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  1. I got last two trophies after the scene after credits. PS4 physical US Region.
  2. Sorry I can't help you here but I guess people is confused about trophy = achievement. Or the others probably aren't as completionist as you are to notice that there are lot of stuff in the game that does not grant you a trophy but cosmetic stuff for your flag (I forgot the proper word), I guess those are the in-game achievements you are talking about.
  3. The boys. It started great. But little by little was getting full of political correctness. Still, fun.
  4. I guess you are talking about the first season. I don't remember how it worked there But I'm playing 2nd season now, and I can't see my choices because requires that I create a TellTale account. They're not out of business already?
  5. Ok that is better, I'm not sure if you already beat it, but have a good hunting. I recommend you to get Guacameele, especially now that a bundle was just realeases including both games.
  6. Excuse me but if the original description (which was the description for the whole poll, not an example) was wrong it's not my fault. I did not miss the point. Otherwise why you deleted the whole thing now? You know, we are in a trophy hunter website, it's not crazy that someone ask for easy trophy lists or how easy is to beat speedruns for a newbie, not everyone is a completionist, hardcore gamer or only hunts ultrarare trophies.
  7. 101 Broken sword 5: The Serpent's curse Ultimate adventurer Thanks @zadorvp for the guide, there were some puzzles where I was totally lost. Nice point and click game, it reminded me a little to Yesterday Origins (YO) in the Religious approach. I liked the story better on this one in comparison with YO, but puzzles in YO were easier.
  8. Sure good sir. It was Akiba's trip Undead and Undressed.
  9. Considering what you wrote in the description it's definitely a 10. If you are a newcomer, minimal practice and few tries you'll rate it 1??? Sure, that's why it is an ultra rare. <Sarcasm off> The only reason for me to be less than 7 is if you are a platform expert, let's say getting the Orbs in Guacameele are an one out of ten for you.
  10. Please add me with A plague tale: Innocence A very emotive and fun journey
  11. Platinum # 100 A Plague tale: Innocence After so many years, two console generations, one ps3 ylod and one new UHDTV I'm on 3 digits. It's basically a dream having reached this platinum #100. Especially at a rate of 10 platinums per year lol A couple of years ago I reserved the spot for RFG, but sadly my dualshocks 3 have retired already, at least I already has the mp trophies, maybe one day, RFG, maybe one day. So, next candidate, maybe an RPG, maybe a platformer, my backlog has enough ingredients to has me thinking and thinking. But, out of nowhere a title without too much noise appeared , it had me intrigued, to the point that I even preordered it. Just the taste of the first chapter was enough, with games like like Brothers: A tale of two sons, Shadows of Collosus and Ico, strong experiences in my gaming history, always vivid in my mind, I knew this one was also going to be special. A medium tier triple A, like Hellblade, even with less combat, but for me, more enjoyable. I saw Amicia and I thought about my nonexistent big sister, or my still absent daughter. Courage, bravery, family values, perseverance, it was just a great journey. I liked all characters, the landscapes, the story, the soundtrack. Those little details, like pinches of spices in a stew, or the extras on an ice cream. Thanks Asobo for such a great game, another great memory, and a memorable milestone.
  12. Great game, I could upgrade the ones required for the trophy in chapter hmm 13 I think, i got last Alchemy ingredient almost reaching final boss. You have enough resources, when i backtracked for collectibles I noticed that I missed some skins and rope. I used luminosa for the crafting carts and in one area in one of the last chapter when I trapped some rats and I couldn't find another way to pass than kill them.
  13. Game is terribly buggy, unless you have absolutely nothing to play get it. I bought it for the local mp but it has a bug that don't let one character to attack. I still revisit it, i hope I plat it one day. The other reason to buy it was the nice soundtrack that comes with the deluxe edition. I think I wasted less than 3 bucks. I highly doubt it they will patch it.
  14. Fingers crossed for Pro evolution 2020.
  15. Hmm, I don't remember having the problems that you have mentioned, but what happened to me was that Kara and the other android couldn't die on the highway lol. After tons of tries I noticed that for a previous magazine action I lowered the difficulty. Well, at least in my case, it seemed that being on easy, the game "wisely" helped me to do not die lol. After changing the difficulty I could finally die.