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  1. How should I prove this? I can only say that I have played on the said trophy. At the Fifa play the PS is shackled. I thought I manage it before the server switch off. So that the ps then was broken I have not played further. The thing happened is very unlikely but it true so now with me. You know I do not want to justify myself here. From your side it is also easy to say give proof that it is so. Only I can not do that unfortunately. I am now finished do not know what more to say. Does not come anyway because you do not believe me anyway.
  2. If I used a savegame then only my own, after I have reinstalled my playstation. Then I have not played the game eternally because I had no Pleasure on it because of the server shutdown. And because my buddy and I wanted to gamble a round I've just played it again and then the trophys get. The 50 hours I had then fully why the real winner trophy at a normal party came I do not know. I have not used any cheats or saves. I have nothing to blame. And only because I play a game after a somewhat longer period of time again to reproach me the cheat I find not ok. Yes I understand the problem with real world winner but this is not my fault that was later unlocked. I will not hide the game because I have nothing to blame. But I want the flag is taken away because I'm not cheating! I've been playing over 8 years and have never used any cheats or anything else. Over 7000 trophy with 97% completion I will gladly remain in the rank list.
  3. VaiKesh FIFA 09 Sorry people but how should I be able to prove this after seven years? I can only remember that several trophys after a reinstallation of my Playsation and re-playing of fifa09 were simply released. I have played on these trophies and then by playing has broken the playstasion. After it was repaired a whole while again played fifa were the trophys after the end of a game simply released. I do not know why this happened. Can not prove it. I would not even know how to get the other. Had the game already depreciated because the servers were switched off. But then after a while I have play a round with a buddy and the trophies have released themselves.<br /> What else can I not say.<br /> It is so believe me or not.
  4. Anyone cant play the game after PS Systemupdate 4.07? The game crash by load in to the map.