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  1. Just dont unlock scorch you sweaty knuckleheads. Every trophy seemed to unlock to perfection for myself and friends. even when a friend did unlock scorch she counted. Do your trophies with saint, base characters and it seems your cool. Also seems pre f2p scorch players (shes op) have this problem w/ trophies. Havent heard many complaints from people who got it for free. Gl I unlocked, Chaac, then Lancer.
  2. Unless I'm way out of the loop and early buyers have a glitched and different version of the game i downloaded for free, I'd try not purchusing a primary weapon in a game. Try saint, anvil, ronin, ect. It's not glitched. Maybe for some characters that I've not witnessed, but the trophy is popping for everyone i know playing the game with base characters right now. Sounds like a you issue. You got this.
  3. Yeah this new mode is anything, but easy. It's based on race skill mostly, and people are playing it bc the team games are only fun if you are lucky as fuck/squad up. So the new mode is awesome in a sense, bc atleast YOU lose. I can live with that. The down side is you're playing vs people with better race skills. I simply couldnt play a drawn out stale, unfinished, one mode again and again season 1. It was mind numbing. Season1 had a system where users didnt try and avoided games bc they (the games) were THAT bad, on people's run for infallible, which had to be hair pulling. Trophy is 2.0% + now. Lol. Pretth much ruined a trophy that should be sub 1%. I look forward to playing new races, with good competition. I am fallible.
  4. I disagree, this is the mode i specifically called out that they needed. No team games, just races n solo survival. Only if you could do solos though... No teaming at all. This is why i stopped playn first season bc the team games were abhorrent and not worth worrying about or continually playing in the 3rd or 4th rnd. The second season has brought more free crowns, a bunch, and a new mode. Oh and I could care less about infallible still, i simply look forward to playing a more complete and polished product. There was never a hurry to me.
  5. Think its a problem with my lineup or on my end. Thanks, i thought the same thing. Its a solid mut mode i enjoy from the past
  6. I remember this being my favorite mode in mut for getting coins and building your team. Its akin to a mut season/franchise mode vs ai. How come its unavailable? I find this inexcusable, really. Its madden20. Its 2020. Any help or idea why its down? Thanks.
  7. This game needs better content, which is sad to say. Bc at first it seemed really worthwhile, then, like most awaken to the fact that you really aren't enjoying repeating average content. I hope season 2 brings the races and survival, unique finals and adds a solo mode. I could care less about season length, i want the damn game to be worth Because i believe there's massive potential if they learn from season 1. it simply not worth playing rn, or gringing out 10 plus levels for me. At a certain point this game causes an internal reflection, and season 1 is really lacking. In that case it should b shorter if theyre going to be incompetent w/ server, content and quality.
  8. Great game. Actually seen a surge in mp bc of the new Zombie Army wasn't as tough or atmospheric., per others I met in game. Think it made people want to replay or try it. Made by the same people as Sniper Elite
  9. Anubis was our pick, less turrets, and took it slow. A few key set pieces where sniper is ver ycrucial, and end game assaults need lmgs to be honest. I bought the m60 for a day and it held up. The hordes at the end require atleast, the rpk, at 75 a clip, to m60 at 200. Communicate reloads. Xmb is 100. Beat it twice. Earth shaker, imo is NOT the easist. Got close a few times and sure its possible. But it is a different beast. Take your time, rock warlord, or armor with regens health/armorat the very least. Do you're class job, and stay alive. Its amazing, when nobody trys being the hero and 5 brains work together its very doable. EVERY person has to be competent, and thats why this is fairly hard/rare. If youre a medic, you should not be looking for kills, you are so crucial. Same with engineer and keeping assaults, and snips armor up when they are in peek battles as theyll do alot of the killing at times. Its the little things, meet people. I suggest trying both maps, people do play it. Ps having resurrection coins is a must. Really enjoyed our group of guys. Great communication
  10. Do bears shit in the woods?
  11. I backed away from infallibility's silly ass months ago. Quite quickly, seeing the team based elements. Went on to plat and have a blast co opin warface. More skill based, and co op was challenging. The fever around this game and the hunger for a trophy truly not earned turned me away to game(s) I enjoy. infallible ain't got shit on any of the 'top' trophies out there. Not worried or especially envious of people that 'got' it. I say the trophy can kick rocks, don't worry, do you.
  12. Might have to fire this madness back up. Appreciate the heads up.
  13. Just did mars spec op on easy, no natural order popped. Hell of a mission for 'easy'... Kind of sucks it didnt reward the player for a 57 min completed mission. Anyone else have troubles with spec ops?
  14. Been wanting to get back into this. But that first week or two love is far gone. The disconnects are disheartening. It takes away the fun in the pursuit. The team games, the same. I'm really struggling to enjoy how and when theyre implemented.. They seem so childish and gimmicky. I don't mind the soccer one or getting the balls in your section. The others just kill my care for the game. And is mostly where I lose along with finals. I hope season two brings more race and survival modes. And really think about if team games should be in a br style game. Imo i doubt theyll remove teams games. They really just arent that integrated well enough, usually are after 3 qualifications, and poof, your done to a jump through a ring game or team tail touch. Don't fk me over with other dingleberries on my pursuit to be the last standing. I was doing well. It simply doesnt feel right as a competitive person. I can tell when a 'sport' or event isn't set up for skill, but more so for the luck, and fun of the randomness. Again, to me w/the servers/the team games im really struggling to justify more than a game or two. I have no idea how people grinded this. Besides adderall.
  15. I got a warning less than a month ago (first ever) talking about how trash this game is w/ its political garbage infused into it. But abby says trans rights! Trolling it said. Seems... I was right davy. You can never satisfy the mob. good luck on your intense grounded and permadeath runs guys. What a terrible idea for a cinematic leftist progressive made tlou2. Rip Joel. He died to the same people trying to tear our country down.