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  1. For some reason i cant start the Chesapeake mission in sequenc 11 no missions marker on the Map anybody got the same problem ?
  2. Ng+

    Yes i Updated everything
  3. Ng+

    Haha i believe you but i cant see it maybee because i started a new game on the highest difficulty 6 weeks ago
  4. Ng+

    Where can i start NG + i See it nowhere
  5. I Think the Power cable is Broken you shout change try it
  6. Same 4 me it say to me im lvl 530 I was about 45 or 46
  7. That was about time i mean the last Ninja gaiden was 7 years Ago...
  8. I like to see a Onimusha Collection i liked 2 and Dawn of dreams woud be cool if they remaster the remain games and part 5 Do u Think these games will come later ?
  9. Not only Ninja Gaiden it reminds me more to Tenchu because the stealth and grapple hook and the Finishing moves in endbossfights reminds so mutch on Ninja Blade specialy the Mortal Blade and all the stuff
  10. Never because there are Games on ps3 Like Ninja gaiden . Castlevania . Metal Gear rising etc and These Games are Not avaible on ps4 or Xbox one
  11. Will there be a separate Trophy Set or is it linked with the ps3 Version ?
  12. i got the same problem now i changed my private settings
  13. Ninja Gaiden sigma 1&2 . Splatterhouse . Mortal Kombat . Genji days of blade. Soulcalibur 2.4.5 . Dead or alive 5. Way of the samurai 3
  14. [email protected] yea same here its a long time ago since the last SoulCalibur game come out shame for Bandai Namco
  15. hell no man -__- why capcom remaster games two times last time Resident evil 4 on ps3 and ps4 and now okami..... i woud prever see Onimusha warlords - Dawn of dreams as a remaster ( 4 games in one box ) and not this shit