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  1. Not a fan of Gamestop (US) but Today's deal of the day is Trine Ultimate Collection in all platforms, with the advantage that Ps4 has all 4 games on disc. Great deal for $16.99

  2. My case is worse, I went for the all hearts trophy, because of this I didn't use the radio properly, no one came to rescue. At the end, my survivors were Alex and Julia, the distribution cap destroyed, Julia died due wounds and Alex got insane. No trophy. How????? Most annoying trophy list ever.
  3. maybe 3 games this time
  4. I think people just give opinions of whole list and game in general, because most times these threads are created before the games are released. That's why you usually find other threads related to specific trophies later on. Is this trophy obtainable, bugged. I need help with this collectible trophy,
  5. About Infamous Second Son, if you upgrade most of skills and shoot (specially juggernauts) from top of buildings it's easy
  6. And as usual nothing for people who purchase the SP originally, not even a theme. Hmm, they said that the game (Mafia 3) it was going to be somewhat retouched, I guess that patch is not up yet.
  7. Crap, I thought it was the movie lol. I downloaded because someone said contains theme, mine does not :/ I guess I'll keep my hard copy sealed more time than expected. Probably this was the lego game chosen for WB because it's the only one that allows 4 players mp
  8. 118 THE ORDER 1886 THE GRAIL When you play this game, it's absolutely noticeable that it was a showcase for the ps4. Great graphics, an apparently epic story (I mean, it was good, but not really memorable) Decent soundtrack, interesting characters. Being so heavily narrative I expected they let players skip cutscenes after finishing the campaign. Luckily I got more than 90% of the trophies while I was playing the campaign otherwise I would be annoyed while getting miscellaneous ones. See you, happy hunting.
  9. I LOVED Mafia 2, I'll certainly revisit it later, and I'll finally get first Mafia game, Mafia 3 still on my backlog.
  10. Just got the platinum. It's not the same platinum time that Total playing time. There's no trophies for none of the chapters, just for beating the game. So people just worked the list to get trophies as quick as possible.
  11. I guess great time to finally purchase the game
  12. C'mon!!! Just when I was going to ask for a loan to preorder the game after seeing the title and find this 😡
  13. Going to check some videos for 8-bit games, maybe I'll get a couple of them and once again debating if I purchase Shiny or don't. Last week for Big in Japan, anybody would recommend Shalnor Legends, not having Nintendo consoles Iam wondering if it's decent enough for a zelda-esque alternative.
  14. 117 Fighthing EX Layer Got platinum on 5/5 at 5pm Took me 5 days to complete. Hmm, I have nothing else to add about number 5. Had to get it due nostalgia PS2 era, Arika did a decent job. Fighting game straightforward easy in the online aspect of the trophy list. Just a couple of offline trophies were complicated.
  15. 😅😅😅😅😅 Loved it It seems that Sony took very seriously that many people are trapped at home, very undestandable choices.