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  1. The issue i believe is with PLAYSTATION PLUS , the Playstation Plus account owner gets locked out of the game which is why you can get connected with secondary accounts
  2. The servers for this game are so wonky , almost every time i load the game you get the error message you cant connect but then it finally connects after 3 or 4 reloads
  3. Party Tokens need online
  4. I didnt see the trophy list yet
  5. Yes the Severs are region locked
  6. I got my Ultra SF Ps4 version added to my PS4 Download list today
  7. here is your answer
  8. Thanks for the info
  9. so just two ps3s and the game will start and you need 3 for some trophy requirements ?
  10. thanks for update , how many players to start a match ?
  11. Sorry I deleted everything off the hard drive, but you need another PSN player to start matches just adding extra controllers does nothing you will sit in Lobbies endless waiting for another PSN player
  12. The Public Games will no longer start unless a separate PSN player joins the match, so if you are using multiple controllers you still need another player to join for the match to start. You will be kicked from the server if you idle for less than 45 seconds , this means if you are using multiple controllers you need them to be active at all times as well
  13. This statement is totally wrong XP & Prestige does not work unless you are online
  14. Sad news , but this just means the focus will be on getting the plat now
  15. I never saw it posted so just reminding players even thou the Xbox 360 servers still work, PS3 servers were closed years ago around Mid 2011