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  1. I like the addition. I would really love the ability to make trophies sort by percentage as the default (either psn or psnprofiles.) The first thing I do every time i load a game's page is to sort by completion percentage.
  2. I would be interested in joining a psnprofiles guild. Trophies like this really suck.
  3. These look great to me. The beta was fun in co-op, so I might pick it up.
  4. Unfortunate. I already bought VLR on sale and was hoping we could buy each game individually.
  5. I did a search for this topic as I noticed the same thing just now. I earned a trophy at 8:35 PM US/Eastern time, and it is already showing as an earned trophy for January 2017.
  6. Platinum #45 - SwapQuest.  Apparently I got kicked off PSN on my PS4 and lost the ability to remote play the last couple of days, but the positive side is I finished SwapQuest and got back into Severed on Vita.

  7. Hi and thank u for visiting my page ^_^/ Take care and have a wonderful Holidays to u and ur family friends.. ^_^/

    1. WidthOfACircle


      Thanks.  Happy Holidays.

    2. Silently


      U are welcome😊✌👋

  8. I have not started the game yet but read that it is related to a mini-game that you have the option of replaying, so it shouldn't be missable.
  9. I've seen some posts on the Steam version that you can setup a private game and play alone, but I'd like to know this as well. Also, I am curious if it launches as a separate game with the old trophy list for the single-player part of the game, or it's using the new list. Super confusing all around. I'd like to take a shot at it if it has a platinum, but if not I can just keep the PS+ single player version.
  10. Over two months after my certified item post, I finally have a painted item thanks to GabrielSide and the trading option in Rocket League. I can pass on a painted item to the first person who replies.

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    2. WidthOfACircle


      Getting a NAT issue of all times. Trying to get it working.

    3. Conker


      Can you trade certified items too or is it just paint ones you can trade?

    4. TehUberCheezCatz


      considering what the trade thread says, I think certified items you can trade, but the stats on it reset

  11. It's a visual novel with light adventure and romance elements.
  12. Juts to follow up, it appears to be obtainable now but might require another play through as the additional trophy was not removed from the list. Credit to Blaze Naruto Shippuden at .org who contacted the developer: "No touching" achievement can be achieved at the end of chapter 6 if you didn't have an affair with any of the three prostitute characters (Charlene, Shen and Toshan) in the game.
  13. You could platinum one $60 game a week and spend $3,120 a year, not even accounting for PS+ games and sales as mentioned. That is by no means cheap, but for a serious hobby it is not that unheard of for someone with a solid, full-time job. I'm more surprised/impressed by the time and dedication required to complete the games than I am their acquisition.
  14. I was checking this game out as the cyberpunk setting looks cool and came across a post at PlaystationTrophies.org indicating the No Touching! trophy is unobtainable. Apparently the developer confirmed through twitter that the trophy was added by mistake and will need a patch to be removed. For those that care, you might want to wait until the platinum has been confirmed before starting.
  15. My favorite time is around 1-2 AM. It's just a fun time of the day regardless because it feels like you are getting one over on people who are sleeping.