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  1. Bring me a strong list of games which don't require day one patch and i could consider that "on release day " accurate. Very few games I preorder, supporting the developer, I don't expect sequels but at least a good finished product.
  2. Someone having issues "buying" oddworld? I continue having the Error message: Something got wrong. No luck activating the game.
  3. Well, at least you can try it. I trying to "purchase" it and no luck I got an Error message every time. "Something went wrong. WS-116483-3"
  4. We're playing Dead nation Apocalypse edition. Trying to plat the game twice
  5. Still wondering which is the public for psnow. I guess it's for people that don't purchase games, so it's fine renting those titles. Limited amount of titles, idk if it was better before. Playing with my bro online has been a nightmare. And I'm talking about a ps4 game, an Installed ps4 game. I guess i have to plat some point and click titles to enjoy the promo before ends. On topic, not surprised that the titles are not upgraded for ps5.
  6. C'mon don't be like that. I'm still waiting for Sony to give a HUGE farewell to those beloved devices with a great Sale Hmm. Ok, no.
  7. Is it possible now to pay something in the store without adding funds to the wallet? I bought the month and the dollar was discounted immediately from the Wallet.
  8. Thanks, I'll check later what psnow has in store.
  9. I just checked my inbox and nothing, maybe buying most of games very cheap put me out of the list lol
  10. Interesting, I remember before Before the storm was released LIS detractors always pointed not just poor writing but unbelievable characters. Suddenly out of nowhere all teenagers were brilliant beings, with no need of validation, not immature, etc, etc. Maybe they're just used that in current movies most of teenagers are hyper smart, lack confidence just for an split second and later they have that much wisdom to even advice elderly. Their only issue is crazy hormones, otherwise they would be gods. I'm very curious about how politics will be handled in the new one.
  11. I like the title of the thread but I dislike that people is just focusing in the ps3/vita rumor. So for me I would put that I've bought some stuff convincing myself that there's no way it's going to be cheaper in the future, but guess what, It has been cheaper later. Obviously it disgusts the most when the game is still in the backlog when the new sale goes on. I have no problem if the game is part of igc later, that doesn't bother me. Now, focusing on ps3 games, nah, if there are games that are still pending to be added to my backlog, all of those has a physical version, so no hurries.
  12. Base ps4, BUT I've ran many other suppously buggy games, ie Vampyr, and never got my console constantly frozen.
  13. Thanks but I couldn't care less about the fps, my problem was the disastrous performance, it's the 1st game I run on my ps4 which froze my console many times, US physical version.
  14. My brother has been waiting his whole life for a good discount in Moss and he doesn't even own a psvr lol For me Subnautica
  15. I didn't even know about this till now, nice set of games, good luck to all participants