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  1. Man... if I would have known this before starting. I finished the game on PS4 without issue. On PS5, I was about 27% through on my first corruption. Second corruption just happened after doing 2/3 main quests. Unfortunately my lantern stopped working so it was pitch black in caves. I saved, closed, loaded to cloud and... full corruption no recovery. I understand I didn't pay anything for this after getting a free PS5 upgrade, but what about the folks that paid full price PS5? Oof... quite upsetting.
  2. I just finished up the missions on Normal and I am a little disappointed in how many times I needed to make a Storage Depot. In my longer games, my stores were so full I have more storage depots than I did residential buildings. After playing other games like Surviving Mars, Stellaris, Grand Ages: Medieval, and Tropico 5/6, I don't recall needing to bank so many resources. I often finished games with a colony consumption of about 5000 per Sol but a stockpile of 10,000 per Sol. I also found I almost never used a Remote Settlement. Have other players had similar experiences? I liked the game, it was basic enough to jump right it, but seems like it lacked reason for late game.
  3. I was incredibly surprised when I got this over the weekend. I had 7 "bad" marks (mostly at the end). I honestly thought I was getting a B rank with that many bads. My advice would be to focus on as many Greats as you can at the start to get a huge combo bonus, then don't restart even if you think you had too many bads.
  4. I had Neverwinter at 100% a couple years ago and "soft" retired it then. I knew that more mods were going to come out and it made me sad that more and more trophies keep coming. I am afraid to come back and get sucked in to the massive campaign grinds and disappointment when I can't get a 10 player group for the trials.
  5. I started it last night and after 58 minutes of "intro", I said under my breath "can I play the game yet?" ... I hope after that initial tutorial stage, it becomes enjoyable but for now, it is treating me like I have a brain tumor.
  6. I played D2 a lot back in the day, but I didn't know shit about the end-game stuff. I had no idea about good builds (I didn't like Hammerdin, Trapsin, etc.). I played likely 1000+ and never beat the game on Hell solo -- always in public games. I ended up using bots and hacked "white" items to allow me to clear content myself. I would concede that I was a very average or below average player back then. I picked up D2R and went into it with only my prior knowledge from years ago. I started a summon necro and coasted through the game until Hell. I got discouraged as soon as I encountered my first physical immune champ pack (even with amp on it was slow af). I decided to roll a sorc to see if I had better luck. Again, I got into Hell, ran into my first cold-immune pack and struggled. I had to read guides, watch videos, and study wiki pages for items / runewords that would make the game easier. So please, tell me how this game is "easy"? Heck, I had to feed my gf gear so she could finish normal. If you don't know the ins and outs of the game (where to get runes, how to beat Hell, etc.) then you're researching (or getting carried).
  7. Christmas came early! I am PUMPED for this!!!
  8. Looks like I need to get around to updating the guide. Thanks everyone for finding solutions to some gaps for this trophy.
  9. I just finished ACR 100% for the second time... and my hate for Lost Archive remains in tact. Why did they include that as part of ACR... I would have actually paid more for the game if they didn't include it
  10. I bought this game recently as I read that it was co-op. I like getting indy games and have had a lot of gems for co-op gameplay with my partner. Unfortunately, the "co-op" happened about 30 minutes into the game and player 2 only gets to control a companion with drastically limited abilities. Care if you were expecting a compelling co-op experience. Also... did anyone else die in the tutorial? I rolled into some barrels, detonated them and died. Apparently I wasn't allowed to explore and needed to complete the area in a linear way (despite multiple paths).
  11. You don't NEED to play offline... You can play online private and get everything done. There is an obvious risk of PKers if you do play in public games or even boost over PSNP. You can, however, get PL'd pretty well through some parts of the game if you're online with someone trustworthy. If you never touched D2 when it was originally released and aren't fantastic with the genre itself, then maybe I would walk away from this one. The trophy guide does not lie... it is a massive grind to 99 and you do need to risk the harder areas (and difficulties) of the game in order to get the higher XP.
  12. Anyone else feel dirty about the micro transactions these games have? Not going to lie... spending a little extra on the Elixirs makes the 100% so much easier, but it is like using cheats for $$.
  13. I picked up the physical copy a while ago to get those two remaining trophies and oof version 1.02 (sans update) is buggy. Three times I had corrupted save data, losing about 6 hours total of playtime. If you are looking to play on the base version, make sure to backup every hour. 100% for me and I enjoyed playing it again even with the bugs.
  14. Well I got my Master Swordsman last night after trying a variation of seeds. I am going to replicate the seed used on my 2nd account and report back. From what I understand from some reddit posts is that seed drops can change if you have beaten the game or other conditions. I observed consistent behaviors in my runs with my seed that helped me to earn the trophy, such as floor layout, potions, curses, and relics drops. Of course, anyone going for this trophy should try to get it done first; however, it is the least obvious trophy to earn. Ergo, my research is for those who have everything else done and have this one left over.
  15. (Maybe spoilers?) So I started chapter 8 today and I'm seeing videos of players 43+ fighting the Mad Witch. I hit 40 and got Earthshaker, yet I feel I'm still behind. I spent 1-2 hours in each chapters 4-7 grinding XP, items and weapon upgrades yet I still feel underpowered. Asides from killing enemies, I don't know what else I could do for XP. Per the trophy guide, I haven't touched the Factory or Insectors. Thoughts?
  16. My Name is Mayo RPG? 😬. Mayo ventures out into the cruel world and must team up with Marshall Marmalade and the Worcestershire Wizard to stop <insert dilemma> before time runs out! (Expiration Date).
  17. Well, I was struggling with this. As many other voters already noted, I haven't touched many of these games and have thus not enough information to really gauge their worth. As a guide writer, I can tell you that multimedia content and formatting are the most time consuming thing to get right. Anyone that made a guide because there wasn't another guide available gets an extra hat tip from me. These guides are even more important as PSNP becomes the only source (or leader) for that content (and the naysayers will critique you harder if you get something wrong because you can't confirm it elsewhere!). Gameplay: Dreams - Prize Bubble Guide Troll and I - Collectible Guide Walkthrough: Spirit Hunter: NG - Platinum Walkthrough Persona 4 Golden - Platinum Walkthrough Niche: Moonlighter Trophy Guide Subnautica Trophy Guide DLC: Dead by Daylight β€’ Additional Chapters - Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill Chapter DLC Trophy Guide Kingdom Come: Deliverance - A Woman's Lot DLC Trophy Guide Formatting: Nexomon: Extinction Trophy Guide Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Trophy Guide Import: BlazBlue: Chronophantasma - θΏ½εŠ γƒˆγƒ­γƒ•γ‚£γƒΌγ‚°γƒ«γƒΌγƒ—γ€Œγƒ†γƒ«γƒŸγ€ DLC Trophy Guide εˆιŸ³γƒŸγ‚― Project DIVA Future Tone DX Trophy Guide Original Content: Creaks Trophy Guide House Flipper Trophy Guide GOTY: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV - Overall Walkthrough
  18. Good luck to everyone nominated this year. For me, simply being recognized by the guide team, which consists of respected members of this community, is enough. (Though the badge is a nice accolade). I did not start writing guides for myself. I did not start writing guides to win any contest. I hope I speak for many guide writers when I say my inspiration is you: the players. I'm passionate about the games I represent, but I'm empowered when I know that my guide has helped even just one of you. I hope to continue providing you with quality work in the future and guide you through your library.
  19. I got this trophy a couple hours ago and wanted to share how it was earned. 1. Make an empire with the new Corporate Authority (along side other options like Democratic and Imperial) 2. Start a map with 5 additional empires (I forced all Pacifists so they'll be more likely to become allies). Playing a Xenophile empire helps. 3. Play until you find the five empires, then slowly gain their trust/opinion to allow a Commercial Pact with each. 4. Navigate to an empire's home planet and select it. You'll see a new tab called "Corporate" accessible with L1 or R1. Choose to build a branch office. This costs credits and influence (moreso the further you're away from them). 5. Repeat step 4 four times and the trophy will pop. Note that the office doesn't need to finish building... only that you started to build it.
  20. This appears to be a problem yes. I have all items in the game and no trophies.
  21. I'm currently about 75 brawls in and me (and my coop partner) have had 3/4 epics max. I've even had a run where I've had three legendary and one rare! I'm blown away at how RNG this one is... it is all I need for the plat. Anyone know if there's a perk for better drops? I'm at survival level 24 and nothing has come up yet that's too helpful with drops (magic + gear seem rarest).
  22. What a neat opportunity... I was extremely tempted at first then realized that, as a father of 3, there is no way I'd be able to take on additional responsibilities. Best of luck to all applicants. I hope new team members get to review one of my guides someday.
  23. After cramming another guide to near completion, I wasn't able to complete for the Dec 1st deadline for guide of the year 2020... I really do hope we're having them again this year!

  24. Gateway Construction technology are close to the last ones you get. If you have the Ascension Perk for rare technologies, it might show up sooner. Gateways must be placed on the perimeter of a system... if case you're having issues building them. Two steps are involved: Gateway Construction Site (built by a construction ship) then building the Gateway itself (no ship required). Hope that helps
  25. I got this trophy the other night fighting the Goat Demon (maybe a Satyr) related to the Stargazer trophy event line. I had the melee companion and ran around him until the companion killed him. So it can also pop from mini bosses for specific events.