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  1. I did all side quests but blabbed on La Fayette so that must be the trigger
  2. Has anyone else got the Mirabeau ending? I wasn't following a guide but ended up with the Mirabeau leading France and no trophies for the ending. I was under the impression it was only 2 endings and it was either/or. Have I just managed to avoid both somehow
  3. One of the HDMI ports is 2.1, I usually keep it in game mode on the PS5 but thats because I'm lazy and it looks great on game mode but if you want you can switch that off and tweak all the settings including reactivating only certain aspects of game mode Personally I love samsungs products so after getting the QLED I paired it with the sound bar and bask in the pure audiovisual feast. The only negative is that it has a feature which displays ads in the menu which you can turn off but takes a bit of looking to find the right option
  4. I've got a Samsung Q-LED and its perfect, also doesnt have the risk of afterburned images since I game a lot
  5. I just finished the PS5 version and after an initial diasppointing couple of hours I spent another 20 or so having an absolute blast. The rite powers & drift made me feel awesome and there were times barrelling through capital ships that could have easily been a cutscene in other games, followed by a second attempt where I absolutely munt myself into a wall. The weapons and powers felt responsive a number of side missions were nicely expansive and the relationship between Forsa & Naran shows a nice evolution. I will admit that I was annoyed with the whispering inner monologue initially but it grew on me My main complaint is the lore isn't fleshed out enough for me. I think I got the majority of the memories but the game is crying out for a codex so I can refresh or reread notes with the new context. But thats my opinion, what does everyone else think?
  6. Once you've finished the game certain NPCs will give the cthonic companion when their relationship is high enough. You might have to do their side prophecy to unlock their remaining hearts or just repeatedly talk to them. Once they super like you they give you a companion they are seen in the equip cage thing under the golden tiles, and you can select them there
  7. You can only get it in elysium it stops the spawning of the tiny chariots, its very luck based My only advice is get the random well of charon item in elysium if you cant see the wheels release as it has a small chance of giving it to you
  8. You have to use the directional arrows to highlight it when driving (look at the lower circles on the HUD showing your upgrades) then press L2 Itll immediately throw off any attacking leviathan
  9. Its good, definitely takes what was great about subnautica and makes some improvements like making your primary vehicle modular so theres more adaptability. It als olooks cleaner and animates better. The main complaint is that its smaller, with less environmental variety
  10. As with everyone else, solo is definitely the way to go and approach the game like a puzzle opposed to a shooter its all about learning the moveset. As for weapons I tend to favour regular bullets, homing (for when the boss is elevated, and spreader/shotgun (for rapid close damage)
  11. Wolfpack is bugged on consoles, a patch just got released for PC which is in progress to be released by the devs awaiting platform approval. https://rebel-galaxy.com/patch-notes-september-26th-2020/ Apparently it will unlock if you have acheived the unlock goals once the new update comes into effect
  12. I haven't got a single vending amchine and I lifted every one I came across during the DLC then spent another hour specifically targeting them after leaving the sector restarting the game multiple times and still nothing. What the hell is going on?
  13. This game is crying out for a ps4 dynamic theme, its so beautiful. I just stopped at several points and goggled. I especially loved the tree animation as they dissolve and remodel
  14. If you have a chance to pick up the DLC its definitely worth it, it was 3.99 the other day. All 3 DLCs are really different and add to the lore especially the final one where you see what wellington wells is really like without joy tinted glasses. But I agree Arthur was way too long compared to the other 2 but had more interesting side quests, I'm especially fond of the butcher mission. Hehe
  15. I may be biased because this is my favourite game this year (even beating doom eternal) it just scratches a weird itch in me. And this DLC is a perfect expansion its a little short and could have used a bit more for upgrades but for just being able to spend a few more hours laughing and exploring it was great