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  1. Really really enjoying this game. Its what elite dangerous lacked for me, getting out of your ship. Lol.. Elite is still cool, the star chart in elite is hands down better, but these worlds are beautiful. I'll definitely try this permadeath at some point. Right now, I'm getting to that point on normal, where there's no danger even though i'm only 25 hrs in. I don't want to stock pile and carve out a long game on my first run. With survival adding a trophy for venturing to the galactic center, I'm pumped to rough it and 'grind out' a decent base and finish exploring on survival difficulty. I really don't want to see everything and plat it on such an easy mode. I've done a little research, hope I don't bite off more than i can chew. I want the gathering, grinding, and surviving to be for that end game center and finish the main storyline I'm a ways through already, but with a sense of purpose and a little more excitement, even difficulty. Look forward to any help and will help on perma.
  2. I didnt save someone for a certain ending, and had 1 region glitch an assault. Looking forward to the next big update to play it some more. Most my crashes came near end game when i was lvl 50. Didnt force the plat so Im curious what the updates bring while I break from it.
  3. Thats 4 too many social medias. Can someone translate this post? I just added Greedfall to my library, for 0k.
  4. The mantis blades with beast mode/bezerk are op. And Im on hard and have reflexs to 16. Shredding enemies b4 they know wtf happened. Locked myself out of 10 out of 10 trophy bc I leveled without trophies in mind. Cool is my lowest. Kinda excited in the future to do 1 more playthrough with a aggressive lopsided build, but loving the balace atm though. I find using the blades does wonders for athletics. I run everywhere and it barely leveled b4. Highly suggest playing with the blades. Super fun.
  5. Believe i bumped my inner deadzone from .05 to .10 and it stopped drifting. Im using my controller, I play Apex with (Holding Left Analog upward quite aggressively throughtout) so my issue could unique. Hope you find a solution. Drift can be frustrating to say the least.
  6. Make your own decision and not listen to people on here telling you it's a MUST refund. Ps5 has crashes too, from reading maybe more..? Nothing's perfect. Framerate is way better on my base ps4, after the update, days ago, and a 17 gb update is dl'n rn. and last night I had two blue screens in a long, fun as hell session. That's what im doing. Trust your intuition. Do you. I'm finding it hard to moan about this game. It's refreshing, even with a fumbled kickoff.
  7. Welcome to the melting dreams of being, right with zero acknowledgment. Adds to the flavor when you're intuition had it right, yet the mob encircles you. I don't/trying not to worry about being understood anymore as I get a little older. Glad the 2nd update came out as fast as it did. A lot of fixs, the buescreens need a tad bit of tlc to say the least. Really good game, and a bonus that into today's day and age it wasn't full blown lefty woke, ideology. It was a genuine product of creativity. P.S. They know you were right, people will never admit it. Go one with sri Lankage, my wizard child.
  8. I've been streaming on ps4, so you can literally look up my joke of a yt for ps4 base gameplay if you want a peek.. I can't imagine going through the trouble or encouraging people to refund this, it'll be a big mistake. First update already has the game rockin'. Again maybe my ps4 is just feeling 'good'. Hope people give it a chance, this is a keeper, even with a fumble at launch. Have a great day all!
  9. The update has it really running better on base ps4. Combat is so much better. I got be honest, I'm not sure what game east is playing. I find the world and npcs pretty deep. Theyre having convo's ect, maybe not with you all the time. The depth in this game is crazy. And not all the time are they talking, but to say the city is dead is pretty out there imo. I've seen a few gang fights, police vs gang. I'm grateful the update really, really made it that much more enjoyable/playable. I assume more updates will come. Now they, need to work on the blue screens. 1 tonight. What difficulty are you on eastmvp? Im on hard and I'm loving the immersion, stealth and reward. Im guessing you're on on normal or lower, but you did already delete it... So it says a little bit of your patience with it. Got some good guns now and still run into gangs I need to avoid. A lot of side missions, the story is crazy trippy. It's not perfect, but Its playable with new update.
  10. I've had it blue screen twice on the same mission. But besides that, I've only noticed frames drop at times, and lag because this game is enormous! I've probably played 15 plus hrs of it so far... The depth is crazy on every level/area. I agree with/about just about all complaints for the most part, but I've turned motion blur and film grain off, messed with the gamma, and tweaked my sensitivity and especially ads sensitivity and I'm quite literally loving this shit. I absolutely see the lower res graphics, I have pretty good eyesight, but im getting used to it. I understand the frustration about the state of the game is in from others bc I'm a big preacher vs the current 'era' of gaming and this trend of releasesing unfinished products. But for the most part pre ordering it on ps4, I'm not as dissatisfied as everyone else for some reason. I have taken good care of my ps4, and trust a few updates will come. I have no real reason to rush out to get a 5. Sure it's clearly going to run better on it, but besides that... Atm what games, right now, are/were waiting to be released with the 5? It's out. Spiderman? It doesnt feel like when the 4 came out. The ps5 had wait written all over it, in my opinion, compared to the hype of ps4s release and subsequential games with it. 5 is a better version of 4 where 4 was a new world to 3. Who knows, maybe I simply dig the future esk party vibe and gta feel and have had better luck than other ps4 buyers for some odd reason. The game's next level, I mean you can create a guy, and slap a vagina on him! I'm found it funny they had one vagina to pick from... P s My dude has meatlog number 2. The saving grace is that its playability will be there down the line, for different runs as well I wholeheartedly believe. I'm assuming it will be played more, for longer, and appreciated for its originality, story, freedom, than other games people bought on day1 with other hyped releases. I havent bought a game or pre ordered since red dead 2, so I'm enjoying it, even with the obvious issues.
  11. No difficultly based trophies? Guess I'll start on normal... Any recommendations for those already, in game? Cheers all! have a great night Editology: Went with hard difficulty. Streetkid. One blue screen, but this game is quite deep. Taking it slow and enjoying the atmosphere, messages. The customization is ridiculous so far running pretty smooth on ps4.
  12. CyberFunk2020 almost here!

  13. Exactly, different opinions crashed quite hard with this game. I'm glad you made your own call and enjoyed it. I'm quite passionate and intense with my values and research. Politics aside, I do believe this game dropped the ball in many area's, which need not to expand a ton on. I believe they had a few radical progressives in the making of it and it showed. People played it and seemed to put it away quicker than the first, that fact alone, to me said a lot. The first was legit amazing, hence the passion and research 'we' did. We weren't trying to shovel anything, I promise. There might of been shovelboardage both ways. Just trying to bring a little light to the darkness. Have a great week.
  14. I don't believe it works like that. Maybe, but I recommend challenging yourself. I just beat no ordinary wang on shadow warrior (1). It was, one trophy, but oh so worth it. Frustrating, fun, adrenaline rush of a nuthouse playthrough. Max payne 3 hardcore level difficulty. I loved it. On topic though, I think you're going to need to play this game/shadow warrior 2/ twice anyway if I'm not mistaken... if your trying to plat it. Enjoy this game, seriously it's crazy fun. I still havent tried co op. "Pursue what's meaningful, not what's expedient." ...As i load up My name Mayo 2 lol .. In the end do what truly makes you happy/gives you a sense of purpose.
  15. I find that disgraceful too. Buy up mayo 2 if you please, which i found the 1st ridiculous but kinda funny. But when you region it, (i dont know how, care to know, or do) i find those profiles abhorrent. It wasn't enough to play x, i need the eu version now... Thats when trophy hunting has gotten out of control when you need multiple gimmes of the same game. I might try this 1 out, who knows, but to buy it again on a new region almowt feels like cheating. To each their own.