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  1. There's only one game that has my attention which I lost it as part of IGC ages ago: Spec Ops. Sadly they're not offered anymore with individual codes so i cannot ask the community for that code if they're not interested :/
  2. Well, at least your phat didn't died on you so you can deactive and then activate it back with no problems, mine died and I lost all my save data because I had no ps+.
  3. Even with that p of s referee Real Madrid got the win. 

    Hala Madrid!!!!!

  4. Welcome to the site. Enjoy your stay 🤗
  5. Wow, what a bad memory, I don't recall to have watched something on the screen when I got any of the moral points, I just had to finish the campaign and then know if I fucked up in any way lol. But I platinumed the ps3 version, maybe on ps4 is a little different.
  6. Well, after almost a year since my first comment in this thread. Reached the top and achieving one more goal to my list of 2017. Please, sign me up as Prince, all 5 games platinumed ✊
  7. 81 PRINCE OF PERSIA THE TWO THRONES I got the platinum a few weeks ago but forgot to publish it here. It's finally over, three platinums with three playthroughs due non stackable difficulties. It's hard to complaint a lot about a game that it's part of my youth. I love the Prince of Persia trilogy. The game was quicker and easier that WW, especially to get all upgrades, But, that two bosses fight in hard was complicate because the jump button, many times I tried to get some distance but the prince was just rolling around, and in other situations I was trying to hit one boss and the prince hit the other, some times the enemy was right there and instead of hit it quickly the prince did that acrobatic showcase before land the strike. Luckily I had no problems with the buggy Sand snake trophy, I tried to get it in the first playthrough but I took the risk to watch the Continue screen of doom. And I didn't get the trophy, so I had to get it on normal. All in all, it was an enjoyable journey.
  8. For all people advicing to play with headphones, I remember that the battery life of the controller depletes dramatically when you plug a headphone. How long till the battery dies? Or are you using Bluetooth headphones?
  9. No idea, especially because i don't play mp that much lol. I just stick to survival to get some colors, but got annoyed that the color you obtain depends on the costume you're wearing in the matches. I thought i was going to get 3rd, fourth or fifth color for all costumes of that fighter.
  10. Hmm. As many have pointed out, this model shouldn't be included in a single player. Even being a mp game I'd like to mention one particular game, SFV said that you could get EVERYTHING in the game with ingame currency and later they released premium content which was only available with real money. I wouldn't be surprised that WB release a Holiday package that we can't buy with gold. I'd really like that this gold model don't be intrusive but I doubt it. :/ And finally I'd like to know how long will be the grind for the platinum now that this model has been implemented in the game.
  11. Considering the already announced short-to-medium length, I have to say that I like the fact that the trophy list does not have a ridiculous Beat the game 4 times just to make feel a high sense of replayability. Besides, I like the no bronzes list. The only reason why I don't buy it right away is the combat, so I'll just wait next year.
  12. Well, I haven't checked, but i guess there aren't too much sites like this in Spanish. Obviously that no means that the community has to adapt to OP. As soon as every newbie starts to interact here should notice that everything is written in English.
  13. Trying to don't overpopulate my backlog for the rest of the year (with exception of some crazy psn sales oc :p). I just need for the rest of the year: YZ Origins, Horizon Zero dawn, Tales of Berseria, shadow warriors 2, Atelier Firis and Victor Vran. Maybes: Fate ex-tella, a lego game, Nioh, gravity rush remastered, shadow of war.
  14. Convincing myself to get prince of persia 2008 platinum to complete the whole collection of POP.
  15. Ok, i browsed the ps+ discounts category because All deals was bugged for me, and don't think I found deals, just repeaters.