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  1. Yes you can, but you will need to play from t\he relevant chapter through to the end. i replayed Volga level after going in a bit heavy handed and completed game from there.
  2. i really enjoyed the challenge of it, tbf. Preferred the ps3 version over the ps4 remaster for that reason. the only bit i struggled with was the trophy for killing everyone on the train which took me a little while and a few tries to do. i have a new account, have been playing some old games (mw 2 & 3, cod classic, sniper v2 etc) to have a 100% account, so Metro is on my list - i still think it's a class game - along with the first uncharted etc, & which tbf is a pretty poor game graphics wise compared to newer releases and even the remakes.
  3. Awful game. Admittedly I've not finished it - mainly due to bugs not allowing chapter progression... I've already had to start a new game after my game froze in the Volga mission, and now I can't progress in the same mission because A ) the boat I need isn't there and B ) a boat that I can get is constantly under attack from shrimps. And I mean constantly. Loved redux, played it on ps3 and ps4, have both plats... I intend playing it again on ps3 for the fun of it. But exodus sucks. Graphic wise its very good, but not being able to skip cut scenes has already become a drag.... And I'm really not looking forward to playing it three times just to get bugged out again. I'd like to say that its not the worst game I've ever played, but honestly, due to the games inability to skip cut scenes and its awful bugs, I can't honestly rate it as being better.....
  4. Weird. Have you tried dismantling before crafting? That worked for me.... ... And it really was his last breath because as the trophy popped he died! Also make sure you have zero filters left when you craft the new one (may be obvs, but worth noting ;))
  5. You can play Trine Enchanted edition solo and gain all trophies. I've not played it coop, and not started Trine 2 on ps4 yet, so i don't know if coop play makes them easier. PST trophy guides on both say there are 0 online trophies - so i'd assume that Trine 2 can also be finished solo
  6. As I've never gamed with a mouse keyboard, how would I know, without asking? Perhaps you should have said nothing 'helpful' to add? You could try & be helpful next time tho? Thanks for helpful reply Need to get a mouse keyboard then lol because I properly suck at anything that's not TH in this game.
  7. Why does this make a difference?
  8. The first two enemies on the right from the spawn point can be sniped at over 100m, just go down the second right path from where you start and take them out from the low garden wall. If like me you can get them both (going loud) another enemy will come from the same area (from the church) toward you, another 100m plus kill - straight off the bat. Then, if you look to your right, looking through the building windows, you may be able to spot the enemy that patrols around the car for another 80 - 100m kill. Then, as the poster above says, mark as many enemies as you can and just get some distance between you and them, with a line of sight, and pick them all off. Being loud helps because it makes them break their patrol patterns and makes them easier to spot. What i did was tag the guy who sleeps in the house - if you have been loud up to that point, then he will be patrolling on the top floor of the house. You can take him out from where the ammo objective is in the house. the guy that patrols in the house where the ammo objective is can be taken out from the church. I think i went into the second part of the mission (where the trucks come) with over 1500m banked, then it is just a case of getting 15 more enemies at 100m + which you can get from the church without too much hassle. i managed to get 300m more than the trophy requirement with at least one enemy still left (i could hear talking) - so it is more than do-able.
  9. i didn't find One Shot One Kill that difficult, but the mission after that was harder, imho. i can't remember the name of it now, it's been such a long time sinse i played that game, but the one after, and the one where you face down three tanks - those two missions caused me a lot of raging. Here's my vid of Veteran runthrough on One Shot: A few times i come close to getting downed, but that was just me being a bit too cocky with it. Sticking to the trees in that last area is the easiest way to get through that mission that i found - both on the original and remastered version.
  10. One Hit One Kill isn't as bad as it seems, there are a few camping spots: one in one of the sheds (nr to where you dump your buddy - but i always died there), another to the left of the dodgem cars in the buildings (never used this one) and the one i always use behind the trees to the right of the dodgem cars. i used this method on the PS3 version, and it works well on the Remaster too. I did it one time and got a message saying the Heli had to take off and i was too late, even though i was on the heli. Cheap as hell, oh how i laughed. Hope the video helps, no need to use the glitch
  11. I always thought it was Ian Wright
  12. That's a bit unfair, Dokka. i spent long hours playing MW on Veteran difficulty back on the PS3 - when there were no trophies for it, so when it came to the '4 via remaster, playing Veteran was not overly taxing at all. Launching into MW2 and MW3 on Veteran, straight off the bat, was a lot of fun, selecting the 3 stars level in Spec Ops was just natural, and while challenging, they're certainly not overly difficult games on Veteran. MW 3 and 2 were my first Platinum's. And so when MWr came out, of course, launching the campaign on Veteran was no real biggie Once you're used to Veteran difficulty on CoD games, it isn't really that much of a ball; ache to play - some of us play Veteran for fun, for the sheer enjoyment of completing a game at that level so saying "You and other "gamers" here can't even handle Veteran difficulty" is a bit unfair to those of us who did actually take the time to practice and get through it While the glitch makes MWr easier to plat, i really don't mind people using it if that's the way they want to go. It's no biggie, really, it's just gaming. It's supposed to be fun. It's not as though Veteran on the modern games is anything like CoD Classic or CoD World at War, or even MoH Frontline - which were all brutal. I have the plat's for those too - and for what it's worth i think they are true achievements and i'm proud of them in my trophy lists A lot of folks just want to finish the game and move on, which is fine. But for me CoD Veteran difficulty has always been the base setting - the lower difficulties are ok for getting those miscellaneous trophies and collectables and BS like that, but Veteran is where the game really is You hid in a shed! Ah, man. You should hide behind the tree's, it's much more fun And you get to shoot enemies
  13. Have just plated this, took me a lot longer than 15 hours but spent a lot of time on the 100 missions. The only trophies I found difficult were the aerial steels to unlock the potato mode & 25 kills in survival. I found the best way to get aerial steels was to fly away from the carrier to 50 metres, then turn & fly back, heading just below the level of the enemy plane indicator. As the indicator gets bigger, drop to about 50% speed (right joystick). As soon as the enemy plane appears on screen, it should be just above you. press circle 2x & you should get a steel. Then fly away again - I found it best to fly away 50, 100, 150 to give adequate time to drop speed & get the right level I thought steels might be needed to get the 25 survival kills, but when I got it I didn't make any steels at all, just use boost once you have 5+ kills and fly in circles, I found that the easiest way. I think I spent 2 hours on survival & about the same on 5x multiplier over the islands. Plus maybe 20 hours on the 100 missions and an hour is so in training - where a lot of the trophies can be earned for landing etc.
  14. That's a great tip from Mr_Marty84 re the Soul cage method. i got this trophy last night in Horde mode. Just get your coop buddy to do all the killing in round one, while you collect the souls - so long as you don't kill anyone in any way, so no mellee, no grenades and no shooting, you'll be ok. just let your partner kill and you collect. Once your amulet is charged press circle to use it, rinse and repeat - you should get the trophy in the second level - for me i got one charged amulet in the first wave and 2 in the second. Quit and repeat so your coop partner can get it
  15. i voted 5/10 on PST. How difficult you find the game is all personal. You may breeze through FPS and struggle with driver games, or vice versa, if hack slash games are your thing then it may be easy, but if shooters are your thing it will be a bit harder. There are tough bits - particularly in NG+ if you are going for the Platinum trophy - with tonnes of Butcher enemies at once, places where the enemies are invisible - and yes, you get more than a few invisible butcher enemies too - but it is doable with patience. You may fail one area and have to retry it half a dozen (or more) times but you wil eventually hit a checkpoint. 5/10 seems fair. But, as a game i'd give this high 8/10 - 9/10. Its a lot of fun.