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  1. Waiting for my copy, atm my last preorder of the year. Trophy list looks more grindy than the original.
  2. Ok, finally my first entries Pink: Fe Orange: Sea of solitude
  3. The moment I saw that the game will include only 10 chars I lost interest. I will have to check if they release some free char packs to take me back. Classic Senran trophy list.
  4. I'm only agree about the time one, it could be accurate, because people don't usually mess with their time spent. BUT, difficulty is a whole other universe. it's not just about the trolls, but also the subjectivity is HUGE. Just a mere example, which I've read tons of times here. "OMG, this stuff is impossible, I don't think that I will ever beat that challenge, dungeon, boss, etc Then checking the Most Recent platinum thread: Fairly simple game, Difficulty: 3.5 out of 10" I would prefer that the guide tells me right at the header how many playthroughs require, if you have to beat it on all difficulties, and how heavy is the grind.
  5. OMG, no more tiles please, those sections were the worst during our platinum run. I will give it a try next month.
  6. On my way to platinum FE, It's Pink certified, right?
  7. I find funny that they always word the editions with "All the content from the Base game". I mean which kind of edition wouldn't do that??? To Include the base content. So for everybody out there, I think t's safe to say They will Never release a complete edition. It's always the base game plus this and that reserve.
  8. What? A custom way to trick a trophy requirement, I'll better get it right away before it's being patched lol. Nah, the game is old now to be patched for that. I was curious the other day about that game, I guess I will add it for Halloween day
  9. I guess it's because as soon as I know that the game it's not ps5 only title it's hard to think that the ps5 version it's a native ps5 but something retouched and so I think the disc should has both versions in it. Yes, I'm probably wrong but being the ps5 console based on ps4 it makes me think that kind of things lol.
  10. Omg, that list is very Anti-coop consumer 😠 Why being forced to play it twice? I mean, for what I recall you can play the whole game on coop, and I was going to do that with my bro. and then just revisit for miscellaneous trophies. I hope they at least add a new game plus mode, so I can speedrun the whole thing.
  11. So, considering that Death End request has been cleared for Pink (I thought it was kinda purple) I will go for that one
  12. I'd like to participate to get a Salamander Orange badge, but atm there's no game on my list with pink or orange. I'll still try to find something during the week. Have fun everyone. Edit: Oh my, I found an orange: Book of unwritten tales 2, being sitting forever on my backlog.
  13. Well, actually the "Let's just go back to drawing board" delay was great to my ears. I was annoyed by tons of people saying it's just different style and people should respect that. NO, it was horrible and I'm glad that Ubisoft heard that and delay it indefinitely. I prefer a good remake than a simple cash grab. That, or just kill the whole thing.
  14. Time to regulate your voltage. 7905
  15. Really?? Save data bonus only DX versions?? C'mon 😒 And guessing gameplay will be closer to Ryza titles than first Sophie. I prefer classic turn based style where I can take my time. I will be checking news.