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  1. Adding my Name :PSN Trophydad Message me on PSN after you download mine and I will repay the favor Thanks
  2. Look here for info from Steam Sony quality control was poor when the PS4 came out and the last year it is down right deplorable Looks like game was in EU Store for less than 10 min and was pulled
  3. U get 30 Creation Download slots to fill in Total as you progress in XP
  4. Time to finish up the xp grind at least the Download 4 Download thread will be popping with new recruits
  5. I need the Battlestation Wins and the Rouge Wins as well but you need 10 plus to start a match
  6. Time to get your online trophies quickly
  7. Free is always good
  8. Im still searching everyday the Japanese communities and no luck finding a player
  9. Its doable boosting u just need the game to be part of the humble bundle again lol
  10. Can you help and state where the Communities are located ? within game or online on internet ? Thanks
  11. As of 3-5-18 servers still work
  12. I saw this article today
  13. Soldier Play 100 rounds in versus looks to be glitched I sent a message asking about a mix, i recommend others do the same
  14. All Star weekend and still no Sony Server sync yet , Top Trumps Turbo a Vita game out over 6 months just was synced today so I guess there is still some hope
  15. Unless Marvel has contract to pulled the license in Oct seems like Capcom would not bother killing servers