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  1. Getting S ranks is not too bad, it was a lot harder to 100% the songs. So basically if you can play the songs without fails, it should be a piece of cake to get these S ranks or even SS, I would not worry too much about this change.
  2. If anyone is still interested in getting this, you can use this method to download the game without patches to play the version 1.00 of the game. I just did this myself and finally unlocked the trophy.
  3. I used this to get the "Executioner" trophy on The Brookhaven Experiment, and it worked like a charm.
  4. Not tested, just letting you know that it could probably benefit from this method. The latest and probably last patch made "Executioner" trophy unobtainable.
  5. The Brookhaven Experiment.
  6. That 17 sec lap probably had nothing to do with it, I think it is just glitched. I had to go to offline to unlock that trophy as well and stayed offline for the rest of the game.
  7. I said every enemy The first thing that pops up if you google this trophy is the final boss and the imps. So I sure had already done those. Every enemy has been decapitated several times. Also the boss in level 2. I saw some posts on steam, that people are no longer able to get this achievement to unlock. So apparently it's not just the playstation.
  8. The recent halloween patch added more enemies to the game and not all of them can be decapitated. I have definitely decapitated every pre-patch enemy several times and always finished the missions when going for the kills, but sadly the trophy has still not unlocked.
  9. I did not experience any glitched trophies on vita, but on ps4 suddenly around halfway through the game, I was not able to unlock any trophies at all. Not even the 'so generous' trophy for giving all your energy to the other twin. After finishing all levels, I restarted the application but it did not make a difference. As a final resort I restarted my ps4 and the trophies started to unlock again, just as they normally would.
  10. Deleted all game data and it unlocked on my third attempt.
  11. I happened to get all 32 platinum medals before unlocking this trophy, and I beat my ghosts several times afterwards with no luck. Eventually i turned my internet connection off and the trophy popped on the first attempt. So if you happen to find yourself struggling with the ghostbuster trophy, you might want to try turning your internet connection off and give it another go.
  12. I can't get this trophy to unlock. On my first playthrough I did all the side-quests, collected and bought everything to reach 100% game completion, but this trophy never popped. I started a new playthrough, bought everything again and still can't get the trophy. It's either glitched big time or I'm doing something wrong
  13. I tried to get this trophy on ps3 awhile ago without succeeding. Eventually figured it must have been glitched due to the latest patch that had just come out. So i just deleted the gamedata and re-installed all patches but the newest one and the trophy popped on the 1st attempt like it should. btw with the new patch i was not able to tame an ocelot either.
  14. The glyph on chapter 9 is invisible but the text does show up if you look it from the right angle.