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  1. I don't know anything about western RPGs. What are some besides Skyrim?

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    2. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Kingdom of Amalur is awesome! Witcher is great as well

    3. LionheartK


      Wow, thanks for all the replies! I'll take a look at these.

    4. -Dark Mark-

      -Dark Mark-

      Dragon Age, Fallout if you love humor and randomness, lol.

  2. Fell off a ladder this morning. Nice.

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    2. -Dark Mark-
    3. LionheartK


      Starting to feel it a bit now x] but should be ok

    4. -Dark Mark-

      -Dark Mark-

      Know how it is, when I was younger, my cousin tried to scare me by shaking the ladder while I was coming down from the roof and it really slid off the roof. -_- Was hurting, but I don't THINK anything got injured, lol.

  3. Last time I'm ordering from the Square Enix store ._. Darn Digital River.

  4. I feel special. Got my first hate mail today.

    1. KingBaku


      Oh hate mail is always nice ;) Always makes the day quite interesting :D

  5. lawl, just accidentally deleted my save file in Borderlands. After all of that leveling up today.

  6. Hate Bentley's grapple cam thing D;<

  7. I think I've just encountered some kind of glitch in DmC?

    1. TehCro


      I'm ron burgundy?

  8. Have DmC for a few days. Time to play this game with an open heart.

    1. -Dark Mark-

      -Dark Mark-

      Slay those demons!

  9. No more Ghosts, time for Tales of Xillia

    1. Masamune


      That's creepy, I did the same thing, I beat Ghosts then went off to Xillia.

    2. LionheartK


      ;o That's crazy

  10. I have Call of Duty Ghosts for a while...let's see how much I can get done in a few days.

    1. KingBaku


      Well look the ur times for all the other COD, itll be the same simply because there is no difference between them :D

    2. LeonGarza321


      except you can troll in new ways now xD