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  1. Thanks for the full list. psprices hasn't uploaded yet.
  2. Very disappointed that only ps1 and psp games previously purchased will be part of the catalog. But, on second thought kinda relieved because I wouldn't pay more money (a new subscription) to play the games that I already purchased when (as it looks right now) there's nothing added, like at least trophy support. This service is good probably for new users.
  3. Hmm, trying to get the whole picture, so in some way this is to kinda bother people who is selling ps3s on ebay with thousands of games pre-installed? I mean it's not the same create all the amount the accounts you want (how it was before) in a system that now that we need to go through authentication methods for new accounts. I mean, I can be wrong, I just thought about it.
  4. Thank you for that info.
  5. I almost bought it a few days ago. How random are the perks or in some way depends on the curse you choose? Let's say I start choosing the stronger curse of the bunch, does that give me better drops?
  6. Wow, kinda surprised that I'm not the only one that doesn't give a f about getting fifa lol. I would prefer Tormented souls. Anyway, happy with Curse of Gods and Tribes of Midgard
  7. I just checked the timestamps in one of the fast achievers, and he/she has about 5 minutes difference between Stage 1, 2 ,3 of the guide, so as I posted years ago this hunters used many usbs, deleting and uploading new saves just before the credits roll.
  8. Thank you for the info. Platinum is unobtainable. Ok
  9. How bad is Agents of Mayhem? At $3 is very tempting 😁
  10. Oh ok. Thanks for the prompt answer.
  11. So, this method works between platforms or you guys are talking about many stacks from the same platform? I 100% the ps3 US version years ago, then I platinumed the Ps4 US version but never touch the dlcs. So, does this method of autopping dlc#2 trophies after getting all dlc#1 offline would work for me?
  12. Hmm, I'm curious about why you consider Infamous a psn game. For what I recall it's a regular retail game like Uncharted. In the collection package Festival of blood is not even on disc but included with a voucher.
  13. #144 AereA Tutti I can only say: Finally #145 Metropolis Lux Obscura Excellent game, very entertaining with the right amount of content
  14. I guess it's time to purchase Numenera
  15. Ok, Thanks for answer