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  1. Nothing really great in comparison with previous sales. My urges for sales prices were satisfied this week with Caladrius Blaze.
  2. If you missed it some weeks ago, now it is sale time for BB. Best buy (USA) is offering Shadow of war Gold edition at $20 (GCU $16). Happy hunting.
  3. Shadow of War Gold edition @ US Bestbuy ($20, GCU $16).

    Act fast and enjoy your weekend :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. GoldenShaka


      You're welcome. Out of nowhere got this news a few moments ago and considering that is the same content as upcoming Definitive edition I shared here, it's a great opportunity to have all SoW cheap ;)

    3. PooPooBlast


      Gah! Wish best buy Canada had this. Lol it's $90 CAD atm xD while the base game is $30... Wow $60 for dlc. 


      Will still be waiting for the definitive edition to release and then drop in price unless the gold edition goes on sale first at a reasonable price!

    4. GoldenShaka


      Yes, the original price for gold edition is anti poor people lol.

      Luckily I had this here, I even bought a 2nd one for my brother. One gift less for the holidays hunt in a few months.

      I hope you find a good deal :)

  4. Ttophy list required an almost 100% overhaul due Konami basically losing all cups licenses. Even ML trophies were affected. Well, it looks doable.
  5. Besides the great exclusives, what made me stay were the controllers. You can bring me all the ergonomics studies stating that MS ones are better, but i cannot get use to those controllers.
  6. Just when Caladrius Blaze is finally less than 5 bucks I have no Ps+. :/ Yes, not part of Flash sale but of the weekend deals.
  7. It's the only edition, even on NisAmerica. That's why I said This one will be rare very soon. Getting it a few weeks after release, more than that and you'll just find it overpriced on ebay.
  8. By mere casualty I knew about this game today while I was checking news for Remilore. Considering the kind of edition this game is, very hard to find it cheap. I'll just wait a couple of months, this one will be rare soon.
  9. Well, still working on those download events, at this moment they are very buggy, I have beat more than 20 and the server only recognize the last two. And again, idk what OP is talking about, for "Eliminator" you need to be first, for "Chase" you need to achieve 20 points ( no less than 4 laps -5 points every time you are on 1st place) and finally, the last category Race, obviously you need to be 1st to get the points. So it's not just complete the races in any place. Only pristine races give you points in less than 4 min.
  10. Wait a moment Wait a moment. Hmm, could it be, could be? Unless we have more entries later. This is a strong contender for W O R S T flash sale E V E R.
  11. Really, dude? 😇
  12. Exactly I didn't include it in first post as a personal comment. It's WB announcement.
  13. Yes, the Gold edition has everything, all the patches removing Market and improving stuff is free for everybody that has regular editions. Now I wasn't promoting Gold edition, I got it at 20 a few days ago, that's why i said if you find it cheap, great, grab it. Otherwise just wait for a drop in the Definitive edition. I highly doubt it to find it lower than 20 during black friday.
  14. Please, show where does it say that the disc includes everything but the season pass content. For what it seems at first glance it's just a repackage, I don't think that they will burn a new disc all patched just missing the season pass content due size limitations. With or without a code is the same, all the content that is not the main game needs to be downloaded.
  15. If this is true, horrible. As dumb as this could sound, I hope that they are just testing the waters and later say that it was a miss print or something.