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  1. Psycho-Pass: Mandatory happiness
  2. Leap year? Was that as part of an Event? *sigh* I'll have to wait till 2020.
  3. Yeah sure. A few years ago, I even asked my mom the time to be more precise
  4. Hahaha Hmm, I've seen many times both red faction on sale in US store, in fact i got my dlcs in one of those sales. Not sure if i have seen them all together in a huge bundle. If that's the case I don't think it will ever happen in the future, that game is very old.
  5. Red faction guerrila, i got most of mp trophies already (especially the grindy ones) but i need the ones related to miscellaneous with four players. My main issue always is the time zone, most of players are from Europe. Usually 8 hours difference with me.
  6. I have already reserved the spot for a grindy one, with multiplayer stuff that I still need to get, in fact kinda complicated because I need many people to launch the sessions. I hope to achieve it. Have you planned any of your milestones? Platinum 50? 100? Etc.
  7. After looking the trophy set looks very intimidating. Still I'll buy the disc in a near future.
  8. Very nice gesture from your other half. Congrats With my free time it will take me at least a decade to get there lol. I thought I was going to get my 100th this but impossible. But I'll say that if one day I get 200 platinums my 200 will be Assassin Creed 2. Basically every hunter has that one hahaha.
  9. Well, if someone defends companies that try to include microtransactions at everything shouldn't be mad at EA, after all they were doing something good for business and the developer failed for building something that prevents the addition of that model in the game. I hope to have been understandable this time.
  10. Funny that many microtransactions and loot boxes lovers are bashing on EA because of this, when (as many have pointed out) the main reason for EA to kill Visceral was for designing the Star Wars game as a typical single player game with little space to accommodate micros there. Next stop for the micros: Darksiders 3.
  11. It's highly possible that the first character (to be announced on December) will be Sagat. So first character for the third Season (not included on Arcade Edition).
  12. Nothing for me this week. Let's see next week offering.
  13. Ameowzing. Cat me in for one copy. I'll save the platinum for February 17th.
  14. Spiderman homecoming.
  15. RIP Humble bundle