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  1. What a way to devalue Asuka's streak even more, the other day couldn't get a clean victory over Charlotte, and now the title was handed by Ronda. I was expecting for Asuka to win the championship later, maybe one week before RR, considering they weren't planning for her a Wrestlemania moment. Hmm, so according to what I've read here, this was the plan to put together Becky Charlotte and Ronda, then who's going to challenge Asuka? Lana? Naomi? i'll just wait and see.
  2. She's funny that way
  3. Well, if you're referring to backlog, I think God of war A Quantic Dream game Shining resonance For 2019 releases: Metro Exodus Remilore (already preordered) Concrete Genie
  4. Just got the platinum for Monster Boy, piece of art. Great tribute to original one, highly recommend.

    1. DamagingRob
    2. GoldenShaka


      Thanks ^^ 

      At this moment i'm achiever 19, who knows after people refresh their status tomorrow 😁

  5. At this point I don't remember if I got it for free or I bought but it shows $4.99 for a new user.
  6. Valley at 2.99 it's a great price.
  7. Very pleased to finally find some DLC on sale here. Sad Marvel heroes 2 S pass is not on sale. Btw. For those interested in a fun indie platform adventure, you shouldvget World to the west, easy platinum and IMO more entertaining than Teslagrad.
  8. Great game but not desperate to get it on physical version, in a few minutes crazy people asking for $85 or more on ebay.
  9. Omg, what did you do with you GOW :( , i was prepared for a game without jump, but I need to press down to do a Quick turn!!!, otherwise Kratos will just face what is in front of him, because the horrible perspective/camera, this is terrible.

    1. kidson2004


      Yeah the ability to not jump in there really screwed me over on a lot of fights. 

  10. Walmart dropped some prices in preorders so it's kinda match making, I'm crossing fingers for some NISA games or at least Tales of Vesperia, imagine that one below 30.
  11. I just preordered Monster boy and the cursed kingdom PS4 for $24.27 @ US Amazon
  12. For anyone interested, US Amazon dropped the preorder to $24.27, happy hunting
  13. IDK what all of this is about but free is always the best, thank you
  14. After a simple inspection nothing for me. Nothing amazing but not that bad.
  15. Sorry to hear that, I imported the PS4 physical one and I don't recall any crash. No bugs present, I experienced longer loading times with Akiba's trip PS3. Quick and fun platinum.