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  1. Thanks for all the info
  2. So, if i start the game with 0 campaign progress which online features can i access? It's better to go hunt tokens after finish the story? i don't want to rush the campaign just to access all online modes. I hope to get the game on Saturday.
  3. Knowing capcom, it's impossible they drop season passes lower than 50%, so I'll get the 2nd, and a few indies.
  4. Prey was at 15 on Target for Blackfriday, i guess nobody wanted it, my mom got it in store Friday night for my brother and asked for a copy for me, I said no. Ironic, right?
  5. Putting aside the Who cares about trophies, I'll just wait for a deep sale because the remaster couldn't lock up to 60 fps. It's very beautiful and it's nice for those that couldn't get a physical version on ps3, but not to get it right away.
  6. Cody, Sagat and Sakura for the third Season pass. Sold!!!!! :)

  7. Hmm, first time that I get a google alert Amber alarm style. Rich Swann has been arrested in Florida, he was charged with kidnapping and false imprisonment.
  8. Hey guys, question about gravity rush 2, the online rewards that will be locked in a few days (outfits and talismans) can be used in the campaign?? Since the beginning?

  9. :/ Even the God of war stuff was limited
  10. Besides the big titles like God of war and DW IX, I just want to know when's the release date for Rad rodgers 😡
  11. No surprise considering Nintendo got exclusivity for the 2nd part.
  12. Ok, thanks. I hope we get Sagat as many think
  13. Any info about how much would be Season 3? Season 2 was 5 bucks more expensive than Season 1. IDK the reason.
  14. Hmm, so no action for Riot last night :/ Well, it was better than the Sasha - Paige from Monday night. I guess I was the only one that noticed Paige out of shape. Sasha looked great, focused, agil, strong. Paige the whole opposite, a lot of botches, 80% of her match was gimmicks and the rest wrestling skills.
  15. Well, vita people should be pleased It's very rare to have a sale full of vita games.