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  1. Everything can happen, my brother bought its ps4 a few weeks after release, in one cool deal, i'm not saying it will be reduced $200.
  2. Yep, At this rate I wouldn't be surprised to watch some good deals for Xmas. Then maybe I'll bite, otherwise I'll just wait for summer.
  3. Just waiting for ps4 copy next holiday. I hope it delivers, i haven't played HP games, not even Lego ones lol
  4. I'm concerned about the Pulse 3d, I mean happy because it's only 100 bucks but worried to be basic because of that, owners of wireless headsets know how much a brand usually cost. it seems at first that it's not over ear :/ and it's tuned specifically for PS5. Very curious about its performance.
  5. Still, I'm thinking there's some marketing strategy in there, but just my opinion. Anyway, good luck getting one.
  6. Sad but necessary. I hope that list to be very short 😢
  7. Imagine "Black tiger" running and not the one you actually want lol.
  8. So Sony took a page from Nintendo (switch) playing hard to catch (ultra limited quantities), well played.
  9. Totally expected prices, dreaming on 450 with disc drive. Oh well, I'll just wait when ps5 with disc matches current discless price. I hope in Summer.
  10. Ok, let's see, my main question, are those ps4, i mean, PS4 games only available to play through ps5? Some of them has been offered already as part of ps4 igc (R&C, Detroit, infamous, etc). It would be cool for ps4 owners, I am interested on Last Guardian, Days gone and Battlefield 1.
  11. It looks really bad, Ubisoft, we know you don't give a f about POP, but c'mon this is insulting.
  12. We already had a remaster, which was just a terrible ps2 port. I hope they do a good job this time.
  13. Well i got them in different order. First Shadow of TR, then I got Rise of TR with IGC and now I completed the collection on this sale. Tomb Raider Definitive edition @ 3 bucks, never been that cheap.
  14. I platinumed the original, the chest was in the first town and gave you the Mass effect gear. Are you saying the Re-reckoning has that chest in every town? Are there complete armor sets in every chest? Otherwise you just had to complete factions to have a complete set. All other pieces of sets were randomly put in x chests.
  15. John Wick 3.
  16. Sounds horrible, I hope I never get that. I mean I just have the typical trophy addiction, but from there to bury a game as soon as I get the platinum, heck no. Yes, I know how frustrating is seeing backlog getting bigger and bigger, I just got used to that. Maybe for me it's hard to get that disease because I like to collect games and I even look for games that have moderate to high replayability. I would say, those that have that addiction should try to buy physical versions so you can sell those platinumed games. Idk, it's the first that comes to my mind. Good luck everyone and happy gaming.
  17. I had it on physical, i think the original price was too high, it's nice, the first boss fight is a blast, but sadly after that there's nothing else as cool as that. That hit heavy on my review, and the other thing, there's basically zero replayability which feel very weird for something that include pinball mechanics. If you are into something somewhat innovative and it's on sale, it's certainly a nice addition to your game list.
  18. Everytime someone says crafting gives you the best I scratch my head and think What did i do wrong? 😄 My best gear was always armor sets and my best weapons I got them In chests or mostly through vendors. I don't think that i ever found parts with insane stats to grant me a great gear. I tried crafting no more than 3 times but never got amazing stuff. Well, also, i never put more effort than that because the original game on hard was easy.
  19. Well, i see no problem leaving the trophy list as it is, we will get a new dlc next year, they can include a Very hard trophy there.
  20. Ok, yeah I've noticed that boost in the videos. I've also heard that the loot has been scaled, is that right? Can get good gear in zones previously visited?
  21. And i pointed out that, just because it's a remake it doesn't meant it will be flawless, it has to be checked how good will run. But at least in last videos doesn't look buggy. We still have to wait. 👍
  22. Well, mafia 2 is basically a port, it's a different thing, mafia 1 is an actual remake, from there to how good is going to run is other thing, but it looks pretty good.
  23. Maybe i got it wrong but it sounded to me like in the new hard difficulty the way the balance it is giving you less experience (I hate that), and all enemies your same level but in very hard enemies deals more damage and have more health. Well that last part got it watching videos of this streamer last night.
  24. At least they could bring the coop patch before the team was heavily reduced.
  25. You know my statement was referring to the bc aspect. I didn't need to write about ps5 whole architecture, we had already a complete event just to talk about the ps5 design, what i needed from there was that ps5 was built over the ps4. i don't need to mention big aspects related to ps5 design to establish the obvious reason why ps4 compatibility was possible for them.