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  1. Only ones I care are the ones with music. I turn on the console to play not to be browsing around, but if I have to be doing that give me music. What I want is folders, FOLDERS, F O L D E R S.
  2. It was part of the last State of play, game was shown and announced as ps+ freebie.
  3. Oh man, you guys revived this thread, I thought those rewards were available again.
  4. Atm only free ps5 upgrades. Too much stuff in my backlog to be in a hurry to purchase ps5 titles. But, I already preordered Far cry 6. That will be my 1st ps5 physical title. Tempted to get Hades in the near future. Wondering which one will be my 1st digital ps5. I mostly purchase physical.
  5. Actually you don't need to wait for your subscription to run out (at least on US region). Btw, You cannot buy a game already "bought" through IGC using the App. But if you go to the store, let's say ps4 psn store and do a search you will have many options. For example Darksiders 3. I have 3 options: Start (because I got the game with IGC ps+), Add to cart (to buy the game permanently), Included with PsNow (obvious message). I checked with Detroit, Soma, Magicka 2, etc.
  6. What? It's the 1st time I hear about that reverse thing, I'm playing SR3 on ps5 and I was already told that ps4 won't autopop :/
  7. Uninstalled the game already but I think you go to the main menu Chose Load and it will show you Slots available. You click on them and you'll see the progress in every level then you choose the game you need to repeat. No need to beat the whole game for this, access at any time, unless it was patched a few months ago.
  8. Oh ok, I'm not aware of digital stuff, i mostly buy physical and that one it's only ps5 gold edition, no regular edition.
  9. Hmm, sucks like in Suck you in? Sure, it's a very good game, Dooooc.
  10. Oh, so it's not like it says in some websites that you upgrade to Gold edition, meaning everything, is just the regular version that is upgraded? No dlc free?
  11. The upcoming Gold edition has that name due a new content (dlc). There was no extra content for ps4, so my disc/version is the one any other guy in my situation has, regular disc edition. I haven't upgraded it yet, but according to what I've googled You upgrade to Gold edition meaning you get the dlc for free. If that it's true I hope it's the beginning of this kind of upgrades that really thank people ( previous buyers) for believe in the product. Edit: Can someone confirm if real buyers get the dlc for free? Meaning the whole gold edition.
  12. Yes, there's a physical edition for Gold ps5. Idk i really don't know if i would call it funny or what but people people saying that they bought the ps4 version, No, you did not buy the game, you are RENTING games, not now on ps5, not before on ps4, SINCE the conception of Plus on ps3. Now it's an extra because Online is NOT free anymore. Also, now it's easy for them(Sony) to block the upgrades because something that before it wasn't possible now it is. To purchase a game that you already "own". For me it's good, I have many games in my backlog, my ps4 copy is still sealed, i was about to sell it the other day, now with that free upgrade incentive I will keep it.
  13. Aggre to disagree. I guess you are one of the people that are very excited now that Amicia has a bow in Requiem and will be another Lara/Ellie/Alloy. For me the limited gameplay was on point for that kid, I enjoyed the game for what it was, a narrative/adventure game, the only thing that was a minus for me was the poor lip sync, that diminished the immersion. The rest ok, graphics, soundtrack, characters and length of the game.
  14. They say it's 4k native 60fps, with 3d audio support, for me that aspect is tempting to justify buying the 3d headset, we need more titltes with 3d audio support. I'll test for graphic difference in a few days. Yeah I know, actually I'm playing it right now, planning on making the platinum my trophy 7500. But now with this news maybe (still have to check graphic comparison) I'll go for another milestone for Innocence, ps4 version is my platinum 100.
  15. You sure about being native like FF7? In the other thread says that is a free upgrade for ps4 with updated graphics. Like Ryza 2 or SR3.