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  1. Hows the crow taste?
  2. So close to 70 i can smell it

  3. K to the Free. Love you man. Holla.
  4. Im giving this a go, the 1 inning so far, and have about every team cheched off. did this work for anyone else? I'll be sure to update. Already played many stadiums in franchise so who knows what counts
  5. Just the main menu's music had me in a trance Daughter-The right way around Very few games do what this did for me.
  6. What a masterpiece of competition and accomplishment... Fun game at times, might have to re dl and knockout what trophies i can now that its a running joke of a plat anymore. It really is. The amount of cheating and workarounds is astronomical. Rat race!
  7. I understand the castaway dynamic, but this game is pretty damn janky. It makes 7 days to Die's, looting, Digging, crafting ect, look and feel like ps6 material. A friend could, would make this funny/more enjoyable. Really have to be in 'wilson' mode to get into this, even though my intuition says its going to be pretty fun if I fight the negatives this title showcases right out the gate. Think i'm still early in my frst playthru, probably need a restart with a small plan and adjust to what the game is, not what i want..
  8. On hardcore this is impressively frustrating. Skiing was pretty cool tbh, but something is off a lil with this compared to even battlefield 1. Despite the frustrating levels, each one had the one capture or destroy that was a pain in the neck. Actually enjoyed hearing about lesser known stories, true or not. It wasn't the worst capaign ever, bc all it was, was a difficult tutorial, especially on hc. To say it had no depth is to be dishonest.
  9. Just give control of the flashlight, I knew when this was in the upper 38 gbs somethings up. (thats low compared to most big games), and i believe smaller than 7. So far this game has been, just what that guy said, failing at action n horror by trying to hard, just do one or the other... Still enjoy it, but if you can't be critical of something, there's no freedom of speech. The brightness and graphics lighting wise are a slap in the damn face, its 2021. Its like they got lazy. 7 pulled me in a lot more, storywise, characters, setting. . Lets all be honest, re4 is great but its gets too much hype imo. I look at games like dead space or evil within, and think, how can your lighting, flashlight idea be so damn aweful? Again it ps5/4 2021, no more giving these games excuses. I feel like the game lacks good color in most environments.
  10. Jenny did Drugs. More games need to give their employees drugs, because they nailed how to do collectables, if you are incorporating them. Also I just started and I'm loving the third person and 'drug' :] moments. Trippy.
  11. I've noticed this a tad too. It's like dav has a little more going on. This is the mod that gave me a write up for trolling. His attitude reeks of biased, vengeful, moderation more often than not, and bravo for you speaking up. Badge of honor to be given a year warning for stating the facts of progressive ideology when it came to TLOU2. Trolling... Not trying to resurrect this post or start any drama, but I have to say you aren't crazy for your observation, as a Mod I would hope for a little more professionalism as well and a little less, attitude and attack. P.S. Grateful this game is free. We're living in a time where nobody has the courage to question people, so you did nothing wrong. There's a reason I have a year warning, and it's not for trolling, it's for having an unpopular opinion that didn't match the mob's.
  12. They did. I'd say over half the people DID NOT earn the actual trophy legitimately, unlike what cake said on pg 2. Its as simple as that. Professional quitters with dedication have this trophy outside the most skillful/lucky fall guys. This trophy probably has even more than 50 percent illegitimate earned users. You were never meant to be able to quit, and any competition, we all know quitters never win. Its cheating the system, to get your participation trophy. That what it was, End of story. Simply a bad trophy, and old news. It really holds zero prestige to have it because people more than likely cheesed it in the rat race that was that first month of the game. Its possible if you know every small trick in every mode, to do this and I commend your commitment, but if you're just above avg to good fall guy player, 5 wins in a row is laughably impossible. The rarity is already ruined... It should be sub .50%, instead its 1.7% ish. Its too bad for those that earned it legit. Always be an * next to it.
  13. I understand, I got that sense of relaxation, but isn't it a mysterioussetting we're in? A little' faster wouldve been appropriate if you really geek out and figure out how slow the walking would be in real life in similar variables ... It in my opinion hits on the tranq, but also is simply just to slow. I think it ruins aspects of immersion. Like i'm wading through the sea of tranquility. After awhile I'm looking for my Nike', bc I'm curious about the next area. I would never walk this laid back.
  14. The pace at which the user is walking is simply Michael Myer's horror movie I'm chasing you down-- speed. It's comical. Actually a pretty game, and worth the crawl around the city so far. But that walking is impressive.