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  1. Just making a thread for players to list Team name to pop the trophy for Conference Champions
  2. Well said, people who think they can install game on September 24th and get carried or accomplishing the three trophies are in for a rude awaking. Even with a full set of cards to plant and leveled up characters CRAZY Difficulty is a hard spike. Those setting up a PSN Gaming session I recommend you pick players with alot of experience in the game. Just saying getting a big group together is not a strategy it is a mistake
  3. Boss Hunt is back
  4. Just a heads up you get 3 Quests at a time and they refresh every day so it will take your 8 to 10 days for you to unlock The Long Journey trophy depending on how you accomplish the quests.
  5. From Twitter With a heavy heart we announce that Hand of the Gods will be closing its servers permanently on January 1st, 2020. After this time, Hand of the Gods will no longer be playable. As a thank you, we are granting all players 100,000 Runes to enjoy the game before it is shut down.
  6. Thanks worked like a charm I used Daniel Jones on the Giants and released Eli
  7. Trueachievements has most guides up for all trophies
  8. Did you just pay for EA Access ? or did you buy the Madden 20 game thru EA Access
  9. If servers are closed on PS3 how can you sell this
  10. Thanks for posting the video
  11. I am wondering if this trophy blocked on the PS4 version of the game. I see no way to click on player names in Play Lobby or Chat. My guess if the VITA allows you touch screen feature. Any help would be great Thanks
  12. Here is link
  13. EA Sports announcement made on XBOX side which usually means PS4 is right around the corner
  14. Silver packs are still doable thou
  15. Service is working fine, even has updated commentary that the Warriors just Beat the Blazers. Quick Match still has alot of people I came across 20 different PSN players