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  1. Elemental monsters online card game.. I had abwt 70p credit left and that was the only game i cud buy, wish i hadnt bothered it was a rip off at 70p. And also sam and max... That was dreadfull
  2. Outlast is a very scary game, but also fear 2 creeped me out a bit
  3. A million ways to die in the west - absolutly hilarious film
  4. Just completed it today, very sad ending. Its very clever how they have done it so u can control both characters on one controller although i did keep forgetting which stick controlled which person so ended up walking all over the place which was bit annoying lol
  5. Im havin a lot of fun playin this game, the boss fights are awesome. Okay yes it doesnt feel like a mgs game but theyve tried to bring something different and have done a good job in my opinion i would give it 8.5/10
  6. Tekken - hwoarang Mk - scorpion
  7. Have to admit i wasn't sure what to expect from this game before i played it. But now that i have played it, i really am enjoying the gameplay of it as its very fast paced and theres a lot going on. To be honest theres not many shooters like this out there at the moment so its different. Admittedly i havent been following the story line to it but i am just enjoying the gameplay. I would give it a respectable 8/10. What are your thoughts on this game?
  8. I really enjoyed this game, it had a great story line and the combat was very good - similar to batman arkham games and being able to customize your combos was very unique. Had a lot of fun playing this and in my opinion it has been really under rated, personally i would give it 8/10. The only gripe i have with it is the story is fairly short, and hard difficulty is not very hard at all apart from the H30 battle which I died a few times but that was it really. I highly recommend this game though and you can probably pick it up pretty cheap now.
  9. oh no your kidding me, i'm assuming not many people play it on multiplayer as its an old game, looks like i will have to start a new game then... brilliant
  10. Hi all, Just finished the part where i save radagast from the spider, there was a cut scene telling me about the dragon in the gray mountains. I then went to proceed but there was no gray mountains on the map, my current mission tells me to 'travel through mirkwood to the home of radagast'.... correct me if i'm wrong but have i not already done this and saved him from the spider? is there something i've missed? or is this a glitch that somebody else has experienced? hope somebody can help.
  11. Need help with these trophies - bros gonna bro, best friends forever, teamwork. If anybody could help then please add CCFCadam and send me a message.
  12. FIFA 12 is my rarest platinum at 1.95% ultra rare
  13. finally got it, managed to avoid the weirdos and got through to actually playing the game. Thank god that's over
  14. Lol yeah i had somebody ask if i was a boy or girl, there are some real douchebags on this game, i'm on 21 dive in levels but its took me over an hour to get about 2 levels
  15. this is just ridiculous, its so stupid i go to dive in level and then i go to some random persons pod where they are running around putting stickers everywhere, changing clothes etc. never actually get sent to a level. Anybody else had same problem with this trophy? If you have was there an easier way of getting it?