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  1. I really wish there was a filter on the games page so I could easily tell what region they are available in.

    1. DEMON


      Not really much point considering PS3/4/Vita are region free.

    2. LouTheDroog


      I think he means that it should list what region the game is in. At least I wish that option was there.

    3. Graceful_Unknown


      Yeah what Lou said cause I hate seeing a game on here that looks good only to find out the is only available in japan or EU somewhere by going to

  2. You could just have your friend backup his save on yours or their ps3, ps4, or computer and reset and put yours on it and then reset it again when you are done and then he can restore it and not lose anything.
  3. Hey go to this forum for a tip and read #15 and #16, should help you with your problem.
  4. Looking for some people to play with in Ragnarok Odyssey Ace. Hrungnir keeps murdering me in the tower on floor 50.

  5. The servers on Destiny of Spirits are just plain shit, no wonder game is free.

  6. I think that was the idea because I know a lot of people passed on this game because the MP trophies can kind of be a pain in the ass. Hopefully it will make it easier to get the 10 kill streak. I think too that maybe they just want to close the servers since not too many people are on it anymore and connection issues with the online have been a pain for many.
  7. Gamestop took Tales of Hearts off of their pre-order list for vita, that is not a good sign and disappoints me greatly.

  8. Finally figured out a game that would be awesome for the vita. Chair entertainment should bring the Infinity Blade games to the PS vita. I think they would be perfect and I love all of them and would make great use of the touchscreen feature.

  9. Really want those tales games
  10. Cheaters are gonna cheat no matter what so I don't see the need in reporting him personally. I would say almost the top 1000 in the leaderboards are all cheaters but I guess some people just want to be considered good in something. I used to care but there really is no way of stopping them they are just gonna do it regardless so just focus on yourself and your games and don't care what others are doing unless it affects you personally that hinders your gameplay. That is how it almost always is if you look at hackers completed times. People can do what they want but you think they would learn to hide it and not make it so noticeable.
  11. If they could do every final fantasy through 9 I would never play another series of games in my life.
  12. Two of the three games he listed in OP are PS Vita not all of them are for vita. The playroom is on PS4.
  13. Finally got that Ragnarok Odyssey plat that has been eluding me!

  14. Hey Marvel if you get this game let me know and maybe we can kill out some of these online trophies. I will have game sometime next week.
  15. Killzone handles really well on the vita in my opinion so I would recommend it. The only problem with Killzone is getting use to the button layout a little, but at the same time it gives you option to do things with either buttons or touchscreen. I actually prefer the shooters on vita over the shooters on consoles because of only the one L/R button. To me it seems easier to know what button to hit and seems to flow better. I thought Resistance had very good controls also.
  16. Dude I don't see a logical route or specific order to complete them in cause unfortunately quite a few of them either are grinds or have long MP grinds. If you need help in Ragnarok Odyssey though man I can help you with the story since I still need to collect all the cards anyway. Although I would recommend beating through the ones that you have more than 10 trophies first.
  17. Really wish they would make an Elder Scrolls game for the vita.

    1. RisewithBane


      Highly doubt it. Vita doesn't have the install base. Also, Vita games don't sell that well at retail. So, it's not worth Bethesda making it. Business is business.

    2. HaSoOoN-MHD


      It's a really viscous cycle. No install base because no games and no games because no install base.

  18. So mad right now let a friend borrow my copy of Ragnarok Odyssey and only needed like 8 cards to guarantee me the play and somehow my save got deleted and know have to play through game again and get the cards again. Luckily someone is putting up 5 of the harder cards through near so I don't have to worry about those ones thank god.

    1. MidnightRadiance


      That sucks, as card grinding is annoying. Though you should've uploaded your save to the cloud

    2. Graceful_Unknown


      I thought I had backed it up on the game cause it had a backup option but I guess I was wrong.

  19. Wondering if someone can near me Scorpion it looks like I cannot get 5 stars in like 6 missions and would really appreciate the help. I usually get home from work around 6pm EST.
  20. There is a mission in chapter 2 I believe where you have to kill a lot of ants. The location is Mount something. Near the end you break a barrel and like 10 or so spawn because of it, that is where I got it.
  21. Picked up quite a few games off the 14 for 14 sale for PS3 and vita, can't wait to start some of them.

    1. Dr_Mayus


      what did you get? I picked up Far Cry and Lone Survivor myself

    2. Mr Incredible

      Mr Incredible

      I'm getting far cry. Cant decide if I want the worms game on vita or not.

    3. Graceful_Unknown


      I bought the Enslaved bundle, Epic Mickey 2, Killzone:Mercenary, and The Wolf Among Us season pass. Thinking about buying a couple more of them but can't decide yet.

  22. Love the bender reference from Futurama. Damn shame the show is done though
  23. That sucks that you couldn't get into Soul Sacrifice, I loved that game a lot. In my opinion it is one of the best vita games out there. I can't wait for this game though it is gonna be awesome.
  24. Having trouble with the recursion avalon pact in soul sacrifice, it is getting me really frustrated. Had to walk away for a little bit cause I almost chucked my vita in rage. It is pretty much all I need for platinum.

    1. JaM


      got also a problem with Penitence and Recursion... Deleted the game due to frustration >_<

    2. Graceful_Unknown


      i beat it this morning and got the plat. Thank god. Good game just frustrating further you get into pacts.

  25. I think it is sad myself for people to account share. What did people really think would happen when trophies were introduced? Now because of trophies and achievements on games people get judged based on amount of trophies they have and platinums. All account sharing shows me is people are willing to do anything to feel like they are the best.