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  1. Forgot how... rough most pre-PS2 games are. Been playing Legend of Dragoon, and even though it's the PS5 version with faster loading, it's still just kind of annoying to play. There's still a 5+ second loading time between every small area of a map. That same delay every time the menu gets opened. And the battle transition takes FOR-EV-ER. It's so annoying.

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    2. Edunstar84


      Has the writing always been this bad? It' so cringe.

    3. ExHaseo


      Oh, the load times were significantly worse in the original. I couldn't even get past the first area it was so painful. I was spending more time waiting on loading than actually playing the game. It's the same reason I never beat FFIX. PS1 games are generally a pretty painful experience if there's no speedup function available.


      Yeah the writing is pretty bad. It's also hilariously badly translated. It's honestly more funny than anything to me. Games were just like this though. Especially JRPGs. They had limited space and resources, so they had to make everything as brief as possible. Making for some pretty bad moments.

    4. Raidou Kuzunoha XIV

      Raidou Kuzunoha XIV

      I'm still kinda used to subpar loading times given I still play PS1 games pretty regularly (pretty much all emulated now mind you, but still). That being said, for some reason, load times on a lot of Switch games really get to me sometimes. I think because I expect them to be on par with other current/last gen consoles, but they really aren't... at all.

  2. That's weird. I picked up the key first and then got the outfit on both of my playthroughs with no issue. And I played on PS5.
  3. Capcom is having a hell of a sale in the final days of the 3DS eShop. Basically all of their games are $3. Like RE Revelations, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and all of the Ace Attorney games. 

  4. One more done, and Bingo#2 bayyyybeeee. G4 - One Word Title - Shenmue - A highly influential game and an absolute classic that is truly awful by today's standards. Was going to put this under Cult Favorite, but I don't have anything else with a one word title, so it's going here. I'm probably going to have to sell off most of my gaming collection by this time next year, so I'm going to be focusing on stuff I plan on selling. Starting with my PS5 games, which ironically are all PS1 games lol. Going to be working on Legend of Dragoon for Cult Favorite, since I bought it on PS3 and got a free copy on PS5. Last time I tried playing it the ridiculously long load times just killed any enjoyment of the game, so I'm hoping that it's a bit better this time around. I like that they don't have an achievement system too. It's nice to have a space to play modern games without thinking about completion, and if you do want to care about completion, you get to define what that means without having to do arbitrary things (most of the time at least). It is annoying for this event though lol.
  5. Didn't look like anyone answered this, so no, games don't have to be on Playstation. But they do have to have trackable achievements. So really only games on PS3-5, Vita, Xbox 360-SX, or Steam. No Nintendo consoles and no games without trophies. I imagine this is to prevent people from cheating.
  6. #212 - Shenmue - Probably the most unique game in gaming history. One that is borderline unplayable now, but was completely magical and wildly innovative in it's day. The disconnect boils down to the fact that these days we know how games work. I'll explain a little more in-depth.

    If you take Shenmue as a game and understand that you have to do certain things and talk to specific people to progress, then it's awful. There's a lot of useless garbage going on, the controls make it difficult to get around quickly, and there's a TON of just standing around waiting for a certain time of day. Which is how it's played now.

    But, back when it was first released, people didn't really know that's how games worked. 3D games especially were still relatively new, and nothing like this existed. There was a drive to explore and talk to everyone to piece together clues and see what was really possible in this open world. The game really felt alive and it was fun to get distracted because games didn't have little side things like Shenmue had back then. Stuff like finding the arcade, all the different gacha machines, vending machine prizes were a lot of fun, and talking to NPCs you like everyday just to see if they have something new for you and to check up on them kept things interesting. Doing those little side things along with not really knowing that you have to do one specific things to progress made the game feel a lot faster paced and like a race against time. It even made the city feel a lot more alive.

    It's just really fascinating that a game can have such drastically different experiences depending on the context of how and when it was played. Still really sad that they decided to make Shenmue III identical to the older games, rather than incorporate modern ideas and make it more like it's spiritual successor series, Yakuza. It would have been amazing. But it looks like the series is officially dead now. We'll never know how Ryo's quest for revenge pans out.

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. Jeanoltt


      I feel like most older open worlds have that privilege. Nowadays when you play an open world, you get to the point A, so they get you to B, and viceversa. The first ones felt so fresh that people just roamed around and discover new things, easter eggs, side missions, without knowing the hardware limits that made it impossible to progress more than that without doing the main missions.

    4. enaysoft


      Gaming expectations can ruin a lot of old games, unintentionally.


      Before Shenmue, I remember being blown away by the original Resident Evil, the pre rendered backdrops on a CRT TV, it looked like a real location, and seeing 3D characters moving around and all the music and horror. I thought wow gaming couldn't get any more realistic than this, and these days people criticize the remake of that game, and even the original RE4 because of the control system and because many other games have more refined controls / more added fluff.


      I still also remember being absolutely blown away by the original Final Fantasy VII, game on 3 discs, hundreds of hours, an entire theme park of mini games. Shenmue also had an arcade of mini games, like literal arcade games from Sega, that seemed like a big step up from even Final Fanatasy VII seven years later.


      Now if a game has mini games sometimes people can hate them, despite the fact that most games have mini games now. I wonder if people would think Shenmue was THAT dated if Yakuza hadn't come along on PS2 with (first of all) Resident Evil style camera angles, and then fully 3D world like Shenmue and then multiple sequels refined the Shenmue formula perfectly.


      Back in the day on Dreamcast the biggest complaint for me with Shenmue was the loading times, they were sooo long.

      I played Shenmue I and II a few years ago on PS4, they had certainly aged, but I still had the fun gameplay I remember from back in the day, nostalgia is honestly a huge factor when enjoying older games.


      I think that's why I hate Shenmue III, well aside from the fact 5 minutes of story are spanned over what I can easily call the grindiest and most pointless of adventures. In some ways the Shenmue III is worse than Shenmue I and II. I mean it takes out the heart that the original game had, NPCs that you could follow around, NPCs that actually walked around and went home at the end of the day etc.


      There's also the issue with the trophy and achievement world we live in. I had so much fun literally spending hours investigating every nook and cranny, opening every drawer in the house etc. For the fun of doing so, but now a days, we have "the next game with trophies" to look forward and wandering around aimlessly without a gamefaqs guide for fun, it feels more of a waste of time.


      This is also elevated by the fact in Shenmue I you're walking around an awesome place set in Japan, Shenmue II, awesome place set in Hong Kong and in Shenmue III, some weird village and other town mish mash which kinda doesn't feel like a Shenmue location at all (at least in my eyes anyway)


      I wish they had properly ended Shenmue in the 3rd game. Honestly, as a fan of the game, for me it's unforgivable.

      Who likes having their childhood adventure never finishing? Nobody.

  7. So, for those that don't know and happen upon this thread, I actually completed my backlog a few years ago and haven't had one of more than a handful of games since. I'm currently in my last couple semesters of university and am hoping to move to Japan once I graduate. Only problem is that I am both broke, and can't get a job. Since if I get a job I can't take all the classes I need to graduate. And if I don't graduate in the next couple of semesters, I'll be out of money to pay for classes. If I do end up getting to move to Japan but can't find a job in the time between graduating and moving I am extra screwed. So in order to move to Japan (and possibly pay rent lol) I may need to sell off most of my gaming collection. I was looking through kind of starting to prioritize what to sell first, and I realized that while I've played all of these games, I don't really remember all of them. Like, I remember playing them, I remember if I liked them or not, but a lot of them I don't remember anything beyond that. So, I figured I'd replay them while I still have them and am too broke to buy new games anyway. There's also some stuff here I just want to replay lol. There's a lot of different systems across many generations, so I'll be separating everything out by console. Since this is primarily so I can play games before I sell them, I'll be sticking with games I have physically, and only doing digital games on hardware I'll potentially have to sell. As I finish games, they'll be in bold. Since I've had people ask already, if you're interested in buying something I've beaten, feel free to reach out. Digital games and ones I don't plan on selling will be in italics. This also isn't a comprehensive list of everything I'm potentially selling. Once I know if I have to start selling stuff or not, I'll be listing them on Mercari, and I'll put a link here. The list isn't complete yet. Once this is gone it will be though. PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 PS5 PSP Vita SNES Wii Wii U Switch DS 3DS 360 Genesis Dreamcast
  8. Decided to put together a new backlog. I had finished mine out a while ago, but looking at my collection, I realized I don't really remember much about a lot of the games I've played.

    Like, I remember playing a game and if I liked it or not, but a lot of the specifics are missing. Since I'm going to be too broke for new games for at least a year and may have to sell a bunch of these games, I figured that while I have them I'll replay them. Maybe a few I didn't like before I'll like now too.

  9. Looks like I may have to sell off most of my gaming collection. I'm supposed to graduate next semester, and I'm planning on moving to Japan once I graduate through one of their teaching programs. If I get in, I may have to wait until next summer before I'm able to go, but I'm not going to have the money to get there if I have to wait 6 months.

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    2. ExHaseo


      The problem is my favorites are the most valuable. Everything else isn't really worth much.


      Given I'm planning on moving to Japan, everything is going to be difficult and expensive to get back too. Which is what really sucks. I could probably find Japanese versions cheaper, but it wouldn't be the same. Since it's more about the memories associated with the items than the actual games. Especially when it comes to classic stuff. Like I have a Sonic the Hedghog Genesis model 1 complete in box. I also have all three Xenosaga games complete. I have too much to list here, but it's stuff from the Genesis, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5 PSP, Vita, Xbox, 360, DS, 3DS, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, and Switch. It sounds more impressive than it is. Most of it really isn't worth that much. Which is why I would have to sell most of it. 

    3. Helyx


      I'd be interested in browsing your PS3/PS4/PS5/Vita games.

    4. Terra


      Good luck

  10. Picked up a bunch of game son my 3DS in preparation for the shutdown, but I forgot how absolute garbage the 3DS is to play. It absolutely annihilates my hands.

  11. That's a pretty blatant lie. They arent doing it to save them time, they're doing it so they can replace them and not have to pay as many people.
  12. Finished up one more. That "Everyone" But You Has Played - Cyberpunk 2077 - Definitely late to the party on this one. I ended up liking it more than I expected. It definitely has it's flaws and there's still plenty of bugs, but it was fun overall. Except the intro. The first ~3 hours of the game are completely pointless and are so middle of the road it's kind of impressive. I didn't know I could feel absolutely nothing about a game like that. It's currently spring break so I've got a little more time than usual, but I'm not sure what I'll be doing next for the event. I tried a few PS+ games to fill out a couple more squares, but they didn't really keep my interest. I got a bunch of games for my 3DS and Wii U in preparation for the eShop going down, so I'll probably be playing those for a bit. But those don't count for the event so it'll probably be a while before I update again.
  13. Cyberpunk 2077 is quite possibly the most nothing game I've ever played so far. There's nothing I can say that's wrong with it, but it also doesn't feel right and isn't captivating at all. It's incredibly strange.

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    2. ExHaseo


      What's really weird to me, is that I had no expectations. I never played Witcher 3 or anything and I knew nothing about it aside from that it was super broken at launch and that Keanu Reeves is in it. But it's still just... nothing. Usually a game is at least notably good or bad in some way, but this isn't. I'm only a couple hours in, so maybe that will change, but right now I just really have absolutely no feelings about it. I really don't understand it.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Yeah it was kind of confusing. My issue is more so that they should really have just done a game where you play as Silverhand. Now they've mentioned a sequel, so i hope they've learned from this. But i also think a movie could work if you have Silverhand played obviously by Reeves haha.

      I think youd enjoy Witcher 3 much more

    4. Slava


      I felt the same way the first time I played GTA5.

  14. Just one more class tomorrow and it's already Spring Break. It's been a busy semester already, but it's been great. I have a little bit of work to do, but not too much. Thinking about picking up Cyberpunk 2077 to play over the break.

    1. Yuna4353


      I have a feeling i finish up LAD ishin over the break, I got trails to azure coming out next week but I'm playing kuro 2 so I'm not going to get to that right away. 

    2. Richtoon


      Spring Break?! It's snowing here xDDD

  15. Quick update. 3 more done. Arcade, Rhythm, or Puzzle - Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Final Bar Line - Fantastic game. I really wish more rhythm games would be like this and have more than just a list off songs and press buttons at the right time. Sci-Fi or Fantasy Themes - Dante's Inferno - This game really wanted to be PS2 era God of War. Strategy, Simulation, or Management - The Princess Guide - It was okay. Not a whole lot to say about it. You get a good taste of what it's like just looking at the cover.
  16. #211 - Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line - Such a great game. I really wish more rhythm games were like this. Not just a list of songs, but more of a game underneath it. I would absolutely love to see a Persona rhythm game like this.

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    2. ExHaseo


      I don't really understand that. I mean, they're effectively the same. Same types of stages, similar note paths, same types of modes. MoM is just from a 3D perspective. I was about to replay it because it's really the only other game like this.

    3. Jeanoltt


      I feel like the combat makes it really confusing, also the notes sometimes are harder to play (like jumps) making it not a standard rhythm game. The "RPG" aspects of FF make it more complete, you have a lot more of characters to use and combine however you like, and you can also choose which music you want to play first. MoM is a lot more restrictive, it feels like a less pulished game.

      Anyway, I still like both games, and the devs did a great job with the franchises.

    4. ExHaseo


      That's fair. I enjoyed the incorporation of different buttons and things that made it feel like more of a game than just pushing buttons on a path. I get how it could be confusing though.

      Yeah, theatrhythm definitely has a lot more, but it's also the 4th game in the series (two on 3DS, one in the arcade, and now FBL). All of them build on each other and use the same assets, so it had way more time to add stuff to it. And while it is less restrictive at first, it also doesn't have any kind of narrative.


      I like both games and think they both do different things better. And I do agree that Thearhythm is overall better. I just would say MoM is like a 7, and Thearhythm is like an 8. It sounded like you were saying MoM was just total trash or something and I got confused lol. 

  17. It worked perfectly, thank you! I didn't even need 99 with everyone lol. Looks like the secret was using mimic to cast Graviga multiple times.
  18. This is the only one I've had trouble with so far. I've tried a ton of setups, but raw damage doesn't seem to be enough. Even with a max stats Lightning with Ultima blade, Terra with dual cast Ultima and riot blade, 2* shantotto with Ultima and play rough, 2* Yuna mashing Bahamut, and a 30% summon and magic damage boost on the summon stone it doesn't die. I also tried debuffing it, but the debuffs don't hit until after the big attacks and with the weaker attacks it doesn't do enough damage either. I'm guessing you need to inflict status ailments to kill it. Probably just have to poison it and then do some nuke damage. I'm working on building up characters to test it out. Edit: didn't see the other post lel. Going to try that out.
  19. You're way better off using a summon stone with exp on it, since that's the one thing characters can't boost, and then using Rikku and a hunter that boosts drops for most songs (like Zidane or Fran). You really only need one summonstone, and theres no real need to grind for them. Just do a couple of multiplayer songs and you'll get something good. The character abilities are what really make or break completing quests. Using Rikku specifically gets you a ton of collectacards. Collectacards boost stats for characters, boost exp gained from enemies, and summon damage. And these bonuses stack with duplicates. I was able to hit max stats before even hitting 9 star and get to 9 star before doing all of the songs even once with just a 60% exp summon stone and using items. I'm already about 75% done with missions, and because of all of the collectacards I got, it's making it really easy to do missions with characters after doing just one or two songs to get the abilities needed. Since their stats are already boosted from cards. There's really no need to grind in this game if you start with a good setup.
  20. You only get one card per run in multibattle, and aren't even guaranteed a new one. I regularly get 4+ new cards in a single song in series mode. Most so far is 8. I'm also making progress towards doing all of the songs, completing series mode, and doing all of the quests. Even if it is faster to get cards in multibattle, it's still way slower overall because you're really only making progress towards one trophy. Maybe 2 if you happen to get a new song. Even then, you'll have to replay it in series mode anyway. Edit: Looking at your trophies, you've already done 300 total stages and I dont even see the 300 card trophy yet. So if it just isn't synced, at the very least, it popped after more than 300 stages. Which is significantly more than I had done when I hit 300 cards. I'm currently at 130 songs played and 352 cards.
  21. You do you, just keep in mind that if you don't work on drops on your first run-through, it's likely going to cost a lot of extra time. It is RNG, so the more chances the better. You already have to play every song at least once, and have to do every quest in series mode. So if you don't have the cards done before that, it's all grinding. I'm about 1/3 of the way through the songs, and am on pace to get all of the cards right about the time I finish every song. The multiplayer isn't needed, but you get a collectacard every match you play. It's not guaranteed to be new or anything, but there's a higher chance if you come in first. Since you select from 4 total cards, and 1st place gets to pick first. You also get summonstones from the people you play with by exchanging proficards. People always put their best one, so you'll likely end up with a good one if you do even just a couple of matches. I did a couple to check it out and was able to get a Bahamat with 60% exp on it, which has helped a lot. Multiplayer is completely optional though.
  22. I didn't know Paine had hunter abilities. I may have to train her up and see how she does. Zidane is a hunter though. I also don't think a full party of dedicated hunters is a good idea. You still need to get kills for chests to drop, so having too many isn't going to be very helpful. Using 2 seems to be the sweet spot. Depending on the stage, I usually get between 5-10 chests at a time this way, with at least 2 new cards, one from the stage and one otherwise. When I was using 3 hunters I was only getting maybe 5 chests at most. Most of the time just two or three though. And some runs didn't have a new card outside of the stage card because of such few drops. I was failing a lot of quests around dealing damage and killing enemies that I'll have to go back and redo too. Also, with Rikku in the team there's no need to have a summon boosting card drop rate. Almost every drop is a card with her alone with her 3 hunter abilities on, so you're better off getting one with extra exp to speed up the grind to 9 star, or barring that, one that at least boosts damage to get more kills.
  23. As far as I can tell, they're random. You can use Rikku to increase the drop rate and rarity of cards. And you can use Zidane to increase the number of chests that drop. Which helps a lot. I've done just over 100 songs and I've gotten over 300 different cards already.
  24. Get Rikku in Theatrhythm ASAP if you want the plat. She gets a character exclusive buff that increases the drop rate of Chara cards. You need 1000 different ones for a trophy, and I'm betting that's going to be the hardest trophy since it's RNG based. 

    1. viech54


      Other than Rikku, would you say it's entirely doable with our favorite FF characters?

    2. ExHaseo


      It's entirely doable with anyone. Using Rikku as early as possible is going to cut down on grinding later on though.

  25. Friendly reminder, The 3DS and Wii U eShops are going down March 27th. I'd there's anything you want to get, now is the time. Prices on physical versions are already mote expensive for many games, and will only get worse once the shop completely drops.

    1. ObsiEez


      It really is a shame that they're shutting down, especially when there isn't a way to currently get a lot of those titles outside of over paying extremely to 3rd parties

    2. ExHaseo


      Many are just going to disappear too. There's a lot of download only games. Stuff like Liberation Maiden and Harmoknight. What's worse, is that you won't even be able to re-download. At least you can easily archive the contents of an SD card on a PC though.