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  1. I opened a brand new copy and code was not accepted since I guess they removed it from Store who knows
  2. Never had a server issue all week got the 50 wins and the PPV today
  3. I saw it was Double XP On XBOX One so maybe on PS4 as well
  4. Blitz battle is a 64 battle royal player mode this will be the make or break for some
  5. Trophy popped today I reached level 13
  6. Had same issue and now level 12 on all still no trophy
  7. Hopefully not a recent glitch that has taken place
  8. I reached level 11 on all three classes and no trophy any thoughts
  9. TOP 3 no kills play solo and just hide till last 3 players and then die make sure you dont kill anybody along the way As for Wearing Camouflage I dont know that answer
  10. Wilderness king Complete all trophies 26th Dec 2019 7:08:05 AM 5.26% Very Rare [Platinum] Wild lonely wolf Take first place in single mode 20th Dec 2019 4:30:34 PM 18.09% Rare [Gold] Wilderness Ryoo Take first place in Duo Mode 20th Dec 2019 6:21:49 PM 18.75% Rare [Gold] Wilderness captain Take first place in squad mode 20th Dec 2019 7:17:02 PM 24.01% Uncommon [Gold] Wilderness elite Take 1st place in total 10 times 24th Dec 2019 9:38:48 AM 10.20% Rare [Gold] Submachine gun veteran Defeat 50 enemies with submachine guns 24th Dec 2019 7:33:33 AM 7.57% Very Rare [Silver] Rifle veteran Destroy 50 enemies with a rifle 21st Dec 2019 9:31:58 PM 10.53% Rare [Silver] Grenade veteran Defeat 30 enemies with grenades 26th Dec 2019 7:08:05 AM 5.26% Very Rare [Silver] Pacifist Enter TOP3 with 0 kills 20th Dec 2019 3:23:19 PM 25.66% Uncommon [Silver] Master of Shooting Defeat enemies more than 150m away 20th Dec 2019 4:05:23 PM 31.91% Uncommon [Silver] Important thing Rescue teammates 20 times 21st Dec 2019 9:30:38 AM 7.89% Very Rare [Silver] Wilderness bounty hunter Defeat 5 enemies in one regular battle 20th Dec 2019 2:51:42 PM 26.64% Uncommon [Silver] Battlefield medic Reach 500 therapeutic doses in one battle 21st Dec 2019 3:07:05 PM 8.55% Very Rare [Silver] The strongest weapon Defeat enemies with AWM 21st Dec 2019 11:08:10 AM 15.79% Rare [Silver] Strong will Rescue three times in one battle 21st Dec 2019 7:17:23 AM 11.18% Rare [Silver] One trick Defeat enemies for the first time 20th Dec 2019 11:26:30 AM 68.42% Common [Bronze] Road killer Defeat 10 enemies with vehicles 21st Dec 2019 5:23:11 PM 12.17% Rare [Bronze] Fear of silence Destroy enemies with silenced weapons 20th Dec 2019 2:45:04 PM 32.24% Uncommon [Bronze] High risk high return Obtain a Supply Box 5 times 21st Dec 2019 11:06:06 AM 19.08% Rare [Bronze] I'm here to help, friend Rescue teammates for the first time 21st Dec 2019 7:26:57 AM 27.63% Uncommon [Bronze] Car mania Ride 5 land vehicles in one battle 21st Dec 2019 9:01:00 AM 19.08% Rare [Bronze] Yacht mania Ride 5 water vehicles in one battle 21st Dec 2019 10:01:25 AM 13.16% Rare [Bronze] Police! Stop! Destroy enemies with handguns 21st Dec 2019 8:34:38 AM 16.45% Rare [Bronze] Do I need a mask? Use 50 gas ammunition 21st Dec 2019 5:39:43 PM 8.55% Very Rare [Bronze] Dangerous toys Defeat enemies with a crossbow 20th Dec 2019 5:43:10 PM 14.47% Rare [Bronze] Fully armed Get a helmet (Lv3) and a bulletproof garment (Lv3) in one battle 20th Dec 2019 2:47:37 PM 34.21% Uncommon [Bronze] Perfect disguise Wearing camouflage clothing in battle 22nd Dec 2019 1:38:19 PM 13.82% Rare [Bronze] King of destruction Use over 300 bullets in a single battle 20th Dec 2019 4:30:40 PM 15.79% Rare [Bronze] Long distance race Travel distance in walking exceeds 1500m in one battle 20th Dec 2019 11:41:55 AM 71.38% Common [Bronze] nice shot Destroy more than 20 enemies with headshots 21st Dec 2019 4:36:51 PM 11.18% Rare [Bronze] Vehicle destroyer Destroy more than 50 vehicles 21st Dec 2019 4:56:42 PM 7.89% Very Rare [Bronze] Submachine gun rookie Destroy 10 enemies with submachine guns 21st Dec 2019 6:22:01 PM 14.14% Rare [Bronze] Rifle rookie Destroy 10 enemies with a rifle 20th Dec 2019 7:05:17 PM 24.34% Uncommon [Bronze] Grenade rookie Defeat 5 enemies with grenades 22nd Dec 2019 12:54:50 PM 6.91% Very Rare [Bronze] Stone age Defeat 5 enemies with melee weapons 21st Dec 2019 8:07:01 PM 9.21% Very Rare [Bronze] With a fist! Defeat 5 enemies with your fist 21st Dec 2019 9:49:01 AM 9.54% Very Rare [Bronze] Natural enemies of vehicles Defeat 10 enemies with a vehicle explosion 21st Dec 2019 6:11:28 PM 6.25% Very Rare [Bronze] Special technology Destroy 10 enemies with a shotgun
  11. I used FIFA 19 so I have no answer on Fifa 17 working
  12. You should try to Accept the EA Sports Terms on Newer Games Like FIFA 18 & FIFA 19 Blitz had same issue and using Fifa 19 PS3 terms you can enter the game
  13. I am sorry BUT i am sorry but these accusations are not true and there are no proof of this at all. I am shocked somebody on the Cheater Removal Team would be so forth right with such claims like this. Your post comes off as cold and attacking and with no facts
  14. MUD - Some of the now unobtainable trophies were added retroactively. Didn't appear on the profile for years, and they earned trophies for the game after when it now says they earned them. CFW \ RUSE - Backdated trophies no WA found