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  1. Not sure, probably I won't ever buy it. Totally disappointed with the demo, which I honestly think give you more than enough material to decide about getting the game. Staring with the dialogues, all they wanted to mix in the gameplay (I didn't find it entertaining), the great visuals, which for me was the only positive, as I said just play the demo.
  2. Well, obviously DS2 is going to be a favorite, smooth gameplay, that's a lot, even with the less scary atmosphere. Maybe getting it on holiday, also pissed with all the new voice acting and characters changes.
  3. Just my two cents, for the agenda is never enough. Considering that I think is Ok when people just say their opinion, they are NOT making parades, cancelling, etc etc, just sharing their thoughts. But it's never enough, that's why the agenda is currently blaming Disney for not being gay enough. Not sure if I'll purchase the game right now, too much stuff in my backlog and I could finally get my physical copy of Fist
  4. Hmm interesting, It's being on my wishlist forever. I wanted the physical version but never found for less than 20. Right now is on sale on USA psn store at 4.39 for anyone still interested.
  5. Not sure What are you talking about? But that Deluxe Edition is not like a season pass 2023, the content is specific, H2 extra maps, H3 deluxe pack and H3 Seven Deadly sin
  6. Good for those that couldn't get it years ago. For me it's still a great memory for the magical girl stuff that was put there, with more variety in the enemies and more boss fights the replayability could certainly increase.
  7. Ok, thanks for make me unwrap my ps4 copy, in fact I even had forgotten where I originally put it. Back on topic, Idk how Australian copies were burnt, but in my case, my Western copy has TWO discs, First Disc (Install disc) and Second disc (Play disc). Now I'm going to install and I'll let you know about my findings. Edit: As I thought, You need to insert first the Install disc, then going to the 3 Dots you'll find the Free upgrade which I'm downloading right now, I guess once the installation is finished I just swap to the other disc to play the game.. So my advice would be to look for Unboxing videos of your game, good luck. what I big game, still more than one hour to download the whole thing.
  8. Ok relax, relax argie 😁, take another cup 🏆. Peace 😅
  9. Thank you, as usual, you're so full of yourself, everything has to be on your way, otherwise you're whining. It doesn't affect me at all. Nice comment, so humble, good job. 😊
  10. C'mon you cannot say never when your press and some players always overstimate the rest of southamericans during qualifiers. A few days ago Your fans were chanting against France players you know what. You cannot put chants as an "attack" against other team.
  11. If the event wouldn't consider games with online trophies I would be all in. Great event though, good luck everyone. 😊
  12. I gave up already with the website. Best place is PS4 psn store. Or well, for ps5 stuff that console store.
  13. Humble Argentina's fans lolololol What's next, Russia saying they're not Communist? lololol You can convince of that to people that don't know Argentina, for the rest, the goalkeeper celebration is clear picture, delicatessen. Cheers. Thanks for the laughs.
  14. Ahi está, el drama de siempre, todo el foro fue respetuoso, eso de Desear lo peor son big words, la vara siempre va a favorecer al favorito, ya sea Argentina o Brazil. Además en este mundial todo el mundo y sus abuelos querian que gane Argentina por Messi, asi q no te hagas la victima de que nadie queria que ganen. Se la llevaron, ok, bien por Messi, aunque no sea de mi agrado bien por él.
  15. Omg, they started already. "Congrats to all Latinx." That 🤬 word doesn't exist!!!!!