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  1. Good old days... Met a lot of great people in MAG. Good times ^^
  2. Edit: since I seem to be too stupid to use spoiler tags 😑 please be warned of possible spoilers ahead!!! I am somewhat confused right now.. So far I have not been paying too much attention to trophies for my first playthings. But today I unlocked „Family Ties“ (8th story progression trophy), but I am missing „The Underworld“ (7th story progression trophy) as well as „new heights“ (for getting the overhang climbing gear which I definitely got)... Did someone else have issues like that? Will simply replaying in new game + make those trophies pop? Hope some of you can ease my mind...
  3. Thanks for the update! Edit: Worked for me, too!
  4. I got the same issue, no idea how to fix. Will probably delete the game once I finished the story and start a new game after reinstalling it. Hopefully I can unlock the trophy there.
  5. Same problem here, will try the x mashing as well as reinstalling. Good to know I am not the only one with this issue. Edit: mashing the x button worked! What a weird/unique workaround, but I am happy you solution helped! I salute you, Skylex322!
  6. Oooooooooh! Now I feel like an idiot Thank's a lot, that's what it is ^^
  7. Some of my Pokémon that defend a gym have a red (line?) symbol above the gym symbol. Does anybody know what it means? My first guess was/is that the gym is being attacked right now, but the symbol's been there for hours now and i cannot imagine that a CP 547 Kingler is being attacked that long without the gym being taken over. Any ideas? I've added a screenshot if you haven't seen the symbol before (searching for an explanation in google did not turn up anything).
  8. Alright, in case anyone else wonders: The game asks you who is guitar 2 and you can chose the profile. But that's actually worthless. There is a notification ingame saying the progress of player 2 will not be recorded. No trophy unlocked for player 2. It's a shame but at least we know now
  9. Okay thank you, not 100% but I'd say a 90% answer ^^ I'll report back as soon as I tested it myself. Should be on Sunday, but as you mentioned above my guess would be no
  10. I know it depends on the game, that's why I wonder about Guitar Hero Live, since there is no need at all for a second controller because you just need the second guitar. I fear only one player gets them, but I thought maybe someone already tested it and can tell us more..
  11. Hi guys, can anyone specify if the second player (when logged in on the PS4) can earn trophies as well? Or does the game only unlock trophies for player 1? Same for progress towards cumulative trophies (hit x amount of notes)... Does the game save progress for both players or just for player 1? Hope someone can tell me Thanks and greetings from Germany
  12. That's what I'm gonna do. Just checked, at least this way the installation progressed 8% within 30 minutes. I'll just watch some south park episodes or something and wait. Thanks for the help everyone, if something like this happens again I'll consider exchanging the HDD..
  13. That might be possible, but I changed the HDD day 1 and never had problems like that since November 2013. Did your PS3 problems occur after a while or did you have them immediately?
  14. It seems to have helped a lot of others to restart their PS4 so I guess you were right Sly. I'll try some more times and hope for the best. Got the game 11am, maybe i can start playing more than the tutorials before 11pm. Weird to face such problems with a disc based game though!
  15. You can see it when you press options while marking the game icon and selecting information. But either that just works for downloading games (I could see the progress while downloading Destiny and Last of us) or Batman really is already installed..