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  1. thanks for the feedback
  2. Is it still possible to plat this game? and what trophies requier online play? tried to read real quick but none of the guides actually lists them in introduction by name....
  3. Yeah that was nice advice , i spammed on finding a session in them both and finaly got it , thanks for the reply
  4. So , is no1 playing domination and assassination game modes online? I can't seem to be finding them at all , it doesnt even really search for them ...
  5. pretty sure that i have all 13 not so many of them to loose track , and i have waiten like hmmm i dunno 1-2 months in game? kept saving at 1 point to move time , then played online , did trevor airport mission and so on , nothing and dunno how random can random be, 1 year game time ?
  6. Im stuck on 99.5% so (y) ..... only 1 stranger and freak mission to do and it wont pop up , dominator last mission , tried everything aswell , even loaded save that i had few % before and did again parachute jumps and still doesnt pop up and i am refusing to start from 0 aswell , some forums say that if u keep playing long enough and playing online and so on , it will evantually pop up but I dunno.....
  7. Guys stop re-installing the game , in my opinion better solution is to just pull the LAN line out or turn wifi off , play offline , get the trophys ( no problems then , all pop first try ) then insert the LAN line or w/e and load load ur saved game ,then sync the trophys and done less time consuming and irritating really , cant imagine reinstalling the game every now and then ..
  8. Ah appearantly there was some issue on other side because after i posted here alot of posts popped up on google and other media places , and it is fixed now was down for about 2h for me , didnt need to reinstall
  9. Just trying to get a clearer picture... is anyone else having this issue? with network or cable connected gta 5 won't start and shows error CE 34878-0 or am I the only one experiencing it ... or is anyone in gta online at all?
  10. Same thing happened to my profile , i find it quite funny tho lol , problably whole site?