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  1. I think I am eligible, I have many favorites but I'll go with Prince of Persia Sands Series. If I win please donate the money to these fallen angels.
  2. But, they never were free. You've been rented them. I understand the "you won't get more of those" sux for all of us, but to play them you always needed to pay the subscription.
  3. I hope both players get the trophies. Always a plus for me a game without a tsunami of bronzes. Edit: Trophies already explained thanks to the guy that does not like couch coop (split screen style)
  4. Finally, This war of mine will be mine
  5. Omg lol I'm definitely thinking too much about my medical appointments for this week, well if I can get those for this week.
  6. Very hard to the party but I have to say that my issue was with the physical edition, but it became unstable when i downloaded the patches needed for the season pass, when i played before download those I only had one issue, game frozen at the very end of campaign, trophy wasn't showed but when I re-started the system the trophy was there. Good luck with your digital copy
  7. Quick question. As you know, both PS3 versions of Thief and Murdered Soul Suspect are mega cheap right now. Which one of these two crappy games is better? :D

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    2. GoldenShaka


      @Undead Wolf Excellent, thank you. Do you know how is the performance of Life is strange on PS3? I completed it on PS4. BTW, it has its own trophy set, right?

    3. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      I don't remember having any problems with that one either. It looks a little worse as you would expect, but I didn't have any crashes or anything like that. And yeah, it has a separate trophy list. I stacked them both.

    4. Super Sand Virginia

      Super Sand Virginia

      I think Soul Suspect would be less crappy because it's easier to plat?


      40% plat vs 3% plat.

  8. Lego games (S/PS4/XB1) at $19.99 (16.99GCU) Best buy(US) :)

    1. Super Sand Virginia

      Super Sand Virginia

      Hey ;D You like the deals too <3


      I recently got GCU, because I want God of War and Yakuza 6 Collector Editions to be cheaper ;D

  9. For any Vita lover, Play Asia has a list of games on sale. Maybe you can get something you wanted :)

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    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami


      Thanks for mentioning this, I gotta grab things before it expires!

    3. Super Sand Virginia

      Super Sand Virginia

      Would be nice...if I had a VITA :(

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Buy Vita together with the sale :awesome: 

  10. what a way to announce the dead of PS3, with Mighty No 9 and Legend of Kay??? 😂😂 I really hope we have memorable titles during these last months
  11. Saint Seiya Soldiers' soul
  12. Wow, I've been waiting long time for this game to be released physically, sad to hear that. But it looks fun that is what it matters to buy it. So, it will be as Song of the deep, many people thought it would include a platinum. The only thing that I like about the trophies is that there aren't a tsunami of bronzes.
  13. Prove something? Not even when i was younger. I get trophies because in many cases mean extra stuff to do in a game. Hmm, what is the problem with Green lantern? It does not give a ridiculous amount of trophies and it's not in the easiest group of platinums. It's one of the few couch coop of ps3, not so short and fun.
  14. You're welcome. 🤗
  15. I guess everybody started their lists already, but if your in need of a Companionship related game I would recommend World to the west, cute and easy. Good luck to all of participants.