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  1. There are no companion trophies this time around. The only caveat I'd caution is play with at least 2 party members. And make sure one is a recruited character. There's a trophy (Chosen) where you party members have to agree to let you ascend. If you don't have another party member or you don't have a recruited character (i.e. you created two characters yourself / with another person), the opportunity does come up, voiding the trophy. Per your LW question, LW characters get more armor and more health. Damage on Honour/Tac doesn't change between party sizes; ergo, you can either survive a couple hits on LW but may die in 1-2 hits without. The trade off is there are only two of you so the enemy may focus you instead of having two targets.
  2. The content is, tbh, boring. I've run lower and middle rifts now and they're the same thing. Seems as though this is an attempt at a dungeon crawler but the rewards aren't amazing. Trophies force you to do multiple runs on lower and middle even though the gear rewards are levels 15 and below. Anyone tried to share the armor sets for trophy pops?
  3. I noticed that the initial screen says happy animals. I have a cow at full hearts but not my horse. I'm in Fall of Chapter 2 with no cow scene. I'm going to try to get my cow max'd out before next chapter and see what happens.
  4. I had to look back and what game this thread was for haha. I don't recall this at all... too many games!
  5. LotMM isn't out yet unfortunately. I didn't look to hard for sources but does anyone have an idea of when it's due for release? I'd love to re-retire this and get into other games haha
  6. I am having issues on the Vita on 6-1. I breezed passed the game on ps4 and am a little embarrassed I am having such issues on the vita. I can't seem to clear the multiple waves without dying. Aside from "get good", anyone have any tips?
  7. You all have my hopes up now!
  8. This is great info. Breach has been on my backlog for a while... honestly not looking forward to it. Seemed boring when I tried it the first time
  9. No issues on Vita. Did Talisman Bloodbath and had local player 2 fight and lose to the Sentinel until dead. Still a risk you can lose a life though... Darn Pestilence.
  10. Great time waster for traveling though... I put it down after losing the first round but now I'm getting better and enjoying it a bit more. There are more random games out there...
  11. I am late to the party, but man... even beating the game was challenging. Took me about an hour and a half with really slow, reflex-building progression to get there. Boss was crazy without that pause method.
  12. There are benchmarks for what's a good "run". If you're going for no deaths, good luck to you. I'm about 2.5 hours into my practice and I got to 2-2 only (no deaths).
  13. Kessell and Valindra's are epic dungeons, not normal. I, personally, haven't popped the 25 Epic Dungeon trophy yet, but was very active in normal dungeons. Simply queue for the earliest normal dungeon (Cloak Tower) and clear it. You could also run Private queue to solo.
  14. Missing ** on my title
  15. So I have been playing RS for about 40 hours now and I am finding the battles very unforgiving. I had to drop down from Battle Rank 5, to 4, and am now fighting 34-37 creatures, while at level 34 myself. I really enjoy the combat, but it feels like I am winning one 3-5 creature battle, then going back to the healer for HP/MP (or revives), then doing it again. I am definitely not able to do battles with 8+ creatures without getting stomped. With that, leveling up or getting upgrade tokens is very slow. I feel like I am grinding for several hours to confidently defeat some of the larger groups before moving the main story forward. I am prioritizing Speed/Strength for most of my blacksmithing and upgrade tokens, but still always act 2nd in battle. Is there something major that I am missing?