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  1. Maybe you are misinterpreting the "x4" if you can't get it to work. It's the button X a total of four times.: is the cheat code that you enter in the options menu. You could also maybe be playing a different version of the game where it doesn't work. I know it works in Console S version.
  2. Can't find it on either the US or Canadian storefront so it was maybe planned but never actually released.
  3. It affects both the original and Delta and on the same date. SOUL SACRIFICE オンラインサービス情報 | プレイステーション® オフィシャルサイト (
  4. The servers are still open so right now you can do it with only one Vita by playing with others online. In about one month's time you will need a second Vita.
  5. I edited the post with the affected trophies. I think Special Operations is online dependent so it should be affected too.
  6. Looks like the Freedom Wars (Vita) servers are going offline on Christmas Eve this year. PST's trophy guides say there are three online trophies and that they cannot be obtained via Ad hoc: Fashion Accessory, Antisocial Networking and Constant Comrade. Edit: Seems this is false information but I imagine most people don't have two Vitae anyway.
  7. Too much effort. I'll just stack some visual novels where you only have to push R1 once to platinum instead.
  8. You have to claim it using an account from that region. So, if the disc is Japanese then you need to use a Japanese account to claim the free upgrade.
  9. Seems there are two stacks. I'm guessing that the Japanese stack never actually released and therefore is hard. The guide is for the version that actually released. Search • Edit: beaten.
  10. The store page says a VR headset and at least one Move controller is required. The PS Blog post announcing the PS+ games also says VR is required.
  11. According to the comment section to the TrueAchievement article it seems these games are returning to the Microsoft online store and the digital libraries of those who have purchased them.
  12. Considering there are so many different Xbox games gone all of a sudden and from different publishers, chances are that this is an error rather than a delisting. None are missing from other platforms than Xbox either.
  13. I think there are certain YouTubers who cut out all deaths and downplay the time it takes to finish easy plat games but I think Pinkman+ is something most somewhat experienced gamers will be able to finish within an hour or so. I'd say 20-40 minutes is a good estimate of the completion time. There are also no missable trophies so anyone who reaches level 46 or whatever it was will get the platinum. 98% platinum rate doesn't surprise me.
  14. Kind of a different story. I imagine that most major companies take care of the rights of their games so that they can be sold in perpetuity, or at least for a very long time. With exceptions of course such as licensed cars and music. The game in this topic is owned by a company that would delist it immediately if they had any idea of the contents inside the game. They can find out about it at any point.
  15. I'm guessing SNK and their Chinese owners only looked through the soccer/football games for references to Taiwan because this game has a team representing Taiwan as a country. Taiwanese flag in the game and everything. If this is discovered then bye bye to this game forever. Four ACA NeoGeo football/soccer games were delisted without reason stated a couple of years back and the one thing they had in common was a Taiwanese team for reference. Just a heads-up if anyone had any passing interest in this somewhat mediocre 3-on-3 NBA Jam Lite! No platinum but the trophies are easy.