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  1. Unless you want to deal with some server issues, people gently throwing you to the floor, Amazon has Kingdom Hearts 3 @ $13.16 right now. So, one game less from the List
  2. 10 platinums? Well, you have me scratching my head. I'll try, in any case, good luck to everyone participating
  3. The PSVR sounds tempting but which set is that? the first version? the last one?
  4. Well I guess it's pretty obvious that i LOVE the game. While not being perfect, I never had big problems with the combat which btw is very simple, not a whole buch of different moves like in WW which is great but I found it glitchier than SOT. I guess I didn't have problems because I played the remaster after getting a master in Batman Arkham games, kick jump, punch jump, lol. They went with an acrobatic style, so I felt fine punch jump, kick evade, but I have to say that the jump roll is annoying sometimes. My only complaint with the remaster is how the sound was treated so poorly, such a great soundtrack wasted
  5. Ey chillax buddy, it's not even the weekend after black friday (holidays) Not that I'll have time to get more than 2 platinums in the rest of the year but I think that most of hunters here will get at least 5 more XD.
  6. I think that that raise in ps now subscriptions could be potentially a problem for full backwards compatibility. But I still hope Sony put some emulators on ps5, especially for ps3. About your list, there's something different for people moving to other console nowadays. Digital goodies, you cannot sell them. And in the last year the amount of digital only game has increased. In my case even having the possibility to use a ds 4 controller (not fully compatible) on ps3 I still hope to play all my psn collection on the upcoming ps5.
  7. I also vote for Steins; gate, if after that you want to continue exploring the genre good, otherwise is just not your cup of tea.
  8. I hope they go for another sale, but better than last time, before they delist it definitely from US region.
  9. No problem.
  10. No buddy, my comment was related to the original thread which included a link for xseed store, they are having a 15th anniversary sale running, this thread was updated already
  11. 30 Days of night. Imo, one of the best Josh Harnett performances.
  12. Sadly they raised the free shipping from $20 minimum to $50. All I tried to add it was already out of stock so I'm probably missing the sale. Btw OP, Xseed store does not sale ps4 codes. That Touhou Scarlet curiosity is for Steam
  13. 107 Until Dawn A Symphony of Horror Spooky adventure game with sweet doze of jump scares, very fun. Long time since I got a platinum on Halloween. Previous Holiday Milestone. HellBlade New Year.
  14. Happy Halloween,  celebrating with Until dawn platinum 


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      Congratz! 🎂

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      Nice work! And Happy Halloween!

  15. Nice month, now i have what to play on an alternate account