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  1. We're living in The Platinum Age of PlayStation trophies is they might as well make a game based on that. Stone Age and Iron Age seems likely too even if those don't represent trophy values. Neither does Copper and they made a game based on that after all.
  2. Kind of pointless except for filling Sony's pockets but it's probably a smaller project using the tech in the second game to enhance the first. Nothing to be upset about. It's not being made by hundreds of developers instead of Horizon 3, Killzone or a new IP.
  3. The number of plats you have or your trophy level never meant anything, something that is especially true today when a hundred braindead clickers are released every week. I get practically the same satisfaction from 100%-ing a game. The only difference is that you don't get something to put in your trophy cabinet for a 100% completion really.
  4. Nothing wrong with going for easy completions or playing short games but if you get to the point where you are not buying and playing games for fun then maybe it's time to stop and think about what you are doing and why. There is no fun to be had by text skipping through a visual novel or watching a burrito jump up and down while you smash the X button as fast as you can just so that you can put the game behind you and add another plat to the collection. If you are trying to tell yourself that you are having fun or finding the experience rewarding while doing this then maybe you have a problem. It's super satisfying to 100% a game but there has to be another reason for playing it than earning the plat.
  5. There should be around 205 AA titles on PlayStation plus 108 ACA NeoGeo titles so PSNP is the most accurate if you combine them since 205+108=312... almost. There are actually more and 226 standard AA titles in total but some like for example Donkey Kong 1-3 and Excitebike are Switch exclusive. 4 ACA NeoGeo games have been delisted for mentioning Taiwan as an independent country. Wikipedia's list looks good to me and can be sorted in release order: Arcade Archives - Wikipedia
  6. I only used the free trial but from a tech perspective it was "pretty good". Input lag wasn't really noticeable and I barely encountered any visual artifacting. That's the problem though, it was only almost as good as playing games on a real console. If I'm going to have zero ownership over something and rely on a company notorious for shutting down services to even be allowed to play my games then it has to be either better or significantly cheaper, preferably both. It's absolute madness that they charged full retail price to purchase games on the service. An inferior experience compared to last gen Xbox or PS consoles, higher software prices and no ownership whatsoever. What could go wrong?
  7. Is it dumber though? Micro-transactions gives you something that enhances your gameplay experience by for example giving you a costume that you think makes your character look better. It adds something to a game that you like. This game wastes 5 minutes of your time and there is zero entertainment value in mashing the X button while watching a snake flash.
  8. Sounds like this won't happen to me but the core of it is that if you earn trophies simultaneously as the PS5 is synching trophies with PSN, the system will pop those trophies you earned after the synching has completed? This will create impossible time stamps since the trophies don't actually pop when they were earned them but when the synching completed. Is this something that can only happen with the first game in a session? Ikemenzi mentioned turning on the console and waiting 10 minutes solves it. So it would be risk free to for example earn 100 ThiGames plats in three hours as long as the first game's trophies function properly? And playing offline would completely prevent this bug from happening?
  9. Just bought a PS5 finally but I've been seeing many disputes recently where people pop PS5 trophies too close together, not because they have cheated, but because of some bug in the PS5 OS. These flags also always stick. So, in order to not lose 34,748th place on the global leaderboards, I figured I should ask if it's something to worry about. So, why does it happen and how can it be avoided? Edit: to give some examples: ikemenzi's Dispute - Flagged Game Disputes - PSNProfiles JulianoLandimII's Dispute - Flagged Game Disputes - PSNProfiles ZN-42-VS' Dispute - Flagged Game Disputes - PSNProfiles
  10. Nothing wrong with many of Ratalaika's games but their trophy lists often require you to beat like 10% of the games for the plat. Ratalaika sells platinum trophies, that was always a big part of why people bought many of their games, even if their games are actually okay. They pioneered selling trophies.
  11. People said Ratalaika took things too far with their easy plats but these days they are the golden standard and praised by trophy hunters because they actually make games (a high standard). Things got worse. Then people complained about Breakthrough Gaming but these days they are defended because "at least it's just a dollar". Things got worse. Now people complain about $4 purchased platinums but between Turbo and Nitro version, these higher priced paid plats are already becoming a standard. Something even more exploitative will come along and this won't feel so bad. Things will get worse. And PSNP is only feeding this addiction since their one and only leaderboards counts a Stroke the Hedgehog plat == a Star Ocean IV plat.
  12. I think the CRT can at least offer an explanation of the reasoning for why the flag sticks. In OP's case, everyone in the topic who chimed in said that yes, it is indeed possible to hit the ball in Everybody's Golf so far if the conditions are right. Then a CRT member entered the topic and said something along the lines of "the flag sticks, closing". I don't mean to imply that they are innocent, or guilty, but the accused should at least be entitled to an explanation when it isn't an open and shut case. The explanation does not need to reveal the exact details about the methods used but it honestly looks bad for the site when a dispute is closed without explanation. "We have advanced tools that detected with 100% certainty that CFW has been used. Multiple team members have looked at this and all agree" is enough. "The flag sticks" is frankly not.
  13. Delete your save manually from the settings and try replaying the game. You should normally not have to delete the game but you could try that too along with the save.
  14. Was it ever sold separately on the PS4? It's part of this bundle at least.
  15. When the company name is "Game Achievements Ltd.", you know what's up. They started an entirely new company dedicated to churning out garbage with easy platinum trophies. And they will be successful.