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  1. This one trophy was keeping me from the platinum as well. I started out waiting for a checkpoint, moving to the second player's lane and deploying Disruptor, then using Multiplier on my own controller and nailing the tracks. Didn't work. You have to actually start a phrase and the 2nd player has to Disrupt you while you play it. I always used Multiplier in case I needed the extra points. Hope this helps.
  2. Haven't gotten mine yet but I'm interested in customizing my PS3 profile colour and getting more trophies, including duplicate or slightly different trophies for games on multiple platforms.
  3. I've tried to open boxes in LittleBigPlanet that looked like they had green lights on them. In Home, I'd catch myself rushing toward people with cyan names.. IMO this should be standard or at least optional. I mean they are L&R triggers for a reason.
  4. i.e. this isn't the usual freezing fixed by a simple PS3 reboot. Every time I reach 99% initialisation, the whole PS3 completely freezes. I've tried every possible fix I could think of, on 2 different consoles and the problem persists. I've deleted all content for Home, including utility data, saved data, Home itself, and the cache, which leads me to believe the problem must be on the server/cloud/etc. This happened on my US account, which is the main one I use for Home unfortunately. I noticed some problems that recurred before it finally died: I'm kicked from Home more often than normal sometimes instead of being fully kicked, I'm suddenly retransported to the location I'm already in once after being kicked and logging back in, I went several months back in time. The loading screen showed an update bulletin talking about events to come in November 2013. sometimes if I'm in an app/game within Home such as a Lockwood Gift Machine, I'll suddenly be kicked from it and trying to access it again I'll be told it's currently not available and/or the "Play" option is grayed out. Interestingly enough, I've started noticing similar symptoms on my UK account (the 2nd & 4th listed above). I've since stopped using that one suspecting that it will suffer a similar fate if I continue. I've read a little around the net and others had this happen to them as well. Some of them made a new account, which I will NOT do. I'm thinking maybe after another Home ver. update it'll be fixed. Hopefully. I might test my Asia account to see if it happens there as well. US & UK both have challenges which may be a cause of the problems somehow. I dunno at the moment. I might say it has to do with the large number of items I have, but I hardly have anything on my UK account. If anyone has gotten passed this without making a new account, I'd be happy to know how.
  5. Guilty Gear XX ΛC+
  6. I think it's still in the Beta phase. What's up with that? Any way, of all the hundreds of random people I've met on Home across its 4 regions, I can say at least one become a good friend from the day I met her. I've always enjoyed it for the virtual cosplay & other interesting avatars, some fun activities & events & games, free stuff every now & then (including PS+ trials etc), but most of all just being retarded and random and making people laugh (which is how I met my friend (named iM_aDrUnK_LaDi)) back when Central Plaza was still around. I'm glad to see the other regions kept Home Square. One day not too long ago, she and I were semi-jokingly suggesting that Home should have trophies, after I'd asked her if she'd beaten Home yet. I never thought they'd actually add them. Were all of them retroactive, I'd have them all upon login, what with all my free stuff in-game and my (hundreds of?) megabytes of in-game pics etc. I gotta concur with a lot of what I'm reading in this thread. There's no shortage of pervs & trolls & pointless endless arguments on any given day. I've had several (apparently male) people ask me out or ask my gender. (Oddly enough, they only did it when I wore a male avatar.) Overall it's probably not quite as fun for me as it used to be, but that's mostly due to me being in a seasonal mood of not wanting to chat or meet new people, although it still happens and I'm not totally opposed to it or anything. I always enjoy the surreality of it. Random ninjas and balloon men flipping and floating and flying about while a UFO has a philosophical conversation with a griffon while everyone else just can't stop dancing. Meanwhile I run into Tifa as I'm I-No (from Guilty Gear, not Naruto) so naturally I have to transform into Cloud and pose with her. (After it's all over, I constantly see coloured text bubbles popping above people's heads IRL.) It's also pleasant when people recognize the characters I pose as. My most recent friend was met just because I was Dante posing at Peakvox Ninja where there are lights that make the avatars look cell-shaded. Heck, I've got lots of Home stories. Everyone who hates or loves it, it's all for legit reasons. I'm personally glad to see it still going strong and getting better. Even Japan Home which has ceased new content since months ago added trophies. Maybe someday Home will get passed its beta stage... btw, does anyone else's PS3 freeze every time they take a picture since the update?
  7. Although I generally don't really care for trophies, I'm glad there some insanely difficult/rare trophies out there (in other games too). I.M.O a trophy ought to feel kinda special like something you really earned and not everybody can say they earned, y'know like a real trophy, to separate you from the rest. (I'm ok with the fact that I likely won't get The Final Countdown any time soon.) That said, I wish RB3 recoloured in-game instrument icons for beating the endless setlist. After I learned it doesn't, I lost any desire to play it as that's the whole point for me..
  8. My 1st (& still only) platinum is Borderlands 2. It happened with no effort really, right at the time I actually started to (barely) even care about trophies. There are a lot of platinums I'll never get 'cause I absolutely refuse to do turtorials. ←Not gonna correct that typo either.
  9. I'd LOVE : Symphony X Daisuke Ishiwatari Iron Maiden Rush Darkane Pagan's Mind Dream Theater Linkin Park …& a game for multiple asian bands: Janne Da Arc, Siam Shade, JAM Project, High & Mighty Color, N.EX.T & more
  10. I have a set of characters all named after musical themes. My soldier is Tom like the drums.
  11. Lillith's Gloomy Puppet Show is the greatest move in any game ever.

  12. I read a similar comment from someone in Arc Systems Works as pertains to Guilty Gear as a reason why they wouldn't bring old GG games to new consoles/ focus on new GG games. Thing is, most people who love games, don't "grow out of it".
  13. Thanks ^__^ I only wish that online players could see my names :< like in BL1 on Steam, if you text chat.
  14. The characters I made in reverse order are: The Psycho ~ Kamikaze. I've still barely used him (currently level 12). The Ninja ~ Silent Slash is my main Many Must Fall slicing & dicing Assassin. (My Assassins on other profiles focus on other skill trees.) The Soldier ~ At first I named him All Guns Blazing but recently changed his name to Free. I love it as a name and it alludes to Sol-Badguy & Axton's divorce, ex-military status (I think), and bisexuality. The 'Zerker ~ I first named him ! which I still love but I'm gonna change it to All Guns Blazing, the name of Sol-Badguy's original instant kill attack (named after a Judas Priest song). It fits the Gunzerker for obvious reasons. The 'Mancer ~ Rouletta is named after one of my own charactors, Roulette, whose trademarks include unique guns, eccentric hair & attire, and randomnessness. Gaige's skills dealing with inaccuracy and/or ricocheting also related to Roulette who tends to shoot without aiming or caring who/ what she hits. The Siren ~ One day in a dream, I was in some sort of darkish semi-wilderness where there were people, animals, & perhaps monsters, & dilapidated structures. I don't remember which I did it to, but I aimed at one with my left hand and said "Freeze" trapping it inside a dark ball of energy as it hovered above the ground. Later that day (after I woke up) I watched a trailer for Borderlands 2 in which Maya did the very same thing, using her Phaselock. (Of all the things she could've said, "freeze" was the one.) This was the first time I learned of Maya's existence or her powers. The next day as I slept again, I kept picturing or dreaming BL2 arriving at my door (as I'd ordered it online). Eventually I got up and it was there . So naturally, I picked Maya first and named her Yume ~ she's named after me and for the fact that I used her powers in a dream before I knew she existed.
  15. I also found out that you can essentially clear hidden challenges, such that when they're unlocked, you go straight to whatever level completion you earned while they were hidden. (I went straight to level 5 on multiple Shotgun challenges after clearing "Open Wide".) All 3 times I found him was at Thousand Cuts, 2 times at the Competitor Deterrence Field where the 1st Constructor spawns. The more players u have, the higher his spawn chance. He probably has a good chance of spawning in the Badlands too; I've gotten several mini-loaders per run there by myself, but never Jenkins himself. He'll spawn from ammo containers, garbage, fridges, washers, basically any container except chests and poop iirc. Oh and I almost forgot, only the person who deals the finishing blow gets the challenge. I think.