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  1. So so, but I have all I needed already, thanks.
  2. Yeah, thanks, the only option I found was leave conversation. It's the first time trying to delete. So I wasn't sure if my console got a virus lol
  3. Excuse me if at this point it's a very dumb question but, how do you delete messages individually on ps4? On ps3 is ridiculously easy, but here it's like kill the whole conversation. I don't have FR but random unknown messages.
  4. I'm not into auto popping trophies but considering that my gaming have been heavily affected due my arthritis I just had to do it.
  5. Long gone are the days when 50% off or the more was the norm in a Flash sale. Then you had lots of titles very cheap.
  6. I also would love to grab it at 20. But IIRC the launch price for this $40, kinda amazed the physical one will be 30.
  7. 7015
  8. Metropolis: Lux Obscura
  9. Hmm, I know I've played a Spawn game, not sure if it was that one lol
  10. My name is Outis.
  11. Hhm I guess that means that we won't access to anything from community at all, not even downloaded levels.
  12. SALES TAX October 01, 2018 As many online shoppers may already be aware- the US Supreme Court overturned the physical presence requirement that has allowed e-commerce retailers to forego charging state sales outside their state of residence this Summer on June, 21st. This is going to, unfortunately, require us to charge sales tax for customers in any state that has already passed new legislation in regards to sales tax. We are only going to start charging that sales tax in the states that have already made it legally enforceable, but it is expected most states will have legislation in place by early 2019. As of October 1st, today, we will be legally required to start collecting sales tax in the following states: Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin. -Limited Run Games Team
  13. With those prices I'll stick to my ps3 copies, especially because i doubt they'll include booklets.
  14. Ey Doc, greetings. have you planned any of your milestones? Which ones? If you could achieve a crazy long grinding platinum in one day, which one you'd choose?
  15. Nope. Have you ever tried to find the end of a rainbow? 😝