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  1. Yeah I think you need to get the Four Characters to Level 10 and then you can buy the Omega Prestige not 100% thou i Need to try 1st
  2. CONFIRMING Servers still work as of 8:23pm USA Time
  3. Very interesting development, I am willing to try as I have yet to earn the trophy after months and months of trying...
  4. Here is how the game will be released
  5. any ideas if a separate trophy list
  6. $$$3.19
  7. On sale again today 3.19
  8. Still up as of 9-26-17
  9. FYI You are gonna need like 250 plus more games to reach LEVEL 100 online so no big deal when the trophy for 1 win pops
  10. Donzie75 Join Date: Nov 2008 Location: Scotland Posts: 876 View My Profile for anyone not sure about the online trophies u can still get all the mp done through the LAN connection if u have 2ps3s/games, i got this platinum recently and had no problems
  11. The glitched Code Monkey trophy in the NA Version of the game has been patched , it shall pop now
  12. Thanks for video walkthrough
  13. PS4/VITA list is the Vita Only List and Online is connected to Vita only so no PS4/VITA Sharing online
  14. sucks that ps vita version is glitched
  15. Thanks for the heads up pal I just put my preorders in