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  1. Ok, gotta check it 🤔
  2. I haven't touched the game yet, but what you mean with ps4 program computer? it's an exploit? something that you use normally in the game? cheat code? what? Oh look you also have 444, wait those are your platinums 😮
  3. Cool, I have some trophies, a buddy provided me a ton of money and some items but I never followed any guide, i will check this site guide and your videoguide and maybe i will finally get that platinum
  4. didn't they ask you for any kind of identification? that's what i don't like from those sites, asking for phone numbers, confirm emails, etc. When I pay with paypal i prefer no questions just pay and get the item, plain and simple, like with newegg.
  5. Oh cool, i thought that if I'd buy dlc for my imports (Europe) i could not play them on my main US account. So all purchased from the same region and i can play it on any region.
  6. I really wanted to watch the trailer but I don't want to be spoiled with the story, I never played that masterpiece that was the original one.
  7. I'm talking about the last one, which is still in production, Seven sirens, so probably will get my copy next year.
  8. Of course it charges more, but with Shantae they just raised a few bucks, here they almost duplicate the original price, So no, it's not the same.
  9. One month of preorder starts this weekend, Wayforward went greedy on this one 😠, from 20 digital to 35. Even last Shantae is basically the same between digital and physical. For me between shipping and taxes is about 10 extra, I was expecting no more than 30.
  10. Yep, I've tried last week and game does not connect to uplay anymore :/ I got the platinum long time ago without knowing about Uplay.
  11. Yep, free upgrade disc/digital, and also they do not want to invest more money in a product (probably) already wrapped, it's more convenient for them just to patch it, I guess.
  12. Ps5 version is digital only.
  13. Finally a ps+ benefit that feels that is for everyone, no for mp gamers or digital buyers. Nice feature that Game tracker.
  14. Puppeteer remastered confirmed 😁 Nah, just a freebie. Well, good to have Puppeteer Avatar, I expected at least a bunch of them, well, it's something.
  15. Great, they increased the asking price but the demo had some issue including audio. Game really needed time to be polished. We don't want another Ary, I know is not from the same developer, but both games looked that they needed some more work.