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  1. Bummer didn't work. I saw a video from 3 years ago on the Steam version where they used Fanatical Pacifist. Do you think that matters?
  2. Ah, I have primitive turned on (as I was trying for the uplift trophy at the same time). I'll disable them and try again. Good tip; worth trying.
  3. Yes. I have contacted the second empire. Both of us are Pacifists.
  4. Try what again? Starting a new game with the aforementioned specs? This has been attempted several times without success.
  5. I've got an unlock issue with Peacekeeper, though I see this thread says it's fixed. From what I've read, you can cheese it with two created empires as Pacifists, start a small game with one AI empire with the created empires forced. No Fallen/Marauding empires enabled. Since we're the only empires in the game, shouldn't the trophy pop? I've started a game with both DLC enabled and disabled with no difference. I'm on version 2.03.
  6. For anyone that doesn't want to backtrack: beat the game at or below 31. After the credits, go to Primordial in High Fulgen (you can't enter until main quest done). Enemies there are minimum 35, so kill one and you'll net the trophy.
  7. I recommend using this to help find a location where you might encounter a "RED" enemy late game. For me, I am level 30 and there's only one zone that has a minimum level 4 levels higher than me. Unfortunately, I cannot enter that zone yet until I progress the main quest further... which will likely level me. It is only about an hour of gameplay to get this missable trophy at the beginning of the game. Much worse if you fail too many Persuasion checks.
  8. ^ this. On PS3, I really liked the Finesse style so I went with that this time. I've changed my armor twice and am level 22. I'm running daggers/bow and almost never use Reckoning because I don't need it. Bleeding causes enemies to take more physical dmg and poison causes them to deal less dmg. To help you further, drop points into Might to get the health boost or even get the sustained ability in Sorcery for damage reduction. Another tip would be to enter the Kollossae DLC around level 10 and get to Idylla. The vendors in the concourse give really nice gear... I didn't upgrade them for about 6 levels.
  9. Kingdom of Amalor: ReckoningĀ is just as fun as I remember back on PS3

  10. Newest patch supposedly fixed Anger Management. For folks waiting to do this, pick up the Repel Spray found west side of Laterian Prison. This will disable random encounters once equip. ** My trophy popped after breaking another 124 boulders, so maybe our counts were tracked! **
  11. What might happen is a fix comes but our boulder counts may be reset. Of course, I'm a pessimist here but definitely a possibility.
  12. I was pumped for this! I still have my GameCube version sitting on a shelf. To see no plat is disappointing, but I still think that I will play through it. I will wait for a sale though...
  13. Confirmed that changing the difficulty for the last boss only does not pop the trophy for hardest diff New game resets your character to level 1 and deletes all your gear. Not many methods to cheese Insane diff.
  14. I am going to test something tonight. I have a cloud save at the final boss. I beat the game on Valhalla Mode, got the trophies and reloaded the cloud save. I haven't found anything online that says you can't change the difficulty to Insane then beat the final boss, so I am going to try that out. The other thing I wanted to try was starting a new game instead of continuing. I have a level 30 character and am wondering if I start a new game at level 30 or if that character resets to level 1. Since it isn't NG+ yet, I thought it worthwhile to check. I definitely recommend the Helga sell glitch. It still works today. I used it to stockpile on resources, then craft a legendary+unique item (orange quality) for every slot.
  15. Cloud saving definitely works. I died on mission 23 and reloaded from cloud. Lost about 2 hours but didn't have to restart.