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  1. PLATINUM # 101 Uncharted : The Lost Legacy
  2. PLATINUM # 99 The Last of us : Remastered PLATINUM # 100 Uncharted 4
  3. that got my emotions up , Witcher 3 was the best gaming experience for me. here's hoping we ll see more in the witcher universe soon
  4. anyone know what is delta daily ?
  5. I was able to play last night as well finally
  6. maximum i got to were 3 players and they all left after waiting and nobody else joining
  7. does the event start with 2 players or you need all 8.
  8. anybody tried pro tour? i cant seem to find other players in this game mode was able to join jam sessions no problem
  9. same here cant find a game as well . dont know if many people are playing this
  10. Platinum # 86 FIFA 17
  11. same problem here i am almost level 4 with medic no trophy I knew it was too good to be true reach level 2 for a gold trophy. EA with the curveball, how you like them apples on a serious note I hope DICE fixes this
  12. I dont wanna be that guy but it could be a PS4 version of RDR. But if its a new Red Dead......oh boy oh boy oh boy R* pleeease can i has?
  13. Got Until Dawn to play when I have friends over. Too scared to play on my own
  14. I think they should change the trophy for online draft win to maybe a tournament win or get into fut champions weekend tourney. I think these trophies require as much skill as fut draft (maybe more?) except you dont have to dish out 15k coins for every attempt