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  1. at this point in FIFA 20 it will be very difficult to reach Div4 from lower divisions if you are not very good at the game. The reason is players from div 1 to 4 have relegated themselves to lower divisions in order to find easier opponents to grind out objectives so you will find very good/ sweaty players in divisions 5 to 7.
  2. Let's say Sony has to react and respond to Microsoft's move and buy one of the major publishers. Who do you think they should go for and why ? P.S I am not saying Sony needs to, I just want different takes on who gamers think is a good suit for Sony. IMO Sony should buy Konami and rejoin Kojima and MGS.
  3. thank you, this is what was missing from this thread. name calling without actually name calling. NICE!
  4. I must have missed that part where she showed remorse EDIT : is this the part where Ellie tells her that Dina is pregnant when Abby has a knife to her throat and she says : "GOOD" ? I am sorry WHAT? Ellie seeing Joel at the end is a memory, a flashback from the night before Joel's death. she had that memory all the time till the moment she was drowning Abby. narrative just chooses to make Ellie remember that at that time so she can let Abby go and she did not remember that conversation ( which i remind you is less an a week old ) while killing WLF, SCAR and Rattler soldiers who had nothing to do with anything? All those soldiers who were following orders, surviving, protecting their territory. Ellie killed them in the hundreds and did not kill Abby and still got redemption and according to Neil in a spoilercast with Kinda Funny he said by not killing Abby she is still in touch with her human side. WHAT? if that was the point Neil was trying to get across then I think Ellie lost her touch with humanity around the 100 body count mark.
  5. I seriously hope you are joking!!
  6. IMO this approach was far better and might actually have worked. Abby is a far worse human being imo, when Ellie killed Owen and Mel she was unaware Mel was pregnant but Abby with a knife to Dina's throat when she came to know that Dina is pregnant she said 'GOOD" . it was Lev who stopped her. this is just one point and its a pretty big one. Abby is a remorseless psychopath I think the writers failed miserably in establishing Abby as a character in the light they were trying to portray. they tried forging Abby as a likable character after she started on the wrong foot with us and it was pretty BIG wrong foot. when Abby and Lev set out for the hospital on day 2 to get supplies I am sure everyone could see from a mile away what they were trying to do there, trying to copy paste the Joel-Ellie dynamic
  7. your guys take on this? why are they trying to spin the backlash to this game to just that people have issue with the game because you play as Ellie and it has a diverse line of characters? I am not saying nobody will have issue with that I am sure there are narrow minded people but you just cant blanket label everyone. I have issues with Joel dying the way he did but I can look past that but that ending Ellie letting Abby go because she remembered Joel playing the guitar and how she was ready to forgive him but that imo seems more of a reason to get her revenge. because finally she was ready to move past what happened in part 1 and build a stronger relationship with Joel, Abby robbed her of that. on top of that she even killed Jesse who is one of two friends she had. dont get me wrong here the game is a technical marvel and gameplay is above and beyond but I am quite iffy about the overall story Neil tried to tell here
  8. Dragon Age: Inquisition
  9. one of many things I hated about the plot is the halfassed attempt to humanize Abby with flashbacks, "hey look Abby has a dad, a love interest and a couple of friends so what if she murdered Joel, DONT YOU SEE SHE HAS RELATIONSHIPS TOO. even if you say ok I get it but then what about the 200+ people you murdered along the way? secondly the halfassed attempt to replicate Joel and Ellie's relationship with Abby and Lev. NO just no. and another thing the game forces you to choke Ellie to progress at the end. I am sure I am not the only one and even if I am , Ellie is my little baby girl you cant have me choking her with anybody and worse game chooses Joel's murderer. NO NAUGHTY DOG,YOU FUCK'D IT UP
  10. PLATINUM # 101 Uncharted : The Lost Legacy
  11. PLATINUM # 99 The Last of us : Remastered PLATINUM # 100 Uncharted 4
  12. infamous second son
  13. that got my emotions up , Witcher 3 was the best gaming experience for me. here's hoping we ll see more in the witcher universe soon
  14. anyone know what is delta daily ?
  15. I was able to play last night as well finally