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  1. I made a video which might help you. Sorry it's in French but you'll see how I'm feeding the Tin
  2. Many thanks. That was the issue indeed. I was following PS3imports guide and those trophies were supposed to pop during the Prologue but I can confirm they dont! Only after start of Chapter 1 those trophies start to unlock
  3. Very weird but many trophies are not popping on the PS4 version of the game played on my PS5. Trophies related to story progress like finish the cherry blossom ceremony unlocked but not those related to mysteries, clues or hypotheses. Check my profile it should be impossible to finish the Prologue without going through those trophies related to the mandatory tuto... I first thought this bug happens because I played the PS5 version of the game on the same console, so I deleted PS4 and PS5 saves and reinstalled the game. But that didn't solve the issue 😭
  4. OMG thank you so much! The secret ending is so important for the story I hope people will not miss that menu as I did!
  5. I've read something about using Chapter Select after finishing the game but I don't find this option. Does it really exist?
  6. Ok I finally understood what I was missing. So objects or phrases are not highlighted as said above. It's just that from time to time during the investigation videos there is a little sound and a text written in white appears for a few seconds. I was confused coz the triangle which appears at those moments is also white and doesn't really use the standard pink triangle icon from PlayStation 😉 Well I only found out about this at chapter 4 so I guess I missed that trophy unless I go for another run through.
  7. Thanks for the reply. At what moment please?
  8. Hi all, I'm enjoying the game and currently solving the third murder. But I see those trophies about obtaining clues from pressing a button and I just don't understand what the game is expecting from me? Any idea?
  9. Sure you need to farm all those NCPD gigs and sell all the stuff you collect. Anyway you'll need to complete those missions for the plat so... I used this method and ended up with almost 2M so money's really not a problem in this game.
  10. So you're saying if I drive next to the car's location it'll trigger the text messages? That would be awesome...
  11. I have a similar question if someone can help? Is it ok if I knock down the enemies with a cyber attack then go and finish them with a Katana? I'm using this method but not sure the kills are counting...
  12. I can confirm that's not true 😇 You can start by playing any trilogy. Obviously only first chapter of each one will be available.
  13. Don't know if this is a bug but the game doesn't let me purchase upgrades anymore. I first thought this was story driven and it would activate later but it's been happening since 3 or 4 chapters now... Although the whole team is with me the game tells me I need Rocket to proceed with the upgrades.
  14. I would add to let other members be stunned by the enemies. Do not heal any of them except Drax to make sure the triangle button will trigger HIS combo.
  15. Need to add you as a friend 😅