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  1. I don't have issues killing anything now that I have Earthshaker, but my team die a lot (or are critically injured) in every battle. I have to chill by a save point or I deplete my item stores pretty quick. I suppose a better question to ask, if I grind more, would there ever be a point where I can laugh at random encounters? Using Jaster, Kisolo and Zegram btw.
  2. (Maybe spoilers?) So I started chapter 8 today and I'm seeing videos of players 43+ fighting the Mad Witch. I hit 40 and got Earthshaker, yet I feel I'm still behind. I spent 1-2 hours in each chapters 4-7 grinding XP, items and weapon upgrades yet I still feel underpowered. Asides from killing enemies, I don't know what else I could do for XP. Per the trophy guide, I haven't touched the Factory or Insectors. Thoughts?
  3. I remember games before trophies/ achievements. You'd play them for the F word (fun) and stop when they were no longer the F word. I sold my soul to trophies ages ago so I'll do the grind, be proud I did. You want to avoid unnecessary grind? Play for the F word then move onto the next game.
  4. Three strikes for me on this list. One was Fearless. I found #2 to be boring on Fearless and not hard but time consuming and silly. Def didn't feel skill based. Second is the coop trophy. VH1 had no one playing when I looked recently. VH2 likely less so. The third is that the trophies suggest this is a prequel (though I haven't researched). You meet the final boss of VH1 and encounter Katarina (likely before she joins you). That means import might not be available as it wouldn't make sense to import a future character into a past story. With 1 and 2 done, I will be passing on #3.
  5. Another guide in the works... This is a time-consuming hobby!

    1. Spaz


      You guide writers deserve more credit. I made the decision NOT to be a guide writer, mostly because I don’t have the patience.

  6. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II PS4 In Progress Not accepting help at this time
  7. I am playing it on SE difficulty on coop. As I have read, the coop SE playthrough won't pop anything, just as the PS3 version. I legit got PS3 SE2 plat after doing coop and solo on SE difficulty. After the "remaster" release, they haven't fixed the issue and I will be forced to play the campaign a fourth time on SE difficulty. I will definitely be using the glitch. Do not assume you know everyone's motivation for using a glitch and consider yourself better for not.
  8. I encountered an issue last night with Best Seller. Stranger Sins DLC gives you the ability to turn in Obsidian Research Notes instead of turning in the Silver Star book to the Astrologer. When you do this, he doesn't offer his next quest to give him a Gold Star book, which is related to the trophy. Don't turn in the Research Notes if you want that trophy!
  9. My NA hard copy is already Definitive Edition... and I bought mine 5 days after release.
  10. So, this game is crazy fun with 4 players... except for the final level (6-5). After trying for about 2 hours we were unsuccessful at not only getting 3 stars but finishing the level. We, thus, tried it on 2p and finished the level in 2 tries with 2 stars. Anyone done this with 3 stars with 4p? If so, any tips?
  11. I bought Super Kids Racing with the initial thought to let me kids play... now that I see it is a 15-30 mins 100%... I might do it without them. Should I be embarrassed?

    1. PermaFox


      Embarassed?  Never?  You are just GUD!

    2. NERVergoproxy


      You do what you gotta do.

  12. Both gameplay and trophy guides for Divinity Original Sin 2 are now published. Please scratch them off the list @Beyondthegrave07. Thank you for your patience.
  13. Like many others, I'm down to Agumon (Blk) and Metalgreymon (Blue). From what I've read from numerous sources is farms with Ultimates for Meralgreymon and farms with Rookies for Agumon. Farms should not have any items. I did about 30 mins of save scrumming last night. Wanted to confirm I'm on the right track and it's all RNG from now.
  14. Digimon Cyber Sleuth has been in my backlog for years and I finally cracked it open last week. I gotta say the story is meh but I am reminiscing hard on the TV show from my youth. 😁