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  1. I find the user voted completion time estimates at TrueAchievements immensely helpful, even if you of course have to consider other factors too and not take them as facts. TA has an excellent system where everyone registered to the site upon completing a game gets a message congratulating them on their completion and providing them with a link where they can vote on completion time. The displayed estimated completion time on the site is what most people have voted for. It's fantastic, super helpful and I'd love to see that on PSNP too. As for difficulty, it kind of exists. Looking at completion percentages and platinum percentages does tell you something. Obviously you can't suck at fighting games and then look at completion percentages in that genre comparing them to genres you are good at. Difficulty rating will always be flawed because it very much depends on individual skill and experience.
  2. Ratalaika ports OK games and then make their trophy lists ridiculously easy. The games themselves are "fine" even if generally not great or even good. They come from developers who have often released their games on other platforms Steam without easy trophies and are later ported to consoles by Ratalaika. The vision behind their games isn't just "easy trophies". This game on the other hand is 100% selling trophies. They game has been developed with only trophies in mind.
  3. These companies are predictable. Coming next week!
  4. Wonder if they will learn from S-Mobile and we'll eventually see The Jumping Pizza, The Jumping Taco, Saint Patrick's Day Jumping, The Jumping Santa, Valentine's Day Jumping etc. This game has success written all over it so sequels feel inevitable.
  5. Awesome. Thanks for the help! Will give it a shot this weekend I hope.
  6. Longshot but do you have any idea how to get the achievement called "Monster" in this game on Xbox? The achievement description just says "Immediate conviction". The Xbox version more achievements than the PS4 version has trophies. The Steam version does not have the Monster achievement either.
  7. Never ever liked no death runs. I mean, it's fine in some arcade game that takes 30 minutes but a 6 hour long game that likely gets harder towards the end of the game? No thanks. You are forced to replay 5 hours of easy game to get to the point where you were struggling. That's something that can ruin a game for me. Luckily I'm not that hardcore about trophies so I'll just enjoy this game without earning the plat.
  8. Can't it be that they charged your PayPal account and you had connected the card there? PlayStation can't charge you via Twitch.
  9. I switched to a River of Blood + Mimic build for her. The LT power for that weapon is too good if you have invested a little in FP. After that I did it on my first try. Couldn't do it with my strength build though so I did a full respec. The worst boss in Elden Ring is the Fire Giant. The gimmick to beat him doesn't function well and demonstrated the terrible physics in this game with him essentially walking on air. It just looks so low budget and janky.
  10. How is getting something for free as a bonus worse than getting nothing at all? How is that a step in the wrong direction? How is that a shit practice? You are free to call Godfall and Tiny Tina steps in the wrong direction but calling Ghost of Tsushima Legends one is pure nonsense.
  11. Godfall was not a bonus game, it was one of the monthly games. We are still getting the standard three games this month even if we ignore Tsushima Legends. In December we only got two games if we ignore Godfall. Not seeing how that can't make a difference to you. 3 > 2. That is the difference between a bonus game and a monthly game. It is something free, extra. Nothing to complain about. If it had been one of the monthly games then we have had all the right to complain.
  12. It's clearly labelled as a "bonus game" and there are three other games on the service this month. Same with GTA Online, it's also a bonus game. I agree that they shouldn't have games that are practically DLC as the monthly games but as a bonus game it's better than nothing. At least for some people but others can just ignore adding it to their library.
  13. Just remaster the series for 4K + VR and it's fine. I like the games but the other big projects from Insomniac like Spidey, Sunset Overdrive and Ratchet & Clank are more fun in my book. They're better at creating playful games than dark and gritty shooters. A new Resistance would come at the expense of something better.
  14. I've played it on Xbox but there it's 'B, A, View' so try UU DD, LR, LR, Circle, X, Start (Options) on the title screen.
  15. Star Trek: Bridge Crew (PS VR) has been delisted on Steam and Meta so chances are digital copies will no longer be sold on PSN any day. The DLC for the game has been delisted but there are seemingly no trophies tied to it. The base game is currently on sale for $9.99 on PSN. There are physical copies of the game. Edit: seems it is not just a VR game and can be played without headset.