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  1. Thanks, I appreciate it!
  2. Hi, I'm wondering if this game would allow me to play the whole game with a friend, and both receive the trophies for completing it. I've seen some forum pages on other websites that say that you can play together, but you basically have to complete every mission once each as host in order to progress both save files. Is this true?
  3. Do both players earn the trophy when it's very specific? For example reverse the boat into the dock. Is it only the driver that gets it?
  4. I want this to have a trophy list, just so that I have a reason to play them all over again!
  5. Ha, thanks for letting me know!
  6. Hi first off all, I would just like to say that I really enjoy this game thus far! But, recently I've discovered that whenever I beat the daily challenge, it always tells me the same thing: "Rewards in 4 more daily victories" If I remember correctly, I earned a blueprint the very first time I beat the daily challenge, but ever since it always says the same thing. I've beaten every daily challenge every day since this game came out and I even beaten it twice one day just to see if the number would decrease. But nothing seems to work. Has it happened to you guys as well?
  7. My friend had it on pc and let me try it. It was fun, and now I'm going to buy it for sure day 1!
  8. How do you get the stage select option?
  9. THANK YOU! I feel much better now knowing that they are at least trying to fix it!
  10. So many glitched trophies for this game. I have well over 300 in my current save file. I deleted it to start fresh and made completely sure that I got over 100 coins from the tree's. Yet no trophy. I love this game, but this is very disappointing! 😥 Also, I just tested it with update 4.4 with no success as well.
  11. Then how would you be able to complete the notebook?
  12. I agree. So many trophies seem really bugged!
  13. Is there a difficulty related trophy in this game? I've been playing on hard mode this hole time, but I'm having some difficulty evading a lot of attacks.
  14. I actually found a few of those earlier now. There are different ways that I've found so far in order to locate them. 1. There is a sparkly light for a second down a hole once you enter a room. 2. In the forest, the book once mentioned to go down a hole in the room between the start and the boss room. I din't see any sparkles, but I did find the secret room by falling down in that room. I'm wondering if there are other kind of secrets in this game. Maybe something like secret rooms similar to The Binding Of Issac. 🤔
  15. Has anyone found any secrets yet? 🙃 I have not... 😐 Off topic.. I LOVE THIS GAME so far! 😍