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  1. I've just been replaying this with my gf. So many crashes it went beyond annoying. It also reset some stats, so regions that were 100% weren't 100% anymore, cars that were unlocked weren't unlocked and points were lost etc etc. The last crash deleted all data so that the first three areas at 100% were all zero. Terrible glitch. So much work put in, just to be lost.
  2. Not even sure how to get an S rank at this point. I'm guessing you have to fulfill the onscreen lists: kill Row x3, kill same colour / same shape etc? Also struggling to get into the trees 5b, 5c etc. Looks like plat isn't going to happen for me lol, but still a fin empty-box game
  3. Fingers crossed for you
  4. Ran into the same glitch mate. Only solution, since you've got so far, is to save your game to cloud and start a new game. Do the bounties, 2 in each region that has them, or just enough till you have the tokens you need, then buy that last rifle once you have the intel tokens.... Thats how I got the rifle trophy, once you buy the gun, the game saves your progress across saves so your trophy will pop. So it seems like the bounty tokens glitch if you don't get the bounties at the time they pop up....
  5. You can pick and choose but tbf they're mostly easy. Choosing the five token challenges for the skill tree, they're mostly kill all enemies in a region, but you'll need quite a few of the two and one token challenges too. But no major headaches here The skills glitch of sgwc doesn't seem to work on 2, and you need all but 2 of the skills for the trophy. Easy enough plat, with decent trophies. I think only one trophy was awkward for me.... the one where you clear all enemies and get the prisoner away without detection. Took a few tries as restarting checkpoints only works for the challenge and not the trophy... RON rifle, pistol with sight and silenced stock mg makes the game a breeze...
  6. The game allows you to put a silencer on the mg you start with. I didn't explore the secondary weapons much, as the already silenced pistol, once equipped with a sight means you can easilly snap to headshots and take two enemies out from close,quarters quickly.... You can also down heavies with five or six headshots and with the silenced mg running and gunning or stealth is a breeze.
  7. The weapons trophies carry across playthroughs, ie i bought all but one sniper riffle in one game, started a new game and purchased the rifle i didn't buy and the trophy popped. You can't just buy the same upgrades / skills though, I'm pretty sure you have to buy them all but for the two most expensive ones. I focused mainly on the 5 token challenges, then just went fir the easier ones, plus oc, the ones I got just playing. All fairly easy tbf once you unlock the RON riffle
  8. This popped for me after I completed the last contract, before exfil.
  9. I think I only had 1 area 100% before beating the boss... every other area had one collectable to get to 100%. I deliberately left them that way just in case. I'd say getting the Shadow Teeth evolution (unlocked by getting every landmark found in Dead Horse Lake) is a must for the end fight, but apart from that I just left one licence plate in every area ..... No probs getting the queen trophy:)
  10. You will need to buy maximum amount of pit drouds first.... you can buy 4. Then, when you buy parts from the junkyard that are cheap, after a race the droids fix the parts, then you can trade those parts in when you buy better parts from the shop. You can make ingame currency doing this Also, when you enter a race, set the winnings to winner takes all. This awards you max currency from every race. I got the trophy without any hassle using these methids ... From memory only the engine upgrade fills the upgrade bar, some of the other upgrades you will only need to fill 3/4 or so of the bar. Just do the two tricks above and you should get it
  11. Like Shua I used this method in hypocenter, but as a word of warning, if you go over 1300 kills the game may crash.... really easy to level weapon xp up with the dual primary weapons equipped: ) Takes about five minutes to get to the spawn point from the mission start
  12. I like Terminator above, played solo, used tacrig self revive, especially in the mother ship mission and got the accolade / trophy np...
  13. Did you figure this out? It confused me too. You have to go from the home screen to online, to seasons and your wins should be there once redeemed. If they dont show, go back a screen then again to seasons for them to register.
  14. Hmmm. Struggling with this on my alt account. All skillshots show as blue, with the name and description there. The only three that do not have ticks on them are the floater which I dud in chapter select and the electricute nom one and the hit a boss in the chest with charged drill chest pump one, which I have done in echoes, but the trophy is not popping. Very frustrating.