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  1. Haven't gotten back to it, but right away I dug it. Love the dude who rides with you and fixs your car. Can't believe it's from '15. days gone couldve taken a note or two from my first hr of play w/o a doubt. I look forward to playing this ten fold.
  2. More likely in the majors, than the minors, boss battles occur. Atleast I think i remember reading that somewhere.
  3. Those damn Americans and not being diverse enough. Such intolerance on Ps+‘s part to exclude and National Pastime shame so many members and glorious countries housing such an array of sport.
  4. My beef is I wanted the shit to start. They had years. This speaks of the greedy current gen. I would've loved to dive into survival, then prep for surv 2 or hard 2. But even survival came out late. I mean if all you have to say is then don't, you are kind of defending this absurd shit. I'm not a trophy whore like a lot here, I want the fucking modes released at reasonable times. I completely understand even the the most serious trophy enthusiasts gripe here.
  5. This, and last weeks challenge are tye type of challenges I enjoy, thrive at and feel belong in this games challenge mode. It's beyond me how any thought up the golf cart challenge and was like "hey this is a great idea!" Nothing survival esk, or slightly fun about that mission carting people around with a time limit in zombie survival game.. Feel they couldve done the ambush ones better too. Just left me feeling restricted, where these horde challenges are so fun and throw it all at you and let your skills be the decideing factor... Not making you hide behind a tomb, hoping to pick up the right ammo, and oddly looking for x amounts of headshots. They couldve done all horde challenges and I would've loved it. Last weeks was dope. Maybe I'll upload a vid one day. Just dl'd this final horde challenge. Seems they caught wind of what belonged in this game/mode. GL all.
  6. I really enjoyed it. Thought it could've had a little more survival aspects to it other than gas, Band-Aids, ect. What's dissatisfactory is that the sweet challenges that give you patches and help within game... Came out a few months later when they worked on this game for years. The fact they had to use an update to realize it needed a Survival mode was embarrassing. I still loved the shit out of this game and most it aspects. But not for a second do I see where they got lazy. This would've been up there with Evil With, Dead Space for me if they simply included the right, complete content, like the aforementioned games did. I.E. Akumu mode/Hard to the Core and a little more horror/worry. It's pathetic how lazy and greedy this industry became. I remember the days when a game came out, it came with all it's content, finished.
  7. Hahaaa. I'm not sure every gamer is going to head to his local lumberyard to stifle his ps4 overheating problem. I only use my BEST games to prop it up. My games have whispered in my third ear that they feel no offense. Calm your sugar panties down. Lumber.. Lol. I don't know who's idea is more weird and I'm WEIRD. The general message I was trying to convey was not to lay it flat. G'day ma'am.
  8. Is it sittinh flat? Make sure it has room to breathe. Put a few books, games, whatever, on on the left and right edges creating a bridge. That way air can flow out from underneath, and through. It's all about how you place it, and where. Hope your Ps4's cool.
  9. Get woke, you go broke. It's more slang for 'poc' (aka black, but not strictly to) and a term for sjw virtual signaling liberals for the most part. There's a reason Neo took the red pill...Instead of continuing his desk job claiming to be woke on twitter. Personally, I find movies, commercials, games, products pandering to big tech, media, the Left, to score 'woke' points abhorrent. i.e. Gillette, Nike and Kap, or even recently, Rapinoe. (I can't list them all) If you want to be 'woke' you're the type that thinks Trevor Noah's giving it to you straight, Samantha bee is funny, and Colbert is 'just" doing a late show. Asleep is more like it. Just saw a guys response which is better than my input. Commie propaganda.
  10. Yeah i didn't know about it after platn it. It was one of my favorite game modes I've played. Really fun and intense spacing out three saves. You could make your guy super Op around ch.3 with dup'n the nodes in some drawn out, redonkulous process... which you can level up you rig/guns/character to there max. Cowardly in my opinion. But thats me. Tbh this trophy H2tc brought my attention to trophies in general, and the interesting modes and crazy challenges they put forth. I would have never ever tried beating a game in 3 saves if it wasn't a challenge or trophy within the game. One of the reasons I was crazy enough to Max Payne 3 it down the line. Trophies are trophies, I like stuff like Hard to the core (ds2) even beat ds3 legit without dying, and I absolutely LOVED The Evil Withins Akumu mode. So damn fun. The shadows rushed me, damn do I wish I could rewatch my final chapter in the airport. Soo many close calls there. Beautiful games, and their challenges where clearly that. Challenges. Not participation trophies..
  11. Glad they patched the roof glitch. Exploit whatever. It wasn't their vision for you to sit on a roof surrounded, it was to strategically move, use tactics, traps. Its like an ATM not being up to code, and since you're wise enough to exploit it, even though you know it's 'probably not what they intended for said experience / service.' It was a cheat. It's like the node Glitch Dead Space 2. You didn't beat hard to the core how you were supposed to. You cheesed it. No way around it. I call bullshit when i see it. I'm glad they releaded these challenges. All the trophy completionist bholes severely puckered.
  12. Yeah 30k is where I mentally and psychically break it seems. To lose all that score ahh. And bc you're trying to figure out if he's sprinting or not has been my demise too often is a silly reason to have a run fall. If anyone says this is easy at the moment is out of their mind. Good Luck.
  13. If you obtain the other trophies, I almost guarantee you will gather this one in the process.
  14. Never really enjoyed drinking and gaming. It's more of a social thing for me. In high school, when my bro would send me qp' s from Oregon and Iowa City, I'd rock socom 1 and and 2 high as a kite on that sticky icky. I ran a gamebattles clan. We had a blast. So competitive. Interesting how in the zone you can get if it's works with you. I played sports high,[on a nationally ranked soccer team] so I think my eye hand coordination was amplified, rather than, me 'slowing'. When you've been through trauma to sit back with some herb, its pretty relaxing, and lets the mind drift from the pains of life. Glad I could help my family with bills at 16 as well. And hook up my friends with stuff you just couldnt get without a solid, out of city connect. Not many millennials can say that. I'm not advocating anything, but herb's for gaming, relaxing. drinking to me is not meant for isolation on the regular. It's to RAGE!