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  1. 2012 & 2014 are still available in NA PSN Store but looks like 2013 is gone
  2. It seems game is still on Store but no way to buy the game https://psdeals.net/us-store/game/41/monster-high-new-ghoul-in-school
  3. Game just dropped from $19.99 to $4.99 on the NA PSN Store
  4. It seems Artifex Mundi has slowed down their PS4 releases
  5. Throne Room chests are 25k each so intros will require $125k in coins
  6. Awesome news thanks for sharing
  7. Save File Corruption on PS4 is still taking place, I am playing with my crew and so far two members of the group have had save corruption and MP stats lost
  8. Anybody have freezing issues online
  9. Very strange it got pulled from the store
  10. Awesome news time to head back to the game which i stopped when I read about the glitch
  11. Xbox one version allows for Xbox 360 save transfer so not sure if PS4 version will follow suit
  12. Thank you for sharing all the links
  13. Thanks for posting the method , My clan and I were able to secure the trophy last night
  14. https://comicbook.com/gaming/amp/2018/07/26/marvel-ultimate-alliance-games-delisted-activision/
  15. I saw this link on .org and thought I would post it here https://www.resetera.com/threads/list-of-de-listed-playstation-games-still-available-digitally-via-gamestop-us-last-day-march-31.107204/ Games Delisted still for sale with Online Trophies Wanted Corp Chivalry: Medieval Warfare The Expendables 2 Risk: Factions (I believe trophy for 5 players) And there is the Marvel Alliance PS4 Digital Bundle that will gone https://www.gamestop.com/ps4/games/m...-bundle/133151 Only game I dont own is RISK factions I might get it but it has that damn 5 player trophy