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  1. Planning to get Complete edition on disc. It does include all episodes on disc or is just the typical one episode on disc and the rest need to be installed? Edit: Found the answer, it contains 4 episodes on disc and the last one needs to be downloaded
  2. Funny, considering the title of the thread is SOULSLIKE I was expecting other games than from FromSoftware ones. There are dozens nowadays.
  3. Omg a no crazy hard platinum and very fun game, here I go, my next SRG. I've been hearing a lot a great things about this Ninja gaiden inspired game since last year
  4. For what I recall just Heavy rain at this moment. Possibly getting Sleeping dogs and Metro LL ps4 versions in the future. Edit: I was forgetting the autopopping platinum of my dear Sound shapes, just got it by curiosity due servers going down lol
  5. Well, not confirmed yet but Disney got those channels. I wouldn't be surprised if they go for that.
  6. Really liked the tag team matches in Fastlane. US champion was great too. So, that women tag team title will only be defended in main events, otherwise not even a wave in Raw I hope next year with SD 3 hours long the title goes there.
  7. I wonder if the Platinum reward is still running, i only had 1 plat at that time, but considering that there is no way to see progress i guess I'll know when i can get the 10 platinums. I got some points for silver and gold, a few hundred points, not enough for a card
  8. With a preorder ps plus discount i was going to pull the trigger but that gameplay looks very rusty for full price. Anyway I just grabbed Divinity 2 physical for less than 25, so that and my others rpg will have me entertained till this one is on sale.
  9. Vice, the favourite and Roma Still pending Bohemian Rhapsody.
  10. Maybe I try Witness. Well at least I'm happy that people is consistent with their who cares if the game is ages old that at this point almos everybody already has it (MGS4 last month) but it is a great game (COD)
  11. The order and Sherlock Holmes Devil's daughter
  12. Wow, right to the action with the Women tag team title, i didn't expect that. Great, actually it is the match I care most from the whole list. Edit: Memorable match, the 1st 2 teams went to end, no too much screen to Naomi or Nia team, just a slow start and Sonya been pinned were the only negatives. The best of the match when Sonya escaped the pin after so much damage from both Bayley and Sasha. Bravo.
  13. Looks cool, I'll be following this for further information
  14. I have no problems with ps3 interface. But I'm getting used to dualshock 4 better. For the rest no problems switching between both consoles.
  15. And this is the link for US store: