy Gamestop takes it back. Gamestop is only issuing a store credit refund, so they HAVE to buy something else at the store. Which means Gamestop isn't losing any money. And lot of the time, when people have store credit/a gift card, they'll end up spending either more or less than the amount. Either way, Gamestop is getting more money overall. Also, they now have a used copy of a brand new game that they can sell again, and super close to launch so it's pretty much guaranteed to fly off the shelf. They also wont have to wait nearly as long for someone to trade in a newly released game to have it in stock used. A lot of the time, if someone buys a new game, they wont trade it in to Gamestop. They'll sell it themselves for way more than the $20-$30 in credit Gamestop will give them. This will also get more people to go to Gamestop again. You can't return new games anywhere else. If you're getting games at launch, buying from Gamestop is the safest bet now. That will also build loyalty towards Gamestop, since it paints them in a very positive light. Also, this title is very misleading. It isn't just Days Gone. It's a brand new policy for every new game. The very first game to come out after the policy takes effect just happens to be Days Gone.
  13. Getting close to plat 150. I want to do something special, but there's nothing really out right now or even coming that means a lot to me. Maybe I'll just go for something UR.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ExHaseo


      That sounds like a nightmare. I didn't like that game, and I'm not about to spend 1000+ hours playing it. Pretty much anything already on my list is out of the running. 

    3. aiccChaos


      Do white knight chronicles. I just inserted the disc. I hope you have lots of time left 😇

    4. DamagingRob


      Lol. Yeah, don't do White Knight Chronicles. I have rarer Plats than those, and they didn't take an eternity. 

  14. #147 - Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight - This is probably my least favorite of the Persona dancing games. The songs just weren't as good imo, and the character in P5 are less developed than the P3 and P4 ones right now. I'm sure they did that on purpose though, so they could do what they did with P4 and make a bunch of P5 games. Overall, it was still enjoyable, but the lack of a real story hurt P5D a lot more than it hurt P3D.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ExHaseo


      I think the story was fine for P3D. It's been so long since that game that it was nice to just kind of visit those characters again. It was like visiting old friends for the first time in a long time. They both definitely would've been better if both had been just one big game with an actually story though. Would have trimmed the fat in terms of song selection, and it would have been cool to see the P3 and P5 cast interact. But oh well. It was still a fun little set of rhythm games.

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  15. It's really bizarre not having a backlog. It's actually taken away from my motivation to play games. Which is super weird.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fat Chocobo

      Fat Chocobo

      I dunno what I'll do when if my backlog was ever 100% gone. xD

    3. Charizarzar


      I miss having a huge backlog in a way, most of what I have left are just hard games and I keep putting them off by playing something new. :P


      That said yeah you do seem to still have a good number of games to complete.

    4. ExHaseo


      I've beaten all the games I want to beat. I dont care about completion of every game, and I only get plat for games I really like, because I'm not about to force myself to continue playing games I don't want to play anymore. That's just ridiculous.