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  1. So looks like I was having a bug. I reached out to the studio and they provided a fix: fast travel to the previous section of the game 👍 Good luck to all
  2. Is anyone able to grab memory #3 at the Quarry? That guy is just too high and i can't target him 😬
  3. Well I didn't see this one coming! Anyone knows if it can be done on coop and both players get the trophies like the previous DLC? Thanks
  4. What achievements were fixed? Do you have info?
  5. I finished the game with one particular ending but I can't see how to pick and replay one broadcast. Are you referring to select one broadcast as part of the challenges?
  6. I was able to unlock it at the start of sequence #2. The SpiritJammer starts to behave weird and Dianne thinks it's your fault so she tells you to stop. If you start playing with it at this moment the trophy will unlock.
  7. This trophy is part of the Live and Spooky DLC. It is quite forward but it seems no one has been able to unlock it. I keep playing with the SpiritJammer after Dianne tells me not to but nothing happens. I reported the bug to the devs. Let's hope for a quick patch
  8. Hi team, The DLC section and trophies for Not For Broadcast do not appear on PSNP although I can see them on my PSN. Thanks
  9. I see many trophies are decision driven. For those of you who happen to know the game (or are currently playing it!) is there a possibility to replay a chapter in order to make different decisions? Or do we need to play with save files to do so? Thanks 🙏
  10. After all it doesn't seem like earning a trophy is the trigger: The list has finally appeared on PSNP although game owners is 0.
  11. Got it! I wasn't sure what exactly triggers the trophy list to show in PSNP. Thanks
  12. Hi all, Not For Broadcast is available since yesterday on the PSN but I can't find the trophy list here. Any idea what's wrong? Thanks
  13. Sorry but how far do you need to progress for the trophies to show again? Not sure what triggers the Showdowns to reappear 🤔. I keep closing the game but nothing happens
  14. I had that same issue. I was so desperate and didn't know what to do 😢. Fortunately this video helped me solve the issue and make the moth appear where it should! This guy is my hero
  15. I can confirm version 1.01 solves the multi trophies issue. I'm glad I reached out to Tom and the other dev. It was worth it!