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  1. Don't know if this is a bug but the game doesn't let me purchase upgrades anymore. I first thought this was story driven and it would activate later but it's been happening since 3 or 4 chapters now... Although the whole team is with me the game tells me I need Rocket to proceed with the upgrades.
  2. I would add to let other members be stunned by the enemies. Do not heal any of them except Drax to make sure the triangle button will trigger HIS combo.
  3. Need to add you as a friend 😅
  4. Hi all, can somebody tell me if Special Operation difficulty adapts to the number of players? Just want to know if it would be easier to complete those Mastery 3 difficulty with a coop partner? Thanks
  5. Hi all, The Wavelengths DLC is now available and I am wondering if it comes with new trophies? Thanks
  6. I'd say it's VERY hard! I've been trying to complete chapter 2 for 48h and each time someone leaves the group bc another player misses a jump or die... Only one time the group played very well but there was a bug and we couldn't get out of a cave after going for the chest
  7. He was referring to the fact there is no cross-save
  8. Thanks all! Problem solved. For some reason it was not available through the web store but I could download it again through the console Store.
  9. Hi all, I just bought the Season Pass of LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens in order to 100% the game but it doesn't seem to include The Phantom Limb level pack. I found it as a free download but only on the Canadian PSS. And I get an error every time I try to add it to my library. Anybody knows what's wrong? Did Warner remove it from the PSS?
  10. Any official statement about this?
  11. Your PS4 save shouldn't be stored locally on your PS5 unless you imported it. Even if you did so the game will ask you during the first boot up if you wish to import the PS4 save. Just say NO
  12. Thanks! I'm glad I checked before starting the game ^^' Any words from the devs about fixing those glitches?
  13. Hi all, I know very few of you have played this game. Just wondering about the trophies and the platinum difficulty? Thanks
  14. Bosses don't give crystals I think. But it finally worked after giving him more crystals. Like 5 rainbow. I just wonder if the cost in crystal increases after each use :/
  15. Doesn't seem to work. I gave him 1 rainbow crystal twice and still sleeping!