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  1. I'm not sure what is happening with that regions challenges. i got the 25 min one after completing all the objectives totally by accident, infact i was surprised when i went down to the train that it was still doable - and tbf it did give me chance to work out a very workable strategy for getting down to the train and back out quickly. Basically, kill most of the enemies in that room from where you enter the area coming from where the sniper guy is and then jump off the end of the walkway into the water. I also hit the disable 10 devices with EMP without actually trying - i got it by quite literally walking past them with emp rounds and grenades - the only one i physically disabled was the camera near the top of the ladder on the dam. Not that i'm overly complaining - but i will prob look at that again either in NG or with my alt account to see more clearly why it occurred - not sure ifn it was mask or suit upgrades that may have helped also. Still a pretty good game, certainly way better than sgw3 - though the ps3 games still remain as some of my fave games. ^ Ah. i wonder if that is what i was doing with EMP's too. In the area where the sniper and jammer is i wasn't getting hit on by turrets or camera's - so either it is suit tech, or carrying loads of emp equipment. Will have a mess around when i get time to see.
  2. Got it today, first try, trying from the sniper / watch out tower in the left area of the harbour. Whereas before I was doing it from the right hand tower, ziplining down, it wouldn't work for whatever reason.... Not sure if it was necessary, but I cleared the whole area and did all other contracts before returning to kill Sekhov. The exfil actually took me longer to do from that left tower - I used a stop watch, had it down to 44 seconds with no trophy, but when it popped it was something like 57 seconds, so I'm not sure what the issue was. Anyway, its done now.
  3. Not sure why, i have done it about five or six times and it hasn't unlocked. I thought it may have been because i was using explosive ammo, but even with standard ammo, killing Igor Sekhov and exfiltraating in about 40 seconds does not unlock the trophy. It's typically the last trophy i need to plat. Anyone else having trouble with this? i see that people are unlocking it. I've followed a video guide without success, done it from different places and still nothing.
  4. I'm not playing it any longer, JF, and it is pretty time consuming.
  5. i did Point of Contact and the DLC with friends, and it's a lot of fun if you have a good team. Most of the Extinction trophies (with a few exceptions) can be done solo if you are pretty good. There is an element of luck involved with each maps completionist trophy - and if you get decent challenges then they're very doable solo or with another decent player but even with 2, 3 or 4p completionist can be problematic. There are a few trophies that you may need help with: Hardcore with a relic in Exodus: two relics in Awakening and the 4p in Point of contact are ones that spring to mind as needing coop - though tbf, finishing Awakening with each of the classes and killing all the ancestors in Exodus can be tough too. Finishing the boss in Nightfall in under five minutes can be tough if you have a relic too, as can beating it as part of the challenges with a relic (depending which relic you use). I'd suggest you have a team for at least half of the trophies. The best Armoury upgrades to have are Double Class, Cryptid Ammo and Scavenger (so you can loot boxes for Arks) but to start with, having the Ark attachment for pistol, and Start With a locker Key are both a huge bonus and will make all the maps easier. With Dual Class and Cryptid Ammo the maps are easy solo. If you play with randoms, you might notice that many high rank players will abandon a map once they have looted all the boxes if they don't find decent equipment (ie an Ark attachment) early on - douche bags get greedy and then leave you struggling without any boxes to open to craft items etc, so they actually make the map harder for those they abandon. Some players will abandon a map as soon as they fail a challenge, so you may get into a lobby with players who 'seemingly' know what they are doing only for them to quit the map when things don't go the way they want. There's no excuse for that tbf, i often play just for fun, but it ceases to be fun when a* holes loot everything they can and then bail. You will often see players running around looting while you are defending the drill or doing challenges etc. A lot of time (particularly in Point of Contact) players won't play the challenges set at each hive drill (ie kill x amount of aliens with an SMG etc) - which limits the amount of skill points you can apply... For whatever reason. Unless you are red hot solo then having a decent team is a big help in every map - i'd suggest joining a session or setting one up for the specific trophies / maps that you need. Setting up a session will help you find decent players for sure Good luck with it, and despite the negatives i've mentioned, it is a great game
  6. I can confirm that the eggstra trophies all pop between the ps3 and ps4 versions. Also, the Intel trophies will either pop, or carry over - if you can collect 5 pieces of Intel in one map on ps3, then the final piece(s) on the same map in the ps4, trophy will pop. When you then start that map on the other system, trophy will pop. Also, also, in awakening, there is a trophy for completing the map with all 4 classes. Once the trophy has been completed on one system, completing the map on your other system for the first time unlocks the trophy (ie once you've done it with all classes on the other). I have double class, but still had to complete that trophy with all four classes in the main slot - ie having medic, tank, engineer & weapon class as main class. For trash picker (POC trophy) you can more easily get that in either the exodus is mayday map as there are shed loads of boxes there - the red boxes that require opening to build schematics also count, so you might get this when going for the crafting items in mayday.
  7. You can play missions in any order I just ran through authentic plus on my alt account, doing the first mission last... For me that is the hardest mission. I think I did them in very random order, and I got the 2 respective trophies for a+ after completing all the missions
  8. PST lists The Annihilator as having a cammo that requires 150 kills. As well as all the weapons, you can upgrade all the tac rig too. Just go to any of your loadouts in the safehouse and choose edit. They will have a yellow icon when they are upgraded. Once I levelled up a weapon to max (you don't get the Woodlums cammo at 'max' level but you get all the attachments once a weapon is classed as maxed) I also edited them in the loadout menu so that all the attachments that had 'new' on them had been attached. I'm not sure if that is a requirement, but I did that for peace of mind I think by the time I'd finished Realistic & completed Veteran without reloading from checkpoints I'd only maxed out 50% of weapons. Tbf I wasn't overly efficient with changing guns and stuck with a few guns for most of my playtime, so some weapons had over 2000 kills while most had none - I just utilised the guns I liked most, but that left quite a long grind. I chose to grind most of my weapons in Halocenter mission, playing through the level up to where you are tasked to destroy the three columns. Once you have defended Hendricks and shot the third column, robots continually spawn & your weapon has infinite ammo (but you will have to reload, but never have to use a refill station). Checking your stats in your menu / barracks will show you how many kills you have for each weapon, so you can work out how many you need to hit 650. Getting 1260 kills in hc (630 ish for each weapon) is very easy, doesn't take long and there's little worry of going down if you are careful. When you have just under 650 kills per weapon, finish the checkpoint, exit and save. Then you can reload the level and play again with a new loadout / 2 more guns. Once all five loadouts to 630 - 640 ish kills per weapon, start Life mission, and get the remaining kills you need for each weapon, using the weapon crate to swap through all loadouts, finish the mission and all the cams pop. I find that to be the most efficient way. Oc you have to play through hc, which takes about ten / twenty minutes to get to the server room, and you can pretty much speed run through the Life mission once you are clear of the first section. I think the constant easy kill enemies and infinite ammo in hc was better than both the areas in Rise and Fall & Life missions.
  9. I totally agree with what XileLerinril says above. I've got plats for some pretty tough games, but Authentic plus is the hardest game challenge I can think of. I think bar mission 2 (which is a breeze) I thought every mission was impossible. I watched the speed run videos - IMHO I don't think they are doable on authentic plus with current patches. They give you an idea of the best route, that's all. My strat was to find a decent spot to camp (or two / three spots - particularly at the start of magezeno facility or the monastery levels) & draw enemies to you by going loud. Clear the area as much as you can, push up, draw them out then go back to your camp. Enemies will go to A: where you were when you fired your gun - even if you were in cover / in bushes & using suppressed ammo or B: to where they saw you run to. Clear as much of the map of enemies as you can, that way if you have to run you have a clear area behind you. If you don't clear the area, enemies will come from behind when you go loud. Take care of radio men 1st, then spotters, then officers. Jager troops can take two or three shots to kill. Even headshots. Valkyrie (dlc) can take many shots, and its tough to get a headshot on them if you are under fire. Lightly pressing aim so you get cross hairs instead of the sniper scope is your best friend as it lets you stay in relative cover - on enemies up to 80m away it is a life saver 90% of the time. Always, always trap your area. Be wary of using a trenchgun in close quarters. It can / will hit enemies belt grenade and then its curtains. Being careful, precise & clearing all enemies from a map is your best strategy.
  10. That's a pity, as good as the campaign is extinction is the best part of the game, and one of the best (if not the best) coop mp experience in cod.
  11. I've been steadily running through Killing Floor 2, just have a few trophies left, but the Suicidal difficulty is killing my ass. i can solo Hard most of the time, just need to level up to 25 and keep battling. Fun game tbf. PS3 died after finishing Mafia 2, so my ps4 backlog has demanded attention
  12. It's very similar. Frontline is, if anything, harder / more difficult due to the fact you have to re-start the entire mission if you fail. i'd give MOH Frontline a solid 10/10. The heavy Medals trophy (MOHF) is fairly hard going too - if i remember the trophy is for getting 95% kills and finishing with above 75% health. Also MOHF has a mission where you have to sneak through a mansion - that was the toughest mission i've ever played in any game (imho tougher than the Reich mission in COD World At War which is a legendary plat breaker). i don't think CODc has a mission half as hard as MOHF's mansion or [email protected]'s Riech. Those three games are always going to be mentioned together because of their comparable difficulties and the era they were released - certainly cod has got a whole lot easier since those earlier games. As said above, the Battleship Turpritz and Pavlov's house are kinda notorious in CoDC for being tough, but that damned truck chase was the one i spent most time getting through, as short-a-mission as it is. Man what a pia that mission is. I've platted this twice, second time on my 100% account that has some of my fave games on (CODc / MW2 / MW3 / MWr / Ghosts / SEv2r) and it was a whole lot easier second time round - remembering the best routes and strategy's etc from when i played it years ago i platted it second time round in about 2 weeks. CODc is very doable - tho tbf, that truck chase did make me question whether i could finish it second time round as there is an element of luck to that mission. On my replay, first time i did Pavlov's house, got to the 'safe' spot on the balcony outside (where you have to defend the house once you've taken it) and a guy walked right by my buddies (one of whom was standing in the doorway) came through the door and one shot killed me. I'm not sure about others, but when i played CODc on Veteran, if i got hit i would restart the mission - no point in dicking around continuing with depleted life as the auto save is negated when you drop health, so i would always restart unless i was very near to the end of the mission. Great game tho, and a true classic, a very proud plat for me to have - hence why i did it two times lol. One of my all time favourite games, Frontline being another one that i have yet to do on my new account.
  13. Yes you can, but you will need to play from t\he relevant chapter through to the end. i replayed Volga level after going in a bit heavy handed and completed game from there.
  14. i really enjoyed the challenge of it, tbf. Preferred the ps3 version over the ps4 remaster for that reason. the only bit i struggled with was the trophy for killing everyone on the train which took me a little while and a few tries to do. i have a new account, have been playing some old games (mw 2 & 3, cod classic, sniper v2 etc) to have a 100% account, so Metro is on my list - i still think it's a class game - along with the first uncharted etc, & which tbf is a pretty poor game graphics wise compared to newer releases and even the remakes.
  15. Awful game. Admittedly I've not finished it - mainly due to bugs not allowing chapter progression... I've already had to start a new game after my game froze in the Volga mission, and now I can't progress in the same mission because A ) the boat I need isn't there and B ) a boat that I can get is constantly under attack from shrimps. And I mean constantly. Loved redux, played it on ps3 and ps4, have both plats... I intend playing it again on ps3 for the fun of it. But exodus sucks. Graphic wise its very good, but not being able to skip cut scenes has already become a drag.... And I'm really not looking forward to playing it three times just to get bugged out again. I'd like to say that its not the worst game I've ever played, but honestly, due to the games inability to skip cut scenes and its awful bugs, I can't honestly rate it as being better.....