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  1. I bought Super Kids Racing with the initial thought to let me kids play... now that I see it is a 15-30 mins 100%... I might do it without them. Should I be embarrassed?

    1. PermaFox


      Embarassed?  Never?  You are just GUD!

    2. NERVergoproxy


      You do what you gotta do.

  2. Both gameplay and trophy guides for Divinity Original Sin 2 are now published. Please scratch them off the list @Beyondthegrave07. Thank you for your patience.
  3. Like many others, I'm down to Agumon (Blk) and Metalgreymon (Blue). From what I've read from numerous sources is farms with Ultimates for Meralgreymon and farms with Rookies for Agumon. Farms should not have any items. I did about 30 mins of save scrumming last night. Wanted to confirm I'm on the right track and it's all RNG from now.
  4. Digimon Cyber Sleuth has been in my backlog for years and I finally cracked it open last week. I gotta say the story is meh but I am reminiscing hard on the TV show from my youth. 😁

  5. Ouch... this is why I research games first... I would be extremely demoralized by these glitches
  6. @Kallume i made this with another for XP coming soon. hope it helps. feel free to post links to yours or any other guides.


  7. Hi @Blackmist_FFXI - I own Shadowkeep and the Season Pass. I went to the tower on Tuesday last week and spoke with Banshee. He gave you the quest to go open his weapon cache. Nothing else was required around or outside the tower. I also have the full Shadowkeep story complete, so maybe that's it?
  8. All done here! Thank you for the hearts everyone! ♡♡♡
  9. Is there a cap on the length of a guide? ... I am approaching 80,000 words and want to make sure I don't hit a wall.
  10. I was writing in a blurb into my gameplay guide that said I wasn't going to test the impact of mods (just to avoid them). I'll inject this post into the guide in addition to my blurb. Thank you for the citation @starcrunch061
  11. 30/30 Profile ♡ 24/50 Level ♡ 16/50 Level plays Profile all done! Thank you for your ♡s! Profile Level
  12. I'm pumped for this game.
  13. 20/30 Profile ♡ 20/50 Level ♡ 11/50 Level plays Definitely getting there with your help! Profile Level
  14. After only 24 hours I'm 10/30 Profile ♡ 10/50 Level ♡ 6/50 Level plays Great progress! Thank you so far! Profile Level
  15. Hello all. I've started to heart the last couple of pages. Please heart me as well: My Profile Thank you and good luck everyone!