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  1. Many of the games trophies appear to have been glitched or can still glitch out on occasion. I'm not sure why all the guides on the web say this game is glitch free trophy / achievement wise. It definitely isn't. I did the plat again on a separate account today and the all weapons unlock trophy named "I got new friends" and the mask trophy "Sounds of animals fighting" didn't pop when they should've. The weapon trophy should pop well before you finish A+'ing all of your levels for the first time. I took a screenshot of what my XP to weapon unlock next was. It glitched out right before scissors, so I still had two weapons to unlock there. In order to fix it, I had to delete my save and unlock all the weapons from a fresh save file. The other one I have no idea what happened. I had to equip every mask about 3 times to get it to register the trophy. Note the points at the bottom, -1.11738e+06. Yeah. Devolver Digital for you.
  2. Did you save the video where you should've gotten the trophy? Stuff like this needs to be spread around and showed to blizzard so they know it's broken and needs to be fixed.
  3. Barrel is always worth grabbing, I personally skipped the laser sight every run after my first.
  4. DLC not up on the NA store yet is it? Can't find it.
  5. Mooncrash was absolutely fantastic. If you wanted that feeling of uneasiness back after multiple playthroughs of the normal game losing its lustre, mooncrash is perfect because its part RNG and you can't predict everything, just certain variables. Also as a side note happy about this being a separate list, I remember them talking about a multiplayer mode back at E3 or whatever and honestly thought it got canceled but here we are. It looks incredibly grind-y.
  6. Really weird. I'd back up your saves, then delete the ones on your PS4. Try redownloading them off PS+ cloud and see if it fixes anything. Worst case, reinstall the game and all the updates. Maybe something went wrong. Are your saves old, from before the game updated? If they are load them up and re-save on another slot as well to update it. See if that fixes it. Not sure what else to do after all that though.
  7. I'm not sure? I know they added a NG+ with the latest updates but I never used it. Umm, is it just grayed out or something? I honestly never even clicked on it on the menus. It shouldn't require the DLC, there were two separate updates to the game. The mooncrash DLC, and the quality of life update to the base game that added survival mode options (weapon durability, traumas, oxygen), and then NG+.
  8. So nothing is bugged on the US ver anymore? Lot's of confusing info about this game.
  9. The patch isn't live here (florida), what region are you in? Todays update is the free one, the next two DLC's are apparently part of the season pass though. Edit: Patch went live literally 10 minutes after I said this. Nice. Time to boot up.
  10. probably toukiden 2 mate I liked kiwami but idk if I can put myself through it again, 2's list seems easier at least though maybe when it's dirt cheap
  11. Oh wow, really? That actually makes it a lot easier. Blizzard hasn't been a total stranger to editing the trophies / achievements in this game so it's not super surprising I guess, maybe strike was actually really too difficult. Now if only they'd ease up on cratered, weird they change this but never bothered to balance cratered which is arguably the most luck based trophy in the game.
  12. They are both not as hard as I expected, strike will be the more difficult of the 2 but both seem very manageable through normal gameplay. The trophies aren't out yet, but these are what they are going to be. They were added to PTR (public test region) on PC today. Every hero's new trophies come along with their cosmetics since they're tied to reward "pixel" and "cute" sprays.
  13. Save your shock tactics for when the ogre spawns and focus him immediately before anything else. I didn't do anything special except for that and I got this mission on my first try. Use whatever special tactics you can on him as well like lowering defense, buffing your offense, poison, or shock. If one of your units doesn't consist of a leader that can nerf enemy defense, consider leveling up one because that skill is RIDICULOUSLY good. Same with the offense buff, you buff yourself, and nerf the enemy, it makes things absolutely melt. Save your might for the boss waves and try to be in position for when the ogre spawns near the hill. You don't want to be super far away and have to spend might bumrushing back to base. All I can think of, also, buy the combat boosts with KG for everything if it wasn't obvious. They help tremendously.
  14. Nice Avatar 😉

  15. Watched the first minute and clicked off, don't need to see anymore. I was iffy about the new direction of the combat but it sold me immediately. They nailed the feeling. It looks utterly visceral. If it feels that way too, that's all that matters.