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  1. Thanks for the info
  2. Only trophy which seems to be glitched for me is Striker Fury Kill 3 enemies in a row in Versus. Requirements have been met over 15 times and still no trophy
  3. I am not sure why people like sheep keep repeating the same thing misinform bs over and over about the 5 NBA Today matches being unachievable even in 2K17 version PSNPROFILES has over 50 achievers after the 2016-2017 season ended in June 2017 ( Here is something even better the 2K16 version of the same trophy ( Again over 50 plus popped the trophy after the NBA Finals ended in June 2016. If you view the Xbox 360 side multiple people unlocked 5 NBA Today matches after the 2017-18 season ended in 2k18 People just need to stop copying misinfo from 1 or two trolls and making it fact You use method as written in the 2k16 guide over at TrueAchievement > From the start menu, choose NBA Today. Until the 27th of October, the "Featured Game" will most likely be Cavaliers v Warriors. You need to win this matchup 5 times in order to get this achievement. You may use 1 minute quarters to speed this up, however you cannot use Custom sliders. You can however use "Casual" sliders to make it easier. Choose whichever team you prefer and simply win 5 games. I would back out to the main menu after every game instead of choosing "Rematch" at the end of the game. Once the season starts, this solution will work for any game that is taking place on that day>. Thanks enjoy the rest of your day
  4. FYI NHL 18 has a Message in Game View my topic posted here... 3 Online trophies are gonna be offline very soon
  5. NHL 18 by DAVID HAGER, on Flickr
  6. EA is posting a message in NHL 18 Game that as of Sept. 1st 2018 all LIVE HUT Content will be ending, Hut Champions Season 28 will be final season ends 9-2-18 Competitive Seasons 18 ends 8-26-18 Some trophies are tied to these modes so get your trophies now I am not sure what else will be leaving as I couldn't find other info online
  7. What set did you complete ?
  8. Here is video of gameplay
  9. Its officially pulled from the NA Playstation Store , if you purchased the game it is still found in your download list
  10. You wont lose the plat, they could pull the game from your download list but odds Sony gives us a refund is slim to none. Odds are it will stay on your download list and the sever gets cut.
  11. Yeah since you worked hard already nothing wrong with submitting it to the site. If people believe in the refunds they should buy the game before its pulled and then wait for the refund to follow.
  12. In this day in age Battle Royal games need to be Free to Play due to the nature of the amount of players needed to fill the severs and on top of that why region lock the servers to begin with. We shall see if Sony even offers a Refund he speaks of, i enjoyed playing a Battle Royal game with trophies, if severs go down in next 10 days i probably wont get the plat but at least I have some of the trophies some. Its too bad cause the game is super easy to boost but there is not enough people who have the game to get some of the trophies
  13. True Achievements has some guides up for the achievements seems easy enough
  14. It seems Servers are locked to your region. NA players have two picks East or West and no way to combine them. Seems like our EU friends are having an easier time finding more players. I guess the game sold better in the EU. I have yet to find random players to play Squads with I always end up creating a New Lobby. Biggest Solo lobby was 15 , and Random Duo no more than 4 people. My guess is there are players who Squad up with friends instead of randomly searching Since the servers are dead Boosting the Trophies should be fairly easy but you will need at least 6 players plus in the same region if you tried to boost in Solo but Eight Plus for Squads