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  1. This article from 2017 mentions Ratalaika Games so not sure if they are still porting the game but trophies sure look that way
  2. Thanks for posting and sharing
  3. I wonder what the Battle Royal Player cap per match be
  4. Worked perfectly thanks
  5. The new trophies are on site here at Psnprofiles
  6. Also confirmed it does not work with champions
  7. I was wondering if they were gonna release a Sequel video-game to match the movie
  8. Gamefly has the game on sale this week for 7.99
  9. looks like Xbox 360 got their JDTV back maybe works now
  10. Fingers crossed DLC Price will drop on this game but then again Frantics has gone on Sale just once compared to the other Playlink titles
  11. I have this Turbo Controller and I can give it top marks
  12. I think from videos of KOP Decades it might be a separate game as all the characters in the video are new
  13. I love the Playlink/Use your phone as a controller games it is a great concept and perfect for the family to sit down and play after a meal and enjoy something different I dont mind how hard the game is I will keep supporting Playlink games My only fear down the list is you are the mercy of Google & Apple to keep the apps on their respective app stores so new people can keep playing in the future
  14. Its in the NA Store today 11-6-18
  15. This is a PLAYLINK title