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  1. Counting games that launched on PS3/PS4 simultaneously as new releases then I ended up with about: Original games: 145 Remasters: 43
  2. Do you honestly, honestly think that you should be on the leaderboards when your profile is absolutely littered with platinum trophies popped in just a few seconds for games where that completion time is impossible? What would be the point of leaderboards in that case? I think you will have to create a new profile if you want to be on the leaderboards.
  3. None. The PS+ edition allowed you to earn all the trophies in the base game. There is no physical copy with extra DLC.
  4. Kind of impressive how you manage to get so many trophies in a row on the exact same second of the hour. There are 60 seconds every minute and yet you managed to have 12 trophies in a row pop on XX:XX:08. Your Assassin's Creed Brotherhood trophies had 7 in a row land on XX:XX:44.
  5. Any reason you waited for years after earning them to sync the Resistance 2 trophies?
  6. You're responsible for the games played on your account so you won't be allowed on the leaderboards with a cheated game, even if it was someone else who played it. This game looks cheated beyond doubt. If it's just one game then you are allowed to hide it and return to the leaderboards. If you are caught with three cheated games then you are off the leaderboards permanently. If what you say is true then I suggest hiding all the games that this person has played, both because they probably cheated more games and because it's dishonest and you should not be credited for their work even if you played something for them. And learn your lesson and don't do it again.
  7. Not sure but how did you get the trophy Samurai of Legend (complete all missions) before getting the trophies for completing several story-related missions?
  8. Some trophies that looks strange to me are "Spa Lover" (bathe in all hot springs in the main game) which popped together with "Hot Springs Enthusiast" and "Cleanliness is the New Godliness" which are rewarded for doing the same in two separate pieces of DLC. Unless I'm misremembering, to pop these three together would require to bathe in three hot springs at the same time: one in the main game, one in the Dragon of the North DLC and one in the Defiant Honor DLC. I don't think this is possible.
  9. You should post the reason for the reports. Your first two trophies in MGS4 were to obtain all iPod tracks and the Solar Gun. Pretty sure this is impossible to do without getting the trophy for clearing Act 1 (and several others) first. The order you finished the Acts of the game in seems to be that you first did Act 3, then Act 5, after that Act 1 and 4 and for and then you finished off the game by clearing Act 2. This shouldn't be possible.
  10. Your "Complete X number of Optional Objectives" in Peggle 2 are in reverse order. You finished 180 before 150, then 120 etc. The entire list is a mess tbh with many trophies being too close to each other but the Optional Objectives makes it an open and shut case.
  11. IIRC then you will get the trophy for Best Weapon in a certain category if an online player gives you that particular weapon which the trophy requires. It may not be possible for a solo offline player but it is possible. That doesn't change that this game looks very cheated though.
  12. I think you need to contact customer support and have them revoke the license for the Star Wars game from your account. After that you will be able to add it from PS+. It's like that with PS Now games which you have downloaded that later turn up on PS+ at least. It sucks that you have to waste your time because of Sony's buggy license system but it's the way it is.
  13. Trophy level isn't counted by PSNprofiles but by PlayStation. There is a formula for counting trophy levels and your level looks accurate at 13. 4 Platinum (180 points each) 34 Gold trophies (90 pts) 183 Silver (30 pts) 991 Bronze (15 pts) Sum of your trophies = 24,135 pts Trophy level 13 starts at 24,000 and ends at 32,000 pts so you having just reached 13 is correct. If an error displayed your trophy level as higher then it has now been fixed.
  14. The trophies are from different mini-games and just exiting one and starting another takes significantly longer than 8 seconds because of the game's load times. With extreme luck/skill then maybe getting both these trophies would be doable within a minute or two but below 30 seconds is definitely not possible even in theory.
  15. The amount of hidden trophies on this profile has been reduced from 95 to 69 between April 27 and today but the amount of old trophies from Zombie Tycoon, Dante's Inferno, R&C All 4 One and LBP Karting that appeared out of thin air are greater in number than the difference between 95 and 69. Just from LBP Karting 30-40 new trophies miraculously appeared which must have been hidden before if this was to be legit. Which trophies that were publicly visible on April 27 did you hide in the past three weeks? There has to be some unless these games were cheated. It's easy for anyone to compare if you don't have an answer but that would save some time.