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  1. Gotcha, thanks for the insight.
  2. My bad for responding to an old thread... if my son plays a game on my account as its a digital copy, we're technically breaching Sony's TOS? Heck, he's earning me trophies while playing so I'm also disappointing my PSNP community?
  3. Ran into this as well. Thank you for the tip about replays!
  4. I am really not looking forward to the Time Trial runs of Styx: Master of Shadows... ugh

  5. Interesting. It's easier pre-patch? Do you know if I have a patched save and reverted back to pre-patch if it would work? I'm awful at racing games and find the last 30 ish races nerve wrecking
  6. I far preferred this level over Riptide Beach... those waves.
  7. I am currently in progress with a trophy guide and strategy walkthrough. Have about 10k words thus far that'll outline the requirements for the trophies as well as all useful game mechanics. To answer your question quickly: Get to Nether Realm 50, they'll be a new Ritual for you. Make sure you're Deified with the god of Bliss. Thank you for the congrats.
  8. @eigen-space any requested updates to guides would be best commented on the guide itself as I get a notification (I believe unless I turn that off). Whereas, here, I had to visit the forums to see your tag. Moreover, others whom are using the guide can see all the updates/ requested updates in one location.
  9. Thanks for the info @Bojuka76. I currently only have a perma death playthrough going. From what I've read elsewhere, it may not be possible to earn the trophy in that mode. I'd be keen to try if you've got a playthrough in that mode handy.
  10. Good info, thanks @Kavatus
  11. Already did. His post mentioned two trophies (survival and perma death). Wasn't sure about Reuinion
  12. Is this easier now with the coop ability? If I jump into a game with another player and go to their base, will that pop the trophy?
  13. I second this. I am about 20 hours in and just heading through my 3rd black hole. I thought I'd check here for some tips and bam! This great thread! @iamthedotcom - will send you a message shortly!
  14. It took me about 5 deaths last night to get a good planet (alien base nearby). I was able to get enough Sodium to keep my protection up and what not... I feel it is easier than the first run of Permadeath mode pre-patch. But I don't know why it feels like that.
  15. I played about 2.5 hours of Permadeath last night from scratch (new system compared to my original playthrough) and no issues. A little bit of lag when the game is saving and I bring up my menu at the same time.