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  1. Thank you Miss, I'll do it next time. I wasn't sure if Back to the future was part of this. Thanks again for adding me.
  2. Hmm, let me see. The council Batman Batman Enemy within Jurassic Park Game of thrones Tales of Borderlands Wolf among us Back to the future (Platinum and 100%) Heavy rain Detroit become human Until Dawn Life is strange Life is strange before the storm Walking dead S1 plus 100 days Walking S2 Walking dead michonne
  3. Yes, tell me more about that 🐿️
  4. A plague tale: Innocence Until dawn Detroit Become human Broken sword 5 Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
  5. OMG, I need a physical version of this.
  6. People relax, many big titles were better during black friday, that's normal, the psn store have some exceptions here, good sale. I usually expect indies/digital only games here and obviously DLC (these ones being rare :/), this time some games put dlc on sale, some of them in a ridiculous amount, like White day, I didn't know that game had that huge amount of dlc, lol Well, after watching this list and considering that the only extra trophies Far cry 4 has are for Yeti DLC I'll get it instead of Season pass. And I'll finally purchase Seasons after Fall
  7. For all those masoqu... I mean all those who like a good challenge, Volgarr the viking was added to the list a few days ago, first time on sale , $2.99
  8. Closing my BF acquisitions. For anybody interested in Indivisible, for ps4 and (preorder) Switch is $15 @ Target. :)

    1. DamagingRob


      Whyyyyyy??? Must. Resist. 

    2. GoldenShaka


      Not for being insistent but I doubt you'll ever find a better deal on physical :P

    3. DamagingRob


      Ordered one. ^^; Black Friday always seems to get the better of me; went from buying one game to now five. Thanks for helping me spend money, I guess. :P

  9. I really hope don't have to go there, only reason would be if Amazon does not have Indivisible at the same $20 in a few hours.
  10. Considering Titanfall has been on sale the whole year, so almost everybody intetested and their grannies already has it, no a great of a month.
  11. 4 years old player?? I'm definitely from other generation. I was thinking if it would be right for my 11 y/o niece Uncharted lost legacy as a gift. But it seems that she should be ready for GTA V already lol. Hmm, back on topic, Thomas was alone, Rime and Snoopy's Grand Adventure are very easy and obviously Lego games.
  12. Just when I thought No more purchases from Limited Run Games this year. Oh well, here we ...
  13. Spiderman GOTY already up @ Amazon and Best Buy, $15.

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    2. GoldenShaka


      Yes, but I thought they were going to add Aladdin Lion King too.

      Well I have to wait till Thursday 

    3. EcoShifter


      Ha, i'm waiting on that, too. Quite the platformers going for $15-20, including AaTLK, Sega Genesis Ages, and Yooka-Laylee 2.


    4. GoldenShaka
  14. Great find for those who haven't get it and want the digital version.
  15. I don't think that hardcore trophy hunting is something fun but somewhat stressful. Why did I start saying that? Well, checking your trophy record it seems that you are completionist, who knows, maybe there are games that involve too much grinding and you don't have as much free time as you had before, maybe you should check if it's feeling as a chore without you noticing. I mean there are great games where you don't need to balance how to play the game and at the same getting the platinum like A plague tale, mean while others require hundred of hours. If you don't do 2 runs, one for the story and another for the trophies, maybe you thought that you were loving the game when actually you were in a hunting routine and now you can't come back. Well, my 2 cents, just some random opinion for you to read Hmm at this moment the only game is getting difficult to come back is God of war. Putting aside the fact that I prefer the original Kratos I guess that I got fed up of exploring and exploring, I never got hooked with the story, maybe one day I'll be back there.
  16. As usual physical copies of the majority of the list are cheaper. Funny how they announce a discount to get ps+ but there's no ps+ discount for the games. I was expecting a drop for the Concrete genie expansion pack. Oh well, nothong for me then.
  17. Kingdom hearts 3, I didn't want to leave Corona Kingdom yesterday.
  18. You are absolutely right, I am thinking as a first owner, my group has bought a lot of stuff, especially season passes. So, I was thinking Sell a bundle with characters only, but the cosmetic stuff pretty cheap or free. I know they have records of every owner. Anyway, I'm asking too much, the upcoming physical edition is again a repackaged vanilla disc with a bunch of vouchers. That tells you a lot.
  19. Here says retail is $30 containing everything. Psn blog says upgrade kit for first owners will be $25. Wow Capcom, $25 for a bunch of cosmetic stuff???
  20. Well, no idea why nobody shared a link yet, there is one from US store. Here are my couple of bucks for charity.
  21. Still waiting for the Limited Run games physical edition 😢
  22. Unless you want to deal with some server issues, people gently throwing you to the floor, Amazon has Kingdom Hearts 3 @ $13.16 right now. So, one game less from the List
  23. 10 platinums? Well, you have me scratching my head. I'll try, in any case, good luck to everyone participating
  24. The PSVR sounds tempting but which set is that? the first version? the last one?
  25. Well I guess it's pretty obvious that i LOVE the game. While not being perfect, I never had big problems with the combat which btw is very simple, not a whole buch of different moves like in WW which is great but I found it glitchier than SOT. I guess I didn't have problems because I played the remaster after getting a master in Batman Arkham games, kick jump, punch jump, lol. They went with an acrobatic style, so I felt fine punch jump, kick evade, but I have to say that the jump roll is annoying sometimes. My only complaint with the remaster is how the sound was treated so poorly, such a great soundtrack wasted