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  1. FINALLY, justice! My country gave a HUGE hand to Argentina to be in the World cup, they didn't deserve to be in Russia. Let's go Iceland.
  2. Yes, I'm not even in the middle. I'm going to celebrate a guess as a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  3. 22 June Brazil 3 vs. 0 Costa Rica (1pm, ITV) Nigeria 0 vs. 2 Iceland (4pm, BBC) Serbia 2 vs. 1 Switzerland (7pm, BBC) 23 June Belgium 2 vs. 0 Tunisia (1pm, BBC) South Korea 1 vs. 2 Mexico (4pm, ITV) Germany 1 vs. 1 Sweden (7pm, ITV) 24 June England 1 vs. Panama 1 (1pm, BBC) Japan 1 vs. Senegal 2 (4pm, BBC) Poland 1 vs. Colombia 2 (7pm, ITV) 25 June Uruguay 1 vs. Russia 2 (3pm, ITV) Saudi Arabia 1 vs. Egypt 2 (3pm, ITV4) Spain 2 vs. Morocco 0 (7pm, BBC) Iran 0 vs. Portugal 2 (7pm, BBC)
  4. Yeah, sure, sure "I should have believed Japan in the end :/ Oh well, I'm glad my prediction was wrong." Try again
  5. I'll be a little cautious this time. Spain 2 - Δ°ran 1.
  6. Well, you can't blame us, even you did it πŸ˜„
  7. Cool, thanks for the info but I can't believe vanilla SFV, Killzone or Ratchet and clank can be consider great price at 20.
  8. Japan won? That's it, everything can happen in this world cup. At this pace I'm going to be the last of the list at the end of the competition lol
  9. You can check the platinum list for ps3, after so many years is still ultra rare. It has A LOT of mp trophies and the grind is real.
  10. First time since she's in Raw that I see a good match from Nia. I was concerned about Alexa winning the Mitb contract but it was the best way to close an already good match between Nia and Ronda to have Bliss cashing in 😊
  11. Perfect day: ZERO points (couldn't be worse) Well, they say bad luck in gaming good luck in love πŸ€”
  12. I ended up preordering Yoku's island express because checking I noticed that the physical edition is very limited, so to take advantage of pickup/gcu I bought it.
  13. 18 June Sweden 2 vs. South Korea 0 (1pm, ITV) Belgium 2 vs. Panama 0 (4pm, BBC) Tunisia 0 vs. England 2 (7pm, BBC) 19 June Colombia 2 vs. Japan 1 (1pm, BBC) Poland 2 vs. Senegal 0 (4pm, ITV) Russia 3 vs. Egypt 0 (7pm, BBC) 20 June Portugal 2 vs. Morocco 0 (1pm, BBC) Uruguay 3 vs. Saudi Arabia 0 (4pm, BBC) Iran 0 vs. Spain 2 (7pm, ITV) 21 June Denmark 1 vs. Australia 2 (1pm, ITV) France 2 vs. Peru 1 (4pm, ITV) Argentina 2 vs. Croatia 2 (7pm, BBC)
  14. Congratulations Mexico. But seriously, what happened with Germany? They did nothing in the first half.
  15. 1. WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura - Winner: Shinsuke Nakmura It's needed to spice the feud for the upcoming Summerslam. 2. Men's Money in the Bank Laddermatch - Winner: Samoa Joe 3. Women's Money in the Bank Laddermatch - Winner: Lana 4. Daniel Bryan vs Big Cass - Winner: Daniel Bryan 5. Bobby Lashley vs Sami Zayn - Winner: Bobby Lashley 6. WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins vs Elias - Winner: Elias 7. Jinder Mahal vs Roman Reigns - Winner: Roman Reigns 8. Ronda Rousey vs Nia Jax for Raw's Women's championship - Winner: Ronda Rousey Ronda confirmed that she has a one year contract, then she wants to have a baby, so she'll become the Lesnar of women's roster. 9. The Bludgeon Brothers vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson - Winner: Bludgeon brothers 10. Asuka vs Carmella for the SD Women's championship - Winner: Carmella