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  1. yeah you can but there is no point in doing that, because you will need to complete at least 70-80% of missions to get different skills and abilities for other trophies.
  2. I do you better, got it 1st try
  4. I'm so glad I ignore those reviews nowadays, I wouldn't have bought like 60% of games I have on my list because of them and most of them are written by a person who can't even play games properly. Thanks for your review, now I'm excited for a game thanks to you
  5. "Dude" its not Indie game with low budget and staff that is working on this game, even tho most of games I played fixed trophies in span of 1-2 patches even when they were broken af, so there is no excuse for them from me
  6. Another patch and they still haven't fixed those trophies... Is that Dying Light all over again? Do I have to wait 1 year until they fix it?
  7. Hey at least there are no collectables trophies as far I can tell
  8. Wait, seriously? There are no MW or Legendary Support skills in the game yet?
  9. I'm glad I could help, if you need more help just ask. I could do a trophy guide for this game but I have never done that before
  10. Just repeat Upgraded Materials on Expert and you should get 90+ materials per fight, stop focusing on that trophy guys do 50 upgrades then start to worry about that trophy
  11. 2 patches already and they still didn't fix it
  12. You need combo score for higher levels, My guide for it, is to equip 100 Fist skill from Kenshiro use it once and win one round with perfect and your golden, 100% guarantee S score
  13. I really have no idea because I didn't pay attention to fraction levels at all, I completed Freelancers fraction yesterday and the trophy poped
  14. Yes, I am not even getting exp for them anymore
  15. Arcanist Loyalty 3 bugged for me, got to level 3 and neither did I get trophy and rewards for it