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  1. Understood. I will consider this for spoiler tags in the future as well. Thank you for the prompt response and solution.
  2. Rainbow Skies has me hooked... I dream about it... 

  3. I tried to do Metro Last Light on Ranger Hardcore and not kill any human enemies... I couldn't quite manage it (and killed someone). I am excited for this because I felt the stealth was tailored to avoid conflict where possible... or get close for knockouts. Any open-area combat might get a little hairy...
  4. It can be found here. The trophy I noticed it with is His Father's Son.
  5. Unsure if I post here or comment in the "Writing a Guide" guide itself. I am creating a trophy guide with many spoilers. I have added a disclaimer at the top of my roadmap/overview stating that there are spoilers; however, I always want to safeguard users that jump right to a trophy and don't see this disclaimer. With that, I have added spoiler sections (using the spoilers masking option). When viewing my guide, I noticed that any trophies referenced in the spoiler are no longer linked to their intended anchor (they are linked when I edit, but not when I view). Is this behavior expected? What solutions might I attempt to fix this?
  6. Siralim 2 has been published (I'm delayed on this ). Please remove from list! Divinity Original Sin 2 Trophy Guide PS4 In Progress Co-authors with Unebrion & Griffen234 Divinity Original Sin 2 Tactician & Honour Mode Walkthrough PS4 In Progress Co-authors with Unebrion & Griffen234 (Another 50k word guide... sorry guide team!)
  7. Siralim 2 PS4 took me about 40 hours, while Vita took me over 100 hours. Performance was sure an issue with the Vita version. That, and Vita was my first playthrough. I agree with the OP, I am disappointed with no plat. Seems like a huge amount of content for only another 100%.
  8. I started playing this with my gf's 7 year old. We had fun solving the puzzles together... then, except for a couple of the mechanic-introduction levels, the puzzles became significantly more difficult and he stopped playing. I thought it would be a little bit more like MouseTrap, but it was far more annoying
  9. Finally submitted this yesterday. Currently awaiting review. Thank you for your patience; I know everyone was on the edge of their seats
  10. A great question @StealthMonkey43. @dtc1731 indicated a great little tip in their post above. When you start the game, get your first character set up, then log in to another profile. This will allow you to launch the game with two characters (either custom or set character [they have background + quests]). As soon as you gain control of your characters, drop out of the game with player 2. Now you are playing solo with 2 characters instead of 1. This also allows you to set up two Lone Wolf characters right away, whereas, if you wait to acquire another party member normally, they have set skills until you can modify them during the Act 1 / 2 interlude. To further answer your question, you can set up "Party Formation" in the Options menu. This will allow you to assign P1 1-3 characters and P2 1-3 characters (or if online, up to 4 players). You can get a 4 character party almost immediately after starting Act 1. In fact, you can get a full team without getting into any combat in Act 1 (save for the introduction chapter). If you are running Lone Wolf, then use the method that I reiterated above from @dtc1731. For your last question about difficulty offsetting, no. Honour Mode doesn't care if you play with one character or 4, it is the same difficulty. If you run with 4 characters, they will be very squishy. In fact, many guides describe your characters as "Glass Cannons". I hope this helps.
  11. Well snap... Eternal Warrior and Sanguine Bowman are a crazy good combo. I have had two deaths on Lone Wolf and only one close call (due to lack of planning). If you're getting stuck on Honour Mode, I recommend these two builds. With Lone Wolf, the only adjustment is that Lone Wolf is chosen first, then all of the recommended talents afterwards. Note that at time of posting, I have down-patched to leverage the gold-glitch from the physical copy... There have been a couple of encounters where a "free" Invisibility Potion have really helped.
  12. Just happened to me. Was at the end of Chapter 3 and crash. I'll def be doing the Iron Rom on ps4
  13. I felt this way for a lot of the base game... I didn't have knowledge of the weapon and upgrade system... I had level 30 weapons with terrible stats. My discord group told me to look into builds and provided some links. After to read through the builds and the material that was needed, but build starter to get better and better until I finally made my Dragon Whisker lance and Ifrit was dead in 3 minutes. I feel I would be the same with Adryn & Ravus (until I start to min/max further). That Deathproof advice is amazing and I look forward to using it for my attempts this evening.
  14. Time for another Inner Kung Fu Game!
  15. I had a similar experience. I reinstalled the base game and all DLC (just in case) then deleted my standalone save (created in error). Then I downloaded all cloud saves, including old comrades. When I booted up my fresh standalone version, the transfer happened immediately. Unsure if I needed to reinstall everything but I did.