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  1. Its vita cant u deny the patch
  2. I believe u need to kill them
  3. Yeah they are around $5000
  4. TrophyDad MUD What trophies are you claiming were earned after servers were closed All online trophies were earned before servers closed. Have no idea why I am flagged . Trophies earned on offline mode didnt require online connection
  5. adding my name for D4D message me on PSN : Trophydad
  6. Pixeljunk Collection looks like a great deal for all those games
  7. Adding my Level Nintendo Switch Bounce P4P ( PSN TROPHYDAD
  8. Adding my Level Nintendo Switch Bounce P4P ( PSN TROPHYDAD
  9. I also got a response back this afternoon from them via Facebook They also confirmed working on a patch
  10. PS4 version is glitched right now for this trophy Code Monkey Enter a secret code as an answer. I have a facebook and tweet out to development team
  11. I dont think servers worked in over a year
  12. Top of the Ladder isnt working I can confirm, I tried everyday..I know somebody earned it on the 14th but no idea how
  13. I think the glitch depends if u play with a member of ur team who completed campaign
  14. Did the game get delisted ?
  15. Online is fairly dead but everything works still