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  1. Fish, specifically sea food in English is something curious because involves basically every species that lives in the sea. In Spanish you can say I like fish (salmon, tuna, cod) but i don't like "mariscos" (crab, shell, shrimp, squid, lobster) that much.
  2. Well I guess that the game crashes if you are constantly speedrunning, because in my case it was only long loading times, I followed the video guide and didn't have major troubles. I think the game only crashed for me once.
  3. Hard to pick one, I've become very versatile about vgame proposals, I basically try everything now. But fun is definitely the key factor to feel the game as a full experience, if developer mix following things making the game actually fun and not a chore or feeling it endless and you have a winner. It's obvious I like prince of persia Sot, great story, cool character, combat not the greatest but serviceable, nice soundtrack, so, nice package. Batman arkham city, besides the great lore, nice combat system, going from methodical approach to enemies in regular play to be a beast (to be batman) during new game plus. (Obviously it is great that the game is not long and you don't need to collect anything else) Amazing experience. Children of Morta, it has something I love, you really have to use what the game offers. It was built in that way. You needing to swap characters because they get "tired" and there are perks that benefit the whole party was fantastic. I hate when you have a bunch of stuff, suddenly you try one that is overpowered and that is all, you don't use anything else ever again. Edit: also, as mentioned by Sofaking, original GOW, because i like greek mythology, main reason why i bought AC odyssey a few weeks ago.
  4. Really?, without trying to grind you'll get tons of money when you finish the game? I stopped playing the game because as soon as reached the camp i had to run errands, that made me think i have to do them to collect a lot of money and then put the game aside.
  5. 132 Trine PS4 Way out of the trine Welcoming 2021 with my siblings, we knocked down this shiny about 2h30 am. Happy new year everyone
  6. Congrats, but did you also timing it in a way that the previous trophy stayed on 2020? 😮 Well my 1st trophy 2021 was the last before Trine Enchanted platinum Walk in the park
  7. Hmm you're right, I guess we just have to wait a few days to check about the game being really definitive or vanilla.
  8. Now, that is weird, even the store having just 1 version of the game (Definitive edition) ALSO shows dlc pieces to purchase(including the 7 regular dlc), for what I recall Definitive edition have everything already.
  9. Since the moment they allowed people to purchase any game( igc titles included), I'm not surprised at all that games announced as ps+ are also included in a sale. Great lineup to start 2021.
  10. How many players for online coop?
  11. Good luck getting one, it's just having time to check twitter, those people mentioned from Cheapassgamer site constantly post something. Also at this point the tsunami of people looking for ps5 will (somewhat) decrease with the end of holidays. Happy new year everyone.
  12. After server closure can we transfer our orc army from Mordor to Shadow of war?
  13. Edit, fixed.
  14. I wasn't really interested in getting one, but my main motivation having one would be NieR remake.
  15. How much the difficulty rank up if you play coop? Can you platinum the game in coop or the coop is for a different Mode?