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  1. Gotta say I finally find a few titles different than the usual ones, I'll probably get Wuppo.
  2. Same. Still waiting for that $20 or less on disc.
  3. Very good. Now the port of the first game that's a whole other story.
  4. Couch coop Renegade ops Castle crashers Dead nation Guacameele Rayman Origins Gatling gears Shoot many robots Army of two Resistance Fuse Green lantern Rise of headhunter Lara Croft Guardian of Light And obviously Lego games.
  5. Please Add me in the Gigalomaniac list for Steins Gate Ps3.
  6. Well, if you are willing to pay full price that means that you justified doing it for good games and not just for saving some bucks or because you just want to play something. Then I would day yes, buy it. I would prefer the release price to be 40 instead of 50 but it's how it is. I started but i couldn't continue because my retailer haven't sent me my preorder dlc costumes yet. And it's sad because that is dropping the star rating at amazon.
  7. B R A V O So happy for Bayley Very nice she been with the crowd that much time
  8. Thanks to you, I got nothing from this list but two avatars from the individual ones, I was waiting for the 3rd Rez dynamic theme but that was not the code you were giving away, I have the other two, one of them is very nice.
  9. Claimed, some of them, thank you.
  10. I loved Puppeteer. I second Guacameele. The Remake of Monster boy and the cursed kingdom was great. Honorable multiplatform mention: Outland, Kung fu rabbit.
  11. Yep, actually big backlog, so I'll be fine without it. Thanks for the advice.
  12. If you are good at permadeath games go for it. I failed even having cloud save help to get all trophies Check the PSNP Trophy guide.
  13. Ok, thanks
  14. Cool, not just chapter select but you can track your collectibles. I'd hope all games do that. Thanks for the guide
  15. Fear Effect Sedna is any good? I've seen it many times on sale.