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  1. Its pretty easy, you're going to have to play every hole on long and short tees with normal and tornado cup works out to be 504 holes. All the difficult stuff (Hole in one, birdie or better on each hole) can be done on tornado cups making it super easy. I'd say it'll take 20 hours and is 3-4/10
  2. Huh whoops can i edit that? sorted
  3. As title said if you're looking to get to lvl 100 nows the time to do it
  4. Is there a way to be alerted about FO76 Double XP without firing it up and checking? Im level 84 and those last few levels are becoming such a slog and I wanted to wait for a double xp to make it less soul crushing
  5. the real time speedrun is the hardest in my opinion you have to be perfect
  6. Definitely much easier, it also seems to be more lenient on the saber direction which makes some of those rapid sections a breeze
  7. I love the horde, mainly because they were my favourite aspect of the main game. I hated the marauder combat challenge because they immediately knew where you were at the start of each wave which made it a tad ridiculous
  8. Don't even consider it Ultra Nightmare is brutal you will die almost immediately without any of the upgrades, but if you manage it I shal proclaim you god of the wasteland
  9. Havent seen this posted here so I thought I should put some important bits up. The game does autosave which can be reloaded so no need to worry about crashes or playing the game non stop.- can be used as a backup just in case Falling off into the trenches does not kill you it just respawns you at your last site. Ironman must be played on an entirely new save file Be careful driving non phoenix vehicles if they explode you're back to square one - learned that the hardway, especially in the final mission with the xerxes tank which even on easy will fall apart in no time THe games still a bit glitchy causing you to be flung up into the air to suffer some serious fall damage or instant death - spend as little time running from one site to the next as possible Otherwise play on easy and this BS bronze trophy shall be yours
  10. To be honest i much prefer that to invisible walls atleast you have some hope of coming back but imagine being caught between a horde and an invisible wall that would create some serious rage
  11. Yeah I did one sentry purely for the project points it was not worth it. Plus those authority jetpacky sword weilding douchebags i emptied my rocket launher on one before he had the the good sense to die. This mode has not been thought through at all, it totally changes the way the game should be played from frantic shooter hell to cautious pick them off one at a time, except none of your weapons or skills are designed for that plus the enemy AI isn't geared that way
  12. If you're struggling on the hordes do the challenge to get you increased bullet penetration then hit them during the day. Plus the weapons you get for wiping out the hordes are legit, I am all about that special weapon muahahha
  13. That was NG+ honestly its just ridicoulous. If it wasn't on NG+ I'm not sure I would have managed it meant that I could speed through just the main quests on the Icarus. They did make the enemies hit harder too, you'll die in 3-4 hits
  14. Just did Ultra-Nightmare and the enemies are total sponges its ridiculous that last mission is so silly. The tank gets blown up in like 2-3 hits from the regular enemies it makes that final drive a serious gauntlet. But stick with it and you'll have that coveted bronze trophy. It was totally worth it right?
  15. No sure how many others have played this mode but I think they went a bit OTT on the bullet sponges I genuinely ran out of all ammo bar my grav darts and 10 pistol rounds on the final boss. For those looking to play this mode NG+ is almost a must with everything fully upgraded before hand