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  1. All Star weekend and still no Sony Server sync yet , Top Trumps Turbo a Vita game out over 6 months just was synced today so I guess there is still some hope
  2. Unless Marvel has contract to pulled the license in Oct seems like Capcom would not bother killing servers
  3. Yeah I agree on the Solo , just shocked how this game has failed I guess Microtransaction backlash hit this game hard
  4. The Severs in peak times seem slow already...Trying to find a heavyweight Ultimate team match takes close to 4 to 5 min. And we are 2 weeks now after release
  5. Follow this video method takes at least 15 to 20 min
  6. multiple ps4s will not work for this game the server will disconnect one ps4 after 15 seconds the match starts unless you can use a separate ip address in your ps4s
  7. Thanks to midgetstrawdog got info Your Wall needs to be under 4 % and then you can win for the trophy to pop
  8. must be on server
  9. Edinhon Thanks for the info
  10. Hi Just wondering if anybody had hints for this trophy Thanks
  11. Yes I did find that error in the check list thanks for posting thou..I am right now going thru a 3rd time...My guess is I might need to use a new character and replay story
  12. everything works as of right now.....seems like my is glitched i played every one twice...I know that Buri's Estate is missing but seems weird...any thoughts ?
  13. Yeah I think you need to get the Four Characters to Level 10 and then you can buy the Omega Prestige not 100% thou i Need to try 1st
  14. CONFIRMING Servers still work as of 8:23pm USA Time
  15. Very interesting development, I am willing to try as I have yet to earn the trophy after months and months of trying...