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  1. Hey Everyone, I have put together 3 videos that show how to achieve the platinum and all of the corresponding card choices for each playthrough. Check out my YouTube channel at TurnpikeJ09. I also have videos that are specific to almost every single trophy.
  2. They did take away the possibility of obtaining the In Form for quite some time but they brought it back a few weeks ago. They are just keeping the In Forms the same which I am assuming was the last In Forms that were available. It is still possible to get this trophy. I know quite a few people who have gotten it recently in the month of November.
  3. Hey everyone, I am trying to get this trophy and it is driving me crazy and lost hope once they took In Forms away for awhile but they seem to be back. I was wondering if anybody would be willing to help me out by giving me coins that aren't needed, if you are willing. I have spent well over 2 million in coins going for this trophy and still have nothing to show for it and am getting tired of trading to make money to buy packs. Any help would be appreciated and you can add me on PSN: TurnpikeJ09. Thanks