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  1. When you say "reinstalling the app" does that include deleting the store (triangle button over the store icon) and redownloading it? That helped for me when I was having issues.
  2. They did most of the grindiest trophies in the game within 5 hours from clearing the tutorial, including playing multiplayer games for 20 hours. Plenty of trophies are also out of order. Ain't no way this can be explained apart from excuses like someone hacking his account or his little brother adding the trophies to it without his consent.
  3. It's a weird choice in Rush of Blood to play chapter 1, 2, 3, 4 and then jump to chapter 7, especially for someone who cares about earning trophies, but it should be possible to earn the trophies in that order via chapter select. They did not get the trophy for finishing the game either which makes sense if the game was played via chapter select. Nothing looks impossible to me.
  4. It was never released outside Asia so if you're using a western PSN account you won't find it.
  5. The order of trophies is very strange for someone who was at the top of the leaderboard before they got reported. I can kind of understand why one would want to for all the save points before the rest of the trophies when speed running but in that case it would be strange to unlock that trophy first and then over 3 hours later get your second trophy. I also don't think you can actually reach the last save point until having beaten 15 Colossi. I also have a hard time seeing how one can max out stamina 30 minutes after beating the game for the first time and then beat Hard time attack 10 minutes later, without having beaten the game on Hard even. Seems you should maybe invest in PS+ for cloud saves in the future. Looks like whatever method you use for backing up saves messed up your MGS3 and RE5 trophies too...
  6. The Spec Ops trophies are out of order. You have to earn Professional (earn 3 stars in 15 different missions) before Star 69 (earn 3 stars in 23 different missions).
  7. Second hand information since my PS3 still shows Buy buttons but apparently if you continue to press 'X' (or 'O' if you have an Asian PS3) on the item you want to purchase's page then you will get to the purchase screen. It seems the Buy button is there but invisible. Some say you may have to press 'X' multiple times.
  8. None of the games in the Trilogy/Collection are cross-save so you can't transfer PS3 saves to the Vita in these. Sly 4 (Thieves in Time) supports cross-save and trophies should pop automatically.
  9. inFamous is completely messed up. You beat the game with both Good and evil Karma without getting trophies for any mandatory story missions before beating the game. You also beat the game with good karma without getting a trophy for beating it on Hard and then less than 50 minutes later you managed to finish the game with Evil Karma and through that you got the trophy for beating it on Hard. You also got 50% of the Blast Shards less than 5 minutes after getting 25% of them. Among other strange things in that trophy list. A witness won't help you with that one unless they can explain how these seemingly impossible things happened.
  10. If you bought it just recently then it should be at the top of your Download List on the Vita. Open the store app on your Vita, tap the small circle with three dots inside it at the bottom right corner of the touch screen and click "Download List". It should be at the top. From there, click "Download" IIRC.
  11. You earned the trophy for finding all documents, relics and GPS caches before earning the trophies for finding 25% in either of these categories in Tomb Raider PS3. You will probably have to hide the game if you want to return to the leaderboards unless you have some explanation of how that happened without using methods not allowed on the leaderboards. How to hide games:
  12. Just a suggestion for future articles: when posting news, always name a source. If you can't name a source for whatever reason then tell the reader how you got the information and how sure you are of its validity. "A trusted developer who wishes to remain anonymous has shared this picture of an email which he received from Sony about the upcoming changes for the PS Store" for example. I'm sure that you have seen many fake leaks in the form of images without sources if you follow gaming and it really helps the reader to judge the validity of the article if you name a source.
  13. There is no source and the image from Planète Vita looks shady as fuck. Why are the dates hyperlinked and why is the phrase describing what's in the bulleted list part of the bulleted list? The formatting is bad. This is almost certainly fake since no one can provide a proper source. Sounds like something Sony would do though, which is probably why people are eating it up.
  14. I'm not the cowardly ignorant fool of a bitch who reported you for the record. The only thing that looks out of place to me is that you earned Twisted Gold (Earn a gold medal in every campaign event and boss fight on Twisted difficulty) and We Buy Gold! (Earn a gold medal on every campaign event in any difficulty mode including co-op) long before completing Mr. Grimm's and Dollface's stories (and other story related trophies). I may be misremembering but aren't those two stories part of the campaign? You should also post the reason for the flag so that people can better help you.
  15. Many games on this site don't have trophy guides, some miss guides for DLC and others have guides but certain trophies are poorly explained. To help with this, it would be neat if we could have a comment section on trophy pages where users can post tips or solutions without having to add a full trophy guide to the entire game. Ideally with an upvoting system so that the best solutions can be voted up to the top of a list. True Achievements has a system like this and it's common that you can find solutions even for niche games without achievement guides. An example: In the example, someone posts a video guide for a game without an achievement guide and then in addition to this, another users posts that two of the collectibles in the guide above aren't necessary and thus helping the page with more useful information. So, without staff effort and without guide writer's effort, that page contains an achievement guide for this particular achievement.